Friend or Mistress??

I was never very good at talking to girls, especially pretty ones I was interested in, when I was young. I think it had something to do with the constant bullying I took throughout highschool. I was an easy target being a skinny (105lbs when I graduated), scrawny (could barely bench 80lbs), with long blonde hair (at the time, I thought it was cool…but looking back it was terrible and I was constantly mistaken for a girl), and I had pastey white skin. What made it worse was that I hadn’t a single hair on my body at age 19. I looked much younger than I actually was. I had only one friend from school…Tina. We both grew up in the same trailer park and if it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I would of survived highschool. It took me till I was 19 to finally confess my feelings to Tina. What I didn’t know was, that she had known for years and our relationship was about to change.

Tina was one of those girls who “matured” quickly. She was the first girl in school that had to wear a bra. I can’t tell you how many times I thought of her breasts as I masturbated. She always wore low cut shirts and wasn’t afraid to show off cleavage. Tina was a thick curvy girl. She was about as wide as she was tall 5’4″ to be exact. Tina always had long brown hair she wore in ponytails. She was very loud compared to me being so quiet. She had a mouth on her and I wished I could speak my mind like she did. Tina dated lots of guys but she always would let me hang out with her. It killed me when she’d tell her boyfriend’s that I was like a “brother” to her and when she told me of her sexual exploits. I would imagine myself in them while masturbating all the time.

Fast forward to the summer after my freshman year at college. I had been away from the small town I had grown up in. My complexion had cleared and I was finally confident to tell Tina how I felt about her. I was excited to see her and catch up. But I was sidelined, Tina had gotten engaged! Tina had stayed back in our home town while I left the state to attend college. We had talked on the phone to each other for the first month but I stopped calling her back after making friends and meeting a girl. Tina didn’t take the news well and her attitude changed towards me which left me confused. Still, Tina haunted my mind… I found myself masturbating while thinking about her. I couldn’t stop myself. It led to the dissolution of my first relationship with a girl. I decided I had to tell Tina how I felt!

I had been back for two days when I heard about Tina’s engagement. I was initially shocked but decided I had to tell her. Instead of calling, I drove out to the house she was living at with her fiance. I knew the guy she was engaged to and also knew he wasn’t going to be home since he worked the second shift at a manufacturing plant. I pulled up and there Tina was. She was mowing the grass on a riding mower. Tina had on shorts and bikini top. She had gained weight but still looked sexy to me. She saw my car and waved me over to the barn. I got out and before I said a word Tina asked “Where’s your girlfriend?” In a mocking tone. She had derailed the speech I had been planning in my head for weeks in just a few seconds. I stammered out a sad story of how she left me for someone else. Tina smirked, almost broke out laughing. Her body was covered in sweat, her long brown hair was caked to her body, I found myself staring at her tan chest, and the tanlines from her bikini showing off small bits of pale skin. I felt my penis harden in my shorts. Tina knew I was staring. She shook her head. Smiled and walked up to me and hugged me tight. Her sweaty body pressed up against me. My cock swelled. She looked up at me with her dark brown eyes. “Want to fuck?”

I nearly fell over. My legs got weak. My hearbeat was racing. I couldn’t respond. Tina broke out laughing. “I figured you came here to get laid. You’re still a virgin, right??” I awoke to reality. Tina was just teasing….or was she? I figured she probably was as she walked away up to the house. I followed instinctively behind looking at her hips move and ass shook as she strutted ahead of me. I finally spoke confessing that I was no longer a virgin. Tina turned around, “Well, good for you.” She gave a golf clap. I felt embarrassed and my cheeks went flush. I’m sure she thought it was with my ex girlfriend but she couldn’t of been more wrong in that moment. I got angry with myself and how Tina was mocking me. I considered leaving for a brief second. My anger fueled me to catch up to Tina just before she opened her screen door. I grabbed her arm, turned her around and said “I have been afraid to tell you this but not anymore”, my whole body got a warm sensation,” I have strong feelings for you!” Tina wasn’t even surprised! She smiled and said “I always knew” She jerked free of my grip and headed inside. “Want something to drink?”

I followed in quietly into the kitchen. She got two glasses out and filled them with water from the sink. Tina handed me one. As I drank, “I always knew you had a crush on me and I had hoped you would of done something about it”, she sat down in a chair by the kitchen table. “But you never did anything, I assumed you were gay!” A thought ran in my mind… I wanted to rip my clothes off and take her there on the kitchen table…. I got lost in that thought for a few seconds. Tina cleared her throat”Hello!?!” I then confessed about me masturbating while looking at pictures of her and thinking about her. I opened up about the sex she had with her previous boyfriends and how I wished it had been me. I could help but stare at her enormous breasts in that bikini top. I was so hard and I knew she could see the buldge sticking out towards her in my shorts. Then Tina took a long drink, slamming the glass on the table. She leaned back, stretched her arms behind her head, stuck out her chest and stomach, spread her legs apart and in a surprisingly cold tone ” well, let’s see you masturbate.”

I’m unsure if it was the challenge or my willingness to be naked in front of her. I took my shirt off, unzipped my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. I started to rub myself in Tina’s kitchen but she raised a hand to stop me. My tiny thick cut cock bounced up and down pointing directly at her. Tina stood up and walked up to me. She put a hand on it and softly closed her hand around it. I shivered at her touch. I couldn’t be she held my rod in her hands. The thought passed quickly as she tightened her grip and jerked hard on me. I’m sure the painfully confused look was met with Tina’s intense look. “Follow me!” She held my cock firmly, turning me around and up the stairs. She let my throbbing cock go. Tina looked into my longing eyes. She untied her bikini top and unveiled the most magnificent tits I’ve ever seen. Small pale triangular shapes surrounded her puffy erect nipples. Her breasts fell down to round belly. She slipped out of her shorts and panties to reveal her completely bare pussy. Tina came over and rubbed my body. “I like no body hair” She pressed her fleshy body up against mine. Her sweaty body melted me. I felt weak and warm. She walked behind me and pressed her breasts up against my backside. She reached around and began jerking me off in front of a large mirror. She stared at me from behind as I reached back for her. Tina stare was dark and she got this evil grin on her face as she touched me. “I bet you like from behind.” Just the way she said it made my whole body shiver. “I imagined that tight little ass of your filled with cock” Tina slyly spoke into my ear. Just then she shoved a finger up into my ass. I jumped, then my body jerked as cum squirted out onto the mirror. A mixture of emotions flooded me , I was angry for cumming already, I was mad at how weak I felt in this moment, I felt relief that she somehow knew about my virginity lost to a 37year old man I barely knew, I felt extacy as the cum was extracted by her second finger now jammed up inside me continuing to finger fuck me. The cum had escaped through me tip and now drained out over Tina’s hand. She continued to work in a third finger up inside me from behind. I fell forward and struggled to stand against the dresser in front of the mirror. Tina looked pleased by my weakness. She pulled her fingers out and released my cock from her talons. I didn’t realize how hard she was gripping me. A strong wave of pain crippled me and I fell down to me knees. Tina walked over to a closet and disappeared into it. “Get on the bed!” Tina ordered.

