Lustful women II, Barbro , Inga Ch. 01

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Cum Covered

Barbro meets Inga and Eric.

After the success with my first two shows it didn┬┤t take long until Carla asked if I was willing to go on stage again. It was going to be a special performance she said, something out of the ordinary.

When I arrived, Carla said that the sponsor wanted to talk to me. It was common; they wanted to tell what they wanted. But I was astonished when Carla showed a woman into my dressing room. She was 40+ but extremely well kept and was wearing expensive clothes. A real upper-class lady, no doubt. I recalled having seen her around a few times.

“Hi, I am Inga and am tonight’s sponsor. That gives me and my man the right to take part in the show, right?” she said without preamble. “Well, I haven┬┤t brought a husband but I did bring my son, would that be a problem? I mean, is there any reason why he couldn’t stand in as a husband? After all, it isn’t me he will fuck but you.”

“No of course not,” I said feeling my pussy twitch. This could become real fun. “It’s very unusual though. I don’t think it has happened before that a mother has brought her son. But it’s fine with me. Will you participate as well?”

“Excellent,” she said. “Carla assured that you would agree. And hell yes, I will join in. But let me tell a little about my son. You see, he is still a virgin. We both very much want you to be the woman to take his chastity.” She got quiet to watch my reaction. I just smiled happily. “Want to know why? It’s not only because of your marvelous body, there are other performers belonging to this club that are gorgeous. No, it’s because what your body signals when you fuck. Your face shows happiness, pure lust and true excitement. Your body radiates sex and pleasure. And when you cum you fill the entire room with your sexual happiness and climax. You simply love to fuck, and it shows all the time. You make it look like great fun too. I am sure that you don’t care much about the money; that you would go on stage just for the excitement and pleasure.” She stopped, again looking inquiringly at me.

“Well, thank you. Yes, you are probably right. I love to fuck,” I said feeling heat rush through my body. “But how come that your son knows about that? Has he been around? And why does he want to lose his chastity on stage? Won┬┤t he be embarrassed?” I had a lot of questions.

“Oh, we have discussed that of course. He has seen pictures and videos of a few of the best performers and shows. Carla has made them available to me. I hope you don’t mind. He wants you very much. There was no doubt when he looked through the videos.” She hesitated slightly.

“Well, since my husband accidentally died some years ago, we have got remarkably close, but strictly mother and son, mind you. And I have promised him something incredibly special if he was still a virgin when he reached legal age. He turned eighteen yesterday. This is actually his birthday party. I didn’t want his first experience to be with a professional woman who only does it for money without caring for him or together with an ignorant girl, I told him. But I also had another reason. I am very wealthy and there are lots of women out there who would trick him to make them pregnant to get them a hefty settlement. There are even mothers who would throw their daughters in his arms for the same reason. Happens now and then I can assure you.” She chuckled.

“It was so much easier in the old times, I think. Then the father might have taken him to his favorite whore house and the best woman there would have had the honor. Or the mother might employ a suitable maid well in advance and she would have gone to his room on his birthday and then stayed around for some time to teach him.” She sighed. “Out of the question nowadays of course. The risk for publicity is too big. We are too well known. But I think the maid way was very nice and extremely good for a young man.”

“Well,” she continued. “I have tried to prepare him for this occasion. I think he is as ready as one can be without having done the real thing. I have let him see me naked now and then; to learn what a naked woman looks like. Of course, he thinks it was accidentally, but it was well planned. We have a secluded pool where I am always naked when he is not around. He quickly found out of course when he reached the age when it becomes of interest and he has been sneaking on me. Lately I have also invited some of my best-looking female friends to come and swim. They weren’t hard to persuade to go naked as well after they were assured Eric wasn’t there. What I didn’t tell them was that he was expected to come home. So, he has seen about five women in the nude and moving around. But I think one of them, a raunchy piece of ass I would say, somehow got suspicious that something fishy was going on. She behaved very unnatural for being at a private pool. She walked around, doing revealing exercises, bending over with her back to the windows, and sitting down spreading her thighs showing bahis firmalar─▒ her treasure box. She really showed off to a non-present audience. Well, there was one, but she wasn’t supposed to know that. She also was impudent enough to ask about Eric while doing her show. Well, of course I didn’t mind, on the contrary. After all, the purpose of inviting her was to give Eric a good look and she really gave him that and even much more than I had expected and not only once.” She smiled proudly at the memory.

