Lilith Ch. 01

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I had become nothing more than a reclus. Memory shot. Past gone. Waking up, I rubbed my eyes glancing at the figure next to me in bed, and got up heading towards the bathroom. It was a hotel bath, and not large by any means. I looked at myself in the mirror which cut off half way down my naked abdomen. I turned on the faucet, wetting my face, hoping to relieve my stress. The cool water felt refreshing as it splashed over my eyes. Breathing a heavy sigh I looked back up to the mirror and caught the reflection of a man standing immediately behind me. He raised something large and heavy and hit me in the back of the head, slamming my face into the mirror. Shards of silver and crimson flew like an explosion.

I gasped hard and my head shot up again, coming back to my senses. “What the hell was that about?” I thought to myself. I was about to turn away when I saw Lilith’s figure drawing near. Crimson red hair like flame cascaded over her shoulders and framed her flawless face of beauty. She had large blue eyes, high set cheek bones, and beautiful pink lips, not too thin, not too puffy. She wore a tight, form fitting tank top and silky white panties. The sight of her lips, flat abdomen, and naked hip bones peeking escort ata┼čehir out between cracks of clothing was enough to give me a little rise underneath my silk boxer shorts. Before I could even turn she was directly behind me, putting her lily white, silky smooth arms around my waist. She did it ever so slow, placing her warm hands on my stomach, and slowly sliding them down.

As her hands moved down toward the hem of my boxers I felt the rest of her body up against mine. Her firm breasts against my back, and her crotch just below my buttocks. Her soft lips pressed against my neck as she placed her kisses. Her hands slid down, placing themselves just inside the hem of my boxers so she could feel just above my now erect shaft. Her lips kissed up my neck and she started a nibble on my ear.

“Do you want me?” She whispered in my ear.

I just groaned as she slid her hand slowly over my shaft, just rubbing gently.

“Tell me you want me,” she whispered again.

Her palm and fingers surrounded my shaft as she began to stroke it ever so gently.

I groaned again and breathed a sigh of ecstasy. She nibbled on my ear some more, and her grip on my shaft tightened and pulled slightly kad─▒k├Ây escort bayan harder as her other hand went to massage my sack. My breath tightened, as she continued her play. She kept her firm medium sized breasts pressed against my back as I stooped ever so slightly to feel her clit with my buttocks against her panties. Her lips still pressed to my ear, she let out a quick gasp. “Yes,” she breathed. She continued her pull on my shaft, and massaging my sack, as I rubbed her moistening clit against her panties with my butt.

“You need me,” she whispered. “Tell me you need me,” her voice intensified. She pulled harder making my breathing even harder.

“Brianna,” I breathed. “Brianna.”

It was a dream as if in a memory that I saw the police chiefs face. Broken glass scattered on the street, twisted metal on the side of the road.

“You ok?” He asked.

I shook my head, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Blue and red police lights fired all throughout the street. Where the hell was I?

“Look, we just had a double homicide; you took a nasty wreck into the tree, why don’t you head back to the hotel?”

“The hotel?”

“Yeah, I’ll call your wife, let her know what happened, escort bostanc─▒ and you need to take it easy for a couple days if we ever expect to solve this thing.”

“My wife?”

“What the hell’s the matter with you? Yeah your wife, Bri-“

“Brianna!” I breathed heavily.

Lilith’s hand was tight around my cock, pulling hard and fast, her other hand stroking that sensitive bit of skin just underneath my sack. Her firm breasts pressed tight up against my back, and her clit growing wetter by the second. She made long strokes with her tongue up and down my neck before nibbling at my shoulder.

As she pulled my shaft harder and harder I could feel myself edge closer and closer to an orgasm. I gasped, choking out any words that managed their way out.

“Harder,” I said. “More, more.”

“Yes,” she breathed and pressed her erotic form tighter against my back, her wet clit rubbing against me even harder, and her moaning slowly starting.

She kept pulling, harder and harder. Squeezing as tight as she could. Finally I let out spastic gasps as my warm cum ejected against the insides of my boxers and over her hands. I turned around when she removed her hands and peeled off my boxers, and watched her licking the cum from her hands. I walked closer towards her and pressed myself up against her, feeling her erect nipples against my chest. She reached down to remove her panties.

“I need you,” she breathed.

I sighed, “Brianna…Brianna.”

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