I collapsed onto the bed. Tina commanded that I lean over the bed and face the mirror. She walked out wearing a strap on. It was a large long black cock. She was rubbing lube on it. “I want you to watch me fuck your brains out!” Tina wasn’t smiling any more. “I’m going to give it to you just like I do to my fiance.” I reached forward on the bed gripped the mattress as tight as I could. Tina kicked apart my legs. She pried my cheeks apart and pulled my hole apart. She spit down into me. I was grossed out by it amazingly. Instead it was a curiosity of what was about to happen next is what kept me doing what Tina told me to do. She thrusted the thick rubbery cylindrical shaft into my backside. My legs quivered and shook as she drilled deeper into me. I felt like it was traveling up my throat the deeper she pressed. “Say his name!” Tina shouted. I called out “Mike! Mike!” Tina pounded deeper. I felt my hole being enlongated . My stomach began to extend outward from the penetration. The curiosity sensation became one of pain. I no longer wanted any more. Tina began panting, shouted out “You’re mine you gay bitch!” My head was bobbing up and down my neck ached along with my entire body. Tina dove in as deep as she could burying her strap on completely inside me. I began to cry out “I’m done! No more! Please stop!” My one leg curls up and was shaking badly. It was cramping up. I tried to pull away but Tina’s weight pinned me down as she wiggled a little deeper. Her sweaty body was matched by mine. I bit down on the covers and screamed as loud as I could into them. “If you want it out, push it!” Tina unharnessed the device and pressed down on my cheeks as she spread them. I pushed hard. I made juicy fart noises as is finally slid slowly out of me. With a loud gasp I pushed it all the way out. It hit the floor with a loud thud. I pulled myself up on the bed into a ball position. Tina sat next to me and ran her fingers through my sweaty hair. I looked up at her curvy body into her eyes. She smiled and seemed like she wanted to say something but held back. Tina let me recover for a few minutes longer before rolling me onto my back. She moved her thick thighs around my head and forced me to lick her as she tortured me with suffocation. I almost blacked out two times as I performed oral. Three hours later I was sent home with further instructions…

more after first meet

So after a week or two of coming to terms with what Jon did to me, I found myself in town browsing the shoe and clothes shops. I picked up a pair black stockings, matching corset and suspender belt, a pair of silver heeled sandals and a sparkly silver mini dress. I picked up some makeup, dildo and my first bottle of poppers, having experienced them with Jon I just had to get some myself.

I rushed home, dressed up and dildo’d myself whilst sniffing poppers. All the sensations came back to me and I replayed the night with Jon in my mind as I came everywhere. The following day I built up enough courage to head back down to the bar to see if Jon would be there. Part of me hoped not, the dirty slutty part of me hoped he was, I needed to be used and humiliated again. I’d missed a week of uni lectures and this was to be my punishment.

I put on my stockings, corset and panties under my jeans and t-shirt and walked through town. On the way I spotted a pair of girls loafers in the shop window and thought sod it, went in and bought them. As soon as I was outside around the corner I put them on, nervous as hell. Looking down at them they were kind of sexy, but the thought of wearing a pair of girls shoes as I walked past people gave me such a buzz. Maybe one day I will go out fully dressed!

So I walk into the bar and look around, no Jon. Phew I thought, relieved but also disappointed. I went to the bar and ordered a drink and hung around for a while. I loved sitting at the bar on a high stool, showing off my girly loafers, dangling them hoping a guy would notice. I even thought about slipping on my strappy heels but didn’t have the courage.

About an hour or so later after a fair few drinks in walked Jon, followed by another guy who was chatting to him. This guy was pretty overweight, about 55-60 years old, grey hair, about 6 foot tall and wearing leather trousers. I wondered if he was Jon’s date, maybe he has a wide range of tastes! there is me, the slim 20 year old guy who likes to dress as a girl, and there is this big bear of a man with Jon. Oh well I thought, time to go. As I got up I caught Jons eye. A big smile appeared on his face and he and his friend headed over to me.

“You’re not leaving” Jon said, more of a command than a question.
“lets grab a table, I’ll get you a drink.”

We headed over to the table and the three of us sat down.
“this is the slut i was telling you about Steve. She loves it”
The guy called Steve laughed, “You are a lucky man Jon, I’d tap that”
I was feeling very nervous again, more so than the first time I met Jon as I now knew he liked me dressing and also how he liked to use me.
“So are you back for more?” Jon asked.
“Yes” I whispered, looking down into my drink.
“Good. Well finish your drink and we can go back to mine”
I looked up at Steve, he had a big grin on his face
“Well Jon, I have to go, have fun with your slut”
Steve got up and started to walk away from the table, stopping and turning around “oh, and I like your shoes slut, very girly” before he left
I could feel my face flush, he had noticed! How many other guys had??
Anyway I downed my drink as soon as Steve had left and the next thing I know we are in a taxi going back to Jons.

Once at his place, Jon tells me to go upstairs and get changed, then come back down to the kitchen. I slip on my outfit, apply a bit of makeup, take a deep inhale of Poppers to give me the courage to then head back down into the kitchen.

“Very nice slut” Jon walks over to me and grabs my neck with his big hands, pulling me tight to him and kisses my deeply. His over hand grabs my ass and squeezes hard. Then he turns me around and pushes me over the kitchen table, pinning me, grinding against my panties. I can feel his hard cock pushing at my boy pussy, probing through my panties. He kicks my legs apart with his, then reaches down and cuffs my ankles to the table legs. He then moves around to the front, pulling my arms out in front of me and ties them too to the other legs.
“Perfect, now suck me”
Jon proceeds to use my mouth, starting slowly as I run my tounge around his big hard cock, before he takes hold of my head and starts to push deep making me deep throat him.
“Ahhh yes you are so good at this”. He takes his cock out and puts a ball gag on me, then walks around behind me. I can feel his cock rubbing against my thigh as he works his way higher, using it to push my panties to one side. His big hands on my shoulders, he thrusts into me. The pain is intense and I scream into the ball gag
“Fuck yes bitch, take it hard”

After a few minutes of his pumping the pain subsides. Jon pulls out and walks around in front of me again, taking the ball gag out and replacing it with his cock.
“Right time to spice things up a bit I think” Jon said as he fucked my throat.

