Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 03

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I say it all the time but this time it’s most true. This could be read as a stand-alone, but don’t. Far better to know Who’s on First!

Lisa didn’t really want to leave but had little choice. Peter and Ruth wouldn’t be exactly crazy about Jason hooking up with his hooker hookup and she had a client waiting for her in Monaco. Sucked to be her!

They’d left Nice that morning for the short hop to Monaco. Ruth and Peter were confining themselves to topsides so Jason could help Lisa pack. Jason’s cock was filling her head with dreams of a longer relationship as it filled her pussy with cum.

Jason whispered in Lisa’s ear. “How do I handle being away from you?”

She caressed his cheek. “The same way I’ll handle being away from you. I’ll do what I have to do, keep as busy as I can, and I’ll think of you during the quiet times.”

“Ahoy the Clarion!” Captain Strokes looked down the gangway at the attractive redhead on the dock. He answered, “How can I help you, Miss?”

“My name’s Angie Pierce and I’m looking for Lisa Draves.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place, Angie. Come aboard and I’ll get her.” He turned to Robbie. “Go down below and tell Miss Lisa that her friend is here and start bringing her luggage on deck.”

Lisa shook hands with Ruth and Peter. When she turned to Jason he swept her into his arms, kissed her hard and while still gazing at her eyes, said in a rather loud voice, “You know, Mom and Dad, I’m not really as stupid as you think I am. I know how to navigate around a computer and I’ve come to know lots of things! I know, for example, that there’s no history of a Lisa Draves ever matriculating at UVA. In fact, there’s no history of anyone by that name ever living at any address, being born anywhere, having a social security number, ever paying a penny of taxes, or having any credit score, anywhere. At least unless you count a seventy eight year old woman in a Des Moines nursing home. Another thing I know is that you never paid her. A girl does almost six weeks of work for you and you never write her a check?

I know she’s been studying biochemistry and Primatology and I also know no one studies those books just for fun. So somewhere, under some name, she’s registered for those classes. Mom, that also means I can find her and I eventually will find her.”

Once again, his eyes never left Lisa’s. “Then again maybe she won’t want to be found. I know that’s one of the questions I’ll be asking her when I find her.” He kissed Lisa again as he said to her, “Bye, bye, for now. You’d better not keep your friend waiting.”

Robbie had put Lisa’s luggage on a cart and Angie was with her in customs. Angie asked, “So I take it everything must have worked out with the virgin heir?”

Lisa snorted. “Well he’s not a virgin anymore if that’s what you’re asking!”

“I can see how that’d be fun.

Anyway we don’t have a lot of time so let me fill you in on this next client.” She referred to her notes. “Louis Reynard, thirty-four years, thrice divorced, black sheep son of a family with very deep pockets in a very old suit. His little brother married into the Abt family so now he’s somehow linked to the Nestle money. It’s probably the first time in three generations anyone’s been able to say for sure that a Reynard married up in the money department.

Your role will be that of the reliable bauble. The exquisite trinket that he may or may not use this evening. He’s been known to hire our girls so he can reject them in a public way to aid him in the seduction of someone else. We’ve got a fairly extensive database on this guy and after your assignment is over I wouldn’t be shocked if you spent the time untouched, just as I could easily buy into the idea that he offered you as a prize for the use of his dinner guests.

His major weakness is gambling. Expect to spend a bit of time at the tables in Monte Carlo. In the past this has been a good supplemental income source for our girls as he’s been known to give a girl a $5,000 plaque to disappear and go gamble. He’s also been known to give her $5. It all depends on which plaque or chip is closest to his fingers when he sends you away.” Angie kept going through her notes. “He’s hired you through the end of your summer’s contract but don’t be surprised if he sends you home early. Don’t get nervous, he never asks for refunds.

No prior reports of any weird or offbeat sexual habits. Three girls reported him as being well hung… and that looks to be about it! Any questions or comments?”

“More like a two requests. I’m starting to get overloaded with luggage. Could you stop at a shipping agency and send these bags to me at my school address? The other thing concerns the Carsons. You heard the son’s little good-bye speech as I was leaving?” Angie nodded as Lisa continued, “Well I’d be curious what kind of fallout that speech produces. I can easily see the mother completely being pissed that her darling baby is still interested pendik escort in the common whore. I doubt that I’ll be getting much of a tip from the father, but whatever happens I’d like to hear about it.”

