Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 06

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Big Dick

Chapter 6


It had been several days since the interlude in Julia’s office but now I was back at their chapter house. Three of the girls were sitting on the sofa with me, playing strip poker, when Julie came down the basement stairs dressed in a short skirt and halter type top.

When Julia saw me sitting there she came over and stated, “Hey Mike, we’re going canoeing this weekend as a chapter. The girls would really like you to come.”

“I haven’t been canoeing in a while. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.” I replied.

“Cool. All you have to do is bring yourself. We leave at 8 so be here early.” She said. “Oh…and by the way, this will be the whole chapter, so be careful who you screw! Most of the girls aren’t part of the club.” she finished with a laugh.

“OH, really?” I said reaching out and grabbing her hand.

“You mean club veterans like you?” I said as I pulled her down on my half naked lap, slipping a hand under her top. I found her bare tit and played with her nipple for a few seconds.

“But only if you want to come.” She said teasingly, grabbing my swollen dick through my underwear.

“Careful there Julia, you might spoil the fun of this game.” I said mockingly.

“Really? Girls, what do you think? Do you want to strip for him…or would you rather just get naked and fuck him?” She said while looking at me, a huge smile on her face.

“Mike seems to be a bit horny.” She added

In answer all three girls put down their cards and, in short order, were all completely naked; not that there was a lot left to take off. Julia got up off me as I was pushed back onto the sofa by Sue, who planted herself on my face while the other two got busy sucking my dick.

I heard Julia laugh as she walked up the stairs to leave me to the girls. It wasn’t long before I felt a pussy engulf my dick and start to ride up and down. I did my best to concentrate on the pussy in front of me, lest I come too soon.

It took a few minutes but I managed to make Sue cum in a rather loud display. After that I moved to the floor, put Amanda under me, and started pounding my cock deep into her. Tracy moved over me and I started licking her pussy as she arched her back to give my tongue full access. I watched Amanda reach up and start pushing a finger in and out Tracy’s pussy until her own orgasm reached the point of no return and she started shuddering on the ground under me.

I was getting close to my own orgasm and I hoped that Tracy was as well. I pulled out of Amanda and pulled Tracy over toward me. She pulled back from me and soon was spread over a bean bag with her ass in the air. I pushed my already slick dick into her and started humping away. I groaned and my cum blasted into her as soon as I felt her orgasm start; her body shaking and her pussy twitching around my spurting dick.

We all fucked and licked in various positions for another 30 minutes before I was drained dry. I cleaned up and kissed everyone goodbye and then headed home to get some needed rest.

The next morning I arrived around seven thirty. The front door was open so I walked in, knocking on the frame as I did. There were a lot of girls milling around the house, most dressed in tiny bikinis, but a few were wearing one piece suits of varying description. One or two were still running around naked or half so, but I was apparently enough of a common occurrence that the ones that weren’t in the club just walked past un-phased.

I found Julia in the kitchen with another lady. She was mid thirties and wearing a backless one piece suit that was cut deeply down the front between her moderate sized tits that looked firm and round in the suit. I was pretty sure that I had seen her some place before but couldn’t put my finger on where.

“Oh, Hi Mike. I want you to meet the other house advisor. This is Mandy Crump.”

“I held my and out to shake hers.”

“A hand-shake…Is that all I get?” She said with a smile as she took my hand.

I looked quizzically at Julia.

“Oh don’t worry. JJ filled me in…completely.” She said.

“Oh?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Julia said, “Mandy and I have been friends for years. There was no way that I couldn’t share this with her.”

“And from what I hear.” Mandy said as she stepped forward until her tits were rubbing against my chest.

“You have a lot to share.” She finished, using her hand to place mine on her chest while she used her other hand to start stoking my dick through my swim suit. She leaned closer and kissed my lips, a quick wet kiss at first, but soon growing in intensity as I felt her tongue reach out and lick between my lips, enticing me to open my mouth. Her free hand went around my neck and pulled my head to her as she began to kiss me more sensuously. I couldn’t really help myself; I was soon becoming hard as a rock and rubbing her tit through her suit. I felt her hand loosen on my dick and then go to work on the string of my suit. She soon had it loose and pushed the front of my ata┼čehir escort bayan suit down, freeing my now rock hard dick.