He pulled out and put the ball gag back on me, followed by a blindfold.

“I’ll be back in a minute, don’t go anywhere, hahaha” Jon said as I heard to kitchen door close.

After what seems like ages, tied to the table, blindfolded, my mouth dripping due to the tight ball gag, I hear the kitchen door open again.

“Time for some more fun bitch” said Jon as I can sense him standing in front of me. I hear him shake a bottle and smell poppers as he holds it under my nose.
“Take a few deep breaths, you are going to need it” I inhale deeply a few times, the buzz hitting me, I can feel my heart pumping, my skin tingling. Out comes the ball gag to be replaced by Jon’s cock. I’m in heaven as his big hard cock uses my mouth and thoat, eagerly sucking him. Next thing I feel is a pair of hands on my hips. What is going on! Then I feel a cock entering my tight boy pussy. I moan and try to cry out but Jon is holding his cock deep in my throat
“Oh bet you are loving this bitch” says Jon. He pulls my blindfold off and I look up at Jon, seeing in a full length mirror on the wall behind him the Steve guy riding me, his big belly resting on my back as he holds my hips tight, pulling me into him, a mean look on his face as he fucks me hard.

Never Judge a Book

My friend Danny’s wife Shelley is in her 30’s, has big full breasts that look great on a petite woman of five feet three, and Shelley has a wonderful laugh and magnificent smile. She and I usually tease and flirt whenever I visit but have kept it cool until yesterday. Dan was in a shitty mood shaking off a whiskey drunk. A planned trip they had scheduled was going nowhere as he sat on the couch drinking water and yelling back at Shelley in the bedroom. He said, “go burn some good with her and maybe she’ll shut the fuck up.” I wanted to leave as I didn’t want any marital bad vibes to press upon what was already a rainy day, yet it made more sense to catch a buzz there than to be on a rain slick highway, so I went into the bedroom.

Shelley met me at the door. She only had the top to her black negligee on and no panties, which made a great contrast on her white skin and red hair. As I looked her over, I was hard in a second. We had never thought to take our two-year friendship into another direction as we often talked about movies, music, books, and in a teasing way, sex, yet we never acted upon anything. As I pulled a ready-rolled from my pocket, she looked up at me and said, “I need this,” and reaching down to grab my bulge rising up from my shorts, she said, “and this.”

I moved us to the bed. Shelley positioned herself to the edge of the bed with her feet over the end of the bed and her pussy and ass in the air. Her shaved pussy revealed two fat cunt lips. I pulled my dick out and slipped it into her waiting hole. She involuntarily moaned, which made me think of Dan who was in the den down at the end of the hall, but all that was in me wanted to keep fucking her hot pussy. I tore her negligee top and I kept fucking her from behind. She yelped and moaned as I felt myself building up to nutt as I wanted to not get caught and the pussy was dripping and on fire. She stopped moving and I thought that she wanted to stop what was a flirtation gone too far, but she rose and lay on the bed upon her back. She put the joint down, which she let go out as I was pounding her pussy. I leaned over her. We kissed and laughed when she said, ” We should have started out like this.” She added, “I want you to fuck my white ass like that bastard won’t.”

Friendship, be damned, I stood over her as she guided my hard, throbbing cock into her tight asshole. She gasped a couple of times and said, “You’re going to need lube.” I leaned over her and stuck my tongue in her mouth and we kissed. Then, I rose above her and put my dick in her mouth telling her, “Wet it up.” Soon, Shelley was sucking my cock to the root with very little spit. The sensation of her tongue and Dan’s muffled voice rooms down from us made pre-cum boil to the tip of my rock hard dick. She licked the head, took me out of her mouth and said, “Now, my ass.” I think the cock-sucking turned her on as her ass was hot and moist. My shaft was buried to the hilt in her ass as she moved, laughed nervously through tears, and as if she were possessed, bounced herself on my cock as she lifted her hips off the king-sized bed. My mind was arching off the feeling of this beautiful woman grinding against my Black dick moaning “it’s so big,” yet never relenting from my fucking her ass.

I usually pull out whenever doing anal and had never cum purposefully into a woman’s ass but Shelley had me so hot. Plus, the sensation of being caught at any moment and watching her tits bounce as she launched herself on my cock soon had me flooding her asshole with hot seed. She moaned loudly screaming my name and saying, “Yes. Fuck that nasty ass. Fuck my filthy white hole.” My dick jerked as she milked it with her tight ass muscles. I pulled my cock out of her and she rose up, grabbed my hips, and started sucking my cock again. I stood over her as she sat on the edge of the bed giving me enthusiastic head. I stood back away from the bed as she faced me. She stood up, turned back toward the bed, and placed her hands on the mattress. I slid back into her cunt and pounded her for what seemed like a half-hour before I came harder into her pussy that I had into her ass. Shelley screamed “Yes, yes, yes,” and pumped the last of my cum into her.

Just as the last time, she sucked me hard again but I could hear heavy footsteps coming up the hall. There was little I could do as I was soaked in sweat and her cunt juices. She lay upon the bed with her legs sprawled out. I attempted to dress and walked to the bathroom. Dan came to the door. I watched from the bathroom as she rose from the bed and gave him the extinguished joint. He told her to get dressed and if he felt better after smoking, he said that he would take her to the Casino Row on the Gulf coast. He closed the door after himself.

I didn’t say a word as I watched her walk into her closet to grab a sundress and hat. I hate to admit it but my dick was getting hard again. She asked me if I had a joint for the road. I told her I’d go to the car and bring her one. I left the bedroom and passed Danny on the couch. He said, “Fuck man, I should have smoked instead of drank. I’d had a much better night.” I went to the car, grabbed two ready-rolled, lit one, and put the second back in my pocket. When I made it to the door, Shelley met me, lit that blinding smile, gave my bulge a not so gentle squeeze, and said, “Thanks for everything. Danny said that I’m in a better mood and so is he. Come back and we’ll play again. It had been four years since I played and I loved it!” She kissed me, closed the door, and I walked down the driveway.

“Wow,” I thought. I never thought that this couple would play but I learned that, well, you never know.

