Loving Lisa Bk. 01 Ch. 03: Training

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Asshole Fucked

Lisa woke up early the next morning. She put on a sports bra and leggings combination, but she didn’t head to her home exercise room. Instead, after saying goodbye to Bill, she drove her minivan to Prime Fitness to redeem the card that Del had given her yesterday.

Prime Fitness was in an older steel building in an industrial part of town. The lot and building were clean and nicely painted, but it certainly seemed like a no-frills operation. When Lisa opened the door, the interior revealed rows of exercise machines to the left, free weights and racks to the right, and mens’ and womens’ locker rooms at the back. Her initial impression of the gym patrons was that most of them were younger than her, and they were all in really good shape. She was admiring the muscles and form of some of the men lifting weights when she heard her name. She turned to see Del approaching.

“Lisa, hey, good to see you. What do you think of my gym?”

“It looks like a place for people who are serious about fitness, just as you said yesterday.”

“I’m glad you got that impression. Are you interested in taking me up on the 30 day offer?”

“I think so, but I’m also interested in a little coaching. I don’t know if that’s part of the offer, but of course I’m willing to pay for your time if it isn’t.”

“Any club worth its salt will start off with some one-on-one attention, and I’d be happy to provide you with whatever you need.”

Jesus, Lisa thought, he really is slick with the innocent sounding little hints. “I’ve never been coached at a club. How does it work?”

“Most clubs would weigh you, measure your body fat with a calipers, run some numbers and give you a fitness program. I’m happy to do that, but frankly, I think I’d be wasting your time. My guess from looking at you and talking with you yesterday is that you’ve followed a fitness program that combines cardio, flexibility like yoga, and weights. I’m also guessing that you eat a high protein low carb diet, that you’ve never smoked, and drink alcohol moderately if at all.”

Lisa was impressed. “Yes, that’s pretty much on target.”

“You’re doing all the right things, and you can keep doing them as you have been and look good. So, for a client like you, I’d let you direct me by telling me what you want to change about the way you feel or look.”

“Del, it’s a couple of things. I’ve always had a flat stomach, but since I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten some belly fat. I want to get rid of that. And I want more muscle definition.”

“Lisa, I’m going to be really frank, so please don’t be upset with me because I think you’re smart and serious, and I don’t need to beat around the bush. First, even though you look better than most thirty year-olds, I’m guessing that you went through the change recently.”

Lisa smiled at the old school way of describing menopause, and nodded.

“I’m sure you’ve read that one of the side effects is that your body tends to gather fat in the belly area. So it’s going to be hard to reverse mother nature on that one. As for the muscle definition, look at your arms girl, lots of women would kill for those guns. Let me ask you – have you always been at about this weight?”

“Yeah, I work hard to keep it this way. I’m pretty disciplined, and over the years it’s just been a habit to eat a healthy diet.”

“That’s great, and honestly I think you would probably be happy if you keep it up. But, if you want to gain muscle, you’re going to need to eat a little more and tolerate a little weight gain.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a big believer in progress pictures, and I practice what I preach, so if you want to step into my office, let me show you mine so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

Lisa followed him to his small office in the back of the gym. After she had a seat, Del reached for a photo album and sat next to her. Just as yesterday, she was aware of his masculine scent and warmth, even more so because he was in shorts and a tight no-arm t-shirt. Lisa felt a twitch and warmth in her genitals that she hadn’t felt for decades around any other man.

Her condition wasn’t helped when Del opened the album to reveal him standing in what looked like a black speedo. Lisa almost gasped at the bulge in his shorts, as Del said, “here’s what I’m talking about. To gain muscle, I had a modest weight gain here, and then I cut back on calories to show the definition I gained. As you can see here, the changes are subtle, but over a couple of years, I’ve had an overall weight gain of about 10% and it’s pretty much all muscle. I think with some hard work you can do this, but I also recommend it for us long-termers because the weight gain lets us have a few splurge days a month where we can take a break from that diet.”

“So what exercises can I do here that I can’t do at home?”

