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Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It depicts consensual sexual acts between males of various ages, including young boys” sexual experiences with other boys and with men. It may also include – incest, sex between minors, sex between minors and adult males, and sexual fetish. If stories of this nature offend you, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if reading such stories is illegal in your location…please leave now. This is for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT only; If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s).


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(gay/adult youth) (gay/authoritarian)


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Chapter 6

Three swags are bought

(Gareth, Eugene and Colin Radcliffe: 3 victims of a sadistic father,
Alexander Saunders: a boy `punter” who eventually marries Martin Fontaine,
Nicholas Lovecraft: a rather deceptive “punter” who looked nice, but turned out to be a little brutal
Bernard Archer: a 15-year-old scout for a pimp, who runs a string of under-age rentboys)


Just to recap, our three runaways have now all met one of Matthew”s `disciples”: Gavin (Street Name: Trevor) and Sylvester (Street Name; Harvey) had met Clive, while Martin had met Rupert. Each and every one of them regularly rehearsed their password phrases. Gavin and Sylvester were each still thinking about when, or if, they would use them, while we already know that Martin has come to the conclusion that he wants to end his transient, rentboy life, and find a more positive future. Again, just to recap, the password that Clive had given, to Gavin and Sylvester, was “Turkey Clive Safety”, while Martin”s words were “Chicken Rupert Freedom”. Gavin also had a one-time emergency word, “TREMENDOUS”, plus a special phone number, through which he could contact a man named Benjamin, a man he has just spent a weekend with: a weekend that has shown him what a truly loving and respectful relationship, between a man and a boy, can be like, if the boy is truly and honestly gay. The special password, and phone number, only worked, though, if he was at or near Union Station, Toronto and could get himself, swiftly, to the giant clock, at the station, as soon as he had made such an emergency call.


Neither Trevor nor Harvey, had noticed that a black boy, of a similar age to themselves had left the station toilets just after them. Martin was thinking to himself, “That phrase, they both said, is very similar to mine, and they had the same address. I”ve made my decision but, just in case, I think that being in a group might be safer.” Martin followed the two boys to the Union Food Court, which was temporarily closed but there were a few vending machines. The boys bought a Coke each, as did Martin. Martin then said, “Hi guys, I”m new in town, do you know any places where a buddy can squat.” The two new-found friends looked across, at the boy, and tried to check Martin out. Both, though new to the streets, had developed, after five years, or so, of gay sexual experience, reasonable gaydar. Even though they had only just met, they winked at each other, and thus mutually understood that the other thought this guy was gay. Trevor said, in what most people would have found to be a strange response, to Martin”s question, “How”s it hangin”, dude?” Martin, thrown a bit, but very streetwise, after two years as a rentboy. answered back, “Long and loose and full of juice! ” Trevor then called Martin over, “We”re fairly new here ourselves, friend. Let”s go to a park and chat.” “True, let”s go!” “There”s a small park, over near CN Tower. We can hang out and have a chat. What”s your name, friend?” Martin replied using his current street name, “Roger”. The three new-found friends headed over towards the tower, it was only just over half a mile away.



Along the way, they clearly established that they were all underage rentboys; each was happy to have found the other, as all three felt that being in company was safer. It also became clear that Roger was the most experienced, streetwise, that is. He told his new buddies that he had been on the road for about two years and had been servicing a punter every three or four days: though he had lost count, he thought it must be round about 200 guys that he had had sex with, and they had been aged between 12 and 72. Most of the occasions were simple suck and fucks, most of the tricks wanted to fuck him; he had, accordingly tried to space his gigs out by 3 or 4 days, otherwise his boy-cunt and arse-rose got too sore; it was a relief, for those body parts, when an older guy just wanted a striptease or onanie (sucking), only.


Roger had also learnt some of the different slang names for young gay prostitutes, like themselves, and words related to being, or hiring, a rentboy; he shared them with Trevor and Harvey:


Mach-ho – A Spanish speaking rentboy

gloyboy – A rentboy

hustler – A gentleman of the night. often used in self-reference by absolute badonka douche lords to mean a badman making money, which is embarrassing cos it really means a rentboy.

lifting my luggage – A euphemism for indulging in homosexual sex on the sly.

fighter137 – What you call a “good boy who loves Jesus”. The famed “rentboy signature linker” on the Project Reality Forums.

lift my luggage – To firmly grasp and lift the testicles of the person you are anally penetrating. Coined after prominent anti-gay activist George Alan Rekers who hired a rentboy for a week-long sex vacation and claimed that the young man was hired to “lift my luggage.”

gaydrian – Gaydrian is a man who has embraced the habits of a gay man but has not openly admitted that he”s gay. Much like a Metro Sexual, he spends more time in the bathroom, more money on hair he pointed out that he had used many different street names, over the past two years, and that his first was Brian. You two, are the first people I have met whom I feel it is right to give my real name to; it is Martin Fontaine. In return for this obviously, risky, and special, favour, that Martin had bestowed upon these new-found friends, Trevor said, “My name is Gavin Frobisher”, and Harvey said, “And I am Sylvester Morganstern.” “Thank you, friends, I will keep your secrets safe.” Roger went on to ask if his new friends would like to hear about some of the more memorable or peculiar experiences he had had. Trevor and Harvey, more or less together, eagerly, but softly said, “YES PLEASE!”


He started by mentioning some of the places, mostly big cities, which he had been in. He said that he preferred big cities, or the outskirts thereof, where there were large truck parks, though he did note that sometimes, as a result of hitching a lift with a truckie punter, he had ended up, relatively, out in the middle of nowhere. He had also often made his bed in a barn, or on a forest floor, where he had covered himself with leaves, or made a makeshift one man lean‑to. In Denver, he had bought, a Victorinox Work Champ XL Swiss Army Knife plus a pouch to put it in, at Right Time Watches, South Colorado Boulevard, Greater Denver. He had used many of its parts, on many occasions, since. He also bought a small tarpaulin at Arvada Army Navy Surplus, 5701 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, Greater Denver. Neville had recommended that he buy the knife, plus a small tarpaulin, and had told Martin to head towards Milwaukee.