Slut wife true Story

About a year ago I started seeing this guy, he was eastern European 10 years younger then me with a great body and a huge cock. We would often meet at lunch times near my office and he would finger me under the table as we chatted, he really knew how to turn me on.

One Thursday I made an Excuse to Hubby that I was working late and had a work event on after work, a good excuse to wear nice dress and lingerie. I met my a few stations way from where I work and he drove me to a large travel lodge, we were both so excited and giggling. As we walked in the hotel bar was full of builders who instantly guessed what we were up to and were looking at me which made me blush.
We rushed up to our room laughing at what had happened down stairs , as we shut the hotel room door, he leaped on me and started kissing me passionately, his hands all over me, we pulled each others clothes off and he was soon naked and me down to my stockings. I had his cock in my hand and he was so hard I just had to suck it. I got to me knees and took him in my mouth and licked and sucked his cock as he held the back of my head. After a while he pulled me up and threw me on the bed and started eating my pussy, he was so good and I soon had orgasmed 3 or 4 times. He got on top and started fucking me his huge cock pounding me, he was so fit and full of energy. He fucked me all ways and I cum so many times I lost count. He blew his first load in my pussy which felt so good it made me cum again.

After 15 minutes of laying back and chatting we fucked again just as intense as the first time and again I came so many times he was so good in bed. This time I finished him off with my mouth and I swallowed the lot like a good girl should. Unbelievable he then fucked me another 2 times after that, he really did not run out of energy.

I was so late leaving and had to make excuses to hubby about trains being delayed, as we walked out the I hung my head low again I was sure the people in the bar knew exactly what we were up to. He gave me a lift to the station and I got on my train home. I had straighten myself up at the hotel plenty of perfume to hide the smell of sex, I was wearing a little leopard print dress that Hubby loved. When he saw me get off the train I instantly knew he was horny, I was not that horny and my pussy was battered from being fucked 4 times. Hubby was all over me in the car, which started to turn me on again, and I saw his bulging erection, I couldn’t help myself and I played with it on the way home as he drove, before I knew it I was in a layby and hubby had his cock out, I ducked down and sucked him, he soon had his fingers in my pussy, which was so soaking wet. As I sucked his cock in the car, he was fingering me and teasing my clit, much to my surprise I was soon cumming again as hubby blew his load in to my mouth.

Next day was Friday, What I had forgotten is hubby and I had a hotel booked that night for a dirty weekend away. My pussy was battered and bruised from the previous nights sex marathon but I had to go along with our plans. After work we drove to the hotel, which was lovely as was our room. Hubby had bought me a short little black dress to wear and crotchless tights. He instead on me wearing no knickers. We had a meal and as we ate I wondered how I was going to take another pussy pounding. I delayed it as long as I could, which only made Hubby hornier, my short dress and no knickers doing the trick. We got back to our hotel room, even though my pussy was sore walking about in a short dress with no knickers had made me surprisingly horny. I really wanted to fuck him but I was a bit to sore from last nights fucking, So I said to him as we kissed and felt each other, come on fuck my arse I really fancy anal. This done the trick, a=he went down on my eat my pussy rimmed me which really made me orgasm. I was soon ready for his cock up my arse. He slide it in and it was very tight but felt so good. He fucked my arse slowly att first and built up as I moaned more and more, I hadn’t had anal for years and I had forgotten how could it felt and I was soon oragsming again. It wasn’t long before my tight arse made him cum and he shot his load deep inside my arse.


Amsterdam is a wonderful place to spend time doing carefree shopping on your own, particularly when you are there to attend a conference on new EU education programs to be taught on a multi-country basis throughout the European Union, and you have a free afternoon in the middle of the week. There are many areas bordering the canals that have delightful clothing boutiques and so I decided to simply stroll around in the bright sunshine commencing with the “De Negen Straatjes” and the nine streets of shopping, but finally ending-up in the “Beethovenstraat” area.
Built in the 30s, this area is mainly visited by the locals of South Amsterdam and is especially known for its wonderful cheese, wine and chocolate shops as well as a variety of clothing stores ranging from inexpensive to sheer luxury and somewhat out of my price range completely.

As I wandered the area, I came across a small boutique which appeared to specialize in leather clothing, very feminine dresses and what I would consider “butch” style clothing. Curious, I pushed the bright red door open and stepped inside, finding the store actually quite spacious, with a large counter mid-way inside the store and doors at the rear leading off to other parts of the shop.

Looking around inside, I quickly realized that there was a large sexual nature to the content, including many outfits that were clearly for more unusual occasions as there were leather outfits with zippers that when undone would reveal private areas between the legs and also a person’s bottom area. In one corner, there was a large collection of strap-on dildos and butt plugs, and in another area, large posters and blown-up photos of naked transgender people with rather large cocks. As a younger and fairly attractive female, I have always been fascinated with such persons and have had intensive fantasies both innocent and not-so-innocent dreams of being with such a person or persons and being used in very naughty ways.

I continued to walk around the store, feeling not a little excited at many of the things that I was touching and looking at. There was a pronounced anal nature to many of the sex toys and it soon became very clear that much of the clothing was designed to readily bare and present to others, a bare bum.
As I passed one display, I tripped over a warped floor board and stumbled into the display causing all manner of things to fall all around me, making a lot of noise and making some of the store customers frown and shake their heads at me. The display had been quite large and I found myself picking-up diverse dildos, lotions and lubricants of all types, cock rings, latex and leather harness briefs with a hole at the front for a person’s cock to stick through, large and small but plugs, special thong sets that really didn’t cover anything, latex gloves, all sorts of masks and goodness knows how many other things.

I had started my shopping trip with a medium size tote and during the last several stops, it had become open at the top and what I did not realize is that some of the smaller items had actually fallen into the tote and slipped down one side. It was to prove a telling transgression for me very shortly.

The commotion had attracted one of the store owners who now knelt down to help me place items back on the display. From what happened a few minutes later, she had to have seen some of the items fall into my tote but decided to say nothing at that time. It turned out that this was the senior partner of the three owners, a tall lady with beautiful, light brown hair tied back into a long ponytail and reaching down to the small of her back, dressed in a leather outfit comprising a leather halter type top, the front zipper pulled down somewhat and showing that she was not wearing a bra, and wearing tight leather pants. She explained that she was one of the owners and that I should not worry about the incident. Smiling lightly at me and helping me pick up the different items, her eyes truly piercing, almost intimidating and yet for some reason exciting me, making me feel that she was undressing me with her eyes.

