Lindsey’s Friend Ch. 01

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Every summer, all of my cousins converge on a lake in New Hampshire. My grandfather bought a cabin there in the 40’s, and it’s been a part of our lives ever since. There are five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and enough space to let us get along.

Now that we’re all older and have families of our own, the cabin is still in heavy use. We each have time to ourselves, but our kids spend time together the way we used to, and we get to hang out after they’re all in bed and enjoy ourselves. Last summer, we even hired a college student named Lindsey to help out with the kids and with the meals. For a week, we were treated to the sight of a curvaceous brunette in her bathing suit, in yoga pants, or in a form-fitting sundress as she kept the kids busy or worked in the kitchen. That freed me up for my favorite pastime-chasing bass in the hidden corners of the lake. We chatted about good spots (she was a local girl) and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much she knew about fishing. Since I cooked a lot as well, we spent a lot of time with each other and I enjoyed her quick sense of humor almost as much as the lush body so close to me.

She was there almost all day and into the night for that week, and she saw a lot of the family dynamics around her. Three days in a row, she saw my wife go to bed early while the rest of us sat on the deck or in the living room after the kids were settled down for the night. She also clearly saw the distance between the two of us. Toward the end of the week, she even became comfortable enough to ask if everything was OK with my wife. This wasn’t said in a suggestive way-it came across as concern, and I answered it honestly.

“Not really,” I told her. “We’ve been growing apart as the kids get older, and she’s not interested in…spending time with me.”

Her eyes were sympathetic. “Sorry,” she said. “It just seems like a tense situation.”

“Yeah,” I told her, “it is. I’m not going anywhere, but still…it’s not always easy being married.”

“I guess so,” she said.

With that, we dropped the subject, and no more was said about it before she left on Sunday.

A year later, we were all back at the cabin, and Lindsey was back in charge of the kids and the kitchen. She looked as good as ever, but even though she had been a prominent part of my fantasies over the long months since I saw her last, I wasn’t stupid enough to allow anything to arise between us. She gave me a quick hug that let me feel her full breasts on my chest as my arms encircled her slim waist. Her hair smelled like flowers. Pretty soon, we were back in our routine-fishing, cooking with Lindsey, and discreetly watching her curvy ass.

On the second night, the kids had a bonfire and made s’mores. When they were all bedded down, Lindsey sat with us around the firepit and had a glass of wine. We all had a good time hanging out together, but as usual, my wife got up not long after 10 and with a quick peck on the cheek, went off to bed. Lindsey’s eyes found mine and a quick, understanding expressed crossed her face. That was it until the next day. She went home around 11, and we all headed inside to go to bed.

Lindsey was back at 6:30 to start breakfast for everyone. Only a few of us were up, drinking coffee on the deck when she got there.

“Hey guys,” she said, as she came up the steps. It was a cool morning, so she was dressed more warmly than usual-yoga pants, sneakers, T-shirt, and a hoodie. Still cute.

We all said hello, and she asked me if I was going fishing today.

“Yeah,” I told her “It’s perfect out-cloudy and not too windy.”

She said one of her college friends, Sam, was going out this morning to Chandler’s Cove at the far end of the lake and if I wanted to meet up, could show me some well-hidden spots for catching bass.

“Sounds good,” I told her, and she gave me directions to make sure I knew where I was going.

As I made ready to leave, she handed me a cooler bag, heavy with drinks and snacks, as well as a thermos full of coffee.

“I put enough in for you and for Sam” she said with an innocent smile.

I headed out, and with only one look at the chart, I found Chandler’s Cove. There was a boat tucked up close to the overhanging trees, and I could see someone casting along the deep shadows of the bank. I cut the motor and drifted into the cove. Finishing a retrieve, the fisherman turned around and watched my approach. Two thoughts crossed my mind in the same moment-“this looks like a great spot”and “Holy shit, Sam is a girl!”

I dropped my anchor close by and waved at her. She used her trolling motor deftly and drew alongside. “Hey,” she said. “Are you Steve?”

“That’s me,” I told her.

“I’m Sam. Lindsey said you could use some help.”

I smiled back, feeling only slightly puzzled by the way that was phrased. Finding my voice, I said as graciously as I could, “That would be great. Do you come here a lot?”