Martin”s route from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Milwaukee, Wisconsin had been –


●       Albuquerque, New Mexico

●       Colorado Spring, Colorado

●       Denver, Colorado

●       Laramie, Wyoming

●       Cheyenne, Wyoming

●       Wheatland, Wyoming

●       Casper, Wyoming

●       Rapid City, South Dakota

●       Mitchell, South Dakota

●       Sioux City, Iowa

●       Omaha, Nebraska

●       Des Moines, Iowa

●       Rochester, Minnesota

●       Minneapolis, Minnesota

●       Duluth, Minnesota

●       Green Bay, Wisconsin

●       Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Once he was at the Great Lakes big cities, he had visited many of them, including –


●       Milwaukee, Wisconsin

●       Chicago, Illinois

●       Grand Rapids, Michigan

●       Green Bay, Wisconsin

●       Detroit, Michigan

●       Toledo, Ohio

●       Cleveland, Ohio

●       Erie, Pennsylvania

●       Rochester, New York

●       Syracuse, New York

●       Albany, New York


He had found that he had been wont to take a month to go from Milwaukee to Albany. He would then give himself a `holiday” for a week or two, during which times he had enjoyed a couple of weeks in New England in the autumn of 2019 (even scored a few tricks), and had also visited New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston. He had even developed a few regular `clients”, whom he would service once every other month.


●       Martin”s lift out of Denver had taken him north, but a little further west than he would have liked. He, therefore, sought a lift east, but only went as far as Cheyenne. His next lift took him due north, to a ranch near Wheatland. It turned out the truck driver, Jeremy, was a friend with the rancher, who was now a single father, after his wife had died in 2017. The truck driver had, of course, had a good suck and fuck with Martin when he had taken a detour off the main road at East Bear Creek Road, which then led him on to Windmill Road (where he stopped about halfway along) and Lone Tree Road, in order to get back on to the main road at Chugwater. Jeremy had finally left the main road, again, a few miles south of Wheatland, and went to Y-O Ranch. There Martin found the rancher, Kevin and his three sons, Colin (12), Eugene (14), and Gareth (16). Kevin had been looking forward to Jeremy”s arrival, as they had, over the phone, and by e-mail, planned a gay inter-generational orgy for the night of his stay. For the three boys, this was not new; Kevin had been arranging a few orgies since their mother had died. Kevin and the boys were already only wearing their underwear, wool-lined slipper boots, and dressing gown, as they stood at the front of the ranch house, when Jeremy drew up. Martin was also still in the state he had been in since the session at Windmill Road, naked. Jeremy had left him in the back cabin, with a blanket over him. Jeremy jumped down and strode across to his old friend, Kevin and gave him a big hug, which he then repeated with the three boys. Having thus properly greeted all his friends, he said, “I found a little black whore along the way; he says he”s just 11-years-old and has run away from home a few weeks ago. He sure is a good fuck.”  “Bring him in, the more the merrier!”

Jeremy then called Toby down. Toby duly climbed on down, naked as he was. Jeremy and his boys were open-mouthed at the sight of this stunning, little example of male pulchritude. Colin and Eugene ran forward and each took hold of one of Toby”s hands. The group then walked in together. Jeremy said that he felt that he, and Toby, could both do with a shower before they got down to `business”. The father and sons agreed. Gareth led Jeremy to the double shower in his room, where he would help to wash the truck driver, while Colin and Eugene took Toby to their double shower (that is double adult size that is, three young boys aged 11 to 14 could fit in easily.

Gareth, the 16-year-old, gave Jeremy a good wash and properly dealt with his back and package. Colin (12) and Eugene (14), who had a little less self-control each gave Toby a few good French kisses and also properly washed his back and package. A short while later all the boys and Jeremy, ALL now dressed in just underwear, wool‑lined slipper boots, and dressing gown, joined Kevin in the games room. This games room was fitted with multiple crucifixes, multiple slings, and multiple fuck benches plus various sex toys from anal beads (of various sizes) to butt plugs, cock cages, gags, scrotum weights, and paddles.

Jeremy then addressed them all. “Firstly, you boys, it is time for your regular punishments. Have you brought your lists?” The boys all nodded. “Toby, I think we can select an appropriate lot of toys for you to endure. As there are 4 boys this time, I think that we can share you out, 2 for me, and 2 for Kevin. Colin and Eugene, I”ll take you and Kevin, you take your eldest son and Toby.” Kevin nodded in agreement.


Colin (12) and Eugene (14) took off their dressing gowns, placed them over the chairs at their undressing spots, slipped out of their warm ugg boots, and were led by Jeremy to their crucifixes; these were places where they had been put regularly, and many times, over the last year or so. Jeremy tied them up there, by their wrists and ankles. As usual, the youngest was started with first, as he tended to be the one who had been the naughtiest. First, a gag was inserted and tied in place, it would be necessary, the little boy would probably be crying quite quickly, and his underpants were yanked down. Anal beads were pushed into his tight boy-cunt, in order to loosen the chute. They were pushed in and pulled out many times, at least a dozen, and now Colin was definitely crying. A butt plug was then inserted and strapped in place. Eugene was then gagged and now also received the anal beads treatment, these beads were markedly larger than the ones used on his younger brother, in fact, this was the first time he had been required to endure this bigger size as he had had his 14th birthday just 10 days earlier. For Eugene, as he was older, Kevin had decided that his middle son could cope with a score of in-outs of the beads. Even `big boy” Eugene started crying when the count was at 10, only halfway there. A butt plug was then inserted and strapped in place.


Colin and Eugene were now left there on their crucifixes, to watch their father deal out similar treatment to Toby (11) and Gareth (16). Toby and Gareth took off their dressing gowns, placed them over the chairs at their undressing spots, slipped out of their warm ugg boots, and were led by Kevin to their two şişli travesti crucifixes. Kevin tied them up there, by their wrists and ankles. First, a gag was placed in Gareth”s mouth and tied in place and his underpants were yanked down. Anal beads were pushed into his boy-cunt, in order to loosen the chute. They were pushed in and pulled out many times, at least thirty, and now Gareth was also crying. A butt plug was then inserted and strapped in place.


Finally, Kevin turned to their `guest”. He was the youngest, so they needed to go carefully, but these two men were still going to get their jollies, even though they knew that they would have to pay this `victim”. Toby”s underpants were yanked down and Colin”s back-up anal beads were now used on the small black boy. Kevin decided that, as he was going to be paying this boy, he would also be given a score of in-outs of the beads. Toby, in a sign of machismo, decided he would not cry. After the anal beads punishing of Toby had occurred, Kevin `spat” these words at Toby, “Who do you think you are, you little black boy-bitch, street-whore? Why didn”t you cry? Do you think you”re better than them? Well, street trash, let me assure you, you are the lowest of the low. You are being given a great privilege, today, to watch me punish my naughty children, so cry, just like Jeremy and I are expecting you to.”