Once the items were back in place, the owner asked me if there was something special that I was looking for and I explained that I was simply looking around and curious about the boutique. Still feeling very embarrassed at the commotion that I had caused, I excused myself and started to leave the store, heading for the front door.

I was almost at the door and reaching for the handle when there was a sharp cry of “Stop young lady” from the tall owner who was now immediately behind me with one of the other owners, both frowning at me and clearly angry. “I think that you have forgotten something” the tall owner who was now in front of me blocking me from leaving.
Without another word, she pulled my tote away from me and quickly surfaced the items that had fallen into my tote. I stared in amazement at the two jeweled butt plugs, the two cock rings, a packet of green New Jelly Thai anal beads, and a bottle of Anal Glide silicon lubricant that were now displayed from within my tote.

I started to explain that they must have fallen into my tote when I bumped into and knocked over part of the display. “How convenient for you!” the other owner said, as my face now turned bright red from total embarrassment. The tall owner told me that I should come to the office where the matter could be discussed more privately. I readily agreed.
Once in the office, I was told that there had been other incidents resulting in many items being stolen by young ladies just like me and they were now clamping down on such behavior. I would simply have to sit there in the office until the police arrived.

At the mention of police, I broke down completely, thinking how this would appear to my superiors at the conference and when I returned to my college being accused of stealing from a sex boutique in Amsterdam. In complete tears, I burbled that I did not steal the items and to please not call the police. There had to be another way to resolve the terrible situation that I now found myself in. There was silence for a few minutes as I sat and wept pitifully, and then the two owners retreated to a far corner of the office and began whispering to each other, obviously discussing some other action with respect to their shoplifter that they were convinced I was.

After a little time, the tall lady came over to me and said that they felt there might be another way to deal with the situation and avoid calling the police. My head snapped up immediately, as I gasped in reply that I would do anything.
The tall owner explained that they believed in corporal punishment and if I consented to a good spanking, then perhaps things could be worked-out, but I would also have to pay for the items that were in my tote.
The thought of being spanked did not actually dismay me as I often enjoyed being spanked by a number of female and male friends and in those circumstances, it aroused me a great deal. Quickly nodding my head, the tall owner whose name was Lieke and the other owner’s name was Yara interrupted my nodding head and Lieke said “Understand that you will receive a thorough spanking on your bare bottom young lady and it will be in front of the staff here and any of the customers that you have caused inconvenience to. Do you fully understand?”

I was both a little shocked and also excited. Being an exhibitionist to some degree, I was often spanked by friends in front of others as they knew that aroused me. I am sure that my expression of at first shock and then a strange resignation of what lay ahead was not lost on that of the two owners, who quietly looked at each other smiling.
“Very well” said Lieke, “Follow me to our work room where there is plenty of space and where there is a special industrial ironing table that you will be positioned on and then soundly spanked.” As I followed the Lieke person somewhat timidly in the direction of the rear of the shop, I couldn’t help but examine why I felt not a little excited and aroused when I was about to be spanked on my bare bum, by total strangers in front of more strangers, in a city that I was only visiting and in a boutique that was part sex shop, and which appeared to cater to a select group of people, namely transgenders.

I found myself looking at the various posters and photos that lined the rear corridor of the shop showing very beautiful transvestites and transgender persons, either naked or in leather outfits, but in almost every case, displaying simply gorgeous cocks, hard and erect and very arousing. My attentiveness to the exhibits did not go unnoticed by Lieke or Yara who smiled quietly at each other.

Suddenly, we were in front of the double entry doors to the work room and Lieke led me into the room. It was a large room with a high ceiling that included a large skylight in the middle of the room. There were several different size tables, a number of comfortable lounge chairs and at least two sofas, and there was the industrial ironing table with deep, solid padding, standing on four metal legs that appeared bolted to the floor positioned horizontally to the rear wall of the room that was almost wall to wall windows, each window easily eight feet high and perhaps five feet wide.
There were two sturdy metal poles bolted to the sides of the ironing table, approximately four feet or so from one end of the table with both stirrups and padded straps hanging from them, and I suddenly realized what they were having seen a similar set-up at a private club in France. A person would be positioned on their back at one end of the table with their bottom and legs suspended over the end of the table. Their legs would then be lifted up, spread, and bent back so that their ankles were in the stirrups and their arms would then be lifted up and their wrists secured by the padded belts. In that position a girl’s most private sex entrances would be entirely exposed and accessible for all manner of penetration and exploration.

The windows looked out to the backs of several brownstones and a parking area. There were no d****s or blinds covering the windows, and it became very clear that anyone in the brownstones or in the parking lot would be able to see anyone strapped in position on the table and what was happening to them.
I should have been in mortal shock at what might be in store for me, but instead, I felt a strange sort of thrill and an even more increasing arousal, as I pictured myself on the table with not only strangers in the room looking at my bare and exposed sex holes, but perhaps many others watching from the brownstones and parking lot. The carefree shopping trip was turning into something very different and I was not only unafraid but in reality, looking forward to what might happen beyond just a sound spanking on my bare bottom.

At that moment, the third owner of the boutique entered the work room with three customers who were eager to see my punishment, stared at me very intently, and then went over to where Lieke and Yara stood at one side of the ironing table to confer with them. A fair amount of whispering between the three then took place and then finally, Lieke came to my side and whispered into my right ear, “Femke, our third partner was more for handing you over to the police, but Yara and I persuaded her to go along with your punishment young lady, so be aware of how lucky you are in these circumstances.”

I humbly explained that I was truly grateful and would comply with whatever was necessary, even though I wished that they would believe me about the items had to have fallen into my tote and I was certainly not a shoplifter, but I kept those thoughts to myself as I had no wish to be handed over to the police under any circumstances.
“Very well young lady,” ordered the tall owner, “remove your skirt and any panties so that we can commence your bare bottom spanking and then lay back on the far end of the table where the poles are, and Yara and Femke will place you in position and be quick about it.” I quickly placed my thumbs into the stretch waistband of my “Sabina” denim skirt with its unusual ethnic embroidery, and then pushed down until the skirt was at my ankles and I could step out of the skirt. Lieke took the skirt from me, commenting on my good taste and then folding it carefully on a nearby chair. I was now standing in my beige top and bra, brief light blue thong panties and dark beige sandals. I have a well-trimmed pussy and was almost bald there with the thong hiding very little of my sex.

