Lost and Found

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Alli Rae

There was no doubt about it. I was lost, well and truly lost. I pulled my car over to the side of the lane and got out the map again. All the little roads looked the same, winding round and round in the middle of no-where. I sighed deeply and pulled out my phone.

This was supposed to be a weekend visit to see my best friend, Rachel, and to stage her hen night. I hadn’t seen her since she upped and left the bright lights of London. Now she was living with her fiancé, in a large country house, in the middle of the country, with no bloody signposts!!

My phone beeped as I dialled her number. Bloody low battery! Rather than waste it I decided to try and find a local to ask directions from. I turned the keys to re-start the car. Nothing. I tried again, Nothing! Swearing profusely, I opened the door and got out, then realising I knew nothing about cars, got back inside. I grabbed my phone and phoned the AA, praying the battery would last long enough to give them directions. It suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea where I was! How was I going to give them directions to find me! Swearing again, I crossed my fingers and hit the call button.

“Hello? AA emergency rescue, Amy speaking, how may I help you?

“Hi. I’ve broken down and need assistance. The only problem is I have no idea here I am,” I said helpfully.

“OK madam, what was the last signpost you saw?”

“Erm…there was a sign for Huyton Hill no that long ago, I took a left and carried on for a couple of miles…” My battery died.

Panicking, I tried to switch it back on but to no avail. “Fuck”, I swore to myself. What did I do? It was starting to get dark and I had no idea which direction to head in. I had seen no other cars for the last half an hour. Did I hope that the AA people had got the gist of my call and would try to find me, or did I try and find a phone box nearby to call Rachel? I glance down at myself and decided against the latter.

Due to the nature of the hen party having a ‘Moulin Rouge’ theme, I was dressed in a tight corset, a suspender belt and fishnet stockings. Granted I had a coat in the boot, but since I had not been planning to make any stops, I had worn my outfit to get into the party mood as soon as possible.

I decided to sit and wait, after all, my car was safer than wandering around the countryside in the dark. I grabbed the blanket from the back seat and snuggled down. I tried the radio, but there was little to no reception. I picked up the torch and my book from the passenger seat, and lost myself in the 18th century.

I woke with a start as a hand banged on the window, and screamed once as I saw a man’s face staring in. He smiled and flashed his badge at me.

“AA madam”, he said.

Thank God! “ How did you find me?” I asked as I opened the door.

“We’re very efficient madam. What seems to be the problem”, the man said to me. I followed his gaze as his eyes rested on my breasts, falling out of the corset.

I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it tightly around me. I shrugged and flashed him a smile. “Hen party.”

“Oh I see!” the AA man laughed, “I just thought the gods were smiling on me tonight!”

In your dreams, I muttered under my breath. “The car just died.”

“Pop the hood for me darling”

“I’ll just wait in the car.” I said shutting the door behind me.

The man walked around the side of the car and leant in to have a closer look. As he bent over I noticed he had a fine arse on him. I hadn’t seen his face clearly, only the gleam in his eyes as he has looked down my cleavage. But that gleam has been enough to see what he had been thinking.

After a couple of minutes, the man walked back round to the window. I wound it down, not wanting to get out of the car again. The night had brought a slight wind with it. The little breeze that blew through the window had been enough to make my nipples harden and I didn’t want to give the man anymore encouragement.

“It’s a simple thing to fix”, the man said. “I need to see your AA card though darling. Membership number and all that.”

“Of course.” I turned to the passenger seat and reached in for my bag. Pulling out the card, I turned around and gasped as the man was leaning into the window.

“You startled me!” I gave him a nervous smile and handed over the card.

The man looked pulled a notebook out of his pocket and looked over my card. “I’m sorry madam, there seems to be a bit of a problem. Your card has expired”

“That’s impossible”, I said taking the card form him. “It only came in the post an month ago”, I began. Then a flashback hit me. I had received the new card and meant to change them in my purse, but then the phone had rung… “I am so sorry.”

“Not as sorry as me love.” The guy said. “I can’t do anything without proof of membership.”

“No!” I started. “You cannot leave me here without a car. It’s miles to the next village, I’m on my own and dressed like a stripper!”