At this Toby did start crying, not to satisfy these two men, but because, deep down, he had come to realise what he had let himself in for. Whilst some of the sex was fun, he now realised that there were men, out here in the real world, who took deep pleasure in hurting young boys, and maybe even killing them.


Jeremy now spoke up, “It”s now time to turn your booties red, and then crimson.” I”ve looked at all these notes and I have decided, Colin – 30 whacks with the paddle, Eugene – 25 strokes of the cane, Gareth – 25 lashes with the whip, and, as for you, Toby- 15 strokes of each, paddle, cane, and whip. Jeremy and Kevin proceeded in parallel, while Jeremy was paddling Colin, Kevin was whipping Gareth, then Jeremy caned Eugene and Kevin did his `worst”, i.e., his best on Toby”s petite tushy, which was well-damaged by the time he had finished.


Each of the boys was now led, by their `master” across to a sling, which they were lifted into with their arms and legs stretched out and tied up, but this time even more widely than they had been so tied on the crucifixes. Cock cages were applied to each boy, leather ones for Colin and Eugene, whilst the cages, for Gareth and Toby, were metal. Scrotum weights of appropriate weight, by age, were then applied to each boy, Colin – 8 oz of split steel weights, Eugene – 16 oz of split steel weights, Gareth – 24 oz of split steel weights, and Toby- 6 oz of split steel weight. Both Jeremy and Kevin then, after removing the boy”s butt plug, fucked each boy. The boys were also blindfolded. There were thus four 8-minute fucks done on each boy, at the end of which the boy who had just been fucked also received a dozen willy whippings –


Round 1 – Kevin topped and willy-whipped Toby, Jeremy topped and willy-whipped Colin

Round 2 – Kevin topped and willy-whipped Gareth, Jeremy topped and willy-whipped Eugene

Round 3 – Kevin topped and willy-whipped Colin, Jeremy topped and willy-whipped Toby

Round 4 – Kevin topped and willy-whipped Eugene, Jeremy topped and willy-whipped Gareth



At least each boy did get an 8-minute break between their poundings, but could not even see what was going on to which other boy, though they could have some idea by recognising each different boy”s voice, at least so far as the voices could be recognised through all the screaming, wailing, sobbing and crying that was emanating from each boy. These sounds were, of course, music to the ears of these two sadists who revelled in inflicting pain on under-age boys.


After their just over half-an-hour ordeal in the slings, they were transferred to the fuck benches. These looked like vaulting horses that one might find in a gymnasium, but they were shorter in length (the length being made in various sizes to suit the average chest height for different boy”s ages) and lower, to match the standing height of an average man. The heights were slightly adjustable. Near the bottom of each corner of the bench, there were rings into which the fuckee”s hands and feet could be tied or cuffed.


This time each boy was skewered, with both men taking turns, with each boy, at each end, i.e., each boy, in their turn was both sucking Jeremy and being fucked by Kevin, followed by being fucked by Jeremy, and being sucked by Kevin.


Round 1 – Colin, by now, a complete and utter, total sobbing wreck

Round 2 – Eugene, by now, a thoroughly used and abused, whimpering wretch

Round 3 – Gareth, by now, a thoroughly angry and put-upon, blubbering blighter

Round 4 – Toby, by now, a thoroughly nigh-on destroyed, whimpering vagrant


Martin then recalled that Trevor and Kevin undid them all and laid them all, in a heap of human flotsam, on to a large pile of supersize bean bags. A little while later, Kevin came in and threw an envelope of money at Toby”s feet. “There you are tramp, there”s $1,000 for your pains. Stay with the boys for a while, and then go out via that blue door, pointing into a dark corner of the room; your things, from Jeremy”s truck, are outside. The boys then comforted, massaged, smoothed, stroked, and kissed each other until they had regained their composure. Martin said, “Well, brothers, in pain, I must leave you. I”m sorry I can”t take you with me. Colin, you will be an adult, in only a couple of years, but I think, especially after what you have been mumbling to yourself, Oh, YES, I heard you, words like `if only” and `only 2 years to go”, I can trust you with this special piece of information but, please, you must remember it, not write it down. All 3 boys promised to do just that. Once you are 18, Colin, decide when you wish to escape, and, no earlier than 10 days before your decided date, write to this address, in Albuquerque; Toby, C/- Brian, PO Box 28123, Albuquerque NM 87125 with just the one word, on a single sheet of paper, in the envelope REMEMBER. Then work out a plan, as to how you and your brothers can escape, and make your way to Albuquerque, don”t have any contact with truck drivers, try to actually use the Greyhound Bus.” Colin interrupted, “Yes, there”s a Greyhound bus to Albuquerque, goes past here, just after midnight on Wednesdays and Saturdays; by that time of night Kevin is long gone. Ever since our mother died, he”s turned into a drunk, a bully, and a sadist!