I paused for a moment, until Lieke looked at me with piercing eyes and I didn’t need to be told to slip off my sandals and slide down my thong until I was completely naked below my waist. I could feel many eyes enjoying my slim figure and my exposed pussy, bottom and upper legs. Yara and Femke had me sit at the pole end of the industrial table and then pushed my gently on to my back on the table, with my legs straight out from the end.
Taking my wrists first, they placed them in the straps above me allowing me a little flexibility in moving my arms but not too much. Next, they then took each leg and lifted it back towards my breasts but with the ankles firmly in the stirrups. The position of the poles spread my legs apart and with the small of my back resting on the edge of the table and my bare bottom raised, I was now completely exposed, and everyone could see in detail my naked, almost bald pussy, now quite wet and aroused.

It was obvious to all that I was very much aroused at what was happening to me not just from my wet slit, but the fact that my clit was swollen and erect. Also, very visible to those watching was my anus, slightly open and indicating to everyone present that I was not a stranger to having objects pushed up my bum.
I could do nothing to calm my arousal, as I now waited for Lieke to give me a sound spanking in front of both those in the room and whoever might be watching from the brownstones or from the parking lot below. I should have felt terrible shame, but the situation made me totally wanton. My mind picturing the gallery of photos and drawings of transgender persons displaying such wonderful cocks and wondering if I would receive more than a spanking on my bare bum.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted as Lieke brought her hand down hard on my spread right cheek, a large “Smack” immediately quieting everyone watching my spanking with a red imprint appearing instantly on my bare bum cheek. It was followed by several more hard and loud smacks on both my bared cheeks, handprints now very visible across my bare bottom. The owners and customers were enjoying the spectacle of my totally bared bum, although I think that their real attention was on my wet and very aroused pussy and my anus entrance.

Lieke paused for a few minutes admiring her work and as she saw my aroused state, exclaimed to the room, “I do believe that this young lady is enjoying her spanking, not to mention showing off her sex holes to us. What do you think everyone?” The several persons in the room agreed heartily with the owner eagerly pointing out my completely wet pussy with two or three of them pointing to my slightly parted anus and how I was no stranger to anal penetration.
One of the other owners began whispering in Lieke’s ear suggesting something to her. Lieke nodded her head in agreement and disappeared for a moment into a small room. off the work room. I wondered what was happening, turning my head left and right and seeing for the first time that there were people at the windows of the brownstones, as well as a group of women, perhaps also transgenders looking up from the parking lot, two floors below and able to easily view my predicament as well as my nakedness.

The other owner Femke who had whispered to Lieke now leaned down in front of my face and showed me one of the items that had fallen into my tote, being the bottle of Anal Glide silicon lubricant and waved it before me. “I think that I know why this item was in your tote young lady” waving it before me and then touching my anus, producing an electric thrill throughout my entire body visible to all. “I think that your bum hole enjoys being used just as much as your pussy, and perhaps more. Am I correct young lady?” I found myself saying in a hoarse voice that yes, Femke was correct. There was an audible hush in the work room. It did not last long as some of the people watching urged Femke to prepare my ass which Femke immediately began doing, placing some of the lubricant on her finger and then running it lightly around the rim of my bumhole before pressing it against my slightly parted anus and then easily up into my bum, twirling it around as she did so. Before long she was using more of the lubricant with two fingers now pushing up into my bum. I moaned softly as I felt her fingers doing their arousing work.

The people in the room were watching closely as I responded to Femke’s fingers, obviously very excited at this turn of events, as were the people below in the parking lot as Femke placed the bottle of Anal Glide against the window and then her two fingers indicating what she was doing to my bare and very exposed bumhole. I realized later that similar events stemming from the work room windows were quite frequent and familiar to those below and in the brownstones. The small surrounding area was a transgender community.

Suddenly, people watching me in the work room parted quickly to allow Lieke to approach me on the table. Lieke had removed her leather bottoms and panties and was now totally naked below the waist with the most wonderful erect cock protruding flat out from her crotch, hard and menacing, perhaps eight inches or more in length, circumcised and fairly thick with a silver band cock ring at the based of her cock. She had beautiful “balls” to go with the cock and now stood before my spread legs. “You look a little excited and very aroused young lady and I see a well prepared bumhole before me. Is it possible that you wish more than a spanking here in front of everyone? Perhaps you need your bare bum to be thoroughly opened and filled by a suitable cock? Is that the case young lady?”

I could not stop staring at Lieke’s incredible cock and found myself nodding my head once more and in a quiet voice telling her she was once again correct and that my bum needed to be used in front of everyone.

To Be Continued:

T Girl Love


T Girl Love, Cum swapping, Hand Balling. A Sensual, Erotic, Kinky Sex story.

Tall, slim, green eyed, red headed, average bust and cute bubble butt with 7 inches of cock, Polly looked great! She had maintained a relationship with Dave over 5 years. They had been out with Porter, Dave’s friend celebrating Dave’s divorce. Porter knew Polly was a T-Girl even though at first he had to grow into the idea that “Dave the Stud” had chosen her after his life as a Lady Slayer. Dave had kept her distant with little info about her until Porter saw a picture of her and made complimentary comments about her. Dave surprised him telling him that she wasn’t a female. After finally meeting her, she surprised and intrigued him in her feminine ways. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t now that she was anything other. She was always dressed well, lady like and “soft” in her ways. Submissive, caring, and pampering Dave. She took care of him like he was a “gift”, meeting him with hugs and smiles. Porter was envious.

At Porter’s house, they continued drinking. Several times Porter caught his self watching Polly’s knees. Sitting beside Dave, she kept them firmly together in the black stockings she wore. She had worn a straight, form fitting light blue sleeveless dress. Porter knew what was under there but everything about her brought out his visual instincts. Their chat continued and he caught an accidental peep of red, much like her hair color. Polly left them for a minute, Porter watched her ass sway and Dave laughed “careful pal, you can’t handle that”! Porter laughed “Sorry about that, but Damn, the picture is there and hard not to look”!

Polly returned and in a short while Dave was being touchy and feeling Polly. As she shifted and twisted avoiding Dave’s grasp, her panties flashed Porter several times. Polly laughed, giggled saying “alright Dave, we aren’t at home”. He quickly replied “awe Hell Polly, we’re grown”. Dave’s hand fondled her knees as she held her dress in place giggling. Porter remained quiet grinning, she said “please excuse your friend. He’s use to having his way with me when he wants and I’m guilty of giving in to him”. Porter replied, “don’t mind me. I’m not complaining”. Polly laughed “I should have known you would support him” then turned to Dave saying “behave! You’re going to show my panties”! Porter said “red”. Dave laughed out loudly! Polly said “you didn’t Porter”! They all laughed. Minutes passed, Polly said “I can’t believe you peeped under my dress Porter. You know whats there”. Dave quickly made a hand dive under her dress saying, “Yes, still there” as he groped her. Polly pushed until his hand came out saying, “Dave Honey, you’re blowing my cover”. Dave said “blow”? Polly screamed, “don’t you dare” and held him off giggling!