“Ever since I was a kid,” she told me. With that, she passed her mooring line under pendik escort the rail of my boat and snubbed the two boats together with a few quick turns.

“Lindsey said she was sending coffee-can I have some before we get started?”

I said yes, and turned to dig out the thermos. My boat rocked as Sam stepped aboard, and I turned to face her and gave her a cup. Up close, she was much smaller than Lindsey-barely five feet tall-with a thin frame and a cute, happy-looking face peeking out from under her baseball hat. She sat on the rail, so I sat in the captain’s chair and we chatted about fishing for a few minutes. Just in that short time, it was clear that she knew what she was talking about, and I began to enjoy the dual pleasure of a beautiful young woman who also shared my favorite hobby.

When the coffee was gone, she stepped onto her own boat and grabbed her rod.

“Actually,” she said, “we’re anchored in a perfect spot-one of us can work the shoreline like I was before, and the other can fish the drop-off right behind you…there’s a ledge right there, and there’s usually fish hanging just over the edge when it’s cloudy like this.”

We took turns in both spots, bringing in two good-sized bass each before trading. Since we were letting them go, there was no worry about limits or space in the live well. As the day grew warmer, I pulled off my windbreaker and hat. When we swapped positions again, Sam had lost her outer layer as well-she was still wearing a hat, but her yoga pants were topped only by a thin, ribbed tank top that hugged her body. For someone that small, her breasts were full and round, sitting high on her chest. I could see the faint, dark outline of her nipples through the flimsy fabric. Her waist was tiny, and without the jacket in the way, I could enjoy the sweet curves of her hips, the flat stomach, and the smooth skin of her arms. As she stood on the bow of her boat casting, my eyes were drawn to the gap between her thighs. From behind, I imagined I could see a faint, shadowy line there, and I was lost in thoughts of her sweet little pussy-she was young enough to think shaving herself bare was normal-was she shaved?

Unfortunately, I was so lost in that line of thinking that when she turned to check on me, my eyes stayed fixed in the same spot. Her yoga pants clung to that gracious little curve, and I admired the camel toe in front of me, positive now that it was shaved and smooth. With a sudden start, I realized that I was staring quite openly at her crotch. With a quick glance at her face, I realized that it was totally obvious, and that she knew exactly what I was thinking. Silently, I cursed myself, turning away and fumbling for something to say. I felt my boat rock as she stepped aboard.

“Sam,” I said, turning to apologize…

“Don’t worry about it,” she said with a happy grin. “Lindsey said you’d probably be checking me out the way you do with her.”

While I choked on the implications of that statement, she went on.

“Seriously…I don’t mind, and neither does she. She told me you might look, but that you weren’t some pervert I had to worry about.

“Sounds like you two covered a lot!” I said with a nervous laugh. “I’m glad I’m not in the pervert category, and I’m sorry for staring.”

“It’s OK, I was kind of checking you out also!” she said with that same impish grin. “I kind of expected it. Sam also said that your wife isn’t taking very good care of you, same as last summer, and that you might be a little more interested than usual. Is that true?”

I felt torn between honesty and loyalty, but I was startled into answering by the directness of her question, so I said, “Yeah…pretty much.”

She took off her hat, unclipped her ponytail, and shook out her shoulder-length blonde hair.

“What does “pretty much” mean, Steve?”

Again, I hesitated and fumbled for words to answer.

“Does “pretty much” mean you get laid like every week, or once a month, or what?”

Her face was serious, and I answered in spite of the sense of privacy that welled up in me.

“It’s been more than a year,” I told her in a choked voice.

Her eyes widened. “That’s fucking nuts,” she said simply. “I’d go crazy!”

“Yeah,” I replied. “You get used to it, but it still sucks.”

“Part of the reason Lindsey told me all about this was because she knows I have this thing for married guys…” Her voice trailed off, and she stepped closer, then reached out and put her hand on my arm, not stroking, but holding it there in a curiously intimate way.

“Do you want to know about that?” she asked.

“I don’t know…I mean, you’re beautiful, but…c’mon, Sam! I love my wife, and I’ve never…”

She smiled in a knowing way. “That’s a lot of words, Steve. But I didn’t hear you say ‘no’ to what I asked you!”

