Macho Man Handles Female Stalker

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My name is Andrew James Clicheau. Friends call me Andy or A.J.C. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man living in the history-making state of Massachusetts. I’m originally from the city of Port-Au-Prince in the Island Nation of Haiti. These days, I’m finding that life simply couldn’t be better. I mean, things are just going right. Ever had that feeling? Well, if you haven’t, you should really seek it out. It’s quite fulfilling and definitely worth your while. This brother is having the time of his life.

I’m a student-athlete at Brighton State University, one of the largest private schools in the history-making state of Massachusetts. BSU is located in the town of the same name. Brighton State University has two campuses, one in the city of Brighton and the other one in the city of Milton. I’m at the Brighton Campus. It’s home to a twelve-thousand-person student body. The Milton campus has eight thousand students. I major in Business Administration. A long time ago, I wanted to be a mortician because I’m fascinated by death. I got over it, though. Now, I’m in love with money. Acquiring it and managing it are my top priorities. After that, nothing else matters.

Upon enrolling at Brighton State University, I joined two extracurricular activities, the International Talk Club and the Men’s Basketball team. I’m a six-foot-one, 170-pound black man. And I’ve actually got talent. They couldn’t turn me away. I made lots of friends on campus. First of all, there’s Gina Armstead, the gorgeous Latin-American president of the International Talk Club. She’s a really cute gal and a good friend of mine who unfortunately had a boyfriend, some Latin guy from the club. I focused on going to class and playing basketball. I was fortunate enough to attend a Division One school with an impressive number of sponsored sports. Brighton State University’s Department of Athletics sponsored Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Football, Swimming, Rugby, Water Polo, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Bowling, Gymnastics, Golf, Rifle, Lacrosse and Pistol along with Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, Water Polo, Swimming, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Bowling, Gymnastics, Golf, Rifle, Lacrosse and Pistol. The NCAA called BSU an athletic powerhouse.

I was playing bahis firmaları Division One Men’s Varsity Basketball at a top notch school. That’s many young men’s dream. I was doing good in my classes and I had legions of fans. All was going well. At Brighton State University, I even ran into Paul, one of my buddies from Saint Peter High School, the Catholic school I attended back in the Island of Haiti. Yeah, things were great. Until I attracted the attention of a fat black bitch named Jamella LaGrosse. Have you ever met the kind of woman who’s mean-spirited, big and ugly, and won’t take no for an answer? Well, that’s Jamella for you. I ran into this chick at the Brighton State University Center. I’ve always been a gentleman under my smart-mouthed exterior. However, I was at a loss for words and options when dealing with this chick. She was very forward and very pushy. I like big women. I always have. However, if I’m going to consider a woman for a potential relationship, she’s got to have her shit together. She’s got to have her own house, her own car, her own job and above all else, she cannot be crazy, violent, or needy. Jamella fell into the category of women that I cannot be seen with, talk to or date. Too bad she wanted some sex from me. I wasn’t sexing the likes of her. I wasn’t desperate. I was a superior man. Superior men sought out superior women. Inferior women need not apply.

Why? Well, first of all, she was ugly in the face. Very ugly. On top of that, she seemed to be a bully. I’ve dealt with female bullies before. They’re not a lot of fun. They’re vicious bitches and you’ve got to watch your back around them. False accusations, surprise attacks, complex schemes and plots, the female bully does it all. I was a good-looking and intelligent brother. I knew why the black and white femmes on the college campus kept coming to me. However, I wasn’t interested in Jamella . The woman was ugly. Also, she had a brat. I don’t date females with baggage. I don’t need that kind of drama. No man does! Jamella kept flirting with me. I was polite but distant to her. She refused to get the hint through that thick skull of hers. I wasn’t interested. I was a single brother who wanted to remain that way. I wasn’t looking forward to dating a foul-mouthed, crazy black woman who had a brat in tow and more issues than kaçak iddaa an army of brilliant psychiatrists couldn’t solve. No way, folks. I had to kick this crazy sister to the curb! As it turns out, this was a painful mistake.

