Making the Bed

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I have to admit I enjoyed the last two weeks of having the bed all to myself. Not having to make his side in the morning is a small luxury. Unfortunately I still really missed him for all of the other reasons we’ve been married for all of these years.

I made certain that I’d thought through every detail before his plane landed because I knew he would be too tired to do any real thinking. I knew the combination of tending to his elderly aunt and her estate was taxing because we didn’t do any naughty talk the entire trip. I my have entertained my self a couple of lonely nights but I’m pretty sure he didn’t satisfy himself at all.

I’m not submissive by nature but I know when my man needs to be pampered. He was still somewhat energetic after his trip so I gave him a brief tour of the house to see the side projects I was able to accomplish while he was away. I showed him the wall I painted and the office I’d rearranged and the broken door I’d repaired.

I gave this tour while wearing the baggiest of t-shirts and sweatpants with my knee high socks underneath. This post-shower look always reminds him of the early days when we were in college with no money where we fucked like rabbits. I looked fun and I smelled amazing.

After the tour we sat and had dinner where we talked about what needed to be done over the next few days and weeks. There were a list of house projects and work projects that needed to itemized in order for his brain to completely shut down, otherwise he’d be working while I needed him to rest.

We finished dinner and cleaned the kitchen before watching two of our favorite shows to unwind. I lad in his lap while he played in my hair. I could have stayed in that position all night.

But that’s not what he needed.

So bahis siteleri we head upstairs with me in front him. I knew he was tired because he had no words for my ass juggling in front him as we ascended the staircase.

I headed directly to the bathroom and turned on the shower for him. He instinctively undressed and kissed me before jumping in the hot shower.

My typical routine of turning on the television was not going to be how the evening would begin. Instead I lit candles. I’d made a new playlist of 20 songs to keep us in the mood so I pressed play.

When he entered the bedroom after drying off he found me wearing only the t-shirt and socks. Though the shirt was baggy I made sure that he could see my neatly trimmed pussy waiting for him.

I asked him to lay down so I could straddle him. He obliged.

As his dick rubbed against my thighs I became wet thinking about what was coming next. I took the smallest amount of coconut oil from my night stand and rubbed my clit before leaning against his chest. I could feel his dick hardening between my thighs.

That’s when I asked him for my list.

My husband then closed his eyes and began telling me about the women he’d met over the last two weeks and how they’d had some small but innocent connection. The flight attendant that smiled at his joke about the overhead bin. The hostess at the restaurant with short hair who flirted with him. The admissions director at the hospital that had asked if he was married.

His descriptions of those interactions made me wet but I needed more. I was rubbing my pussy against his hard dick but I didn’t want to put it in yet.

That’s when he mentioned seeing an old girlfriend that he bumped into in a parking lot.

My nipples canl─▒ bahis siteleri tingled instantly.

He told me that he didn’t recognize her at first because her hair was black and she used to wear it blond. And she was superfit because she was a fitness instructor.

I immediately slid him into my throbbing pussy.

He told me that they caught up on where there lives had gone and everything was cool because there breakup was mutual since their careers were headed in different directions when they were young.

I began rocking back and forth on him as I took off my t-shirt.

He told me that she kept staring at his lips while they talked. He has amazing lips but I don’t use them as much as he likes. And apparently she did.

I rode him harder as he explained her tendency to moan loudly when he was behind her.

I asked him if he liked her pussy and he said yes.

I began fucking him harder.

He the told me that he especially liked it when she’d just bounce her ass on him until he was about to come and then simply squeeze her thighs on him to squeeze every bit of come into her.

That was all I needed.

I stuffed one hard nipple into his mouth while he caressed the other and I fucked him until I began to come intensely. I came and came and came.

I collapsed on top of him and then tried to catch my breath. I began to fade until I felt his still hard dick graze my thigh.

I kissed him neatly on the lips and then repositioned myself atop his frame. Now my freshly fucked pussy was in his face while I placed my attention on his freshly creamed dick.

The damp washcloth I’d placed on his nightstand was still warm as I placed it over his throbbing dick. I cleaned him off to make sure he was fresh canl─▒ bahis before I went to work.

While he loves having my juicy pussy in his face I enjoyed swallowing a freshly cleaned dick and licking freshly cleaned balls. I hummed to the music as I stroked his head in my mouth.

After a good fuck and a few minutes of me sucking his dick he was ready to come but I knew he needed a little push over the edge.

So I took a little more coconut oil and made sure to let a healthy amount roll down his shaft, over his balls and down his crack.

I could feel his breath speeding up against my pussy and the occasional tonguing lapping at me. I would push it back in his face every now and again because I know he loves it..

That’s when I began sucking and stroking his dick really fast with one hand and exploring beyond his balls with the other hand.

He lifted his dick deeper into my mouth as my finger penetrated his asshole and his come was instantaneous.

The gush did not catch me by surprise but my mouth filled as I locked onto him. I could feel the stress leaving his body as my pussy throbbed a little more.

I’m not really a swallower so I repositioned my body atop of his waist and leaned in to him to show him my prize before letting it all ooze onto his chest.

It was as though I’d showed him the stress I’d removed from his body so he knew he could rest.

I took the washcloth and cleaned him off before heading to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth.

When I returned to the room I put away the coconut oil, put on my underwear and t-shirt before blowing out the candles.

When I lay next to him for the first time in two weeks he rolled onto me though he was sound asleep. Of course he pulled the sheets and bedspread out of position so I knew I’d be remaking the bed in the morning.

But that was okay with me. Nothing knocks him out like pleasing me, a pussy in his face and a mouth on his dick. Next time it wont be my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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