I took a deep breath and brought the question back to mind. Do I want to know more about her having a thing for married guys? Hell, yes!

In a much calmer voice, I said, “Sam…yes…I escort pendik want to know about your thing for married guys.”

Again, that wicked smile flashed across her perfect young face. She took a step closer until her breasts were almost touching me. Her hand stayed wrapped around my upper arm.

“I have a thing for married guys,” she began, “because they’re always checking me out and it makes me feel super sexy. I see them trying not to look, maybe because they’re polite, or maybe because they’re too scared of what their wives will say, but they always look. I know that I make them horny, and I like to think about them fantasizing about me when they’re fucking their wives later. I guess I’m just mean that way, but I feel like it serves them right for not taking care of their husbands. Is that bad?”

“Well…” I began. Then I stopped. Could I really pass judgement on her for thinking something that was 100% accurate in my case?

“It’s not bad, Sam. It’s a sad reality. And it’s really hard not to look at a beautiful young woman like you, even if you are getting laid on a regular basis! That’s kind of how guys are built-we always look. I think you just get more discreet about it as you get older. You’re still horny, but you learn how to be subtle about it.”

“So what happens when you stop being subtle? That’s what turns me on the most-that moment when a guy realizes that he can look at me all he wants, or do whatever he wants, and I don’t mind at all, and his wife isn’t going to catch him looking or find out about anything. I can see it happen, and it makes me so wet because I know he wants me so much and he’s so excited and so ready…that’s why I have a thing for married guys!”

With that, she smiled again and glanced down. There was a distinct bulge in the front of my shorts-all this talking had only added to the excitement her body gave me, and I was almost fully erect inside my shorts.

She took another half step closer and looked up at me. Her belly nudged my cock at the same time her perfect little breasts came into contact with my ribs. Almost instinctively, my arms went around her back and came to rest at her waist, just above the swell of her hips.

“I’m pretty sure you’re ready, Mr. Married Guy” she said with a flash in her eyes.

Leaning into me, she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me softly. I pulled her closer and kissed her back much harder. Her lips parted and our tongues began to dart back and forth. I couldn’t tell you how long that kiss lasted-it was a revelation of lust and honesty and beauty and built-up need and it seemed to carry us both along for an eternity.

When a moan escaped Sam’s lips, though, she pulled back a little, keeping her body plastered against mine. “Fuck, I’m horny!” she said with the bluntness I was coming to expect from her.

Her hands darted to the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it up to my neck. I was just starting to raise my arms to help her get it off when she stopped, leaned forward, and bit my nipple. Wow! She switched to the other one, gave it a little nip as well, and then finished lifting my shirt off over my head. Thoughtfully, she threw it onto the bench instead of the floor. When she turned back, I wordlessly gave her the same treatment, lifting her tank up and over her head in one quick motion, exposing her flawless young breasts to the morning air. My heart beat faster when they came into view, and my hands were immediately full of tender, supple flesh. I dropped to one knee to get to the right height, and my lips found each nipple in turn, licking, sucking, and biting just as she had done to me.

Sam’s hands and arms were cradling my head as I lavished attention on her, but she was still the one to take control of the situation.

“Is that all you want to see?” she asked me. “I saw you checking out a lot more when we were still fishing, Steve…”

I may be out of practice, but I know an invitation when I hear one. Since I was kneeling in front of her already, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her yoga pants and slid them all the way down, exposing a perfectly smooth pussy, silky thighs, and firm calves. Naturally, there was nothing underneath them. Except her. She paused to kick her sneakers off, and then stepped out of the pants, towering over me stark naked and glorious in the morning light.

Without looking away from her glistening pussy, I tossed the pants on top of my shirt behind her. My hands went to the backs of her knees, and I let them travel up to her ass, caressing each inch along the way. I kissed the taut skin of her stomach, and then the smooth mound just below. Her hands were cradling my head again, fingers curling in my hair, and I could feel her pulling me toward her, wanting more.

I wanted more as well, but first things always come first. I was kneeling on a boat in a secluded part of the lake, and standing in front of me was a completely naked 20-year old. I had to take a moment, drink in the sight, and explore this thrilling and unexpected treasure! pendik escort bayan From my kneeling perspective, I let my eyes travel over her body from her toes on up. My hands followed my gaze as I admired her perfect form and the symphony of curves that was revealed with her every movement. Her hip flexed delightfully when she shifted her weight. The slope of her breasts changed as she looked down at me, accepting my adoration.