“Honestly, probably none – you can always get by with a well-equipped home gym. But, for the booty that most women want, I’d recommend squats, which are much easier with a squat rack. That’s going to give you some more size and tightness anadolu yakas─▒ escort in your glutes. I’d recommend some exercises to firm your pecs to give you a little more fullness in the chest. Finally, we’ll work on core exercises that will do your best with your abs, but again, from what I see a lot of women would kill to have a cute little belly like yours. Your body is a well-oiled machine that’s running pretty good, so I’m just suggesting a tune up, not a makeover. The thing that I hope you’ll appreciate most is our community of folks who take fitness as seriously as you do, and we work together to help everyone achieve their goals.”

Lisa felt herself redden a little at Del’s frank compliments and his steady, appraising gaze, “A tune up is what I’m looking for. Are you around about the same time tomorrow for us to start? I think I’ll just hit the elliptical for a quick cardio workout this morning and come back ready to work tomorrow.”

“Yep, I’m here and I’m free to give you a lesson. Take your progress picture tonight, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

As Lisa worked out, she carefully checked out others in the mirror. All the women looked good, in their own ways. She noticed that many of them had a belly button piercing, and some of them had nipple piercings that could be seen through their sports bras. She also saw that her most revealing workout clothes were very conservative compared to what most of them were wearing.

After work that day, she texted Bill to tell him that she needed to do a little shopping and that she’d grab dinner for both of them on the way home. Bill knew that she updated her work wardrobe regularly, with inexpensive yet stylish items, and he never gave her any grief about it. In fact, Lisa was hard pressed to remember the last time he mentioned money to her after they had both started making enough to be comfortable.

Lisa headed to the fitness store and picked out some of the tight short shorts that she had seen the other women wearing, as well as a few of what she would have called “tiny” sports bras until her experience at the gym today. She also chose a new gym bag to carry her work clothes, so she could just shower and head to work once her workout was finished. Finally, she stopped by a new healthy buffet and picked out a couple of bowls for her and Bill.

When she arrived home, Bill was fixing his first martini of the night. As they ate, Lisa told Bill that she was trying out a new health club owned by a bank customer. Bill said that he certainly understood that she would want to mix it up since she spent six days in the home gym. She surprised him by giving him a quick kiss on the forehead as she picked up the dishes, and saying “thank you for always being so generous with me.”

“It’s your money, too, honey, and you should spend it on things that make you happy.”

“Still, I appreciate it, and I want you to know that”, she said while stroking his palm with her signal that she would appreciate some sexual attention at bedtime. Bill looked up and smiled at her.

Later that evening, Bill was surprised to find her in bed nude instead of in her long nightgown that she usually wore on nights when she initiated sex. Bill stroked her body as she pulled him on top of her and guided his erect cock into her vagina without lubricating it first. She was wet as he entered her, and he felt none of the resistance and dryness that he sometimes felt without lube. After a few thrusts, his surprised deepened as she began her “yeses” and “theres” much more quickly than usual as she came on his thrusting cock. This, and her nudity and openness, caused him to unload a little quicker than usual. As Bill rolled over to sleep, Lisa whispered “thank you daddy” under her breath.

Lisa donned her new exercise clothes quickly the next morning, hiding them under some old sweats because she didn’t want Bill to see how skimpy she was dressed for her first coaching session at Prime Fitness. After a small breakfast, she gave Bill a quick peck on the cheek, loaded her new gym bag into her minivan, and headed to the gym. It was leg day, and Del checked her out on the squat rack, showing her some lifts that she couldn’t do in her home gym. He touched her no more than necessary, and his touches didn’t linger, but Lisa was hyper aware of them, especially since they were skin on skin due to the small coverage of her new gym clothes.

At work that morning, her package of sex toys arrived – she had splurged on next day shipping. Lisa felt like a kid at Christmas and the day seemed to crawl by as she thought about how she would use her new purchases that evening.

Later that day she did some unintentional research on grooming. At a slow moment, Terry and Shawna were having a conversation in the lobby that Lisa overheard. Terry was asking Shawna how she stayed neat “down there”. Shawna laughed and asked, “Are you asking me how I groom my vagina?” Terry blushed and said “Yes”. Lisa stopped to listen because, knowing Shawna, this would be good.