I”ve been planning for many months now, ever since our father started abusing us. I know where he keeps our birth certificates, and I”ve been hiding money, in a spot that he doesn”t know about, change from shopping errands, and even some tips I”ve got from other local farmers plus, you might be surprised, the $100 notes, which he gives us after each of these sessions – I get 1, Eugene is given 2 and Colin receives 4. We all agreed, quite some time ago, that I should hoard it for our escape trip; you are a real godsend, Toby.” They each leant over and gave Toby yet another big kiss and Colin, for a reason he didn”t really understand, bent his head down further and sucked Toby”s cock. Toby was so exhausted he could not get a stiffy, in response, but he appreciated the gesture; both Eugene and Colin followed on and did the same – in a way the older boys felt ashamed that they hadn”t taken the lead. “OK, OK, you”re making me blush. Let”s get back to my instructions. When you get to Albuquerque, post a letter to that PO Box, using the addressee “Friend of Brian”, as opposed to “Toby, C/- Brian”, which is the addressee words you use on the letter to me. Do not send the letter to the friend of Brian until you are in Albuquerque, in fact, the best thing is that you post the letter, in the post office, where the PO Boxes are. Before you post that letter, find a quiet spot in Albuquerque where you can hang out, during the day. In that letter, just write `Toby has told us REMEMBER and that we need to come to you. We hang out at {your chosen place} between {a 2-hour daytime period}. We are all wearing the same style yellow shirt. Signed Colin, Edward, and Gareth”. In that last line, I want you to each write your names in your own writing, please, and don”t make that time longer; you must be very careful and not draw attention to yourselves, as soon as you have fled. There is a fair chance that I will have received your letter, before you arrive in Albuquerque, but I can”t promise it. Anyway, within a day, a person, probably a man, but I can”t promise that, as I”ve never met this person myself, will approach you (your yellow shirts will stand out, I”m sure). They are something you need to buy during the next two years, from now, but don”t ever wear them here in Wheatland. Keep them for that special time in Albuquerque. This person, who approaches you, will say one of two things: if I have received your letter, he, or she, will say, precisely, “Toby sent me”, if I have not received your letter they will say, precisely, “Brian sent me”. If the person does not use one of those two precise 3‑word‑phrases, walk away and try another day. If you do as I have said, I will see you again one day, and you will be safe. Anyway, I better hit the road.” More teary hugs and goodbyes were said and Colin, particularly, clung on to Toby, as though he was his mother come back to life, but, eventually, after about 15 minutes, Toby did go out through the blue door, with all hoping that sometime after the 12th of January 2020, they would all meet each other again.



As a postscript to that story, you might like to know that I did receive the REMEMBER letter on the 2nd of February, this year, and that all three boys are now living safely together, with Colin having been made the legal guardian of his two younger brothers. My friend has told me that they are out west, on the other side of the Rockies. Colin”s action was really a trigger for my own decision, but I”ll tell you more of that later. I also hear that Trevor and Kevin had been so cocky, about what they were doing, that they secretly filmed every session, and kept the movies for the enjoyment of themselves and their friends. As a result of Rupert”s anonymous calls, to Crime Stoppers USA, Kevin”s place had been searched, the films found, Kevin and Trevor, plus about half a dozen other friends of theirs, had been arrested and were now serving long terms of imprisonment.


●       Another incident started, mid-afternoon, on a Thursday; the next day, Friday, happened to be my 12th birthday. By now, sex had, mostly, just become a living, a necessary, dirty, quite often uncomfortable, job. This was my birthday weekend though, and I was still only a 12-year-old boy, after all. I wanted to try to find a comfortable pad for a long weekend, and a punter that was nearer my age, maybe a late teenager, or somebody in their 20s. Guys that young tended to be mainly into vanilla sex, or only mild BDSM if any. I found myself in Rochester, New York, a place I had been in 4 or 5 times before; I didn”t normally hang around that place long, because though it was full of rich punters, it was a very much a white area and I did stand out a bit. I normally took recourse to cottaging, a little risky, police danger, eh, but I had learnt the signs by now; some rich white guys like to play with a little black meat, from time to time, and they pay well for it. Ellison Park, about 4� miles east of downtown Rochester, has some of the best bathrooms in town. I was in the area of the park and got the urge to pee. I went to the washroom, stood at the urinal, pulled the General out, and started to let go; after a few seconds, a Jewish boy, aged about 15, wandered in, took his dong out and also started to pee. Remember, I”m trying to relax, not search for a punter, but, on the other hand, if I thought the guy was `safe”, I was up for a gig. I was beginning to just dribble, gave it a little shake, put it away, and started to pull up my zip. I don”t know why, possibly because the guy was taller than me, I looked up, and was just in time to see the signs that he had been watching me. Putting on the best swagger that a boy on the last day of his twelfth year could, I stared straight into the boy”s green eyes and snapped, “What the?” The boy quickly put his away too and said, “Sorry dude, I”ve never seen a black boy”s cock before, and I think I”m gay.” “Don”t worry, I”m gay too, let”s go and get a coke and ice cream.” The boy visibly relaxed, we stood at two neighbouring washstands, washed our hands and then walked out together. We might have been a big brother/little brother couple from one of those junior high school programs, which you may have heard of. We found an ice cream cart and moved a short way away to a park bench in a slightly secluded spot.


This boy, between 2 and 3 years older than me, was clearly still a bit shaken, and embarrassed, so after we had both taken a sip and licked our ice cream once, I started our conversation, “Firstly, you”re quite safe, I”ll not run to the cops or do anything to harm you. In fact, I am the one who would be in worse trouble than you. My name is William, what”s yours, feel free to give me a pseudonym, if you wish. It”s just easier to have a chat where we have exchanged names.” New to the scene, and naive as he was, he just blurted out, “My name is Alexander Saunders. My parents died, in a car crash, when I was young; my aunt raised me. We lived in rural New York, just outside Alfred, about eighty miles south of here. I have come up to Rochester, a few months early, so I can settle into my late parents” town penthouse before going to the Integrated Arts and Technology High School, in the fall. In truth, the penthouse is mine (I was an only child), but it”s in trust, with my aunt, until I turn 21; that”s cool with me, she makes sure the bills are paid and I receive a generous allowance for food, clothing, and entertainment. I was just out for a walk, this sunny July afternoon, felt the need to pee, and thus met you.”


Here his breath ran out and he began to pant and, also, to weep a little. I think I understood what he was going through, coming out, even to someone who has told you he is also gay, can be very stressful, but, heh, I don”t need to tell that to you guys, dah. “It”s OK, darling, just let it all out.” “Well, when I”ve been in the school changing rooms, I”ve found myself looking at the other guy”s cocks, and when I”m at home, in my bedroom, with the door locked, jerking off, it is my school mates” woodies that I find myself thinking of, not a girl”s tits and pussy. I even once took part in a circle jerk, a bit over a year ago, when I was only 14; there was one guy, Godfrey, who, even at that young age, sported a 10″ phallus. They were all white guys in my school, and my aunt has screening software, but I recently chanced on a short video of an adult black man, and white man, making out, and it really made me hard; I had one of the best cums yet, when I wanked to that vid. Ever since then I”ve been looking for a chance to meet a black boy, or young man, and do some rumpy-pumpy. Today I took a chance, I saw you go into the beylikdüzü travesti bathroom; you appeared a little dishevelled, so I thought you might be a street kid who would welcome some cash.” “You”re right, I normally do, but tomorrow is my 12th birthday and I was just trying to have a quiet day, maybe even buy a good big lunch at McDonald”s, and just simply hang out; maybe go to a museum or two and then resume, my trade, next week.” Well, William, if you want to earn a lot of money whilst also having a truly fun time, in exchange for some basic gay sex, just say so, and we”ll head off to the penthouse. There”s a private lift, so nobody will see you come and go.”


