Little White Lies Ch. 07

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Hello readers! Stay safe in this trying time and try to take your mind off of things with this little tale. I hope you’re all doing well.

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Little White Lies

Chapter 7


After the startling realization that he finally knew what finding his “one” true love meant, Dexter had slept over at Jessie’s. He didn’t want her thinking that he wasn’t actually okay and knew that the surest way to do that was to stay with her the whole night, being the good boyfriend. The next morning, he awoke to her kisses on his neck, and her soft, warm skin pushing against him.

“You’ve got work soon,” she whispered after slowly moving up to his lips.

He nodded, yawning. She waited patiently for him to finish, sliding back a bit as he stretched his sleepy muscles. Smacking his lips after the yawn, he forced himself to sit up and rubbed his eyes.

“Dexter,” she said, drawing his gaze. “I’m really sorry about… you know.”

He smiled, lifting her chin with a single finger. “It’s okay honey. It was my fault. Honestly. Plus, it’s just not that big of a deal to me anymore. I’ve… had an epiphany. Well, I mean I had one last night.” He’d been trying to sound as if he were okay with everything.

She still looked a little sad and apprehensive though, so he drew her face up once again so he could look her in the eyes.

“Jessie, it’s okay, I promise. The only thing I’m still wrestling with is feeling like I’m not being fair to you.”

She smiled finally, nodding up at him, but then her expression changed to one of confusion. “Wait, how are you not being fair to me?”

He sighed, gathering his thoughts.

“Well, you and John let me fuck Donna. You’re okay with the same treatment for Vicky, plus basically any other girl that comes on to me,” he said. “On the other hand, I get bent out of shape over you having the same privileges that I enjoy.”

She smiled. “People are built differently honey. I’m not looking for you to change how you feel about sharing me.”

He nodded. “I know. But that’s what I’m having to work out. I’m not upset at you, I promise. I won’t be driving home in a few minutes and be swearing and punching the steering wheel.”

She giggled at the imagery. “That would make it hard to drive.”

He smirked and sensed her optimistic hopefulness coming back. “It takes time for me to process things that have upset me, but I have to get all the facts first. I promise I’m okay, but I’ll talk to you about everything soon.”

She nodded, starting to stand.

“Before we get up, though, I wanted to tell you about my epiphany,” he said.

She smiled, kissing him once but then joined him as he laid back down.

“I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter where life takes us, I love you.”

She smiled. “I love you too Mr. Sappy,” she said, kissing him.

He shook his head, holding her back a bit so he could look her in the eyes. Taking a moment for her to start wondering what he was doing, he smiled and said, “What I mean is, you’re the one.”

She smiled, her expression briefly surprised but quickly changing to happiness. “I am?”

“I realized it last night when you had drifted off. It was like… a switch got flipped in my head, and I suddenly realized it. You are the person I’m meant to end up with.”

She looked up at him in adoration, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I realized that I would do anything to keep you with me and keep you happy, but that I wouldn’t have to. You wouldn’t allow me to change myself to suit your needs if it caused me harm, because I know I’m the one for you too.”

She smiled, nodding, apparently unable to speak. Tears fell down her cheeks and she leaned in to kiss him. He pulled her tight with one hand, the other moving up to brush the tears away.

Sniffling, she smiled and then giggled, wiping her face as she sat back. “Believe it or not, I realized that last night too,” she said. “We had just gotten done talking and fooling around and I was just about to fall asleep. It just sort of hit me.”

He smiled. “When I say I love you, I mean, I will always love you, and will always work things out with you.”

She nodded. “Hopefully we won’t have to work anything out, but I completely agree.”

He kissed her a final time, then stood, searching for his clothes and starting to get dressed. “I’ll call you this evening,” he said.

“You can also just come over,” she pointed out. “I mean, you are the “One” and all, so…”

He smirked. “I guess I’ll see you after work.”

She smiled and stood, heading to the door, still naked as could be.

He sighed, shaking his head as she left the room and went to use the restroom, returning a second later.

“You guys just walk around naked all the time here, don’t you,” he said.

She giggled. “Well, those two are constantly naked and having sex, plus, I like being nude, so… yeah, kinda.”

He smirked. “Well, I still want to have a talk with John.”

“Oh, honey, stop,” she said, bostanc─▒ escort bayan coming up and nuzzling his chest. “You know he wasn’t trying to cross any lines, and it was barely anything at all. Besides, you get to have his girlfriend whenever you like.”