“Terry, ata┼čehir escort my advice to you is that shaving is like crack – the first time you do it, it looks great, but as it grows back you realize that you’ll be itching if you don’t shave every damn day. I realize that guys today aren’t going to put up with an 80’s bush, unless they like hippies, but I’m not going to shave down there every single day. My solution is two words: Brazilian wax. I know it sounds painful, but once every few weeks, I go to that asian salon over by the mall and a cute little Vietnamese girl named Lin puts me in positions that even Dale doesn’t see, and takes every bit of my hair except a little landing strip to remind him that I’m a grown woman. You need to let it grow back a little bit before you get waxed again, but it keeps coming back finer and finer, and it’s really the only way to get your asshole hairless without risking a dangerous cut. Is that TMI, or is that what you wanted to know?”

Lisa stifled a laugh as she looked at the horrified expression on Terry’s face as she nodded and croaked out “Yes, thank you.” Shawna continued, “A little more advice – take a couple Motrin before you go, get your pits done while you’re there, and exfoliate so you don’t get ingrowns.”

In addition to the advice about waxing, Lisa learned that she had an “80’s bush”. It was no surprise – growing up, the most grooming any girl would do was to neaten up her bikini lines, and Lisa didn’t see any reason to change her grooming practices as she grew older. Still, every video that Bill had watched featured a woman who was completely hairless down there, or at most had a small patch of hair. She would probably start with a “landing strip” as Shawna called it, but that could wait for a few days since she wasn’t ready to execute the rest of her plan quite yet.

Lisa had closing duties that day, and Shawna volunteered to be the other employee in the building as she closed up. Just as they were ready to lock the door, Dale showed up. Lisa greeted him and said,

“Dale, good to see you. Did you get a day off at the ranch?”

“Hi Mrs Hansen”, Dale replied, even though she had asked many times to call her Lisa, “I’m here to say goodbye to Shawna, because I need to head back to Wyoming for a few days to help take care of my dad. He’s just getting back from rehab for his knee replacement, and mom would like someone around to help him up and down until he’s steady on his feet.”

“Dale, that’s very nice of you. I’m sure your parents will be glad to have you around. I was just locking up. Shawna, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Lisa,” Shawna said, then turned to Dale, “Let’s go say goodbye before you leave.”

Lisa had a pretty good idea of how Shawna was going to say goodbye as she watched them head to his pickup in the employee parking lot behind the bank. Lisa got in her minivan and started to drive away, but she paused at a point in the far corner of the customer parking lot that offered a view of Dale’s pickup. From this vantage point, Lisa could look down on the front seat of the pickup, while Dale or Shawna would have to look up and over her way to see her.

Feeling safe from discovery, so she let her curiosity get the better of her. Lisa was surprised at the ferocity at which Shawna grabbed Dale and started kissing him as soon as Dale got into the drivers’ seat. As she kissed, Lisa saw her hand working in his lap, unbuttoning his jeans and working on his zipper. As soon as his zipper was down, Dale pushed his jeans down to reveal a rock hard, impressively sized cock Shana got up on the seat and on her knees, and leaned over Dale’s cock. Dale grabbed the back of Shawna’s head and pushed her roughly down on his cock. Lisa was amazed at how easily Shawna inhaled him. Dale reached back and flipped up Shawn’s skirt. To her surprise, Lisa got a good view of Shawna’s bare ass, since she wasn’t wearing any panties. Dale inserted a couple of fingers into Shawna and his big hand rhythmically pumped back and forth. Dale let go of her head, and Shawna started moving up and down, bringing her hand over to help pump him.

Lisa expected her to finish him in her mouth, and she was eager to see Dale’s face as he came, but instead Shawna got off of his cock and Dale scooted over to the passenger side of the bench seat as Shawna crawled over him to the drivers’ side. Shawna assumed a face down ass up position. It looked to Lisa that this wasn’t the first time they had done this, and it reminded her of her high school makeout sessions where the steering wheel was always an issue. She realized that Shawna’s move to the drivers’ side gave them the most room possible in the crowded space of Dale’s front seat.

Dale slapped Shawna’s ass a couple of times and got on his knees on the passenger side of the bench seat. He was a big guy, so he had to bend way over Shawna’s small body when he got on his knees. As he positioned herself near her entrance, Lisa expected Dale to penetrate her vaginally. Shawna looked back and ├╝mraniye escort said something to Dale, and with a smile, he spit a couple of times on Shawna’s asshole and positioned his cock against her pucker. Shawna pushed back in one smooth, slow move and buried Dale’s cock to the hilt in her willing ass. After a moment’s pause, she looked back at Dale and nodded. Dale grabbed her hair and started rough, hard thrusts into Shawna, whose mouth now formed a contorted “O”. Dale’s thrusts continued, relentless, for what seemed to Lisa to be a very long time. As he fucked Shawna, his hand reached under her, and after a few minutes of thrusting Lisa saw Shawna’s legs tremble with what Lisa assumed had to be a massive orgasm. Moments later, Dale collapsed on top of her. Lisa quietly drove off before she could be discovered.