Angie rubbed Lisa’s hand as she said, “I can do both those things.

Here, take this.” She handed Lisa a Blackberry. “If I find out anything good I’ll call you on this. When you’re met at the end of your contract just give the phone back to whoever debriefs you. It’ll probably be me anyway. Do you have a charger with a plug that fits this phone? If not here’s a universal plug so you can keep it charged.”

Angie had introduced Lisa to Louis and he barely acknowledged her presence with a nod. He said to Angie, “I won’t be accompanying her in the car since I have no doubt she has no appropriate clothes. My man will take her to the proper places to correct the problem. Your opinion may or may not be of assistance. Do you wish to accompany them?”

“Why yes, if you like. I’ll switch to a later plane and give her any assistance I can.”

“Switch to a morning flight and while you’re shopping get something for yourself so you’ll be presentable at dinner.” He put the two girls in the limo and departed up the street.

Lisa bent over and asked Angie in a low, conspiratorial tone, “What just happened?”

Angie giggled, “I’m not one hundred percent sure but I think I just agreed to sleep my way into a designer cocktail dress! On what I make I can’t afford one and Louis gives them away like hotels give away thin mints so I figured, ‘What the Hell? It’s just sex!'”

Lisa grinned, “I remember the look on your face in Caracas when I told you about the Ferrari. By this time next year there’ll be someone else in administration out here reading data to you since you’ll be just one of us Hos!”

“We’ll see!”

Dior, Versace, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, and Donna Karan, the names began to blur. Always when Lisa considered her shopping complete Federico insisted they try “just on more stop.” Lisa had ten evening and cocktail outfits, lingerie, shoes, sportswear, she even had eight pair of $200 Donna Karran sunglasses. After Angie got her one outfit for this evening Federico then had her buy three more “just in case”, along with lingerie and shoes. They also each had two wraps and a coat “for inclement weather”. While they were in Ralph Lauren Federico even went next door and bought them Hartmann Wings luggage. He got a sufficient number of totes and mobile travelers with solid gold hardware to carry all of the day’s purchases.

Federico accompanied the girls to their suite. “Monsieur Reynard will pick you up at thirty minutes past seven. In the meantime…” He pointed at Angie. “You will attend to me.” He opened his fly and stood before her.

Lisa saw the sudden panic wash over the girl’s face. She quickly interceded. “Federico, Angie was just saying how badly she needed the ladies room. Please allow me.” She got down on her knees in front of the man and took out his cock. She started licking around the head and down the sides of the shaft. She looked up at the swarthy Mediterranean type and said, “You’d be so much more comfortable sitting on the foot of the bed. Here!”

She led him over to the bed and before pushing him down she unbuckled his slacks and pushed slacks and shorts to the floor. He promptly sat down as she continued licking his rapidly hardening shaft. Angie returned to the field of action and kneeled down next to Lisa. Lisa saw that the girl had undressed in the bathroom. They began passing the cock back and forth as they alternated licking and sucking it.

At one point Angie was rapidly bobbing her head up and down the shaft so Lisa climbed up on the bed and straddled his face, offering her pussy to the man. With a rapid sweep of his arm he brushed Lisa off him as if she were an offending fly which had had the temerity to land on him. She picked herself off the floor and resumed her place next to Angie.

When Federico got closer to his orgasm he pulled Angie up onto the bed and began thrusting into her. It only took about ten more strokes before he climaxed into her, pulled up his pants, and walked to the door. As he was about to leave he said, “Thirty minutes past seven, be ready.”

Lisa climbed off the floor onto the bed next to Angie. She stroked the redhead’s cheek as she said, “I believe they’ve got a lot of streets named after that guy.”

Angie chuckled, “Umm, and they’re all called ‘One-Way’. I once had a math teacher that fucked like that.”

Lisa grinned as she laid her head on Angie’s bare breast. “That’s what it would have been liked if my Uncle Jack had fucked me.”

“You had sex with your uncle?”

“No, I said if he’d fucked me!” She looked into Angie’s face from a distance of two inches. “You never dreamed about what it would be like to have sex with your relatives?”

“Yeah, of course, but I tried to stick escort pendik to rellies of my own generation! Except for my Uncle Bob but that was because he hit on me a few times. When I told my mother about the first time I was thirteen and her response was, ‘You mean he’s never tried before now? That’s surprising!’ Apparently he’s tried to hit on every female with a pulse he’s ever met.