“Nothing I can do love, Company policy”

“This tuzla escort is BULLSHIT!” I screamed at him. I flung open the door and jumped out, forgetting in my rage about the blanket. “I’ll be onto the AA first thing in the morning making a complaint about you!”

“You can complain all you want to love. They will tell you the same thing.”

“Well what the fuck am I supposed to do?” I glared at the man as he shrugged his shoulders.

The man looked down and the ground and then I felt his gaze on me. His eyes travelled from my six-inch black stilettos, up my legs that were wrapped in the black fishnets. I felt his eyes widen as the sight of the suspender belt and tiny thong met his eyes. He took in the corset and I sensed his stare as he saw my breasts pushed up high and round above the top of the corset. I saw his face as his eyes met mine.

“I can think of a way round this little problem”, he said suggestively.

“NO WAY!” I screamed and took a step backwards. “I am not going to sleep with you, just to get my car fixed.”

“Well love, I don’t see another way out of the matter. There will be no one along here tonight, they take the main road at night, too dangerous up here. Also, who said anything about sex?” Putting an arm on the roof, the man stood and looked at me, then down at his crotch.

“I am not doing anything of the sort!” I scoffed at him. I was beginning to get scared now. He was right. The chances of anyone passing were remote, and if he did force me, who was going to hear me scream up here.

“Your loss darling.” The man closed the bonnet and walked back to his van.

“Wait”, I whispered, not realising I had said anything until the words had left my lips. Realising it would be easier than spending the night alone out here; I looked at the man as he turned back to face me. “I’ll do it. Just fix my car.”

“Ok petal. Glad to see you have come to your senses. But I have to have the payment first. Company policy.”

I opened my mouth to argue then closed it just as quickly. If I was going to do this, lets just get it over and done with. I nodded meekly as the man walked back towards me.

He grabbed my arm and walked my round to the front of the car.

“No need to pull!” I said, wrenching my arm from his grip. The man reached up and slammed the bonnet shut. He grabbed my arm again and pulled me towards him. The other hand gripped the nape of my neck, holding me still as he took my mouth in his. He thrust his tongue forwards, forcing my lips open.

I managed to pull back enough to speak. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Just setting the mood a little darling. A little kiss never hurt anyone.” With that he tightened the grip on my neck and dragged my face back to his. His kisses tasted of mixture of mint and tobacco, and before I could stop myself I began to kiss him back, massaging his tongue with mine.

The man jerked his lips from mine, “Not so unwilling after all!,” He said with a smile. I didn’t answer, but swore to control myself.

The man’s hands both slid up to my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees on the ground, until I was level with his crotch. The ground was rough under my knees and I could feel the fishnets splitting against the gravel. The man released his grip on my shoulders and unzipped his jeans. I could see his cock straining against the fabric, but wasn’t prepared for the size at it was finally released before me. It was easily eight inches long and seemed to be well over an inch in diameter. My hands reached up in protest but the man simply laughed and guided my hands to his throbbing shaft. Adjusting my hands, the man placed both his on my head and moved it closer. I closed my mouth tightly, but the man was insistent and moved his hips forwards. I was helpless as he forced his shaft against my lips and into the warm recesses of my mouth. As I adjusted my position to accommodate the size of the man’s cock, he pulled out the clip holding my hair up, letting my long blonde locks fall down my back. Grabbing fistfuls in each hand, the man pushed himself further into my mouth. “Suck!” he commanded.

I began to tighten my mouth around the massive erection, reluctantly at first, but as he pushed my head further into his groin, I sucked him deeply. Refraining from gagging as I felt him touch the back of my throat, I took as much as I could of him into me. He began to rock his hips, slowly at first, but then increasing the speed as he began to use my mouth for his pleasure.

As he did, I tried to block out what I was doing, trying to justify it in my head. This was the only way I could get the hell out of here, it had to be done so just get it over and done with. But, the little voice in the back of my head was beginning to speak up. Give it to him good, let him know what you can do, let him know what he is missing. How could I think such things! This man was raping my mouth, forcing me to give him oral sex. But I couldn’t help but wonder, what that extensive tuzla escort bayan cock could do for me too.