When she got home, Bill was mixing his first martini. Lisa walked up to him, planted a kiss on his lips, and stroked his palm, her signal that she would like to make love later. Bill looked up and smiled, and Lisa whispered “now” in his ear. Lisa didn’t wait for a response, and just walked into their bedroom, where she quickly shed her work clothes and got into bed, as Bill did the same. She kissed him on the mouth briefly as she felt him harden in her hand. She lay back, spread her legs, pulled him towards her by his cock, and guided him into her wet pussy. As he penetrated her, a long “yess” escaped her lips, followed, in her mind by “daddy”. Bill began thrusting into Lisa as she came in what seemed like seconds, and he quickly joined her in orgasm. As Bill rolled off her, Lisa said “I’m starving, let’s go have dinner.” She put on her conservative long terrycloth robe, making a mental note to replace it on her next shopping trip, and enjoyed dinner with her somewhat bewildered husband.

After dinner, Bill sat down to watch a game, and she retired to her daughter’s old bedroom to examine her purchases. She eagerly pulled out the first toy she wanted to try, a natural skin dildo that she hoped was about the size of Bill’s cock. As she unwrapped it, she was pleased to see that it was almost exactly the size of Bill’s erect penis. The box contained a warning about the possibility of tearing the surface of the dildo if it came into contact with sharp objects. She had intentionally picked this particular model because it would show teeth marks.

After rinsing off the dildo in her daughter’s bathroom, Lisa gingerly put it in her mouth – it tasted a bit plasticy, but she realized that she was going to have to get used to a few new tastes if her plan was to work. Lisa turned on one of the first oral sex videos from the couple that Bill liked, and carefully studied how her doppelganger sucked her man’s cock. His penis was bigger than Bill’s, so Lisa had an easier time than the woman in the video. She licked the shaft, put the head in her mouth and practiced using her tongue to stimulate it, and then started pushing it further into her mouth.

Lisa had noticed that this couple engaged in two different kinds of blowjobs. The kind she was watching now was what she thought of as a “get the job done” blowjob, which had been recorded in the front seat of their car in a mall parking lot. As the woman worked his cock, there was a little deep throating, but mainly she worked up and down on the head of his cock while her hand stroked the shaft. Lisa spit all over the cock and worked on the up and down motions until she felt like she had mastered them. She thought about Bill coming in her mouth, and held the cock steady and swallowed a few times, just as the women in the video appeared to be doing. After she was done, she inspected it carefully and was happy to see no teeth marks.

Lisa changed the video to what she thought of as a “porny” blowjob. In this case, there was a lot of deep throating and eye contact. This act was clearly designed to leave a visual as well as physical impression with the man receiving it, and Lisa was excited to try it. She had never had much of a gag reflex, but she still found pushing the fake cock into her throat a bit of a challenge. After a few tries, she was able to get it down and hold it. She stuck her tongue out and figured she could probably tongue Bill’s balls as she held him in her throat, just as the woman in the video was doing. She removed the cock from her throat, happy with her progress and very happy to see no teeth marks. She was still scared of him ejaculating in her mouth, and some of the rough stuff would have to wait, but she felt she could probably please Bill with her mouth after a few more practice sessions.

Lisa put the fake cock back in the box and pulled out her anal training kit. She had chosen one that included a bonus jeweled plug, which was advertised as “the one piece of jewelry that will drive your man mad with desire”. Lisa rolled her eyes at that, but she was happy to see that all of the plugs seemed to be of decent quality, with no seams and no funny smell. She pulled out her lube shooters and the silicone lube that she had read was better for anal, and filled up a shooter. She dabbed a little bit of lube on the outside of her anus, and pushed the shooter in. As she slowly pushed the lube out of the shooter, she felt a rather odd, cold sensation in her ass. She picked the smallest plug, slathered some lube on it, and began teasing her anus with the tip.

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