“I know,” he said.

“I’m not going to run off with John,” she said, smiling up at him. “You’re the one for me, remember?”

“I know, it just feels like he took advantage of you when you were vulnerable,” he pointed out.

She shrugged. “Well, to be fair, he’d just seen me having sex with your dad, honey. He probably assumed that he’d be okay if you let your own father do that to me.”

Dexter hadn’t thought of that and looked at her in surprise. “Wow, that’s a really good point. I hadn’t thought of that.”

She nodded. “So, don’t go beating up Donna’s boyfriend.”

He sighed. “I didn’t say I was going to beat him up. He just has to know that it wasn’t okay.”

She smiled. “I’ll talk to him, okay?”

“You two just need to go back to how things were before my party,” Dex said.

Her smiled widened and she kissed him again. “I’ll tell him, honey,” she said. “I don’t want you messing up being able to have sex with Donna.”

He smirked, shaking his head. “You’re the best girlfriend on the planet,” he said.

Jessie giggled, but didn’t say anything to dispute it.

Dexter managed to get dressed and started to kiss Jessie goodbye, but she took his hand and walked him to the door. Opening it wide, she smiled and kissed him, standing just outside, still naked.

“You’re incorrigible,” he told her.

She giggled and shrugged, watching him until he’d climbed inside his vehicle. Seeing her finally go back inside, he pulled out and rushed home.

He quickly showered and got in his work clothes, then sped off to work. Irritatingly, a few blocks before he got there, he saw red and blue flashing lights behind him and swore softly. Pulling over, he checked the time and saw that he still had a few minutes if the cop hurried.

A minute or so passed, and finally the door opened, a blonde woman wearing typical cop sunglasses stepped out. She walked up to the window, looking in the bed of his truck and the back seat before nodding at him.

“Good morning sir,” she said.

“Good morning, ma’am,” he said.

“You in a hurry?” she asked.

Dexter nodded. “Yes ma’am. I was just trying to get to work on time.”

She smiled. “I’ve been there. You have your license and proof of insurance for me?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “It’s in my glove box.”

She nodded, but he noticed that she still put her hand on her service pistol. Leaning over, he opened the glove box and rummaged through it for a few seconds, then pulled out the proof of insurance and handed it to her, then pulled out his wallet and handed her his license.”

“Thank you sir, and I appreciate you for letting me know you were going to get into your glove box. Sit tight and I’ll be right back.”

He nodded politely and watched her go. He was stricken by how attractive she was and didn’t mind admiring her ass as she walked away. Her hair was very curly, shoulder length, and she was movie star beautiful. Another minute passed and she came back with a small clipboard.

“Okay sir, you were speeding a bit, but I understand trying to get to work on time. I’ve got a warning here that I’ll need you to sign. It’s not an admission of guilt and there’s no fine that will be assessed.”

“Thank you so much,” he said, readily signing the paper. He glanced up at her name tag. It said, “Officer Amy Winger.”

“Just drive a little slower out there, okay handsome?” she said, smiling at him.

He nodded, then realized she thought he’d been looking at her breasts, which technically he had been, but that wasn’t his intention. It wasn’t like they were out and bouncing around, and he quietly quietly swore at the thought of her thinking he was ogling her so obviously.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “Be safe out there.”

She smiled at him and turned, heading back to her cruiser. Taking the opportunity to admire her ass again, he sat there for a few more seconds until she’d sat back down. Smiling, he shook his head as he started the truck and pulled forward, turning into his office’s parking lot a few blocks later. Smiling to himself, he went inside to start his day.



Smiling as she shut the door, she turned to head back to her room. Inside, she pulled on a pair of panties, but then heard her tummy rumbling. That combined with her head being in the clouds over Dexter’s revelation, she forgot to get dressed the rest of the way.

Turning, she left the room and started a pot of coffee for Donna, then got in the fridge and started to try and figure out what was for breakfast.

Donna’s door opened, but bending down as she was, she didn’t see who came out. She stood up, and looked to the right toward Donna’s door, but then saw someone behind her out of the corner of her eye.

John’s rough finger slid down the side of her ├╝mraniye escort panties and she smirked, leaning forward to look in the fridge.

“Pancakes or eggs and bacon?” she asked.

