Lori Grows Up Pt. 11

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LORI GROWS UP part 11.1

“So, in my dream, you and I are fuckin’ our brains out when suddenly this same waitress pops up out of nowhere and brings us two beers, then she asks us if we want her to shove the empty bottles up our asses!” Lori said.

“Heh, cool! And what did you say?” Marty giggled.

Lori started, “That’s when I woke—“

“Sure, I can do that,” the waitress interrupted, setting their drinks and glasses on the table.

“Pardon me?” Lori said, taken aback.

“The bottles. I heard you talking about your dream. I can put them up your asses if you want. I have had a lot weirder requests than that, believe me. Will there be anything else?” the waitress said.

“No, we’re good for now. Lori, this is Tina. Tina, meet Lori,” Marty said.

“Hi. So are you guys a duet, or in a trio, or what?” Tina said.

“A trio, we hope,” Marty said.

“Well if you ever need a fourth, just call. I suck a mean cock and eat a mean pussy. Gotta make my rounds, so see ya later,” Tina said, and she was off.

“Tina is a sweet gal. And what she said was true, she does eat a mean pussy,” Marty said.

“Speaking from experience?” Lori asked.

“Yep, we tangoed a couple times back when I was dating Rich,” Marty said, pouring their beer.

“Hmm, good to know,” Lori smiled, then took a long drag of beer.

“So, not to rush you, sweetie, but when do you wanna have our first ‘real’ date?” Marty said.

“What do you mean by ‘real’? Oh! You mean screwing and eating each other and stuff. Uh, let me call you tomorrow and we’ll make a date. Would that be okay?”

“Sure, hon, and if you’re a little anxious about it, don’t be,” Marty said.

“I have to admit I am a little anxious. Except for that little pussy-play we did the other night, I’ve never made love with a woman. In fact, Dave is the only man that’s ever screwed me. I was twenty years old when I came to Encino. And a virgin! How fucked up is that?” Lori said.

“Not fucked up at all. Just rare! Don’t worry about a thing. You have never licked a pussy, but you will enjoy it. And believe me, you will definitely enjoy it when I lick yours! We’ll go at a comfy pace, and you’ll be fine. And if ever there is something you don’t want to do, just say.” Marty said.

“Don’t bonus veren siteler worry about that, because you will soon find that I want to do everything!” Lori said. “Dave will attest to that.”

“Now that is good to know!” Marty smiled. “You know, this place makes a bitchin’ Italian sausage sub. They go great with beer. Shall I tell Tina to rustle up a couple?”

“Okay with me! You like Italian food?” Lori said.

“I am Italian, honey.”

“So are Dave and I,” Lori said.

“Damn, this just gets better and better and better!” Marty chortled.

A few minutes later, “Here they CUMMM, enjoy,” Tina announced, as she served the subs.

“Marty, is it my imagination, or–“

“Nope, you’re seeing it right. They shape the sausage ends like mushroom cockheads, so it looks like you’re eating a double-ended cock,” Marty giggled.

“Wow, delicious!” Lori said, after biting off a cockhead.

“Yeah, it’s the best sausage I’ve had in this town,” Marty said.

“Dave would love eating this cock,” Lori giggled.

****(after two more beers)****

Lori ordered a sub to take out, then finished her beer and got ready to leave.

“Wish you were coming home with me,” Marty said wistfully, tears starting.

“Aw, we’ll get together again real soon, honey, don’t cry. C’mon, give me a real kiss now,” Lori said.

They stood in a dark corner to say goodnight, hugging and kissing lips. Marty’s tongue found Lori’s, then her hands went to Lori’s breasts, her thumbs gently caressing the nipples, while Lori kneaded and petted Marty’s cute derriere. They held the kiss a long time. Finally it broke, then,

“I want you, Lori…I want you, I need you, I love you…that’s from an Elvis song, but God knows,” Marty smiled, her tears falling like rain.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” Lori took Marty’s face in her hands, kissed her forehead, her cheeks. “Let us retire now, to our tents and to our dreams.”

“Jim Morrison, Celebration of the Lizard!” Marty replied, her face red with tears.

“You are a girl after my heart. Sleep well and dream of me, and I will dream of thee,” Lori said.


Dave was watching something on his cell phone when she came through the door.

“Hi hon, any good porn on?” she said.

“Hi, bedava bahis sweetie. Just watching the news on Youtube. How was your date?” he said.