William gave this request a little thought and, even though he was the younger one, he was feeling a bit sorry for this young Jew. He said, “OK, Alexander, let”s do it. I have to collect my bag from Delta Sonic, Main Street; after that I”m yours, so to say.” “That”s a short distance from the penthouse, let”s go.” Alexander called a taxi, and, within 20 minutes, William”s bags were collected and the taxi dropped them off around the corner from the penthouse. Alexander took hold of William”s hand, picked up William”s bag, and led his new-found friend to his pad.



Once they entered, Alexander said, “I”ll show you around.” The penthouse was quite large and he didn”t want William to hurt himself in the middle of the night when he was looking for the loo, or a glass of milk. Alexander contrived to end up their tour at the main bedroom. He opened the door, walked in, and sat down on the King Size bed. He then summoned William, to join him, on the bed, by wiggling his right index finger, in a come here gesture, and by patting the bed with his left hand. William immediately understood. He sat beside Alexander and put his arm around the boy. Alexander then said, with a sob in his voice, “That”s where my script ends, please help me go on from here. My cock”s already hard and in need of release.” William gently pushed Alexander backwards and then lay down beside him. “Let”s kick our shoes off, and shift up the bed, I”m sure we will be more comfortable.” Alexander smiled and, within seconds, two fully clothed, junior high school, boys were lying beside each other.


William knew he had to take the lead. He turned Alexander towards himself and placed a good kiss on Alexander”s lips. Within seconds he had also unzipped Alexander and fly-fished out his hard-on. William kissed Alexander and they then simply smooched for about half-an-hour. Alexander did, though, after about ten minutes of kissing, unzip William and fly-fished his lovely black dong out into the open air; William was much relieved and continued the kiss with even more enthusiasm.


William eventually pulled back a little and suggested, “Canoodling like this is quite enjoyable but being naked would make us each more comfortable and open up so many possibilities, don”t you think?” “Of course.” “It is also quite mutually stimulating if we undress each other, just like each of us has already helicoptered each other”s peckers. Shall I begin?” “Please do, I”m the learner here!” Both boys had polo shirts on, so William started to slowly roll Alexander”s shirt. On the way he kissed and licked Alexander”s inny, he also kissed, licked and nibbled both nipples, and finally slipped it over Alexander”s head and his raised arms. Once the shirt was off, and before Alexander had put his hands down, William also kissed and licked his armpits. Alexander was grinning from ear to ear and his stiffy was already ramrod hard. Alexander then copied all of William”s actions on William. Alexander whispered, “This is so fucking good, for me to be undressing such a handsome, and desirable, black boy, is exhilarating.” “You”re welcome”. William then moved to Alexander”s lower parts; first he slipped his lover”s socks off and then undid Alexander”s belt, and slipped it out of the trousers. William then undid the trousers top button and pushed the zip down. He then gently pulled Alexander”s zip down; Alexander eagerly propped his bum up to help William undress his new friend. William tenderly fondled Alexander”s tumescence and then lay back for Alexander to do the same to him.



William then lightly grasped Alexander”s firmness and with a light and soft touch, tenderly slipped it back inside Alexander”s underpants and said, “Let”s pause here, canoodling with one”s lover, when all they have on is their singlet and undies, can be very stimulating. After a short while, William moved back into the 69 position and said, “Sucking a cock through underwear is normally very stimulating for both lovers.” He then went down on Alexander, and Alexander did the same for William. After about ten minutes both boys” jocks were quite wet, both with saliva and pre-cum. William, again leading, whispered, “I think we better take these off now”, and proceeded to gently pull Alexander”s jocks off; Alexander did the same for William. Cocks were then returned to each other”s mouths and William showed Alexander some basic techniques of fellatio, including: –


●       Licking up and down the shaft

●       Careful and sensitive licking of the glans

●       Inserting the end of one”s tongue in the piss slit

●       Licking the scrotum with just one or both testicles in the mouth

●       Taking one”s lover”s boner all the way in so that it goes down the throat

●       Good techniques to avoid gagging


After about 15 minutes, Alexander couldn”t hold back anymore and he shouted, “I”m cumming!”; William, of course, slid his mouth back up the shaft so he could taste his lover”s sweet cum. While Alexander”s cock was softening, he slipped William”s cock out of his mouth and said, “I”m sorry, William, but I don”t think I”m ready for what you just did to me. Would you please just cum on my chest and I will try some from there.” William moved to kneel over his lover and Alexander firmly wanked William until he came. He then put his index finger in the cum and picked up some. He tasted it, and he cooed, “How sweet. Sweet gifts from a sweet boy. Now William, would you please turn over so I can have a proper look at your tukhus.” William obliged and braced himself to be fucked, but, much to his pleasure, Alexander said, “Look I”ve heard about anal sex, but I really don”t want to do that, at least not just now, and probably not for a long time yet!” William said, “Thank you, Alex, I am really developing special feelings for you, and I warmly esteem you for making such a decision.”



Alex looked at William”s tukhus and, with a lump in his throat, observed, “I see some welts and bruises here. What has happened to you, my dearest?” “Sadly, many of my clients enjoy spanking me, especially because I am black. I earn extra money from being spanked, but I don”t enjoy it. You and I are, I feel, strongly warming to each other, so I hope you don”t want to do the same!” “Never, never, little one, I just wanted to feel your tukhus, that is all”. “It”s OK if you do a little more than that, Alex, in fact, I would enjoy the light caress of your hands, on my backside. Lie down on your front and I”ll show you.” Alexander did just that and William bent over and kissed his tukhus all over. “I just need to get some nice soothing baby oil from my bag, you will enjoy it.” William then massaged Alexander all over the back and his tukhus; he then squeezed Alex”s buttocks in a variety of gentle ways and even, with a soft and light touch, played pat-a-pat on Alex”s backside. He then suggested to Alex that he now do the same to him, entreating him to please at least do the massage part as his ass was still stinging a bit, from a full-blown spanking, and walloping, that a punter had given him 5 days before. Alex proceeded to do a thoroughly good job of massaging his new lover, and even wept a little more, at the sight of the marks on William”s tukhus.