I heard JJ scold. “Damn Mandy, can’t you wait? It’s almost time to go.”

She broke the kiss and pulled away fractionally, still not letting go of my dick.

“You weren’t joking, JJ – I could fuck this right now.” She said huskily.

“Well, there isn’t time right now.” JJ said. We need to get the girls ready to go.

“Ok,” She said, disappointment clear in her voice, “if you insist.” She let go of my neck and stepped back, still holding my dick. She squatted down and quickly took me into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. After just a second or so she pulled her mouth off of me and stood back up. “Just something to keep you thinking about me.” She said. At this point, being horny as hell, I reached up and took both bathing suit straps on her shoulders and pulled them off and down, exposing her tits. Her chest was shaped and sized like two halves of a coconut, with large hard nipples on the peaks. They were fairly well tanned with no hints of tan lines either.

I leaned down and quickly sucked one of her tits into my mouth, working my tongue on the nipple and squeezing it against the roof of my mouth as I sucked. I felt her hand wrap around my neck and pull me tighter.

As I nipped and toyed with her tit, I heard her coo and say. “Ohhhh fuck, that feels so good. You were right, he can sure can suck a nipple!” After several seconds I pulled my head from her chest.

“Just something to keep you thinking about me.” I said as I bent over to pull my swim suit back up.

“Oh don’t worry. I won’t forget.” She said.

I tied my suit back up, even though it really didn’t hid my still raging hard dick. It was going to be obvious to anyone that looked that I had a huge hard-on.

“This could be a bit embarrassing.” I said looking down adjusting myself to try to make it a bit less obvious.

JJ laughed then said, “Just a little, maybe, since not all the girls know you that well…yet.”

“I think I really need to take care of that.” Mandy said stepping back against me and rubbing my throbbing cock with an expert touch, her bare tits still exposed.

JJ interrupted, “Sorry, no time – it’s time to load up.”

“Oh, phoo!” Mandy muffled as she stepped back, pulling her suit back in place. After Mandy and JJ left the kitchen, I stood there for a couple minutes trying to will my dick to go down. I could hear them calling the girls names and getting things organized outside. I was finally starting to relax some when a young lady I recognized, but wasn’t part of the club, came into the kitchen.

“JJ sent me to find you.” She stated, smiling.

“Ok. I’m coming.” I said, stepping from the counter I was leaning against.

Maybe it was my imagination, but I could have sworn I heard her say “not yet I hope” under her breath as she turned to leave. I stepped behind her, my still semi-hard cock showing through my suit, and followed my guide outside to a line of cars parked in front of the house.

She led me to a Ford Explorer. “We’re in this one.” She said as she climbed in the back seat. Her tiny blue bikini bottom stretched tight across her ass and I could see faint pussy hairs peeking around the bottom of her suit and the shape of her pussy pressed against the thin material as she bent over to climb in the back seat. I watched her disappear into the SUV and tried to will my cock to not start rising again Kim came up behind me and dragged her nails down my back sending a jolt of excitement to my crotch. My body gave in against my will and my cock quickly grew again.

“It looks like we’re in the back.” Kim said to me, gently pushing me toward the door. I bent over and climbed in with Kim following close behind. I was quickly sandwiched between to bikini clad girls in the back seat that was really only big enough for two adults.

I started looking for seat belts and tried to feel on the seat for the two halves of my belt. Nether girl seemed interested in helping me. In fact, it seemed that they were happily sitting on the seat belts, making me fish around and under their asses for it.

“Ohhh. Getting fresh?” the girl in blue whispered teasingly.

“Who me?” I asked innocently.

“If I was getting fresh I would do this!” I said as I pulled my hand from under her bottom and slid it back down, this time inside the tiny bottoms of her bikini. My hand pressed against her bare skin. as I wiggled my hand under her as far as I could – working my fingers father under her until they were touching her pussy. She giggled and wiggled as my fingers found a wet spot before I pulled my hand back out.

“That would be getting fresh.” I said teasingly.

Then I said, “This is looking for a seat belt.”, as I slid my hand under her again. This time I squeezed her butt cheek so she would lift a little bit and then pulled the belt from under her. Now all I needed was the buckle. I turned as far escort kad─▒k├Ây as I could the other direction. “Excuse me Kim, have you seen a seat belt anywhere?” “Why no I haven’t.” she said with mock seriousness. “I suppose you will have to feel around for it.”