As I stood up, I turned her around so that I ended up standing behind her, one hand cupping her breast happily, and the other resting on her stomach so that my fingertips lay nestled on her mound. I leaned down and kissed her neck just below her ear.

“Sam…” I began, “I can’t believe this…you’re so beautiful and sexy and so…” I trailed off, groping for another adjective to describe what I was experiencing.

“So naked?” she asked with a laugh.

“Yeah-that’s it!” I replied. “So very, very naked!”

“So join me,” she said with a return of the sexy grin that I first saw a few hours ago.

I kicked off my sneakers right away and pushed my shorts and boxers down in one quick motion. Then I stepped up close behind her again, my hard cock vertical against the small of her back, and wrapped my arms around her. My hands returned to her breast and her pussy, but this time, I grabbed both more possessively. With one hand, I pinched and teased her nipple mercilessly. With the other, I cupped her closely and let my middle finger glide along her well-lubricated opening, back and forth with my palm resting lightly on her clit. While I explored her body, I also bent my head down to kiss her neck again just below her ear.

“Mmm…that’s much better!” she said happily, leaning back against me. “I think you’ve definitely crossed that married guy line now!”

The flawless body before me was mine to explore a, but Sam seemed ready for more. One of her graceful hands made its way behind her back and found my throbbing erection. Her fingers wrapped around it warmly while her thumb stroked up and down the sensitive underside, stimulating fresh drops of precum and adding to the already slippery situation developing between us.

After enjoying this action for a bit, Sam turned halfway toward me and our lips met again. As we kissed, she turned all the way and planted her feet so that she was straddling my thigh. I could feel the slick heat from her pussy against my bare skin, and the scrape of her nipples on my abdomen was intoxicating.

“Steve,” she said in a soft, serious voice, “I’m ready to fuck you right here and right now. Would you like that?”

“God, yes…” I stammered.

“Sit back in the chair,” she ordered me, gesturing to the broad captain’s seat behind the wheel of my boat. I sat as instructed.

The world around me was forgotten at that moment-the only sight I could see was the petite young woman in front of me. Her eyes were shining, and her skin glowed with health and youth and lust all at the same time. Wordlessly, she stepped to the chair and put one knee on the seat beside me. Grabbing the backrest, she pulled herself up and planted the other knee on the other side, settling herself on the middle of my thighs with effortless grace.

Her hand returned to my cock, stroking my full length a few times. I held my breath as she guided me to her opening and circled the tip around, teasing both of us. Then with a long sigh, she sank down onto me with one smooth motion. Deep groans escaped from both of us when she bottomed out against my pubic bone.

“Oh, God…it fits just right!” she gasped quietly.

“Holy shit!” I added, “you’re so tight!”

Those words brought a satisfied grin to her face once again. We both knew that the words “compared to my wife” should remain unspoken, but they were hanging there in the still morning air…I think that was the thrill she was getting out of this. For the moment.

We stayed locked together for a minute or so, savoring every millimeter of connection between our bodies. The slightest movement of the boat, or the chair, or from either one of us altered the angle slightly and changed the contact of skin on skin. Finally, my hands came up to rest on her hips, tugging her toward me fractionally. Sam got the hint and began to rock.

Looking back, I find it hard to describe the motion she began. It wasn’t your porn-standand up-and-down; it was a tantalizing swirl of direction and sensation that I will never forget. Her teeth caught her lower lip and her eyes closed in concentration. With her hands on the back of the captain’s chair, she was lost in a world of increasing pleasure.

I kept my eyes open, not wanting to miss a moment of this incredible situation. As much as my eyes wanted to roll back in my head from the pleasure she was giving me, I kept them focused on the slender form that was on my lap, caressing my cock from every angle possible. The sunlight filtering through the treetops played along her rippling body, and I was lost in the rhythm of soft skin and lithe muscles. I was fascinated by the sensual action of this beautiful young woman. Also, focusing on what I was seeing helped me forget what I was feeling, because Sam’s ministrations had me dangerously close to exploding.

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