Late at Night

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It’s getting late at night and it’s one of the evenings that you decided to stay at my place for the night. You’re sitting on the couch, your legs curled up under you as you watch the conclusion of the movie that’s running. You take a moment and think back about how the day concluded …

After a day of playing with the family, wandering around and generally having fun, we came home and had something that I made for dinner. After eating, you decided that a warm bath would be nice before anything else and while I cleaned up and put the kids to bed, you had a nice, long soak.

You close your eyes, thinking more, now back to when you heard the door crack and you saw my hand slipping into the bathroom, setting a few fluffy, just-out-of-the dryer towels on the sink. As the water began to cool, you climbed out of the tub and you can still remember the heat and the softness of the towels from before you grabbed my bathrobe and pulled it around you.

You came out of the bathroom and I walked over to you as soon as I saw you, grinning, reaching out, wanting to kiss and play, but after the first kiss, you laughed and reminded me that we were going to watch a movie. You teased me a little, especially since I didn’t know where the belt was in order to cinch the robe shut. You turned towards the living room and I followed you out, reaching for your back, your ass … but you laughed again and sat down on the couch, pulling the robe shut.

The movie was a good one, especially with the dessert that I pulled out of the freezer mid-point (someone’s favorite ice cream …). The warm robe, the comfortable couch, the ice cream … at some point, you remember thinking that you would be purring if you were a cat …

As the movie rolls into its final wrap-up, you realize that you’re wide awake due to the adrenaline from the final few moments. You look over and are a little surprised to see me passed out. What with the movie, you didn’t bahis firmalar─▒ think I would be completely unconscious – but then you stop and realize that it’s after midnight, so you smirk and decide that it’s the next day and you’re going to see about waking me up even earlier than normal …

You shift the ice cream bowl from your lap to the end table and you lower the volume on the DVD. Setting the remote down, you turn around so that you’re facing the back of the couch, your legs bent with your feet hanging off the front of the couch.

You smirk, looking me over … my legs are straight out, but crossed at the ankles. An arm is resting on my lap, the arm farther away from you is resting on the arm of the couch. My head is leaning forward, my chin resting on my chest.

You smirk again at the bathrobe and you wonder if I really did lose the cinch – or if I “lost” it when you said that you would like to use it. The front has fallen open and you know that if only I were awake …

You lean in, kissing me. Gingerly, softly … teasing me, kissing me stronger, then pulling away as I wake up. My eyes blink and I’m looking down at first, then turning to look up at you, my gaze flickering to the open bathrobe before continuing up to your eyes, smiling.

You notice the glance, but you simply smile before leaning in again to kiss me. Harder, hungrier.

I slide a hand inside the bathrobe, resting on your side as I return the kiss. I sit up straighter, and you let yourself relax, rolling to rest your back on my legs. You straighten your body out, pulling your legs up so that your knees are bent up and your feet are next to the other arm of the couch.

My hand slides down your bare skin, moving between the bathrobe and your body, down to your legs. My other hand goes to your forehead, brushing a couple of loose hairs to the side before moving under your head.

I move my hand inside the bathrobe up to your ka├žak iddaa breasts, squeezing, brushing over your nipple … my fingers running under one of your breasts then between them …

We keep kissing, but you’re wriggling around enough that I can tell how excited you are. Pushing the issue, I slide my hand down over your stomach, then past it, down between your legs. I push down, rubbing against you and you moan quietly, reacting as I continue sliding my fingers back and forth against you.

I sit up a little, and I see that you’ve closed your eyes again, enjoying the moment. I stop moving my hand against you and you open your eyes slowly, looking up at me. As we make eye contact, I move my hand down against you again — then I curl a finger into you and your eyes get wider as you gasp quietly.

In again, then out … and as I stop moving, you look up at me, smirking. “Now who’s teasing?”

“You want more? Sit up …” And I sit up straight, moving out of your way.

You sit up, and as you get off my legs, I stand up and take your hand, slowly walking away from the couch. You stand and follow. We walk back to the bedroom, my hand always in yours.

We get back to the darkened room and I stop and turn around. You take the last step and we’re right next to each other. We kiss again, my hands moving inside of the robe, touching your soft skin once again.

My hands run up, over your shoulders, pushing the robe loose enough so that it drops to the floor. You turn and sit on the bed, reaching forward and putting your fingers into my shorts, pulling me to you.

I watch as you undo my shorts, letting them drop to the floor. A second movement and you’ve pushed my underwear down enough to where it can fall free. You grin and scoot back on the bed, moving farther back from the edge. Grinning, you motion with your finger while quietly telling me to “Come here ..”

I pull my shirt up, taking it off and dropping ka├žak bahis it on the floor. As I crawl up onto the bed, I take my glasses off and set them on the dresser. I climb up between your legs, moving on all fours as you let yourself lie back against the pillows.

Our lips touch again, and as we kiss, you notice that I’m definitely excited, feeling the movement against you …

I keep kissing, my lips moving to your chin and up, then under your ear … as I keep at it, you hear me whisper “no more teasing” … and you can feel that I’ve set myself against you … waiting a moment before slowly pushing inside.

You gasp again, your eyes closing involuntarily before you open them again and look up. I’m looking down at you, smiling, and as we make eye contact, I start moving out and then back into you.

Moving slowly, I keep pushing all the way into you before sliding so far out that I’m barely touching …

Then again, harder. Again. I hear your breathing coming in gasps and soft cries …

Faster, into you … then back. Then slower and deeper.

Your legs move about, touching mine and your hands move to my back, holding me down, holding me against you …

You can feel your heart pumping faster … you can hear me breathing louder, faster near your ear, my head lowered to your side … you feel me sliding smoothly into you again.

Your hands fall to the blanket and you clench your fists, squeezing the fabric inside your grip. You feel your body tightening up … and you keep riding the feeling …

I lift up … looking down, watching … and as I stay inside of you, I put my thumb above your clit, pressing down against it, building up the pressure …

Then suddenly, you cry out as your legs tighten around me. No more half-moans, sighs … but I can feel you tightening around me. The added feeling is enough, and I gasp, stopping … pushing completely into you. I can’t move for just a moment … then I slowly let myself fall against you, resting against you, our sweaty bodies touching. Our breathing slowing …

… and I rise up again, looking down into your eyes and smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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