I was brought back to reality with a jerk as the man tightened his grip in my hair and began using his hands in rhythm with his mouth. As he pulled halfway out, I swirled my tongue around the smooth tip, dipping into the opening to taste him fully, before taking him back to the warm crevice of my mouth. I hated that my body was betraying me, bringing the guy off, as best I knew how. I drew my teeth very gently down his shaft as he withdrew again, causing the man to groan at the unexpected pleasure of my acquiescence. Again and again the man pounded into my mouth, and over and over I met him thrust for thrust. As I massaged his balls with my hand, I felt them tense up and his cock begin to throb in my mouth. He came into my mouth in several powerful thrusts, as I did my best to swallow what I could and not choke. He kept thrusting until he had completely emptied himself into me.

Eventually, he released the grip on my hair and pulled his cock out of my mouth with a small popping sound. I instinctively fell forward, landing on my hands and taking deep breaths into my lungs. A hand stroked my hair back from my face, whilst another reached under my arm and helped my to my feet. Against my better judgement, I collapsed against the man’s chest. I could hear his heart pounding under his jacket, loud and strong, almost in time with mine.

“If I’d have known you were as good as that love, I wouldn’t have asked so nicely”, the man muttered. I pulled back from him, but he kept his hands on my waist. He was right in a way, I had enjoyed making him feel that way, and I loved knowing what I could do to a man. But he was a stranger, he has forced me into this. Then, why was my body giving off the telltale signs I was turned on?

The man’s hand moved down to my bare buttocks and began to pull me towards him. “You enjoyed it didn’t you?” His eyes tried to meet mine, but I kept them lowed from embarrassment. One hand moved round to my crotch and before I could protest, the man ran a finger along the narrow material of my thong. I knew before he said anything that I must have been wet. What can I say, sex of any kind turns me on! I wanted this man to take me right here, right now and to hell with it.

Without a word, the man moved his hands up my back, and began to pull at the laces holding my corset tight to my body. He looked into my eyes and raised an eyebrow in a silent question. I nodded and moved my mouth towards him again. We kissed deeply as his fingers struggled with the ribbons and mine slipped off his jacket. The T-shirt he was wearing underneath followed the jacket on the side of the road and I ran my fingers down his exposed chest, lightly tracing my nails around his nipples. As his resumed his work behind me, I bent my head and took one of the nubs into my mouth. A gasp escaped him as I sucked and nibbled gently on the sensitive area, alternation the attention of my mouth.

With one final tug, my corset came free, and I was finally able to breathe properly again. Throwing it on the ground, the man took my heavy breasts in his hands and began to massage them, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The sensations he was creating invited me to groan lightly and lean my head back, pushing my chest further into his hands. He took the initiative and began to kiss my neck, whilst increasing the pressure on my nipples. With two of my most sensitive erogenous zones being stimulated, I was in heaven. The kisses on my neck continued down my body, until the man took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked firmly. I cried out as he doubled the assault and traced his hands down my body.

I felt his hands take hold of my thong and was astonished at the brutality of the man as he ripped it off in one swift movement, leaving me in nothing but suspenders and my stilettos. I kept hold of his head, not wanting him to cease the attention he was giving my nipples, as his fingers began to explore the between my legs. Non-too gently, his foot kicked at my feet to separate my legs. He pulled his head up to whisper in my ear, “ I will stop if you ask me to but I think you should know I want to use you. I want to take you over this car and give you the time of your life.”

I wanted it so badly my clit was practically throbbing. The adrenaline that had previously caused fear was simply adding to my excitement. I turned, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Fuck me”.

He did not need telling twice. He kissed me again and I felt his fingers running up and down between my thighs. I gasped as his fingers brushed against my erect clit before they carried on their explorations. The man traced his hand up and down for what seemed like forever until I was begging him for more. Smiling at me and looking deep into my eyes, he pushed two fingers deep between my hot lips. I cried out at the intrusion and ground my pussy down on his hand. Adding a third finger, the escort tuzla man began to stroke up quickly, stretching me, filling me. I bucked my hips against his hand and as his thumb tapped against my clit I lost myself in the waves of orgasm. I moaned loudly as my breath caught in my throat, my muscles tightened around the man’s fingers and I came on his hand. He held his hand still as I shuddered at his touch and finally came back down to earth.