“Good. We had a beer and a nice chat. Did you know Marty’s Italian?”

“No, we never really talked much. I do know she has nice tits and ass though, from the company pool party last year.”

“Tits and ass! Tits and ass! Do men ever think about anything else?” she said.

“Um, no, not really. What’s in the bag?”

“It’s for you, open it.”

“Oh wow, thanks. Just what I always wanted, a double-ended cock!” he said. “Wanna share?”

“No, thanks, I ate a whole cock at Gina’s. You’ll like it, very tasty.”

“Mmm, yeah it is good. Hey, I was surfing the net and came across some cool stuff about beaches. Did you know that south of Santa Barbara there is a nude beach, and further south an open beach?”

“Open meaning what?”

“Anything goes. Nudity and exposed sex acts are permitted. It’s blocked from public view. If we can get a few days off, we should go there and get a good tan, and maybe even ogle all the bare titties and asses and dicks!” he said. “Would you want to go?”

“Hell yes!” she said.

“Think Marty would like it? It would be a lotta fun. Mention it to her,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll be talking to her tomorrow. So did you like your cock sub?”

“Yeah, it really was great,” he said.

“Then you’re ready for dessert?”

“Meet me in the blue cafe, I’ll bring the wine.” (Before they moved in, Dave had the bedroom walls painted light blue, Lori’s favorite color)

“Oh, hon, please bring the small cooking syringe,” Lori said.

Lori went to the bedroom and quickly got naked, and put a pillow, then a plastic sheet on the bedsheet. Then she freshened up and flopped on the bed, legs akimbo. Dave came in with two glasses of Lambrusco wine.

“I’ll just have a little sip, then please put the rest of mine into my pussy, use the syringe.”

“Where do you get these crazy fucking ideas?” Dave said.

“I read this book about life in the early Roman empire, and you’re getting off easy with just wine,” she laughed.

Lori drew her legs back, the pillow under her ass making her pussy tilt upward. Dave went down on her, licking her pussy until the lips were thoroughly deneme bonus wet. He filled the syringe with wine and she spread her pussy lips. Dave carefully inserted the syringe deep into her pussy, then gently squeezed the bulb until all the wine was injected. Then he carefully withdrew the syringe and a little wine dribbled out, but most of it stayed in her vagina.

“Mmm, feels fantastic, bubbly and cold! And now you may have a drink!” she said.

Without hesitation, he kissed her mouth, then breasts, then belly, then went down to her silky wine-sopped patch, sucking every drop of wine from her sweet pussy. Then he licked the wine-sweetened pussy lips until she started to breathe faster and her vagina began to flutter and spasm. Next he attended her engorged clitoris, caressing it with swirls and gentle licks, which she loved. Her back arched and he knew she would cum soon.

“Dave..uhh…omigod…it feels so good it hurts, fuck, cum! Uhh! Make me cum, hon, please, put something in my ass! Please!”

He gently put a finger into her rectum, then,

“Your cock! In me, now, hurry baby, I’m cumming! Fuck me hard! HARD!

As always, he did what she said, then she locked her legs around him, bucking and spasming with a violent orgasm, “Auuuugh! Uhh! Huuuagh! Auuuuuuuuuh! Dave! Fuck! Mmmph, mmm, mm…”

When her orgasm subsided, Dave pushed his cock clear in, stopped thrusting, and quietly spilled a huge load deep inside her. She kissed his cheek as she felt the warmth of his semen jetting against her cervix.

****(later, lying in bed)****

“Sorry, honey,” she whispered.

“For what, babe?”

“The way I acted just now…sometimes I think I’m turning into a goddamned jungle animal,” she said.

“Don’t give it another thought. You are young and healthy and beautiful and sex is new to you, and naturally you are eager and wanting to do everything, and you should.

“I hope you’re right. I don’t wanna be like Irena.” she giggled.

“Who’s that?”

“Irena, the woman in Cat People, who turned into a leopard after she fucked.”

“Haha, maybe you will…But it’s okay, I like kitty cats,” he smiled.

“Tired? Wanna sleep?” she said.

“Not really. Have something in mind?”

“Something in my head, heh. How about a nice, slow, congenial ride on flight sixty-nine? I promise to be nice,” she smiled.

“L.A.X. Flight sixty-nine cleared for takeoff. Full Throttles!” he said.

“Hey Dave, cool!” she said.

“What’s cool?” he said.

“Your cock…it tastes like Lambrusco!”

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