Is it often like that?” Angie was referring to Federico’s abruptness.

Lisa nuzzled Angie’s right nipple as she said, “I’ve had sex with twenty six people this summer and he’s the only one! I keep wondering what it’s going to be like the first time I come across a guy who’s into sadism!”

Angie swung around and started lazily licking Lisa’s slit. “You know the Agency has a policy about that.”

“About getting your pussy eaten by a staff member?”

“No, about rough stuff. If the client’s jacket contains any reports of prior abusive behavior they must be brought to the entertainer’s attention prior to the assignment of the assignation. Any entertainer failing to report a client’s sadistic fetishes…”

“Oh I remember that part, she gets immediately terminated.”

“Bottom line is we try to make sure our girls know what to expect from a client. That’s why you’re required to file an evaluation form on every client you have sex with. Have you been keeping up on your forms?”

“Oops! I think they’re packed in my Welcome! packet in my suitcase I shipped back to school.”

“I’ll give you another packet, there’s one in my bag. We should be getting ready soon, I can’t wait to get dressed up in my new stuff.”

The two girls showered, gossiped, applied their makeup, and dressed so that by the time Louis Reynard entered the room at seven fifteen they were ready and waiting.

“Excellent! I have no doubt that I will be the envy of every man in Monaco when we appear in the Casino this evening with you two visions of loveliness on my arms. Shall we go?”

Lisa was speechless. She’d been to some lavish hotels with her folks but the Monte Carlo Casino was off the charts! A simile popped into her head “The Monte Carlo Casino is to every Vegas Hotel Casino as Grace Kelly was to every ‘Solid Gold’ stripper.” She leaned over and whispered to Angie, “I feel like I should be outside selling pencils from a tin cup!”

Angie whispered back, “Remember, you’re one of the two most beautiful women in the building, so flaunt it. Make the little people salivate!”

They were enjoying drinks at Les Privés, one of the bars in the Casino, when Lisa leaned over to Angie and whispered, “Are we with the most popular man in Europe or is everyone just trying to look down my dress?”

“Probably a little of both, I’d say. Louis is popular, he throws a lot of money around, your chest is fun to look at, and he has a reputation for enjoying it when he shares his women with friends of either sex.”

Lisa nodded, “I think that last point might tip the scales!”

They left the bar and headed for the Cabaret du Casino de Monte-Carlo. Louis said, “I told you! You’re making quite a hit. I’ve already had twenty requests to come to my party!”

Lisa asked, “Oh, you’re having a party? When?”

Louis turned and stroked her cheek, “Mon cher, I have a soirée every night; it’s expected. Tonight you’re the guests of honor!”

Louis excused himself to the men’s room. Angie faintly suppressed a giggle. “Have you figured it out yet?”

“Figured out what?”

“Louis was right, twenty or so men asked to come to his party upstairs. Some he invited, some he put off…”

“Yeah, I caught that part.”

“Start paying attention! The men whose wives or girlfriends gave Louis a woody got invited, the others didn’t make the cut. I suspect we’ve become wife or girlfriend-swap ammunition.”

Lisa giggled, “Think on the bright side! At least we’re getting hooked up with guys who’re capable of getting a fox on their own!”

When they got to the suite at about one A.M. Lisa was surprised to find a quartet playing. Piano, bass, alto sax and trombone provided a delightful ambiance while trays of exotic hors d’oeuvres circulated amidst waiters delivering Dom and cocktails to the guests. Louis and a male guest were engaged in an animated discussion but unfortunately Lisa spoke no French. Finally Louis turned to Lisa as the other man walked away, “This fool just bet me 1,000 Euros that his girlfriend’s breasts were firmer and higher than yours.”

“Louis! How can you make a bet like that when you’ve never even seen my tits?”

“I can make such a bet if I don’t care who wins! I want to see the girlfriend’s tits! Now lower the top of your dress.”

Lisa asked, “You mean here?”

“Of course here, just as the girl he’s bringing over will drop her top also.”