The man was smiling as I looked up into his eyes. I watched as he took his fingers into his mouth and sucked on one, tasting me on it. “Enjoy that?”

I smiled at him “Not really”.

“Well, we’ll have to keep going until you do.”

With that the man pushed me towards the car bonnet, which until now he had been leaning against. He put a hand in my back and forced me to bend over. “Let’s see how much you like this then!, he growled in my ear. I wasn’t going to stop him as much as my head was telling me to. I had not been this turned on in a long time and was still on a high from the previous orgasm.

Again, spreading my legs with his feet, I felt the cool breeze on my wet pussy and thighs. As the man placed his one hand on my hip, I felt the other guide a newly hardened cock towards me. He stroked me at length for several moments, driving me into frenzy. I moved my arse back towards him of my own accord, searching for more. It was then he took me with one long thrust, filling me with the entire length of his prick. I gasped at the intrusion as my body tried to cope with the solid mass that filled me. He groaned at the tight fit of me around him. We stayed joined together for several seconds, each of adjusting to the new sensations that we were feeling.

He then started moving in long slow strokes, withdrawing until only the tip of him remained in me, before pushing back into me again. He held onto my hips, making sure he filled me to the hilt every time. I bucked beneath him, trying to get him to use me properly. The man knew he was driving me crazy, but the more I struggled the slower he got.

“Please”, I begged. “Please fuck me, I can’t take this anymore.” I got no response, just the continued slow rhythm of his cock inside me. One had reached around and began to tug at my nipple.

“I’m begging you, I can’t do this.”

“You want it like this?” the man asked. He withdrew again, but pushed back into me with such force, I fell flat on the bonnet.

“Yes!” I screamed at me.

The man began to move inside me, deeper, stronger and with more abandon. My whimpers of both excitement and shame excited him and drove him deeper still. He was really fucking me now, his balls slapping against my arse as he rammed his cock up me again and again. I moaned at the onslaught as the man rode me hard and fast. I was so wet, my juices were practically running down my thighs and I could feel the jolt of each stroke deep in my stomach. I screamed out as I felt another orgasm building, this one more powerful than the first. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my body upwards, arching my back, straining for deeper penetration. As the man gnawed at my neck, I couldn’t hold back any longer and let the orgasm take me. My knees began to buckle and the hand in my hair released its grip to hold me upright. My cunt contracted over and over again as I tried to take the man with me this time.

As the night started to come back into focus, I told the man to stop. “ I want to see you,” I said. As he released me, I realised I had little strength left in my legs. Stumbling around to the side of the car, I turned to face the man. He looked into my eyes and lifted me upwards. Moving in-between my legs, he lowered me back down onto his glistening shaft. I was beginning to feel quite sore, from being stretched so far, and was extra sensitive from the powerful orgasms I was having. I wrapped my legs around the man’s waist, locking my ankles tight and held on for dear life around his neck. His hands moved under my buttocks for extra leverage and support.

We locked eyes as he began to move into me again. He pressed me down and began hammering me in a solid, inexorable pounding. The movement went on and on, striking me with an impact on the edge between pain and pleasure. Our flesh met with smacking blows and I ground down on the man’s solid cock. I looked down and could see him thrusting into me, hard and sure. As one of the man’s hands moved around to play with my clit, I lost control again. I exploded against him, at the same time I felt his prick twitch inside me as I finally took him over the edge. The man emptied himself inside me, his warm cum filling me as I tightened my pussy to milk every last drop from him.

We clung to each other for what seemed like forever before he slowly set me down on the ground. I slumped to the floor as my legs finally gave way, whilst the man, still panting from the performance we had just given, opened the bonnet of the car and leant inside.

When I finally managed to open my eyes, he was dressed again, and helped me out of my ruined tights and into a change of clothes from my suitcase in the car boot. The man reached in and turned the key in the ignition, sparking the car into life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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