I slid my hand under her butt, finding the buckle, but just for fun continued reaching under until my fingers found her crotch. She was giggling from my wiggling fingers as Mandy got in the front passenger seat and closed the door.

“Busy back there already?” she asked, turning around in her seat to look at us.

“Not me, I’m just trying to find my seat belt.” I said as innocently as I could muster.

“AH! Here it is.” I laughed, pulling the buckle from under her butt. I buckled the belt around my waist. “Ready to go!”

“I can see that.” Mandy said looking at my crotch. I had hardened even more playing with the two girl butts, and the head of my dick was poking out the leg of my slightly pulled up swim suit.

“Your one eyed snake is peaking at me.” She finished with a very girlish giggle.

“OOPS!” I said, turning red. I pulled the leg of my suit back over my exposed dick as the driver climbed in.

Mandy reached back between the front seats and slid her hand up my leg and wrapped her fingers around my dick, then said. “Well, make sure you keep it someplace safe.”

After a short squeeze, she withdrew her hand and finished, “We wouldn’t want it to get hurt.”

I heard the girl in the driver’s seat laugh as the truck started. I looked in the mirror and saw that is was Sue sitting behind the wheel.

“This is Kathy.” Kim said introducing me to the blue bikini clad girl.

“She is a fan of yours. Seems you were careless about a shower door one day?” she said with a smile. Then Kim leaned close and whispered, “And, she turned 21 yesterday.”

“OH!” I said. “And I suppose I’m her birthday present?” I whispered back.

“Sort of…” Kim responded with a smirk and a shrug.

“Well, I’ll try not to disappoint her.” I whispered.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Kim replied flatly patting me on the knee.

I sat back to relax as the caravan of cars made their way out of town and onto the two lane highway headed toward the river. Mandy pulled down her visor and adjusted the vanity mirror so she could see in the back, adjusting it low enough so she could see my crotch between the two front bucket seats.

Now, Kathy had her hand in my lap and was playing with the hem of my swim suit. I took this to mean she was interested in something, but was too bashful to really start anything.

Seeing that I was the experienced one, I reached down and found the string on the side of her suit and slowly pulled it. I untied the right side of her suit and let the string pull the material away from her soft skin. I put my hand on her hip and gently began to slide it down her thigh, pushing the material away from her body even more as I went.

Once I had my hand nearly to her knee, I slowly stroked my fingers back up the inside of her thigh, letting then slide side to side as I worked closer to her still covered pussy. I let my fingers reach the junction of her legs and then traced the material across her mound and around to her other hip. I reached as far as I could and found the tie on the other side with my finger tips. I pulled it slowly and then began tracing the same path down that hip, dragging the material along with my hand by the string still tangled in my fingers.

By the time my hand was half way down her left leg, the bikini bottom was laying in a pile between her legs, her curly brown hair fully on display. I let the string slip from my fingers as traced down to her knee and then started my way back up, teasing the inside of her leg and thigh with my fingers until I touched her curls. She briefly clamped her legs together, capturing my hand when my fingers touched her wet lips, and then she spread them apart, letting me reach down further and stroke my fingers up and down her downy soft pussy lips.

I looked up and her head was back and her eyes closed enjoying the sensations I was causing. I gently worked my fingers between her lips, drawing moisture from her insides up and across her clit as it became more and more exposed. I continued this for some time before I felt her hand move to my lap and start squeezing my dick through my trunks. Kim took it upon herself to help Kathy out, untying my trunks and working them over my hips as I lifted off the seat slightly.

Kim pushed my trunks down my legs and pulled them off my feet as Kathy began massaging my dick with more vigor. I continued working on her clit as she leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hair smelled nice and I savored the moment and the sensual sensations as we gently stroked each other.

After a couple minutes of this soft-sided snuggling, she whispered in my ear. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Now?” I asked.

“God yes…Please…” She whispered more intently.

“Ok. bostanc─▒ escort Climb on my lap.” I said.

It took a little help from Kim, but Kathy was soon leaning between the front bucket seats, with her bare bottom resting on my lap. Kim had her lift up and she aimed my dick at Kathy’s wet pussy. Slowly she sank down on me, taking my big dick in inch by inch.