Porter was laughing, clapping his hands saying “best entertainment tonight”! Polly blushed and giggled replying “every night I’m in a chase with this man”. Dave leaned into Polly and kissed her. In a minute she said, “stop it Dave, you know I can’t take it”. They settled down a few minutes and Dave was after her again. Polly looked at Porter saying, “excuse us a minute, I need to calm Dave down”. Her hands went into Dave’s crotch extracted his cock and she sank her mouth over it. Getting more comfortable, she turned on her side and slowly bobbed her head on his cock. Her dress had ridden high showing the bottom curve of her pantie covered ass cheeks. In a few minutes, Dave grunted and hissed. Seconds later, Polly sat up as Dave shoved his cock back inside. Polly kissed him asking “better”? Dave smiled. Porter moaned “Shit”!

Polly laid on Dave’s shoulder as he told Porter that it was time for him to consider a girl like Polly. That they choose to make their men happy. Dave turned, whispered into Polly’s ear. She blushed asking “really”? Dave smiled as she smiled back, leaned away and laid back. Giggling, she grabbed her dress hem, held it tight as she swung her legs on their couch. Still holding her dress hem, she raised her knees. Porter’s view from the side only displayed her lower legs. Dave’s view was into her spreading knees and into her pantie crotch. His head fell into her tented dress and seconds later Porter heard Polly moan loudly. Soon Dave was humming and growling on Polly’s cock which was still out of Porter’s view. She said “don’t steal it from me…Let me give it to you, please Honey”, Dave stopped humming. Porter could hear loud sucking, wet sounds, she said “Ohhhh Dave!…Baby….Baby.
Porter saw Dave’s hand slid upward, Polly said “no don’t Baby!….Don’t play with my pussy….Don’t start me Baby”. Porter saw Dave’s arm stroking forward and back as he started gagging as Polly’s cock slid deep into his throat. Polly arm came up, covered her eyes she moaned then groaned “all of it Baby. I’ll not have any left”. Porter was breathing like a race horse! “Um…Um…Ahhhh…Ummm… Baby” Polly groaned as her hips slightly raised. Her dress hem fell back exposing the side of her red panties, her stocking covered legs and only the side of Dave’s head. Dave was deep in her crotch just like a man eating pussy as Polly gasped, then hissed loudly! “Oh yes!…..Yes….Yes Dave”, she groaned as her cock spat cum inside his mouth. In a minute, she was whimpering as Dave grasp her dress dragging it to cover her as he released her cock and sat up. Polly continued to lay, covered and breathing loudly as he caressed her. Porter said “simply awesome”!

“Yes she is”, Dave replied then told him that T Girls were supremely better than genetic ones. He added that he was absolutely not gay, but all of Polly was his and he found pleasure in all she had to offer. Polly sat up smiling to say “including my big T Girl Clit”! They all laughed. Polly told him that she knew he had questions but she would explain a few. Starting with, she was more female than male, her breast were real homegrown, hormone induced. Her body shape was hormones and exercise. Her hair, natural and lack of hair through electrolysis. Yes, she retained her male parts and remained functional. Polly giggled adding “no, I get semi hard, mainly soft. I don’t get what you would consider hard although most girls can, no I choose not to even attempt to fuck with it”. Dave chimed in telling him that she had a “taste” quite unique! Polly snickered telling him that she enhanced her flavor by diet and natural fruit juices. Dave smiled saying, “sometimes she’s plum, apricot, golden pear”. Polly laughed “He’s always wanting to “sip” me”. Dave added, “Yep! Usually she doesn’t wear panties and I get a taste when I choose”. Porter fell over laughing.

Dave told him when they’re at home, he will just lift her dress and in a minute she will give him a sip. Polly blushed telling Porter that he had made her “on demand” unless he took all of it out of her like just now. Porter replied “really”? Polly said, “Believe me, there is nothing male left in me. He keeps me constantly drained”. “That’s right Babe, you’re all pussy”, Dave grinned! Polly laughed as Porter shook his head. “Your breast”, Porter asked. Polly laughed “100% natural”! Dave said “and she makes milk”! Porters moth flew open! Polly added, “sometimes! It’s a side effect of my hormones”. Dave ran a hand over breast as Polly looked at him, she knew what was coming! He slid her top and bra free of a breast into view. Porter held his breath until Polly giggled “breathe Porter”. He was red faced as he gasped air saying “Damnnnnn Polly”! She giggled as Dave squeezed her breast until one white pearl like drop formed out of the nipple. A finger caught it, then brought it to his mouth. “Oh Shit”, Porter shouted! Dave laughed, “plain ole milk”. Polly lifted her top covering her breast and giggled. In a minute she left them to use the bathroom.

“Enough woman for you”, Dave laughed? Porter replied “so far but what about fucking”? Dave grinned, “just like pussy, only better”! He told him that T Girl’s want you to have their pussy! They give it to you making you want more! The more you fuck her like a woman, the more woman she becomes! Polly came back noticing Porters eyes were locked on her. As she passed by Dave, he pulled her on his lap, she sat side saddle saying “behave”! Porter said, “so Polly, do you have a friend”? Dave and Polly instantly looked at each other saying “Gloria”! As they told him about Gloria, Dave started groping Polly again, she said “careful”. Dave grinned when he found out that she didn’t have her panties on. As they continued talking about Gloria, Dave had her cock cupped with his thumb tip circling it’s head, he whispered “slick” wanting her to dribble cum. Polly giggled and in seconds she dribbled 2 thick cum wads. Porter was talking when he saw Dave’s shoulder dip and Polly trembled slightly. Dave answered him as Polly settled over into him not saying a word. A Minute passed as they talked and Polly softly whimpered. Dave smiled and winked at Porter as he slid lower in his seat. Polly’s eyes were closed as she continued whimpering as Dave’s arm wrapped behind her stretched downward. His hand slowly tugged her hem back exposing Dave’s hand between her legs. It was trapped between her thigh meat showing his hand against her bare ass as his finger stroked between her cheeks.