After Alexander had made a good dinner, which they both heartily enjoyed, whilst sitting naked at the dining room table, these two junior high school lads, now lovers, then returned to bed. They were both now quite tired and fell asleep in each other”s adoring arms. On Friday morning they both woke sporting wholesome woodies. William went straight down on Alexander and then they moved around into a comfortable 69 position. Both boys came quite quickly and then rushed, together, to the bathroom; holding each other”s spouts, they both produced long, warm flows: Alexander, taking the lead for the first time, bent his head down and kissed William on his forehead, “William, darling, you are a blessing from heaven, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Many Happy Returns. Let”s have breakfast and discuss what we will do together until Monday morning.”


After washing their hands, they headed off, hand in hand, to the kitchen. A scrumptious breakfast of Corn Flakes with Cold Milk, Chocolate Milk, Beef Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Rye Toast, Pancakes and Cream was prepared by Alexander and well enjoyed by both boys.


During breakfast, William shared a few stories of what he had been doing over the previous year. Quite a few tears were shed, by both boys, as some of William”s reflections were quite harrowing; Alexander had said, more than once, “No more of that one, tell me about something more agreeable”. William would then try to remember some happier times and tell Alexander about some of the nice countryside he had seen, through his wanderings between Wisconsin and New York, and back again, plus the rambling walks he had often taken in his year-long journey. He had certainly built up quite some fitness through his many miles of walking.



After the breakfast dishes had been put away, Alexander spoke up, and endearingly said “Well, William, this is your birthday weekend. What do you want to do?” “Well, I had thought of a big birthday lunch at McDonald”s, a nice birthday cake, and I have seen some signs about The Strong National Museum of Play; after all, despite my new, often yucky, life, I am not yet even a teenager, I”m still a kid. Other than that, simply finding you has answered most of the rest of my list, which basically, really, only had three other items – a big soft bed, a deep long soak in a bath with nice-smelling salts, and a good massage with nice oils.”


Benjamin then said, “Well, we can, definitely, do all of that. Just touching your body is so thrilling, let alone a soothing massage. Other than the Strong Play Museum there are four other kid-friendly museums in Rochester: – the George Eastman Museum, of film and photography, the National Susan B. Anthony Museum a request that pleased Alex, so that is exactly what they did. Martin left midday Monday before Alex”s cleaners arrived; their parting was full of honest tears, and the longest French kiss and hug that either of them had yet experienced in their relatively short lives. Martin declined Alex”s offer to pay him, “No, Alex, you have given me a 12th birthday long weekend, that was way beyond that which my imagination could ever have imagined. I have truly fallen in love with you, my dearest, darling. You are much more than a nice Jewish boy; you are my lover. I know I will need to be on the game for a while yet, but I also know I have a way out, in the long run.” Martin revisited Alex four more times over the next year and their secret love became truly close. Alex felt bad every time he would say au revoir to Martin, but both knew that, for now, there were practicalities, which both boys needed to take into account. If ever Martin felt uncomfortable, with a punter, he just brought, to mind, the happy memories of Alex, and that saw him through. Let alone seeing Alexander, about once a quarter, they also agreed to a plan whereby Martin would send a postcard, every Friday, to Alexander. If Alexander didn”t receive the card, he was to send an express registered letter to the “Friend of Brian”, with the simple words “Brian is in trouble, send the cavalry, last heard of in {name of the place where the previous card had been heard from}. Alexander, Rochester, New York”. That lifeline has never been used, but the simple act of sending that weekly card, to my lover, has certainly kept me going all these months.



●       One day Martin found himself idling the day away by one of the Great Lakes; it was four days since he last tricked and so he was on the prowl, so to say. His rambling took him to a place where some rowing teams from the Great Lakes Region of the ACRA National Championship Regatta were competing, so he lay back on the grass, resting his head on his knapsack, to watch. After a couple of hours, I really needed to pee, so I looked around for a loo. I saw a likely building just nearby and, carrying my sack, I went in; I missed seeing the sign about rowing crews only, though.


Just as I was finishing, this boy, who didn”t look much older than me, came in and found me. He turned out to be the 16-year-old coxswain of the team; he screamed at me, “What are you doing, this crapper”s for the team only.” “Sssss…orry Sssss…ir, I was getting desperate and I”m not from around here, I didn”t know.” Gesticulating, nay nigh on screaming, he pointed at the sign beside the door, “Can”t you read?” “I ddddd…didn”t see the sign.” “Well, I think you better come along and see our captain, and we”ll see what he has to say.”


I quickly stuffed my dick away, as he grabbed me, by my wrist, and, more or less, dragged me to the changing rooms, which were next door. “Skip, look what I found in the crapper!” “What have we here, then?” “Sssss…orry Sssss…ir, I ddddd…didn”t see the sign.” In front of me there was a room of naked and half-naked young men, aged between 16 and 20, plus a couple of older men, who were aged in their late 30s or 40s; including the cox, skip, crew members, and towel boys, plus the coach and his assistant. What the cox and skip didn”t realise was that my keenly observant eyes, particularly tuned, to certain signs, after over a year on the road, had seen multiple, nigh on concealed, symbols. I decided to play along, at the end of my “play”, if things all went well, I could be between 500 and 1000 smackers richer.


“Is there anything I can do to make a true apology for my mistake? I”m only 12 years old but I am sure you can come up with something I could do to satisfy your need to properly punish my error.” The coach then spoke up, “Be careful, skip, this could be a trap.” Skip was by now deaf to those wiser words, though; he had his blood up. “OK, squirt, I want you to go round, on your knees, and kiss both feet of every person here, PLUS, kiss the piss slit of every man here.” “Please, please, sir, I”ve never done anything like that, I”m a good boy, really. My late mother would roll in her grave.” “Either that or we hand you over to the groundsman and, I suspect, he will hand you over to the police, which I strongly suspect you would not like.” Skip, and all the others were soon to learn what type of “good boy” I was. “OK, OK, I”ll do it.” Plan stage 1 accomplished. With a show of reluctance (which was really false reluctance), addressing each person with a string of apologies, I went round to each person, and did as agreed. At the end Martin stood up with a wry smirk, stage 2 was now to istanbul travesti be ventured.