“Eggs and bacon, please,” he replied.

She nodded, reaching for the eggs but having to steady herself as he slid one of his rough digits over her anus and then back again.

After a few seconds, she managed to pull the food out and set it on the counter, John following her.

“Wait,” she said, holding up a hand. He stopped instantly, looking surprised.

“What’s up?” he asked. “We okay?”

She smiled. “We are, but you have to know something before you get me all worked up and I forget. If you can get Donna in here, I’ll tell you both at the same time.”

He nodded and turned to head to Donna’s room.

“Gah, fucker, quit!” Donna yelled, causing Jessie to smile.

A few seconds later Donna was pushed forward, and Jessie started to cook.

“Jessie needs to tell us something,” he said.

“Oh. Well you could have said that, cock-stain,” Donna said, punching him in the stomach.

He doubled over with a grunt of pain and steadied himself on the door frame.

“We can talk over breakfast,” Jessie said, and went about making it for the three of them. After ten minutes or so, she had three plates of eggs, bacon, and toast and sat down as John brought over some OJ for the three.

After a few bites of food, she started to tell them what happened.

“Something happened that shouldn’t have, and you guys need to know about it, since it could have affected us all. It’s semi-serious, so just listen and let me finish,” she said.

They both nodded, concerned glances passing between them.

“First, Dexter and I are okay, and you two aren’t in trouble or anything,” she clarified, hoping to put them at ease. “John, you’ve already heard part of this story, but I’m going to explain everything so there aren’t any misunderstandings. I’m sorry if it gets repetitive.”

He nodded, looking a bit concerned.

“Saturday at Dex’s party, I accidentally crossed some lines that I shouldn’t have. You both know how I can sometimes get in over my head when I get flirty, and I’ve always been super-flirty with Dexter’s dad. Dex told me a little bit after we started dating that it was okay for me to flirt with him and make him feel desired, and I even got him to jerk off for me once or twice because I’d started to clean their house naked for them.”

She ate a few more bites and took a drink, seeing them doing the same but still listening.

“Well, I guess I didn’t realize just how pent up he actually was from not having sex. Plus, all the naked girls at the party didn’t help. When I got stung by the fire ant, he took me inside and doctored it up. When he was done, I was sitting in a precarious position and…”

“Precarious position?” Donna asked.

Jessie nodded, but then demonstrated on the counter behind her before sitting back down and eating some more.

“Yeah, that’s pretty precarious,” John agreed.

Jessie nodded. “I’m dense sometimes, you guys,” she said, shrugging. “So, he starts looking like he’s having trouble breathing or something and sort of just… yanks me off the counter and shoves his cock in me.”

“Oh my God!” Donna said, her eyes wide.

“I know,” Jessie said. “I was shocked at first too, but I instantly knew he was upset by what he was doing, and he kept apologizing. I’m not really doing justice to how intense and sexual it must have been for him. I mean… he must have been thinking, “Here’s this naked little slut that’s flashing her pussy at me like it’s nothing.” How does a guy not take advantage of that?”

She sighed. “So, after he yanked me off the counter, apologizing as he shoved that gorgeous…” she stopped, opening her eyes when she realized that she was quickly turning the story into an auditory fantasy. Clearing her throat, she started from where she left off. “He pushed me up against the wall and fucked me so… intensely, it was hard to stand afterward. I mean, I actually couldn’t stand, if memory serves. I collapsed to the ground and just… let the orgasm he’d given me, flow through me like a damn tidal wave.”

Donna couldn’t stop looking at her, and John was grinning and nodding.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding at both. “It was… really… really good.”

“Fuck, I’ll bet,” Donna said. “What happened after? He probably felt bad.”

Jessie nodded. “He fucked me until he came, and God, Donna, there was so much of it! That poor, pent-up man.” She sighed, shaking her head and refocusing.

“Erin had come inside and saw what had happened. Don freaked out and ran upstairs, and I went with Erin to the bathroom.”

She took another bite and swallowed it down with some OJ.

“I made her go out and distract Dexter until I could calm Don down. I told him I knew he couldn’t help it and that I liked it, and stuff like that. I don’t remember all that I said, but he was calmed down in the end. So… we finished out the party and we started all escort kartal fooling around in the den.”

Donna nodded, John taking a drink and eating more bacon.