“Well, recently I also bought that new instruction sex video I am sure you know about and we watched it together. It’s exceptionally good I must say. Even an old goat like me learnt a thing or two. There were also a lot of things to discuss and talk about and we have watched it several times. We have also watched a few carefully selected porn videos. So, all in all I think I have done my best to prepare him.” She looked proudly at me.

“Oh, one more thing. You asked why he wants to be initiated on stage. Well, you see, he is very keen on going on stage and being the center of things. So, I guess this is flattering his ego. But he had one demand though . . . I should also go on stage. Perhaps he thought that I would chicken out and the whole thing would go down the drain. But of course, I accepted. I also like to be on stage and is very fond of fucking. And the studs Carla has selected look very promising.” She got quiet again and lust filled her face at the thought of the coming performance.

“I hope I have given you the background. Any objections? . . . No, very well then, now we can only hope that Eric will do his part. I am sure you will find him and his cock very handsome. His father had a real good cock which I appreciated. Of course, Eric isn’t fully developed yet but you won’t get disappointed, I promise. . .. Well yes, of course I have sneaked on him. A mother has to know as much as possible about her son, doesn’t she?”

We discussed the show. She knew exactly what she wanted, and we very soon agreed.

“By the way,” I said when she was about to leave. “How can you be so sure that Eric hasn’t done it?”

“Oh, but a mother knows, doesn’t she? And I know him so well. Besides, I have always been able to know. I have three younger brothers and I immediately knew when they first got their cocks engulfed by a pussy. And not only my brothers. I also could tell about their friends. Well, except of course for those, quite a few actually, who I introduced. Oh, it was so lovely to be the first woman for these young men. And so pleasant to follow it up by teaching them. And specially to take on a couple at a time when they were fully trained. Those were the times.” She smiled inwardly at the memories.

“All right then, if you are so sure I am willing to let Eric take me barebacked. Of course, if you trust me that is. I take tests regularly. It would be much better if he doesn┬┤t have to bother with a condom on his first experience.” I pleaded, suddenly wanting very much to have his cock in me barebacked.

“Oh my goodness yes, oh yes. Thank you, yes. I didn’t dare to ask. Yes, I trust you and I very much want him to get this lovely experience barebacked. I share your opinion in full that a boy┬┤s first experience should be done barebacked. He will feel so much more.” She rose and embraced me. “Well, shall we join the crowd?”

We went out in the main room and mingled around. Soon enough Carla entered the stage announcing the show and introducing the main sponsor.

I was to go first on stage to warm up the audience by doing a little humorous show dressed as a she-ass. I crept around the stage on all fours until I found a basket of vegetables and started to munch. Soon enough I tried the vegetables in my lower orifices beginning with small objects. The audience went from laughter to hissing when I tried a cucumber. Then I found a carrot with a lot of blast which I quickly wetted in my pussy before transferring it into my ass. The blast hung out giving me a good tail. The audience got wild when I showed them a zucchini, a long fat one. I eased it into my pussy with the carrot still in place, coming for the first time that evening.

One of the studs got on stage and the audience cheered. He pretended to be a he-ass jumping around on all fours with his erect cock dangling. He stopped behind me and made a small mime show. The audience cheered and laughed and suddenly I felt the carrot being ripped out from my ass hole. The stud wasn’t exactly following the script when he put his cock at my butt hole and pushed to get in. But I didn’t mind. It was lovely to be filled up by the zucchini in my pussy and his cock in my ass. I came again squeezing and milking him hard until he emptied his load deep in my ass.