It was agonizingly slow, but I let her go at her own pace, letting her body stretch around me and expand to take as much of me in as she could. She had her legs spread around mine so I reached around her and began to massage her clit again as I slowly worked more of my dick into her tight tunnel. The massage seemed to help and she moved back on me a little more quickly, using tiny little wiggles to help work me into her.

I heard her groan as she settled fully on my dick, my fat head pressing against her cervix. I reached up with my free hand and untied the light blue string in the middle of her back, and then reached around and began to gently play with her right tit. She moaned as I stroked her nipple and her clit in time with each other. We continued this for nearly ten minutes, neither of us moving much, but me just stroking her clit and nipple.

Then, quite suddenly, she started to grind and bounce on my dick ever so slightly. After a few moments, she shrieked and practically collapsed between the seats; her body quaking and quivering. I gently pulled her back up and slid her over toward her seat, rolling my hips so I would stay inside her. Slowly she seemed to come back to focus, and realize where she was and what was happening.

“Oh my God…that felt so incredible.” She said quietly as she lay back against the door.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Did you… I mean did you, you know…”

“Cum inside you?” I said, finishing her sentence.

“Uh huh.” She said weakly.

“No.” I said, stroking her body and gently playing with her bare tits.

“Ok.” She said. “Do you want to?”

“The question is do you want me to?” I countered.

“Part of me says yes, but part of me says no.” she said.

“But I’m glad you were inside me when I came. That was so fucking incredible the way it felt….sooooo much better than one of those plastic things.”

“Well, if you’re not sure I won’t force you.” I said.

Kim piped up, “Come on Kathy! He hasn’t even really started to fuck you. So far, all you did was sit on him and let him finger you to climax.”

I held my hand up, looked at Kim and stated, “OH NO! If she said no that’s no. Don’t encourage her to do things she isn’t ready for.”

Then I leaned over and kissed Kathy gently on the lips.

“It’s fine if you’re not ready for that.” I whispered. “You still feel very good to me, and if and when you want more, you know where to find me.”

Then I rolled my hips and pulled my still hard dick from her sopping pussy. Kathy sat back-up straight and started putting her bikini back on.

Mandy leaned around the seat. “So what are you going to do with THAT?”

“I dunno. Got any ideas?”

“Fuck yeah!” Mandy said.

In a flurry of activity, she had her suit all the way off and was climbing between the seats completely naked. With some work, she turned around and faced the front seat and leaned down between the seats. She aligned her ass over my lap and Kim aimed my dick at her pussy. She quickly settled down on it with a groan.

“OHHHH FUCK YES!” she said as she bottomed out. “God you feel so big inside me.” “You think that’s big, just wait until he’s about ready to cum. Last time he came in me I thought I was sitting on a geyser.” Sue said from the front seat.

Using the backs of the front seats for leverage, Mandy began to stroke up and down my dick, bouncing her ass up and down off my thighs – driving me wild with the sensation of her hot cunt riding me.

I reached up and grabbed both her fantastic tits and started kneading them and working on her nipples between my fingers. Within a minute or so she was making a ton of noise, complete with obscenities; her orgasm quickly nearing its peak. I was getting close to going over the edge myself with the feeling of her pussy riding up and down my shaft, each stroke rubbing my cock in the most incredible way.

“Ohh that feels so good….I’m gonna cum!” I groaned through my gritted teeth.

“Oh fuck, FUCK…YES…GIVE IT TO ME!” She screamed.

Mandy continued to pound on me even harder as her body began to literally vibrate. I groaned deeply and started spouting my juice deep into her pussy. She pushed herself down on me as far as she could when she felt the first shot, and then just sat there trembling as I twisted and squeezed her nipples, my dick still pumping its cum into her pussy.

After we relaxed for a short time I started to gently tease her tits again. Their softness and heft felt good in my hands, but in reality, this was a very uncomfortable position for both of us. She disengaged from my still semi-hard dick and climbed back into the front seat, her pussy leaking a trail of cum over the SUV’s console.

Slowly, Mandy pulled her suit back on and then she said, “Jesus! That was even better than JJ said it would be. I can’t wait to find out how it feels when there is enough room to move.”

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