Lunchtime Rendezvous

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I woke up this morning the same way I went to bed last night, with you on my mind. My stomach feels a little nervous at the thought of getting to see you again. After our first encounter, as brief as it was, I waited and wondered if I would here from you. I was pleasantly surprised when I did. For I was attracted to you the minute I saw you standing there in the midst of the crowd. And that attraction only grew the closer I got to you and the longer I stood near you.

Over the span of several weeks we have grown to realize that there is a mutual attraction between us. And, we finally decided that we would like to see each other. We agreed that we would meet for lunch. Although, I think we both knew it would be more than that. But, then again, we would be in a public place so what could happen? Right? Right.

So, where was I? Oh, that’s right. It was a sunny day outside. The temperature was quite nice. It was a perfect day for a nice little drive. The ride wasn’t bad at all for I had the thought of seeing you again going through my mind. With the music playing, my thoughts started to drift. I kept wondering if you were feeling a little nervous or if you were anticipating this meeting as much as me. Or maybe a little bit of both.

When I finally reached my destination that is when my nerves really kicked in. I went to the ladies room to make sure that I looked presentable for you. I was a little early, so I decided to wander around for a while. There was a little place with some books, so I took a gander. But, I made sure to keep track of the time. The time was getting close now and so I walked over to the pub where I was supposed to meet you. I stood there for what seemed much longer than the actual ten minutes I was there. Suddenly, I glanced up and there you were. You looked just as good, if not better than you did the night I met you. A different attire as well. I will never forget what you were wearing that day, because you looked so handsome. I bet you didn’t think women really paid attention to things like that. You looked over, noticed me and gave a little nod of your head. So, I walked over to greet you and we went inside to be seated.

The pendik escort lady seated us at a table in the corner. Just beside the only bathroom in the place. We started your usual chitchat and then you started to talk to me about some of the things you do for work. I remember thinking to myself that I could have sat there for hours and just listened to what you had to say. Because, contrary to what you might have been thinking I found what you were saying to be interesting. The waitress came over to take our order. After she walked away, I remember looking around the place. It was packed. While we waited for our food to come we continued with our conversation. I can’t even begin to tell you what was coming out of my mouth. I was going crazy thinking I was just across the table from this guy whom I was totally attracted to. If only you knew how wet she was. How bad she wanted to feel your touch. I kept wondering if you could tell how nervous I was. Because I know I was a bit fidgety. I looked up to see the waitress walking over with our order. That was great because I was feeling pretty hungry regardless of my nerves. So, while we ate the chatter kind of died down a bit.

After she came back to take our plates away I was thinking how nice it was to have lunch with you and get to know you better. And, I was thinking how I had hoped that maybe some time I would get to see you again. When suddenly you leaned across the table. Your face just inches from mine. You have to understand that I didn’t even think you were thinking about anything like that. I figured we had a nice lunch together and that was that. It almost seemed like a little switch clicked inside of you. You got this devilish look in your eye and gestured towards the bathroom door. I was thinking, “Oh my god, he really wants to go in there with me!”

Now, let me remind you that we are in a small pub and this is the ONLY bathroom in the place. I know you could tell that I did really want to go in there with you. I started to get a little more anxious at the thought of being alone with you. And you leaned closer and put your hands on the sides of my face. You noticed how my body temperature maltepe escort was heating up. Yes, I was definitely feeling a bit flushed at the moment. I mean, come on now, here I am sitting across from this incredibly nice looking guy. And he wants to go in the bathroom with me in front of all these people, and do what? You kept telling me that nobody would even notice. But, I had never done anything like this before in my life. I kept saying to myself that I should just do it. How much could possibly happen in that bathroom? Boy was I in for a surprise. So, back and forth we went. You saying, “Come on” and me not knowing what to say. Suddenly I felt very shy with you. But, inside I wanted you more than I could express sitting at the table.

Finally after sitting there for a few minutes while you seduced me over the table, I gave in. I couldn’t hold out anymore. We stood up and walked in the bathroom and as I turned around I could see you locking the door. You walked over to me and started kissing me, without any hesitation. It felt a bit awkward to me for just a second. I was shaking and my heart was pounding. And, then I remember thinking to myself that this feels just as good as I thought it would. I had dreamed of kissing you for so long now. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, we looked at each other and laughed a bit and then tried to walk out like nothing was going on.

We went outside the pub and started walking. I had no idea where you were taking me. All I knew was that I wanted more. That anxious feeling settled in again. We found this building and took a walk inside. It had a bunch of little shops in it. Don’t ask me to remember, because all I was thinking of at that moment was of being alone with you again. You asked a lady where the bathrooms were, and she directed us. We went into the ladies room and you locked the door once again. This time I didn’t care if anyone came knocking at the door. They could use the other bathroom if they wanted. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. It felt so naughty but it felt so good. It was all you! You are a very sexual man. And at that point I think you could get me to kartal escort do anything you wanted me to do.

All at once I found myself up against the wall and we were kissing again. I wanted you so bad. My panties were so wet with anticipation. I remember feeling a little weird all of a sudden and started to resist a little. You grabbed hold of my hands. Just enough. That alone turned me on more than I think you realized. I remember our bodies pressed together and our breathing getting heavier. I could feel how hard you were getting. My hand started to roam down towards your pants. I started to undo them and slide my hands inside. I let my hand wrap around your cock. I could feel the heat emanating from you body. You knew what you wanted and I wanted it too. I pulled your underwear down and crouched down in front of you. I remember how I was feeling the second my lips hit the head of your cock. I wanted to taste you. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to give you pleasure. Because, gives me such pleasure and turns me on even more. I had my left hand on your right thigh and the other one on your hardness and my mouth sliding up and down your shaft.

Your legs were shaking. I wanted to make you cum. So, I licked you from bottom to top. I slid you in and out of my mouth faster and faster. I found myself looking up at you for a brief moment. I like to see visually how I am making you feel. Your face looked so intense. You asked me if you could cum in my mouth and I didn’t answer you. I figured I didn’t need to respond. I just kept on taking you in and out of my mouth. Between the long anticipation, my wet mouth and sucking you off faster and faster, it wasn’t too long before I could taste you. I loved the feel of your body right before you came. The sounds you made. How it seemed as if every muscle in your body tensed up. And then suddenly, release!!

Mmmmm I will always remember how you taste. You pulled up your pants and I remember walking over to the mirror to see if I looked in some sort of order. Leaning against the sink I was thinking how I would love for you to fuck me right then and there. Maybe next time. We walked outside and I was saying to you how I believe fully now that you are the devil incarnate. Because, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I wanted more. You had to go back to work, so we said our goodbyes. I was thinking to myself, until next time. One can only hope…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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