After a short break to freshen up I was back on stage dressed to kill. I called Eric on stage and made quite a show of seducing him telling the audience behind his back that he was a virgin, that it was ka├žak iddaa his birthday and that this was to be his first time. We all gasped when I got his cock out. He certainly was well hung, and it was a very handsome piece too. He had no problem whatsoever to get hard and I lay back on the couch pulling him over me. He entered me and fucked me very nicely until he cum. I was expecting a quickie but taking his chastity was a turn on. I noticed well in advance when he was on his way and got an orgasm when he unloaded in me. It was a weak orgasm, but I enhanced it for his sake and for the audience. My moans and cries were trustworthy, I think. I let him rest on top of me until his cock withdrew.

We rose, thanked for the cheers and left the stage together. I quickly went backstage to freshen up. When I came back Inga was already on stage playing with the other stud.

She was marvelous, slowly transforming from the cool, upper class lady to a sex crazy woman totally devoted to the cock and the pleasures it could bring her. It was not just a show. We all felt it was for real. Inga had a very sexy figure with ample breasts and a full bottom. The stud got inspired too and did his best. Inga nudged the other stud to come on stage too and easily got him excited. It ended up with her having them doing a double take, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. I was amazed of how gracefully she did it and how easy it seemed. I know a lot of what hardship it is to take cocks in both holes simultaneously but for her it seemed to come naturally being so easy. Her screams of pleasure filled the room. I am sure that if there had been another stud around, she would have accommodated him as well.

Afterwards she transformed back to her cool posture and it was a performance of its own when she thanked and dismissed the studs.

After that I was on again. It felt hard to come on stage after such a performance, but the audience warmed up again when I rode the Sybian. I had planned that the stud that had come only once would join me at the end and fuck me. It happened though that Eric was sitting close to the stage and I did my performance concentrating on him. I looked him in the eye most of the time only occasionally searching the eyes of other men in the audience. Suddenly I noticed that Eric was getting hard which was extremely rewarding. I put a silent question through my eyes, and he seemed to agree. So instead of calling for the stud I called him up on stage. The audience got wild and excitingly cheered him. He did another good performance fucking me fantastically standing behind me when I was down on all fours on the couch. This time he stayed long enough to give me a very pleasurable real orgasm before he creamed in my pussy. At the end he fucked me frantically with short hard jabs and his body shook uncontrollable when he cum, leaving no doubt that it was for real.

When his mother Inga understood that I wasn’t going to use the stud she jumped back up on stage, calling him over. This time controlled herself and kept her air of an upper-class lady. But it was a lady with a raging hot fire inside her pussy. She used the stud for a long time treating him harshly and, in the end, rode him ruthlessly and without mercy. Only in the last moments did her upper-class behavior crack and the sexy animal inside her came forward when she screamed in ecstasy.

Inga had got on stage directly after Eric had creamed in me. We stayed on the couch with Inga and the stud just in front of us so we could easily follow their progress. When Inga got excited, I felt Eric’s cock twitch. The sight turned him on.

After Eric had erupted in my pussy his cock had started to soften but now he grabbed my hips and held me tight to avoid slipping out. He intently watched his mother fuck her stud for her own pleasure. When Inga┬┤s scream of ecstasy started he really surprised me. To my amazement and great joy, I felt his cock swell. I used my pussy muscles to find out if it was for real and indeed, he was hardening. I set my muscles in motion to support him. It was lovely to feel him grow inside me. When Inga collapsed on her stud Eric was ready to bang me again. But I made him to hold on.

I pushed him away from me and his cock left my pussy with a plopping sound. I turned him around to let the audience see his hard, handsome cock that glistened from my wetness and telling how amazingly it was that he was going to fuck me for the third time and how happy he made me. We paraded round the stage before I took position lying on a high bench with my ass at the end spreading and lifting my legs in the spread-eagle way. I wanted him to fuck me standing up. When he entered me, I put my legs around his waist.

Inga watched intently standing close to us. She urged him on and gave advice. He fucked me very satisfactorily bringing me to orgasm twice before he shot his load. Mother and son screamed in unison when he did. The audience was in uproar again, cheering and screaming.

Eric ka├žak bahis quickly got limp and left my pussy. I stood up to hug him, but his mother had already embraced him in a full body hug. She held him close against her body until suddenly she realized that they were both stark naked. She quickly withdrew letting me take over. Carla came on stage and placed herself between mother and son taking their hands like a referee. She lifted their hands and the audience cheered wildly. For once I wasn’t the star, but they were worth it.

