Lonely Road

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Nothing could have prepared her for the sense of absolute freedom driving gave her. Having spent most of her 33 years without a license, indeed without even having sat behind the steering wheel of a car, here she was suddenly in control of a great hunk of metal, plastic and rubber barrelling along (within the speed limit of course), her red P’s proudly displayed on her front and rears passenger side windows, and the breeze ruffling through her long dark brunette hair.

She had the music up full blast, well as loud as her little car’s sound system would take it, and she was smoothly taking corners on the mostly empty country highway like a pro.

That was until something flashed out in front of her, and she swerved to avoid it.

There was a loud THUD, and something was flung off her hood and out to the side…but by then her car had gone into a spin, and she couldn’t stop it. Everything was a blur, and then everything was noise.

Then it all stopped.

She came too a while later, she didn’t know how long. Her neck was sore, and there was a band of fire over her front. But when she wriggled all her bits, she felt intact.

Slowly she opened her eyes, there was something in one of them, and she raised her finger and gently removed a piece of glass. Her sight seemed blurry, but undamaged, and she realised that the glass came from her smashed windscreen. Her ample front was covered in shattered glass, and there were minute cuts on her arms. The wounded bark of a eucalyptus branch poked through what was left of the screen. She had hit a tree along side the road. The engine was still running, and she had the presence of mind to turn it off, seeing that there was a lot of steam coming from the crumpled front of her car; she assumed that the radiator was totalled; indeed her poor little Daihatsu was not much longer for this world. She took a deep breath and winced, well at least she was still in the world, and largely unhurt she thought. The seatbelt, that she always conscientiously fastened had saved her from worse injury, and fortunately she had been going at precisely the speed limit along here, which was 70 km’s an hour.

Her first real accident, in her 3 months of driving since getting her license this was her first real prang, apart from a few grazes along the side of the car from parking in the driveway too close to the fence, and a missing hub cap from hitting the kerb…this was it.

She unclasped her seatbelt and reached for the door handle. It opened, stiffly and creakily and reluctantly, but it opened. She hauled herself out, the car was halfway down the embankment, and she had to get out at an awkward angle, the extra flesh she was carrying didn’t help either. Mind you she was sort of grateful for it now; it probably saved her some injury.

She leant for a long moment against the side of the car, it pinged and creaked as bits of metal settled then she scrambled up the embankment back to the road. Her right thigh twinged a bit, and she realised she must have banged it into the handle of the window when she crashed; she was going to have a fantastic bruise there.

But she was grateful she wasn’t worse hurt.

She wished her mobile phone out of her pocket and started to dial 000, but then realised there was no signal. Well she was in the middle of nowhere.

She looked around her, kilometres of dusty bitumen stretched in either direction, closely bordered by bush, dry bush. In the middle of a drought, everything was tinder…she couldn’t even light a fire, or find water.

Water, at least she had a few litres in the back of her car. Everything wasn’t so dire after all.

But night was about to fall, and there wasn’t a dingle car on the highway. She was out the back of whoop whoop, and she couldn’t even call for help on her phone. Her best bet was just to wait for a kind stranger to turn up…well she really hoped they would be kind, who ever they were…she had read nasty stories about what happened to some backpackers.

She found a log by the side of the road and sat down to ponder her fate, just as she did so she saw the wallaby lying dead on the road. She realised that this is what she must have hit, and the cause of her current predicament.

Unaccountably tears welled up in her eyes, and she walked slowly over to it, watching for any signs of movement.

But as she knelt down and felt its soft fur, she knew that it was definitely dead. Her car had crushed the small life out of the furry body, which was still slightly warm to the touch.

Gently she bent down and reached her hands underneath, she carried the dead wallaby to the side of the road, and commenced digging a small pit to bury it in.

As she did so she realised that there WAS some movement from the animal, but it wasn’t alive, there was a small Joey still in the pouch.

Hardly believing it, she reached inside the still warm furry opening and gently withdrew a small creature the size of her hand. It was still pink escort bostanc─▒ and furless, but it was still alive. She wondered if she could keep it going until someone rescued her. She determined to try.