Would you believe that this crazy black woman began following me around? Yeah, she did. She began showing up at my classes and also calling my phone. I wasn’t crazy about that. So, I went to the campus police and told them that the crazy bitch was following me. Thankfully, the campus police sergeant, a really nice lady, knew enough about psychopathic and dangerous females not to underestimate them. She helped me obtain a restraining order against Jamella LaGrosse, the fat and ugly black woman who was following me around. I thought my problems were over. Unfortunately, they were only beginning. Jamella refused to give me a frigging break. Even with the threat of the police hanging over her crazy head, this crazy black bitch simply wouldn’t leave me alone. She just didn’t know how to take no for an answer. Females are always telling men about boundaries. Yet those same bitches just don’t know when to quit. They’re always breaking their own damn rules. If you ask me, all bitches ought to get their frigging heads examined because they’re all crazy. I had to find a way to get her to stop stalking me or get rid of her. I couldn’t go on living like this. What’s a desperate young brother to do?

One day, I just gave in. I told Jamella that I would give her what she wanted if she promised to leave me alone. The crazy fat black woman’s eyes brightened. I wagged my finger in her face. Hold your horses, you crazy bitch! If we were going to do this, it would be on my terms and my terms alone. We went to my place, where I had everything set up. There, we did the nasty. We didn’t make love. We didn’t kiss. We just fucked. I grabbed Jamella and threw her on the bed. Then, I spread her plump thighs and licked her pussy. In no time, I had her squealing in pleasure. Then, I put a condom over my nine inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I thrust my cock into her pussy while sucking on her huge brown breasts. I fucked her good, ramming my dick into her pussy. She screamed and begged me for more. Time and again, I made her cum.

Then, I had an idea. Normally, I didn’t do this to women kaçak bahis I loved or respected. It’s a good thing Jamella fell under the category of bitches I hated. I put her on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. She gasped, surprised. I laughed, and rammed my cock into her asshole. Without lube. Jamella’s earth-shattering scream was music to my ears. I slammed my cock into her asshole, giving it to her good and deep. She screamed. I laughed, and grabbed her hair while fucking her. I buried my cock into the forbidden depths of the fat black woman’s asshole. I tore that ass up. Jamella stopped protesting. Face down and ass up like a good bitch, she happily took it up the ass. I fucked her good until I got my nut, then switched condoms and began again. I had myself some fun.

After an hour of hardcore anal pounding, I pulled my cock out of Jamella’s now gaping asshole. I smiled, admiring my handiwork. I spat in there. Jamella sat up, smiling at me. She told me that this was the best fuck she ever had. I smiled, and told her that we were even. She smirked, and told me that she wanted some more of that later. I was stunned. What the hell? She was reneging on her promise? That bitch! I told her that our deal was over. She got what she wanted, and had to get her fat ass out of the apartment. She told me that unless I satisfied her sexual needs on demand whenever she wanted, she’d holler rape and get me locked up. I laughed at her. She got pissed me and raised her hand to hit me. I caught her hand before it reached my face, and told her coldly that I had the entire thing on tape. We had rough but consensual sex. Jamella stared at me, stunned. I laughed and told her my terms. If she didn’t quit bothering me, I’d leak the video on the web. With this added to her arrest record, she’d lose custody of her brat to her ex for sure.

I looked into the crazy black woman’s eyes and saw fear for the first time. I liked it. She told me that I was off the hook, but if the tape ever got leaked, she’d kill me. I laughed and told her to get moving. She got her fat ass out of my apartment. I smiled, and made copies of the video. Some of them I would watch personally for fun. Others I mailed to an attorney I was friends with. I wasn’t underestimating Jamella. Underestimating women is the stupidest thing a man can do. If I ever disappeared, or got hurt, or just died, the tape would go from my lawyer to the police. Jamella would go to jail. End of story. Am I smart or what? This is how a smart man handles psycho women, folks.

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