The gentleman returned with a blonde on his arm who immediately locked eyes with Louis. She untied the spaghetti straps holding her dress up and pendik escort bayan allowed it to drop to her waist. Lisa then did the same, knowing the contest was over before it began. When everyone looked at the two sets of tits the man, whose name was Philippe Leyard, handed the cash to Louis. He said to Lisa, “I’m afraid that I owe you an apology. Your breasts are delightful and seem to defy gravity.” He held out his hand. “Allow me to apologize properly in the next room.”

Lisa looked at Louis to get instructions. He said, “By all means! I’ll be busy apologizing to Danielle. Angie, why don’t you join us?”

The five of them walked into what Lisa presumed was the master bedroom where to Lisa’s surprise Angie was the first one to strip. She asked, “Can I get anyone anything?”

Danielle responded by pulling Angie close and pushing her to her knees. Louis was already undressing Danielle so in short order her pussy was available to the girl’s questing tongue.

Philippe acted almost timid with Lisa. His English was good but there was no doubt that it was a second (third?) tongue. He showered her with compliments about how she was the most beautiful girl he ever seen Louis with and asking how they had met. Lisa tried to be truthful as often as possible so she said she had been traveling with some friends aboard the schooner Clarion and had run into Angie outside the customs shed when they docked here this morning. She went on to say that it was through Angie that she had met Louis. He impressed her and she felt it was time for a change so she left her friends and jumped ship. “It’s been fun catching up with Angie, we’re sharing a suite on the ninth floor.”

He still hadn’t made the first move and the three-way action from the next bed was getting both wild and high volume so Lisa asked, “Philippe would you be more comfortable if we went down to my suite?”

At just that moment Angie, with Louis’ cock down her throat and Danielle’s tongue mauling her clit, decided to attempt to scream. For obvious reasons it wasn’t very loud but it was enough to make up Philippe’s mind. “Yes, please, I’d love very much to see your suite!”

Lisa could see Philippe was upset about something. He’d begun pacing ever since they’d entered the suite. Lisa knew better than to try to steer him into the bedroom until his issues were resolved. She asked, “Philippe, may I offer you something to drink?”

“Oui, Pernod s’il vous plait.” He immediately realized what he’d said and corrected himself. “I’m so sorry, if you have some Pernod I would like that very much.”

“Now it’s my turn to be sorry. I’m not really that familiar with what’s stocked in my bar and I’m not sure what Pernod is! Do you see a bottle?”

Philippe pulled a bottle off the shelf as he asked, “Will you join me?”

“As I said I’ve never even heard of it but sure, I guess I’ll try anything!”

The double entendre wasn’t lost on Philippe. He smiled as he poured the liqueur into two glasses, “Henri Pernod was one of the largest manufacturers of absinthe in the world prior to era of the prohibitionists. In your country you made the unspeakable blunder of outlawing all alcohol. The prohibitionist movement was also in France at the time but their goals were not quite so outlandish! They began a lead… no, they spearheaded a worldwide movement which simply outlawed absinthe.

So today Pernod is known round the world as the distiller of… Pernod! What beer is to northern Europe, Pernod is in the south.” As he added water to the glasses it took on the appearance of cum. He handed Lisa her glass and they each took a healthy drink.

Lisa commented, “Licorice… or is it anise I detect? Never mind, I don’t really care but the color reminded me of something.”

Philippe asked, “Yes?”

Lisa locked on his eyes, “It reminded me that I’d been fantasizing about what it might feel like with your cum squirting into me.

As fascinating as your History of Pernod is, I can’t help recalling the look in your eye when you first asked if you could apologize to me.” Lisa stood and unzipped her dress as she continued, “There’s something else, though.

I know you want me but there’s something that’s holding you back. What is it?” She stepped out of her dress.

He took Lisa in his arms and simply said, “Later!” He pulled the naked girl to him and began showering her with kisses. Lisa’s hands in turn began unbuttoning his clothes. She was about to begin fellating him when he pulled her onto the bed and began gently kissing him as his hands stroked her body.

Every time Lisa tried to get aggressive Philippe would slow her down and maintain control of the pace of their lovemaking. She was rather enjoying the sense of just being done. He was continually exploring and learning where all her hot buttons were and Lisa was finding it increasingly difficult remaining passive as he deftly alternated pushing them.

She found that Philippe didn’t object to her being passionate as long as the late fifties man kept control. As he began rubbing the end of his cock against her labia to gain moisture he suddenly stopped and spoke to her in an animated and urgent voice.

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