Afterwards I complimented them both for outstanding performances. Carla half-jokingly asked Inga if she wanted to join the stable of performers. We all went out to join the guest.

Inga came up to me with two glasses of champagne.

“Thank you for a wonderful birthday party for Eric,” she said. “It became everything we had hoped for and much more. Eric really enjoyed it and I think you did too.”

“Thank you. Oh yes, I did, very much indeed. Eric was terrific. Three times in a row, amazing. And you did too, I guess. You drained both studs completely,” I answered, and we smiled at each other recalling in memory the performance. “Tell me, what have you planned for Eric to follow this up?” I asked.

“Oh, but I haven’t thought of anything special,” she said. “Should I? Wasn’t he good?”

“Yes of course, tremendously good for being his first time. Better than most men even after they have done it several times. But that’s my point, he could become just marvelous with some help.”

“Help, what help? What do you mean?” she asked very puzzled.

“Oh, but that’s easy. Train him of course. I think you should feed him some experienced, mature pussies now and then. Ones that like to teach. He needs guidance and experience to become a master fucker. And to understand the pleasure of it as well.”

“But he can get girls on his own now, couldn’t he?”

“Oh yes of course. They certainly will line up for such a handsome guy. But young girls can’t teach him properly. That takes a much more mature and experienced woman, don’t you agree? Like you told me how you trained your brothers’ friends, remember?”

“Oh my god, yes of course I remember. It was lovely. I see what you mean, yes. But I couldn’t do that, I mean that would be extremely improper, me being his mother. Not that I shouldn’t want to. It was a great turn on to see him with you tonight. But no, I can’t do that.”

“No, of course not. I hadn’t that in mind either, not at all. I was thinking about some of those friends of yours that you already have shown to him. Especially that lady who showed off so obviously thinking that he was watching. In my opinion she has given a signal that she is willing to let him fuck her. I might be wrong of course but I don’t think so. I have no idea of course if she is a good teacher. But a willing pussy is never wrong for a young man, teaching or not. Why don┬┤t you invite her again to a small nude party at your pool and see what happens? Maybe some of your other friends are willing too but she seems to be the best prospect to start with from what you told me.”

“My goodness yes, that’s a thought. Yes, she would probably be a good teacher or at least give him a good time. She has a nicely kept body with great boobs. Yes, I will certainly consider that. Pity that she is away for some time.”

“Yes, that’s a pity. . .. Well, under those circumstances I might perhaps do as a stand in to bridge over the time gap. That is if you want to invite me of course?”

“Oh, my goodness, yes. I certainly want that . . .. Eric come over here will you. . .. Shouldn┬┤t we invite Miss Barbro for dinner? To get to know her better . . . Yes, I thought that you would like that . . . settled then . . . let’s see, would Wednesday suit you, Miss Barbro?” She had turned to Eric who had been standing a bit away.

“Yes, thank you. That will be excellent; I have a late shift on Thursday.” Inga certainly didn┬┤t let the time pass. It was only a few days away.

I arrived on the Wednesday evening at six thirty as the formal inviting card had said. The house was big and situated in an expensive, upper class area. Inga received me with an overwhelming hug.

“I haven┬┤t said a word to Eric what the plans are for tonight except a nice dinner,” she whispered in my ear. Eric was standing just a few paces away waiting for his turn to hug me.

“That┬┤s great, he won┬┤t have prejudices then,” I whispered back. “Barebacked again? There hasn┬┤t been a cock in my pussy since he left it.”

“If you will be so kind and allow him that I would appreciate it very much,” Inga whispered back.

Inga took my light summer coat and put it on a hanger. There was a flicker of disappointment in Eric┬┤s eyes when he came forward to hug me and saw that I was rather conservatively dressed, according to my standards anyway. Inga showed a much deeper cleavage. I guess he had hoped that I would be more sexily dressed, half naked even. Well, that would come later. But he hugged me with great enthusiasm, and I felt a quickly hardening dick press against me.

Inga showed me into a spacious room expensively furnished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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