“Are you satisfied, skip?” “I suppose so, get out of here, you young tramp.” “Well, I”m not! I tell you this, if you don”t now do what I ask, your whole team, and the coaches, will not see the outside of a jail cell until you”re all over 30, and the coaches will probably be over 60 before they are out, that is if you all survive a modern men”s jail.” “What are you saying, none of us will tell.” “But, I will; I think the authorities will take a dim view of your idea of how you have dealt with a 12-year-old, who simply missed a sign, which was above his eye line and not in very big print, and went for a pee, when he was desperate. I have a friend to whom I write, at least every Friday. If he doesn”t receive that card, he sends up a balloon that will bring a squad of cavalry, down on this area, that would put shame to the army units we landed at Iwo Jima, in 1945.” “OK, OK, whippersnapper, what do you want?” Hook baited!


“I have seen that you all have a gay symbol, somewhere on your clothing or gear. I want you to loosen me up, and I mean well and truly loosen me. It”s been a couple of weeks since I was skewered. I want you to break up into pairs and every pair skewer me, with each person, in each pair, both being sucked by me, and fucking me. At the end, you will pay me a minimum of $500 for my silence, and, if the coaches skewer me, the price will be $1,000. It will be a great way for you to celebrate your win, eh.” A few were reluctant, but skip, and the coaches, quickly found the $1,000. The money having been placed in my rucksack, which I duly locked up, I performed a sexy striptease and assumed the position, after having well-lubed up my ass. Seven double skewerings, plus quite a bit of pain, on my part (not all of which was fake – some of those guys had real chodes), and nearly three hours later, I left that room well done, so to say. Some of those guys certainly knew how to rim and finger well. I, of course, did not send up the balloon and I have even had a few repeat sessions with a few of those guys, on their own, since.


●       The old ladies in Mitchell, South Dakota (as recounted in Chapter 5).


●       More than once, two truck drivers had skewered him and taken turns with each end, while he was tied up. Such tricks weren”t the most sexually exciting, and were, in fact, a little painful, but he tended to earn anything between $500 and $1,000 on such occasions.



●       The last trick I was paid for was what broke the camel”s back for me, so to say. He was a 40-year-old man who seemed quite nice, when I met him in the burger bar. Things changed significantly when we got home. As soon as we got behind his closed front door, his tone completely changed, “Strip, bitch, get those duds off before I rip them off you.” He then picked me up and dumped me face up on the large sofa lounge, which was right there a few feet inside the front door. He didn”t show any interest in my arse, backside, tits or any other erogenous zone, except my penis. First, he willy-whipped me with various sizes of both willy-whip, and normal whip. He then tied me to the bed in a crucifix position and proceeded to play with my cock; first, he inserted a 380mm Super Long Beaded Urethral Dilator, and slid it up and down inside my urethra, then he used a Stainless-Steel Urethral Sounding Rod Penis Plug and finally Stainless-Steel Urethral Dilator Penis Plugs, which ranged in size from 4 mm – 12 mm thick (I could only bear up to the 8mm size, even so, I was uncontrollably sobbing and begging for mercy by then). He said that he had bought the implements from AliExpress. He said I had been a good boy, had given him great pleasure, and that I was a good little boy whore. After that, he drove me back to where he had picked me up and paid me $1,000. A big payday, yes, but one step too far. I have not sought a trick since and, fortunately, neither of the PRIDE truck drivers, whom I approached, asked anything of me. In fact, they both did the exact opposite, fed me, let me sleep in their cabins (fully clothed in my pyjamas – they didn”t even watch me change), escorted me to the washroom, made sure nobody followed me, and gave me $500 each. They both said, “This is to tide you over, stay clean, stay safe, you will be contacted very soon.” I approached the second driver, in a different parking area, after I hadn”t heard anything for three days, even though I had been told it could take up to a week, for Rupert to find me. I suppose I was getting quite scared, despite two years on the road, on my own, as a rentboy. Anyway, I am here now; hopefully, I”ll be safe soon.


By the time that Martin had finished his accounts, both Gavin and Sylvester were having second thoughts about this life on the road as a rentboy, but they also knew that there was no way back for either of them. Gavin spoke up and said, “While I”ve not been on the road, like you, Martin, I have done quite a few years, as an underage gay sex model for videos, and, yes, some of the experiences were a bit hairy, but, heh, I”m still here ain”t I?” “Well, boys, all I can do is share my experiences and you take it from there. Look I”ll stay with you for a few days, after that I”m going to an address, which I”ve been given, and you can come with me, or go your own way, it”s up to you.” Sylvester then said, “Let”s at least try to find a safe corner somewhere and get some sleep.” They scouted around, found a good spot, which showed no signs of it already being in use, pooled their resources to make an adequate covering for all of them, snuggled up together and decided to cement their friendship by doing a 3‑way‑ suck, with much switching, and a bit of rimming; after an hour or so, of enjoyable twink sex, they drifted off to sleep.



In the morning, they went to the McDicks that Gavin had been patronising, with Benjamin; while they ate, Gavin and Sylvester recounted a bit more of their recent lives. Gavin recounted a bit of his past weekend, while Harvey talked of running away from beatings. Just as they were finishing their feed, Gavin whispered in Sylvester”s ear. Martin wondered what was going on, but said nothing; he was streetwise enough to know not to pry, even when the three new friends had already shared so much. Gavin then, speaking quietly, as though the small group was a secret brotherhood, “Martin, yesterday you said you were going to an address. Is that address `55 Locarno Street, Brampton”?” Martin now knew, inside himself, that he had made a correct choice. “Yes, so you two have also met a friend of Matthew”s. Yesterday, in the toilet, I overheard the whispering of your phrases, so I took a calculated risk, and followed you. I have a similar phrase to yours, `”Chicken Rupert Freedom” and the same address. Thank you for your sharing; I think we should try to buy some swags. Our make-do of shared sleeping bags, last night, was OK, but swags are more spacious, warmer and even a little safer, if you know what I mean. I saw this card at the Food Court, where we met yesterday.” Gavin replied, “Sounds a good idea, shall we go there now?” Sylvester then said, “Of course, let”s go”


About half an hour later, they were at Frank and Oak, 735 Queen St W, Toronto. Three swags were bought and Martin asked the shopkeeper whether he knew of a park nearby where he and his mates could take a rest. The shopkeeper, slightly impatiently said, “Yes there”s Trinity Bellwoods Park, 10 minutes west down Queen Street, turn left at the front of the store.” “Thank you, sir.” The boys walked down the street, and soon found the park, where they sat down, in a loose huddle, on the grass. Martin then spoke up, “Well, boys, if you do want to have a go at being rentboys, I suppose I better give you a few pointers, including –


❖     Move around regularly

❖     If you”re in a big city, stow your stuff at a locker place

❖     Truck stops, on the edge of towns and cities, are often good places to find a punter

❖     Avoid the main red-light districts, like Markham, which is here in Toronto

❖     If you want to make good money, city dudes are often a good trick, as I think you just found out, Gavin.

