Making Love to My Love

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Nothing can compare to her. My love, my forever, a woman of singular grace and beauty that fulfills me like nothing could.

When we make love it is an intimacy that is deeper then anything I have ever known. And nothing could compare to the spontaneous moments.

On a bright spring morning she woke up before me. She was in the kitchen fixing a simple breakfast for herself when I got up.

I approached her from behind and moved to startle her.

“I know you’re there,” she said.

“Aw damn,” I said. “What gave me away?”

“You snickered. You always do just before sneaking up on me.”

“Well then,” I said coming up behind her and placing my hands on her waist. “Guess I’ll have to work on that.”

She cooed slightly as the feeling of my touch. I swear I felt a shudder from her but she remained so cool and confident standing there. I began to run my fingers ever so gently around her hips. The fabric of her shirt thin and delicate it was like I was touching her skin, and not the cloth.

I love her hips. Soft warm skin, smooth and supple, with gentle elegant curves that drove me wild.

She finished cooking her eggs and dumped them on her plate. She moved away from me to go eat them in the living room, and while I thought I had been denied, that half look over her shoulder told me I had been getting to her.

We shared a quiet Saturday morning, laughing and joking as usual, discussing what we’d like to do for the day. She finished off her orange juice, and got up from the couch to go to the kitchen with her plate and glass. I followed behind her and as soon as her dishes were in the sink I had a hold of her hips again.

I saw the smile on her face in the reflection of the mirror above the sink. My hands continued to caress her hips and waist until they moved towards her belly. I delicately lifted the hem of her shirt up and finally let my hands touch her flawless skin. Her eyes closed and she soaked in the feeling of my hands caressing her skin.

I lifted her shirt higher and gripped her hips as I leaned in and kissed her neck. She helped by moving her beautiful etlik escort red hair from her neck and when I kissed more deeply she took in a sharp thrilled gasp. I kissed from the right side of her neck, to the left, and quickly down her shoulder. She shivered and giggled at the goose bumps that rose across her arms.

I held her hips tightly as I kissed along her arm. She lifted it as I kissed down until I reached her elbow. She turned in front of me and placed her arms on my shoulders.

“You’re a dirty tease,” she whispered.

“Who, me?” I asked feigning shock. “Please, those tight little shorts and shirt that’s at least a size too small?”

“Shut up,” she said with a smile.

I moved in and we began to kiss. Our lips touched softly, exchanging our passion ever so delicately. I gripped her hips again and pulled her close, her breasts pressing against me. I could feel the firmness of her nipples as they brushed against my chest.

It wasn’t long before the soft kisses became more impassioned and lustful. She broke the kiss only for a second to jump on top of the counter and wrap her legs around me. She pulled me closer, my already stiff cock pressing against her. Our kissing continued the tension and passion building quickly.

She became frustrated by her own shirt suddenly and pulled it over her head throwing it to the floor. I did the same and our warm bodies pressed against one another driving our passions even higher.

We could barely contain ourselves as we wanted each other in the worst sort of way, but didn’t want the passion to end. My hands found the waistband of her shorts and I slipped my fingers underneath the elastic of both the shorts and her panties. I pulled them off with no issue. I kissed down her body a little at a time, stopping at her waist and belly, gently kissing around her belly button, just underneath, and around her hips. Her hand found my head and she caressed my hair and moaned in anticipation.

I looked up and saw her biting her lip and a dreamy look in her eyes before my kisses began to get lower. Her breaths quickened both etlik escort bayan eager and unsure of what was to come. Then she took in a deep gasp that was followed by a throaty moan.

My tongue had found her woman hood. I licked and sucked gently and playfully tasting the sweet tanginess of her juices. The pace of her gasping quickened. She closed her mouth and breathed heavily through her nose until I found the right spot. Her mouth gaped wide and she reached up to grip the handle of the cupboard door.

From her mouth came a squeak, a tiny gasp, and then she shook. Her juices flowed quickly from her wet pussy as an orgasm overtook her. I continued to stimulate her hitting the right spots as another orgasm snuck up on her and overtook her body.

“Oh!” she screamed. The hand she had on my head sunk deeply into my hair as she grasped it just as her orgasm subsided. It took a moment to recover but as soon as she did she pulled me up and kissed me deeply. Her hands moved from my face to the waistline of my pajama pants. “I need you inside me,” she said. “I can’t stand it any longer!”

My pants hit the floor and my hard cock sprang up. She moved forward a little on the counter and guided my cock to her pussy. She ran the head up and down her slit several times before she pulled me closer with her legs to push me inside of her. Her mouth gaped wide again as she gripped the counter at the feeling of me sliding into her. After less than a moment, I was buried all the way inside her.

I flexed my hard cock several times which she gave me a devious squint. She hated when I did that as it teased her. Finally I drew back and pushed forward and began thrusting into her. Every thrust was bliss for me. Her wet womanhood enveloped me perfectly and I wanted nothing more then for every thrust to continue without halt.

We kissed each other as I continued to fuck her. Her hands gripped my shoulder suddenly and she let out another deep throaty moan as a small orgasm turned into a big one. “Oh!” she cried out. “A-another one!” Her nails dug deeply into my shoulder as another unexpected escort etlik orgasm tore through her body. “Don’t stop!” she shouted.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep going at the rate I was thrusting. I could already feel the tightening in my muscles, the hardening of my cock, and the swim of orgasm begin to take my head.

I leaned in and kissed her. “I’m close,” I said. She looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Do it,” she said. “Do it like you love to do it to me!”

I quickened my thrusts and in seconds I couldn’t count I could feel my end nearing. My breaths quickened, my body started to stiffen, and I felt the final swirl of pleasure as I was past the point of no return.

I pulled out my cock, and she leaned back to accept me as I began to cum. Multiple thick streams of white streamed from my cock and all over her abdomen, stomach, and breasts. She reached down and pulled on my cock aiding and prolonging my orgasm until the seconds passed and my bliss has subsided.

I looked down at her, both of us breathless and worn out. We smiled and laughed at each other and I couldn’t help but notice how much I had came. There was cum on her neck, her breasts, her belly, her abdomen, and running down her sides.

“Wow,” she said. “That was a lot.”

Breathlessly I laughed. My cock, still rather hard, was lying on her abdomen, cum still oozing ever so slightly from it. I ran the head back and forth across her cum covered stomach. I brought my cock back to her pussy where I slid back inside her.

She smiled deviously. “Again?” she asked.

I began to thrust slowly, feeling new vigor within me. My cock grew hard again and soon I was in the motions of fucking her for the second time. She gasped and moaned and watched me, her eyes never leaving mine. She bit her lip and seduced me again and again with every look and glance within her as she felt my cock pound away.

She opened her mouth and gasped again as another orgasm overtook her and that was all I needed to reach my end. I thrust deeply inside her one last time and came. I could only feel dribbles; mostly a dry orgasm, but it felt as good as the first.

She got down from the counter and grabbed my hand. She laid me down on our bed and after cleaning up a bit, came and joined me. She snuggled closely, and wrapped our bodies in the comforter.

It wasn’t long and we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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