“When I was fucking Dex, and you two were screwing around with Don, I told Dexter what had happened. At the time, he seemed to enjoy it. It was a poor choice on my part to confess my sins while we were fucking. Later, he told me that he took it that I was only saying it to be kinky. He didn’t realize that I was actually trying to tell him it was real and confess my sins to him. At that point, I still didn’t think it was any big deal, and to tell you the truth, I still don’t. I mean, yeah, Don fucked me, but I pushed him to that point and Dexter said it was okay for me to push him. Plus, it was only like a couple of minutes at the most, hardly even qualifying as sex.”

“I can see why you and Dex had to talk,” Donna said.

Jessie nodded. “All I was seeing during my confession was my boyfriend being more and more turned on, and so, in the heat of the moment, asked him if he was okay with me doing it again. He apparently thought I meant telling him kinky stories when we fucked and said yes. So… thinking that he was okay with it, I went and fucked Don again.”

John got a concerned look on his face and glanced at Donna, obviously guessing what had happened next.

Jessie sighed. “We moved over to the hallway where we could watch the fun, and he fucked me up against the wall.”

She sighed, thinking back to the state she’d been in, how fun it had been. Briefly closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and continued.

“After he… filled me up with another load of cum, John saw the state I was in. He came over, obviously thinking that since Dex was okay with his own dad fucking me, that it was okay for him too, and fucked me up against the same wall.”

“Goddamnit,” John said. “Jess…”

She shook her head. “I let you John. Come on, you know I came again while we were in that hallway. Plus, you’re not a rapist, and not unstoppable.”

John nodded. “You’re right, though. Exactly. I thought it was open season. I mean, I got excited and figured I should ask Dex, but I mean… you were fucking his dad where he could actually see you. I thought it was just… orgy time.”

She smiled and clasped his hand comfortingly for a few seconds. “Honey, please don’t think you did anything wrong. I enjoyed it. I really did! It’s just… we were wrong. Dexter and his dad had a talk, and his dad admitted that he felt bad about using me when I was his son’s girlfriend and not his. That’s when Dex figured out that I’d been telling the truth. He came over and I told him everything that happened.”

She immediately noticed the change in their expressions and waved her hand to quiet their unspoken concerns. “We talked it out though, and we’re going to be okay.”

John sighed, shaking his head. “Jess, I’m so sorry,” he said. Donna put her hand on John’s, treating him kindly for once, and then reached over and clasped Jessie’s. “I really… really fucked up.”

“John, look at me,” Jessie said. “If Dexter had been okay with it, it would have been fine. I loved being able to finally let you have me a little bit. But, unfortunately, it’s not okay with my boyfriend, so we shouldn’t do that again.”

He nodded. “I completely understand,” he said. “I hope I didn’t mess anything up with you guys.”

She shook her head. “No, like I said, Dexter and I are good. We’re going to keep talking and working things out.” She smiled, thinking about the revelation this morning. “He told me earlier that he loved me, like for real loved me.”

Donna smiled, as did John. “Goddamn that’s good to hear,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I caused you guys to split up.”

She smiled. “Thank you for being such a good guy,” she said. “For what it’s worth, I really, really liked it when you fucked me up against the wall.”

He smiled. “Thanks. I’m sure it was just the excitement of the situation. I know I don’t have much to work with but that’s beside the point. I’ll behave myself from now on.”

She smirked. “Well, let’s not go that far. He just said no more sex. “Go back to your relationship with him before you guys had sex,” or something like that,” she said, imitating Dexter. “If you want to grope and manhandle me in the mornings, I’m sure it will be okay.”

He laughed at that, and then stood up, coming over and hugging her. After a few seconds, he stood and playfully shoved his cock toward her face, but then backed away and sat back down.

Jessie smiled, watching as he leaned over and kissed his girlfriend.

“Don’t worry Jessie,” Donna said. “I’ll punish him for his transgressions.”

Giggling, Jessie shook her head. “I don’t think you can punish someone like him,” she pointed out.

“Well, you could be nice to me,” he said, grinning widely.

She snickered, having to agree with his assessment. A few moments later, she finished breakfast, smiling as John took her plate and headed to the sink with it.

That evening, Dexter came back over after a long day at work. They ordered some Chinese food and stayed in. Oddly, John and Donna didn’t come out of their room and didn’t sound like they were fooling around, but she figured it was just from all the revelations that had happened that morning.

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