❖     Train stations can also be good places.

❖     Burger places, and games arcades, are also good but, beware, these are also often honey traps, where police, and other authorities, seek to catch runaways, and rent boys, like us

❖     Keep yourself as well-groomed as you can. If you look like a cute, clean living, innocent young boy then you are likely to be able to command a higher fee than some dishevelled, dirty, unkempt street tramp.

❖     On fees, remember that you are, through taking on this life, in danger of being sent off to a foster home, or, even worse, in your case, so far as I can tell from what you have shared, back to your folks. As you get older, the police and social workers may even choose to send you to borstal. On the other hand, the adults, who use your bodies for their enjoyment, are at a much greater risk of long, and uncomfortable, terms of imprisonment. Pedophiles, and pederasts, are badly bullied in jail, and often die before their terms are up. Even those tramps normally get paid $100 a trick, keep yourself clean, neat and elegant and you should be able to charge two, or even three, hundred dollars a basic suck, and the sky”s the limit from thereon. You should already know something about this, Gavin, from your work with The Manchester Boys.

❖     Try to take regular breaks; as I have already told you, I tend to only seek a trick once in every 3 or 4 days.

❖     I would also agree, with Clive, that if you two pair up, you could command a much higher fee, probably $500 a trick.”


Gavin then spoke up, “Thank you, Martin. For now, let”s stash our stuff at Bags Away and go looking for an even more secure spot than we had last night. After leaving Bags Away, they all said that they needed to pee, so they went back to the Union Station toilets. Now three boys, (two white, one black) walking into a train station toilet, clearly together, but also with no parents in sight, in the middle of a morning, are likely to be noticed; especially by a boy-lover on the prowl, and that is exactly what Nicholas Lovecraft was, a short time before lunch on Tuesday 30th June. Nicholas stood at the urinals, near the three boys, and he glanced across a couple of times; Martin”s keen eyes picked up the action. When they left the toilets, Martin suggested to the boys that they slowly walk together, down to the food court, where they had originally met; as Martin had expected, he saw, through a couple of quick glances, that the punter was following. The boys went up to one of the dispensing machines and bought drinks. Martin saw the man skulking in the corner, went up to him and said, “Can we help you, mister?” “Well, it depends, do you mean we?” “Yes, we”re a threesome, all or none, $400 for a circle suck, $600 for a fuck stack, and $1,000+ if you want to do more than just watch us play with each other.” “OK, let”s go, I”ve got a place nearby.”


When they arrived at Nicholas”s flat, he sat back and, with the wave of a hand, invited them to get on with it; there is a big gymnastics-like foam rubber floor in the lounge room. They steadily, and seductively, undress each other and go straight into a three-way-suck. After about 30 minutes, Nicholas then says “Fuck each other, as agreed”. Gavin lies down and Martin sits down on his hard stiffy. Sylvester then sits on Martin”s rigid boner. They chop and change positions, lying back on each other, then three dogs in a row, and finally three in a row, lying on their sides. After all three had cum, Nicholas said, “Well done, your pussies are too small for me to fuck you, so I”ll be satisfied with each of you sucking me.” Martin said, “$1,000, right?” Nicholas said, “True, true, you”ll get your money.” Sylvester, then Martin and finally Gavin each sucked Nicholas and Nicholas came down Gavin”s throat, while the other two were sitting by Nicholas, each of them with one of Nicholas”s nipples in their mouths. Nicholas then said, “Do you want to earn another $500?” Martin replied “Maybe, what do you want now?” Nicholas then said, “I want to spank and cane each of you, on your lovely tight tushies, after first rimming each of you, then each gets boy six of the best – 3 with a paddle and 3 with a cane. Martin sets the final price without the spanking at 1,000, $1,200 with 6 each, but paddle only, or $1,500 for 3 paddle and 3 cane each.

Nicholas throws $1,500 on the table, and the three boys, who are all still naked, take up the position, bums in the air, hands holding ankles. Nicholas then proceeds to rim, paddle and cane just as he paid for. Nicholas got his rocks off, a bit more, by screaming a different phrase for each stroke: –


1.     Paddle 1 “This is for teasing me, you little whore”,

2.     Paddle 2 “This is for taunting me, you young pro”,

3.     Paddle 3 “This is for baiting me, you pretty object”,

4.     Cane 1 “This is for provoking me, boy-bitch”,

5.     Cane 2 “This is for arousing me, boy-skank”,

6.     Cane 3 “This is for tormenting me, boy-thing”


$1,500 is thrown on a table and Nicholas goes off to his bathroom. The boys dress quickly and leave. As they go back to the Union Station, Martin quickly says, “I”m sorry boys, he looked nicer than that.” Gavin replied, “It”s OK, Martin, I think we understand a bit more now.”


As they entered the Union Station, they were approached by a handsome, well dressed, young man, who introduced himself, by saying, “Hi, I”m Bernard, I saw you three going off with that brute, Nicholas. I”m sorry I couldn”t catch you in time; are you in much pain?” All three boys offered up a dispirited nod. “Hey guys, I have a place we can go to, where you can clean up and have a rest.” Gavin spoke up, “We”ve got stuff at Bags Away, after that we would welcome a pad, dude.” Martin was hesitant, but he felt trapped by his promise, to the boys, to stay with them for a few days. The bags were collected and buses were taken to Richmond Hill. Bernard then advised the boys that his place was hidden underground; they would be taking a route through a few tunnels but they were quite dry and quite tall, so the boys shouldn”t feel uncomfortable. Gavin and Sylvester said, virtually together, “True, let”s go, I just want to get some sleep.” Martin was feeling increasingly apprehensive.


To be continued.


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