Letters to Purvi Ch. 02

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Anal Sex

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

I know you will have just received my earlier letter that I have mailed to you only a couple of days ago. But I have just had this most unusual sex encounter that was quite fun. As you are my only sexy pen-friend, please read all about it and then let me know what you think. In fact, please read it with Uday — then when it gets you both excited, you can have a glorious fuck-session that I hope you will write all about to me at the earliest.

First of all, I must explain that I am not a regular reader of Bombayite. I generally pick up the magazine when I pass through the airport. It is a pleasant way to pass all the lonely nights in my hotel room wherever I am. The letter I wrote to you was one of the first I had ever written in answer to an advertisement. The very first letter I ever wrote was to an adv. about a year ago, which caught my eye because of its sincerity. So I wrote the man a long sexy letter and he replied in one at least as long. So we corresponded for all this time, writing about our fantasies, our past sex partners and our experiences with them and so on. Then about three weeks ago Sunil suggested that we get together in Bombay (as he was passing through) for one night — no more. Then we could continue as pen-friends, having now had a deeper understanding of each other’s needs. I thought about it for a while and decided to go ahead — on two conditions. First, we would both be tested for AIDS and send the tests to each other. Second, I would always be in absolute control — which meant that we would always do only what I wanted to do. He agreed, and so we met the night before last, in a coffee shop of one of Bombay’s five-star hotels.

Sunil arrived almost five minutes after I had. He spotted me immediately — it would have been hard not to. I had dressed carefully, knowing what turned him on. A tight, low-cut blouse that showed plenty of cleavage, a deep red chiffon silk sari that I wore low on my hips; no bra (but a lovely pair of crotchless lace panties); and loads of jewelry that included long dangling silver earrings and a cummer-patti that showed off my waist to advantage. I was glad to see all the effect had worked — as he stood beside my table, Sunil’s trousers showed a definite bulge!

We left quickly and went to his room in the same hotel. We were both very excited and I know that Sunil was actually breathing deeply in anticipation. Once we were inside the room, with the door locked, Sunil simply came up behind me and reached around to cup a breast in each hand. As he stroked my already erect nipples through the thin blouse material, all the while kissing my neck, I almost gave in. But then I broke away and sat in a chair. I reminded Sunil of his promise — that I would be in total control. Also, I had asked him to be dressed in a particular fashion.

I must explain. Quite early in our correspondence, Sunil had sent me a photograph of his dressed only in a cute pair of red swim trunks. Now, I had asked that he wear the same or a similar pair.

Sunil grinned down at me and started stripping. I shut my eyes till I heard him call out. And there he was! Dressed only in those sexy red swim-trunks As he stood there smiling, his hands on his hips, I felt a sudden flush of warmth between my thighs as my cunt began to flow with warm juice. I looked at the unmistakable bulge in the crotch of his trunks and automatically ran my tongue over my lips.

Not trusting my voice, I waved him over. Then, placing one hand on a muscular thigh, I leaned forward and placed the flat of my other hand over the bulge, cupping it. I gasped, because it felt so hard, so large. Through the thin, stretched cloth, I could make out the outlines of a large thick tool. For a moment I enjoyed the feel of the heavy lump I held cupped in my palm, then I couldn’t wait any longer and I leant forward and pressed my lips to the warm surface. I heard Sunil gasp and felt him move a little. Then he was pressing his hips forward, trying to push as hard as he could against my mouth. I then parted my lips and licked at the lump , also using my teeth to scrape over it. Sunil groaned out aloud and I decide not to tease the poor fellow any more. After all, we both wanted the ata┼čehir escort same thing!

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his trunks and slowly peeled them downward. First there was a mass of curly black pubic hair, then — springing suddenly free, a lovely long prick, with two hairy balls swinging in their sack below! I moaned and bent and pressed my lips to the hot, throbbing head. Then, I began licking all over his cock and balls, looking over my new lover’s equipment for the first time.

Sunil is rather fair and his prick is almost milk-white in colour. Unlike my darling Rajesh, who has this very fat, long and dark tool, Sunil has a long thin cock. When at full stand, like now, it is a good 9″ long. But its most interesting part (especially when it’s up inside you) is the cockhead which is a thick knob, dark and purplish with hot blood when the tool is at full hardness.

I spent quite a while sucking Sunil’s cock, especially the cockhead. I had never been fucked by such a dong and the shape really interested me. I began the ‘butterfly stroke’ (did you try it on Uday? Hope so!)on his tool. Then Sunil groaned out again and threw his head back. I could feel his body tremble and knew he was very near to cuming.

We were both so excited by now that we could have easily cum within moments. But I was keen on having his first load of cream in my cunt, because there is nothing as powerful as the first jets of a man’s cum as it floods your hole and then leaks out. So I simply stood up and put my arms around him, thrusting my hips against him. “Fuck me!” I pleaded.