Returning to the car she opened the boot and removed a blanket she kept there for emergencies and picnics, and made a little cavern for the baby wallaby to rest in, and then she sat down on the log again with it in her lap and waited. The sun was slowly sinking to the west, which was the way she had been heading…she could see a red sky off on the horizon through the trees. She hoped the night would not get too cold…it had a tendency to in these parts.

It turned out that she didn’t have to wait that long after all, about half an hour later a vehicle appeared in the distance, from the direction she had been travelling in.

As it got closer she could see it was khaki Rangers Ute, with a bulbar at the front and spotlights along the top. It was filthy with dust and mud, and she was very glad to see it.

She stood up as it grew nearer, and waved with one arm, the other holding the wriggly Joey close to her warm bosom.

The truck drew up with a rattle of loose gravel and a screech of brakes, and a tall dark haired swarthy man jumped out. Landing firmly on battered Windsor Smiths, he slammed the car door and came towards her with a wide white grin on his tanned face. His skin was carved with deep lines, but he wasn’t too much older than she, she guessed about 40 ish. He wore shorts which showed off well muscled calves, with a thick down of reddish hairs, and his hair and goatee were red brown, he glowed like a god under the setting sun.

“I take it that’s your car?” He asked in a deep rumbling baritone, and pointed at her poor crumpled little Daihatsu. She nodded dumbly; lost for words suddenly…a strange tingling sensation had started between her thighs…

“Are you hurt miss?” The tone of concern was genuine, and it thrilled her to the core, he came over too her, close enough so she could smell the tangy male scent of his sweat. His brown shirt was opened at the collar and she could see a curl of red gold hairs poking through…she cleared her throat; suddenly her knees had turned to jelly.

He managed to catch her free arm as she fell, lowering her back onto the log…her other arm was still occupied with the Joey.

“Ah, so sorry…I hit a wallaby…this is the Joey…but i’m fine. Thank you, just feeling a bit…overcome.” She realised as she said it that she didn’t mean from the accident, she managed a nervous smile and passed over her little blanket wrapped bundle.

He took the Joey from her, blanket and all and peered in…”Hmm bit young to survive outside the pouch, well Ill take it to the local animal hospital tomorrow and see what they can do for the little fellow, but you miss, had better come home with me…I don’t think by the look of that car, that you will be going very far tonight.” As he spoke he assisted her to stand, and went and put the Joey into the truck.

“Where were you heading?” She got her belongings together, and stumbled back down to the car to make sure it was secure, then grasped his forearm as he helped her back up the embankment.

“I’m the new community nurse out at Carabaja” she said as he helped to hoist her bag into the tray of the Ute.

“Oh finally, you must be Claire then…I’m Dan, the local constable. We have all been eagerly waiting for you.” He gave her a big warm wink, and held out his hand. She shook it nervously. It felt lovely, warm and soft, but callused and firm at the same time…a thought flickered across her brain…what would it be like to be touched in her more intimate places by these hands?

She shivered, and blushed…and he opened the passenger side door for her.

“Well in with you then, I will take you to your new digs if you like, but it might be better to wait for morning, I think the Administrator just set off some insect bombs this afternoon…might be a bit smelly. I don’t think they were expecting you until the end of the week.” She attempted to hoist her large frame up onto the high seat, and he had to come to her assistance again Suddenly she felt a warm hand on her wide bottom and almost choked as he pushed her bodily into the cab. Now she was bright red with embarrassment. She bucked in as he closed the door, and she got herself composed as he walked around to the driver’s side and hopped in easily. She felt like a great fat pig now, and cursed the extra layers of padding that made her so awkward and unathletic.

Suddenly she cursed herself, why was she suddenly feeling like this for some reason she really wanted this man to find her attractive, but she knew by now that was never going to happen. He must have gorgeous women clamouring for his attention. He didn’t need a fat lump of a nurse wanting him too.

“So Claire, have you had much experience in the outback?” He asked as he started up the diesel engine ├╝mraniye escort and shifted roughly into first.

