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Her name was Alana. The mother of four girls brook 18, Kara 16, twins Toni and Connie 10. Alana was mid 40s dark blonde shoulder length hair, 5’5, petite legs up to her tits. The wife of a preacher. But I’m sure ever man and boy in their congregation dreamed about getting a piece of her.

Me mid fifties six ft 260 grayish hair. Son of a preacher too. Spent a lot of time growing up. Sneaking young girls to rooms at church and at our house. Grooming them to allow me to sink my fingers into their love holes. Feeling the juices trickle down my hand and soaking their tiny panties. No I was not the good boy that everyone thought I was.

Enough about me. A few months ago she lost her husband unexpectedly. She and I had never been in contact before only seen at church sometimes. Out of the blue I get a message from her. Asking if we could have lunch and talk. I work an hour from home and she is three hours away. I explain I could do breakfast not lunch. She agreed that was fine. She said she’d contact me on Thursday to see if Friday was still good. I was some what confused. Was she driving three hours that morning just to have breakfast with me. I wasn’t sure that she even cared for me that much. Thursday came and she called to confirmed. I ask if she was driving down just to eat and talk. No I’m already in town at a hotel. She had told the girls she was getting away for the weekend. Friday morning I pull up to the hotel and ring the room to let her know I’m there. She invites me up to the room. And that we’d order breakfast from the kitchen. Oh well this might not be bad after all. I tap on the door she peeks her head around with that smile that always made my cock jump. As the g├╝venilir bahis door opened she stayed behind it for me to enter. As the door closed I seen why. She was dressed in a light blue teddy French cut panties that fit perfectly. The legs that were usually covered down to the knees were now in full glory. Giving away the fact that she helped on their farm. Firm filled out in all the right places. Her top was just sheer enough to reveal her dark erect nipples.

It had been less than a half a year since she buried the father of her girls. Is she still in shock or is she that horny. So horny she couldn’t contain herself. Or has she always been this way. But kept it a deep secret that only her lovers knew. If so how many were they and who could they be.

I stood speechless but my body was saying touch her hold her devour her. As she approach me she was searching my eyes to see what my reaction would be. She gently pushed me back to a chair beside the bed. As I sat down she straddle my legs. She was already so hot that the fragrance of her sex floated up into my nostrils.

I did not want to disappoint her and not get the chance to partake of this forbidden fruit. I begin to engage her in conversation. And explained that I’ve never been that good with intercourse. And I have problems keeping a hard on long enough to pleasure a woman. But I have adapted other skills that I think will satisfy her.

She said that’s ok she needed someone gentle and thoughtful. That she had seen how I looked at her daughters and knew to win over one so young I’d have to be gentle. As she begin to remove my shirt and unbutton my pants as they fell from my body I stopped her. Saying no g├╝venilir bahis siteleri this is about you About what you need.

I turned her around with her back to me facing the mirror. As I caressed her body ever so gently avoiding the places I so desired to touch. Her breath became quick an short. As my hand would venture close to her breast or her clit her body would move trying to make contact. Removing her top I continued to lick and lightly kiss her neck and suckle her ears. By the reflection in the mirror her nipples were erect and begging for attention. As I drew my hands up her firm belly toward her breast her breath became rapid. Her firm breast a little larger than a hand full made contact with my hand. She let out a moan as I watched her head fell back on my shoulder a sign of full surrender. With my thumb I gave her nipples a quick flip. Bringing a gasp and moan at the same time. Her ass was grinding against my cock that had surprisingly became pretty ridged.

Continuing to eat away at her neck. I made my way down her body following the curves into a region of the fragrance I was drunk on. Her legs spread inviting my advancing fingers. As my fingers touched the hem of her panties I found them soaked in her love juices. Knowing I wanted my face buried in that honey hole I turned her facing the bed easing her down face first. Kissing my way down her body very slowly not missing an inch of her silky skin she continued to moan. As I reached her firm ass I began to roll her panties off her ass as I smothered her with kisses. As her panties rolled off her ass she lifted her hips allowing me to remove the cum soaked material of which I put to my face smelling and iddaa siteleri tasting her sweet spice.

I returned back to her firm ass and begin licking one cheek tracing the curve of her ass. Each time I would track back up her spine with my tongue. Ascending back to the other cheek with each lick I would inch closer I her pussy. With each pass she would shift her hips trying to meet my tongue. As the excitement built I finally made contact with the crack of her ass. I began to make short strokes with my tongue with each one I came closer to her ass hole. Her hips began to rise from the bed like an erection. Giving me full access to this forbidden play ground. I made rings around her ass hole until I began to burrow in as deep as my tongue allowed me. With short snappy breaths she began to moan an ask please. Knowing she was building towards an orgasm I teased the lips of a very wet dripping cunt. Her hips were at full peak her pussy was falling open swelled with blood.

I position my tongue and began to flick her clit. With each flick she gasp shoving her pussy into my face. The taste of her juices and the smell sent me into a licking frenzy. I dove into the sopping wet hole of desire with alternating hard and soft licks. As I struggled to breath not wanting to miss one spot i slide my hands up under her to her tits. Stiff as they could be I began to lightly pinch and pull one then another. Out of no where she let out a scream flooding my face with a shower of cum. At once I sunk my two middle fingers deep finding her G spot massaging in pulsating motions. once again she began to jerk and scream squirting soaking me and the bed. She fell over on her side pulling me up to her and began to shower me in breathless kisses. She began to lick her juices from my lips face and chin. I reached down and softly rubbed her swollen and well serviced cunt. After a short nap she began to stir…well I’ll save till later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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