Sunil needed no further prompting. He ground his lips onto mine and parted them, immediately thrusting his wet muscular tongue into my mouth to stroke my own tongue. At the same time, he swung me around and pushed backwards, so that we toppled together onto the bed. Though I was fully dressed, that didn’t stop him. He reached down and simply pulled my saree up around my waist till my sopping wet cunt was exposed. Luckily I was wearing my favorite pair of crotchless lace panties.

I spread my legs automatically and he moved his hips into position. Panting hoarsely, I reached down and found his throbbing prick. Almost sobbing with my desire, I pointed it into my pussy. Then holding his cock in my fingers, I moved that heavy purple cockhead past the flaps at the entrance to my cunt, till I could feel it nestle just inside. “Yes, darling! Now …” I moaned into his ear.

Despite his need, Sunil wasn’t rough. Thrusting forward smoothly, his prick sank into me in one smooth motion till the hilt — I suddenly felt his balls press against me and knew he was all the way in. I dug the pointed high heels of my shoes into the mattress as I thrust almost reflexively up at him, wanting even more.

Oh, it was a lovely fuck, even though a very quick one. Each time Sunil plunged that tool back into my hole, that unusual large cockhead, feeling almost like a fist, would move inside me, pushing at the walls of my cunt. I arched my head back, gasping for air, my hair spread all over the pillows. Sunil held my breasts through the blouse and sucked at one nipple through the cloth (Luckily, I wasn’t wearing a bra!). We were both moaning and panting.

Then I knew I was cuming! “Come now, darling! Come with me!” I managed to scream as I dug my nails into his back. Sunil frantically pumped again and then, with a cry, plunged his shaft to the end in my cunt. I was rigid with the force of my orgasm, head thrown back, not moving at all, when I felt the first gob of thick cream spurt inside me. I looked up to see Sunil’s head also thrown back, his teeth clenched and the veins in his neck all standing out. And suddenly, as thick spurt after spurt of Sunil’s cum went hosing deep into me, I found myself cuming again!

We stayed locked together for a few minutes, slowly coming out of it. “That was some fantastic come!” Sunil gasped against my shoulder. “You’re easily the best fuck I’ve ever had!” Then he rolled off, and his now semi-soft prick slipped easily out of me, though I immediately began to leak a flood of our combined cum juices.

We lay there for a while, panting and trying to slowly regain our breath. I moved till my head lay against his shoulder and we lay together for a while. Then Sunil lit a cigarette and I slowly got off kad─▒k├Ây escort the bed. My clothes were in a mess. I removed my crumpled saree and skirt and peeled off the blouse, which was sticking wetly to my nipples where Sunil had tongued them through the cloth. I left all my jewelry on, even the cummer-patti (Men find it very sexy when the woman is wearing lots of jewelery — especially if it isn’t uncomfortable!). My thighs were wet with the juice that flowed from my hole, so I went into the bathroom for a moment and wiped off most of it with a towel. Then I redid my make-up and combed and brushed my hair.

When I came out, Sunil was kneeling in front of the TV. He must have heard the tinkle of my jewelry, because he now turned and grinned up at me and said he had arranged a special surprise. I was delighted when I saw what it was. He had hired a VCR that he had now hooked up to out TV. He had also brought along some of his favorite blue films, the first of which he now started to play.

On screen, a gorgeous blond woman pumped her head up and down over a giant dick. Her lips were stretched wide and she had her hair held back in one hand so that the camera could get a clear angle. The cock’s man, a muscular black stud, was leaning against a table, his head thrown back in ecstasy. The sound of sucking filled the room, filling me with a fresh wave of excitement.

Sunil was now sitting on the edge of the bed. I went to my knees before him, bent my head and took his thickening tool in my lips. I moved my head down, mouth wide open, till I had stuffed all of his dick in my mouth. Sunil grunted with pleasure and moved sideways on the bed till I could also see the screen from my position. As his tool began to thicken, it slipped out my lips, an inch at a time. And once his dong was able to stand, I it held in one hand, cupping and stroking his balls in the other, while I bobbed my head up and down, his thick cock moving rhythmically in and out of my mouth, in time with the sucking on the screen.

Oh, Purvi darling, it was so exciting! You must try this — fucking and sucking with Uday while watching a blue film! As I sucked Sunil’s dong, we could hear the amplified wet sounds of the other couple, and the other man’s groans were matched by Sunil’s soft moans of pleasure.

Suddenly Sunil pushed at my head until I let go of his dick. Then, he pulled me onto the bed. Looking at the screen, I could see the other couple move into a fucking position — a new one for me, but I lay in the same position, on my side, with one leg extended and the other lifted to give Sunil clear access to my hole. On the screen, the blonde’s face tensed and then she moaned as her partner thrust into her cunt. Almost immediately, I felt the now familiar thickness of Sunil’s dick head push into my cunt. He then matched the black thrust for thrust. And so we fucked. The soft wet sounds of Sunil’s cock in my pussy combined with the rhythmic moans of the blonde as her black stud rammed her well.