“Ah not really, this is my first venture into Remote area nursing, I used to live down the south coast as a young girl…but nothing quite this…rugged.” She said gesturing out the window. “But I’m really looking forward to living in a small community, and I have a lot of skill I think will be useful.” Dan chuckled…

“Oh dear, well you will have to let me show you how things are set up, I know a lot of city folks have a pretty rough time out here at first.” He grinned at her, “Don’t worry, I’m used to showing Newbie’s around. And I know how hard it is, I’m from Melbourne originally, came out here when I was 19 looking for adventure with a new badge and not a thought in my head. But 18 years later I love it so much I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.” He cast an appraising eye over her, “But you mow my dear Sister Claire…well I think you are going to have your hands full…and I don’t just mean with the nursing…they never warned us you were so attractive!”

Claire coughed and blushed furiously, wishing her pale skin wasn’t so easy to read…”I really don’t know what you mean” she said bemused…

“Ah don’t short change yourself, you know what these country fella’s are like…” He cast another glance at her, noticing her blush and grinned again…”Or maybe you don’t.”

“I bet you didn’t know the ratio of men to women out her was 3-1?” He laughed…”And most of those are married. And the rest are too young or two old!”

Claire turned astonished eyes to him. “Really? That much…well I suppose it’s a pretty hard life for a woman on her own.”

Dan laughed again, “Well most women out here don’t stay on their own for long, they either hook up or they go. And I really hope you don’t go Sister Claire…”

Claire rolled her eyes “Well then the first thing you have to do is stop calling me “sister” I hate it, makes me feel like a nun, and a nun I certainly am not, good old Claire is enough. Careful or I will start calling you Constable Dan”

“Well I’m glad to hear there is nothing nunnish about you! ‘Cause I’m one of the unattached men!” Claire blushed furiously again, glad that now the sun had set and he couldn’t see her face. She gently stroked the little Joey that lay snug in her lap, and stared out at the passing tees as Dan told her about the town she was about to spend the next few years of her life at…

She had a two year contract with the town. She would work in their tiny clinic with two other nurses, and aboriginal health worker, and the GP that came in three days a week, and in exchange the town would provide her with a house, a car and $70 grand a year…as well as study leave etc. If anything it was going to be a good way for her to save some money to buy a house and go for that trip around the world she always wanted. Besides she always had the urge to work in remote areas, she just thought it would be so exciting…

Dan promised to show her some of the land around the town, as the highway suddenly emerged from the bush into low scrub, and then to rolling fields. Now they were passing through wheat country, and the fields were covered in shivering waves of gold, reflected in the moon that had risen.

Finally her eyes were starting to close as they pulled up to a low weatherboard house right on the edge of the town. It was only about 8pm but she had been driving from Sydney for the last three days, and she was exhausted. The crash had taken her last bit of strength. Dan helped her down from the Ute after taking the Joey from her first. He ushered her into the house, and then went back out to get her bags. At least he had electric lights…and running water…she went to the bathroom, heartily glad to be emptying her bladder at last.

Dan gently settled the Joey in a warm box in the woodshed, with a milk teat that he had used before for previous wildlife orphans. He hoped the little creature survived the night.

When Dan came back in Claire was still in the toilet. He put on the kettle to make some tea, and then shifted her bags to the spare room. Fortunately the double bed had clean sheets on it since his mum had come to stay with him recently from Melbourne. She was a cleaning freak, and the whole house was spotless. He silently thanked his mum, and pulled some food out of the fridge to get some tucker on. He suddenly really wanted to impress this gorgeous voluptuous nurse that had suddenly dropped into his lap…his dream come true…he closed his eyes as he chopped up the salad and imagined those soft curves giving under his hands. He had a vision of her pale skin flushing under his kisses; he was really starting to enjoy the way she blushed.

His fantasy shattered as the whistle on the kettle let out a shriek, and the slight erection that he had developed disappeared as he managed to slice his finger with the knife. He swore some choice epithets as he kartal escort bayan lifted his hand and put it under the water faucet…it was a good deep cut too, right through the pad of his middle finger tip.