Then, they changed positions and so did we. Now it was the dog position and Sunil leant forward over my back as he thrust his dick deep and cupped and fondled my breasts as they swung below me, back and forth as each of his thrusts shook my body. I looked to the side and saw us reflected in the large mirror on the wall– I bent forward, supporting myself on a chair, legs spread wide and Sunil tight behind me, his hips pistoning in time, his hands full of my breasts. In the screen, the camera moved into a close-up of the woman’s face, showing her excitement, as she moaned softly and thrust her hips back at her lover.

Then, on screen, the black cursed and cried out “I’m coming!” The blonde immediately disengaged and turned, going to her knees before him. She took up the same fucking beat, using her hand on his cock, while she knelt before him with parted lips. And he came. A thick spurt of cum flowed out his cock and onto her lips and nose while she flicked her tongue all over the tip.

It was probably the sight of the other man cuming, because while he was still leaking cum Sunil choked out a sound and inside me I felt his cockhead buck. His hands squeezed my breasts and I quickly stood, feeling suddenly empty. I too knelt before him in the same position and pumped up and down with one hand.

Sunil groaned out and caught hold bostanc─▒ escort bayan of my head, trying to hold it steady so that he could thrust his tool deep inside. Then thick gobs of creamy white shot out of his tool–over my tongue, splashing on my cheeks. I held his cock slightly away from my face, so that I could get the creamy jet right on my tongue. I gulped and swallowed quickly, enjoying the warm thick taste of his sperm. Plenty of it was spattered on my cheeks, there was a large drop on my forehead and quite some had escaped my lips and gone over my chin.

As Sunil sank back onto the bed, panting, I visited the bathroom again to wipe my face and touch up my make-up and hair (I realised that Sunil must really have come hard–there were at least two big gobs of spunk in my hair), then came out and cuddled up in bed with Sunil. We lay and watched the TV as various other couples fucked in twos and threes, once even a foursome.

Though Sunil was relaxed and happy, I was still horny as I had been very close to my climax but had not come. So I got him to roll over on his back and devoted all my attention to his prick. I used all my skill and every trick I knew, licking all over his cock and hairy balls, running my hands all over his body. Probably as a result of all the attention I was giving his equipment combined with all the hot action he was watching, in about ten minutes Sunil’s rod began to thicken and lift till it was standing at a very respectable hardness. Not as hard as it had been the first time, but still solid enough to make any woman happy.

I glanced at the screen. The blonde woman was now astride another man and his thick prick was buried deep in her cunt. As she moved up and down, she leaned forward to another dark haired woman who was sitting with her pussy above the man’s mouth. His tongue flickered busily, licking at the dark one’s cunt. The two women kissed deeply and fondled each other’s breasts. This gave me an idea and I now sat up and threw a leg across Sunil’s thighs. Then, holding his cock in position, I lowered my cunt and sent his rod sinking deep into my already wet and hungry hole. I moaned in pleasure and began to move smoothly up and down. Up and down. Ohhh, the feeling was delightful!

Soon the threesome in the film changed position and the man moved the dark-haired woman into a dog position and began his thrusts. Beneath her, the blonde slid into place and began to play her tongue over the dark one’s oozing cunt, occasionally licking at the man’s cock. Sunil however was content to lie back and leave all the work (If you could call this work) to me. So we fucked and I soon lost myself in the rhythm, concentrating only on the delightful feelings in my cunt.

Sunil now began to groan softly with each of my thrusts. This may have been because I was now squeezing his cock repeatedly with my cunt muscles, making both our enjoyments even greater. Then, suddenly, he sat up, holding my shoulders and pushed forward gently till I was now on my back with him on top. Delighted, I drew my legs up and bent them, holding them apart with my hands. This completely exposed my drooling wet cunt to his prick, which he promptly plunged in one blinding thrust, right up to the hilt. Luckily I was really wet and the earlier fucking had loosened my pussy a little, so that his movement was not as painful as it would otherwise have been. Now his fucking was hard and fast. I threw my head back in pleasure and almost cried out as I felt my orgasm building up

I came. And threw my head back and screamed. And then Sunil thrust himself convulsively into me and I wrapped my arms around him digging my heels into his ass, pushing us closer together as I felt his come begin to spurt again deep inside my body.

It was quite a night. We spent most of the rest of the time sleeping, exhausted by our strenuous joining. And in the morning before we left for the airport (Sunil had to catch the early flight)we had a last quickie, fully clothed and standing near the room door. Oh. it was quite an experience!

I was so excited by this lovely encounter that I wanted to tell you all the details as soon as possible. And I’m going to take another print of this letter for Rajesh and show it to him–it’s certain to get him so excited that he’ll fuck me like never before!

So do write to me soon, darling. Tell me all that you think of my encounter with Sunil Do let me know what Uday thinks of it all. Now I really must end here so that I can go and change my panties, as they are soaked through!

Lots of wet kisses,


To Be Continued…

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