Claire emerged from the bathroom just as he was cursing. “What’s wrong!?” She exclaimed, coming towards him. “What have you done to yourself?”

She turned off the kettle and snatched up a tea towel to examine his dripping finger…”Well that was clever, good thing you have a nurse handy!” She pulled him over to the kitchen table and sat him down, as he applied pressure to the cut with his other hand, he directed her to where he kept his first aid kit, in the cupboards by the front door…

She fossicked around in the kit, getting what she needed, then went back to the bathroom to wash her hands, after taking a quick look she told him to continue applying pressure to the wound.

When she came back he watched her avidly as she set out her gauze and her bandage, and prepared to dress his wound. He loved the way her brunette hair waved gently around her face and over her shoulders. Her plump cheeks were pale at the moment, but when she caught him watching her they flushed up prettily, and he saw the curve at the edge of her full lips. Lips that looked infinitely soft and kissable. He admired how her long dark eyelashes curled on her cheek. He felt his cock start to harden again, and thought he had better stop thinking along those lines. He increased the pressure on his finger, which had well and truly stopped bleeding now, but the pain made him divert his thoughts.

She pulled up her chair close to him and told him to take the towel away, she leaned in close and he could smell the flowery scent in her hair, and the sweet sweat of her. Her large boson plumped out from beneath her low cut shirt, he could see the gentle swell of her cleavage, and as she leant in closer, her breast brushed along his arm. Immediately all the hairs on his arm stood up, and an electric tingle shot along his body. He started slightly, but she thought it was because she was hurting him and apologised. His erection twitched.

Gently she cleaned the finger, then applied some antiseptic and gauze, and wrapped it in a fine bandage. Then she patted his bare knee in a comforting manner and looked up into his brown eyes, he looked back into hers, and she smiled.

“There you go, all fixed!” She proclaimed, Dan leaned forward, but she had already jumped up and had started cleaning away the detritus and repacking the first aid kit.

Dan held up his finger “A truly professional job!!” He exclaimed. She laughed; she had a lovely musical laugh. Her speaking voice was quite light but her laugh was melodious. He loved it, and gave her a big grin.

“Well dinner won’t cook itself! Would you like a pot of tea, after all the kettle has well and truly boiled!” Dan made a pot of tea and set it to stew and finished chopping up the salad stuff (after cleaning off the knife he had cut himself with). He slapped on a couple of pieces of steak to fry and took the tea to the kitchen table.

Claire had gone to put the first aid kit back in its accustomed spot; he kept it there because it was easy to find and get to in emergencies. He had another one in his car, but sometimes people turned up on his doorstep and he then took them the rest of the way to the clinic in the town, a few kilometres away. He had the sudden uncharitable hope that it would happen a lot from now on, as Claire would be living in the house behind the clinic.

The two other nurses were both married to people from the district. Old Karen was in her 60’s and had delivered most of the children in the place; she lived out at Barranja station with her husband and oldest son and his family. They had been badly hit by the drought, and the last whet crop had failed. Mary was about 40, and was married to the local publican. She was originally an English nurse who had come to Australia for a bit of adventure, and ended up loving it so much she never left. She had just had her fourth child. That was one of the reasons that the town council had decided to employ another nurse, because neither Karen nor Mary were really up to the demands of the town, and both had their families to look after.

Claire poured the tea, Dan of course didn’t have any artificial sweetener, and as she tried not to take sugar, she went back to fish out some tablets from her bag. He looked askance at her as she dropped one in.

“What’s that for” he asked as she stirred it.

“Trying to lose some weight.” She replied, blushing again.

“Well you look fine as you are,” he stated, turning to flip the steaks. “Besides, you won’t be plump long living out here; country life tends to whittle you down some.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for!” said Claire.

“Well I think you look fine, I prefer women with some meat on them, nice and soft.” Dan gave her a cheeky grin as she blushed again and coughed some of the sip of tea she had just taken.

Dan placed the steaks and salad on the table and handed Claire the steak knife. Claire found that she was starving, and the hot fresh food was delectable, she attacked her steak and chewed on the tender meat contentedly for a few minutes.

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