Porter’s tongue hung out watching Dave fingering her! In seconds, Dave plunged another finger into her. After thrusting them inside for a minute , Polly whimpered again. Dave grinned then added another. Porter gasped as she easily took them. Another minute of stroking and Polly leaned to kiss Dave’s cheek. Dave turned his cheek, kissed her passionately as he added his last finger. Dave looked at Porter, winked then said “Polly, what am I doing”? Porter was hissing air, she replied “making my pussy”. Dave snickered “why”? Before she could answer Dave drew his fingers out then Porter saw his whole hand press against her, she groaned “you’re going to fuck me”. Dave’s hand sank into her up to his wrist! Dave thrust his hand in, pulled out completely and back in again, for a few minutes. Stopping, he pulled his hand free, kissed Polly as he lifted her upper ass cheek. Porter’s eyes bugged outward as he saw her ass cunt! Between her pale cheeks, her ass hole lipped, red and swollen, putting outward like a pussy! Porter’s cock squirted inside his pants! Polly’s legs remained together as Dave slid his hand out, Porter had yet to see her cock.

Polly remained laying against Dave’s chest, he asked “is that Pussy”? Porter quickly replied, “Oh Hell yes”! Polly hearing his reply said “So I’m pussy”? Dave laughed. Polly threw her leg off Dave as she lifted her dress showing her cock asking “are you sure”? Porter looked at her cock saying, “I’m Damn sure you’re pussy, Lady”! Polly giggled loudly as she got off Dave’s lap. She laid back pulling her dress to her waist saying to Dave, “come get your pussy Baby”. Dave was on her in a flash, rolling her thighs back and thrusting hard! In a minute she said “Yes my Baby needs some pussy! Get it!….Get that pussy”! Dave was bucking into her roughly, she said “tear it Baby!…Own my pussy!… I’m your cunt, your Bitch…Your whore”! Dave was grunting and pounding down on her, Polly rolled herself upward nearly on her shoulders saying “seed me!…Breed me!….Soak me deep Baby”! Dave roared “fuckkkkkk” as his nuts blasted! Seconds later he shouted with each spurt of his cock “Ohhhhh Baby!..Baby, Baby, Baby”! In a minute they slumped. Polly caressed his back, kissed him and giggled.

Minutes later, they were sitting, Dave said “that’s how you fuck a T Girl”! Polly snickered. Dave left to use the bathroom. Polly saw Porter looking under her dress, giggled saying “do you want to taste me? I’m about half full, Dave won’t mind”. Dave came in asking “mind what”? She told him that she thinks Porter wants a sip from her. Dave smiled telling Porter to be his guest as he slid Polly’s dress back. Porter dropped to his knees, opened Polly’s legs wide and gently handled her cock. It grew thicker in his hands as she told him to suck softly because this wasn’t about sex. She is “giving” to him like a mother gives milk. Porter suckled her cock into his mouth, she said “that’s right. Just like that and when the time comes, just hold it and swallow when you need to”. Porter felt her body shift and looked up to see her kissing Dave. He felt a greasy but sweet slime coating his tongue in a minute. His tongue rolled her cock softly around inside his mouth as their kiss grew more passionate. Porter felt her inner thighs tremble as she said “close Porter”. Dave spoke “stream it to him Polly! Slow and steady so he can really taste you”. Polly moaned as her thighs flexed. Porter felt her cock spurt one surge, then a slow stream of water thin sweetness drooled on his tongue. Slowly she filled his mouth as she groaned then whimpered. Porter swallowed. Behind a soft yelp, Polly streamed again until he swallowed. He felt Polly’s thighs softening and knew she was done, he suckled her and said “thank you”. Polly smiled “you’re welcome”.

As he sat on his knees before her Dave said “Give him your “wine”, Baby”. Poly grinned, “he’s not ready for that”. Porter replied “the Hell I’m not! I need to know”! Dave grinned “Polly, give him some wine”. Polly replied, “yes Dave” and brought Porter’s mouth back to her cock saying “this I don’t share, but if Dave asks I comply without question”. Porter felt her cock twitch as short burst from her bladder filled his mouth! He swallowed, she sent another burst! The jets sprayed into his mouth until she lifted his head saying “that’s all”. Porter looked into her flaming red, blushed face and burped loudly saying “delicious”! Polly shouted “oh my god”! Dave replied “I’ve always told you, Baby. You turn it into a wine”!

Polly raised her knees, folded them against her chest saying, “you’ve done it all, you may as well fuck me and know what T Girl pussy is like”. Dave laughed “get it Porter! She’s ready, you know I filled her! Get some pussy”! Porter thrust his cock into her warm, wet, cum slick ass cunt! “Just like Pussy”, he moaned. His thrusting grew rapid as Dave leaned over her kissing her. “is the Pussy good”, Dave asked? “Hell yeah”, Porter replied! “Thrust to the left and right, feel her walls! You’ve never felt that in a genetic cunt”! Porter twisted and stroked! “Pull out and slam back in! Pop that ass bud! Feel it open and close”! Porter popped her, hearing the squish and hiss of her wet hole saying, “Damn! It’s like a mouth sucking me”! Dave grinned, “ram her! It’s tight all the way! Pure fuck hole all the way”! Porter rammed his thrust and growled loudly! “Bust that nut”, Dave shouted! Porter’s cock vomited cum into Polly! His ball sack seemed to explode oatmeal thick cum! His orgasm was so fierce he felt dizzy and slumped into Polly’s open arms, she giggled “I got you”. A minute later Dave was laughing loudly “wasn’t that fucking fantastic”! Porter could only moan. After several minutes, Polly said “I think he’s ready to meet Gloria”.

It took weeks until he finally met Gloria. It was at her home, she was swimming in her backyard pool. His mind and eyes struggled as he viewed her. “How the hell could she have ever been male”? Her jet black long hair floated over back submerged in the water. Her Pecan brown Latin skin contrasted against a Lime Green, 2 piece swim suit. Her ass cheeks exposed out the small high cut rear panel with each thrust of her legs. She turned over, swam on her back showing the well filled cups of her top and deep Bikini cut of her front. Her crotch appeared plump, filling her bikini. She saw him, smiled and swam his way saying “Porter”? He beamed a smile replying “yes”!

Gloria stood drying her hair and chatting as Porter’s eyes “ate” her body. She noticed, smiled then invited him inside while she changed. She came out 45 minutes later with her long hair combed down in a simple, causal, Orange and white stripped, sleeveless summer dress. It was cinched at her waist by a wide black belt and hung just past mid thigh with ankle wrapped sandals. She wasn’t a BBW, just perfectly plump, thick in all the right places. She walked toward him with a sexy twist. Gloria grinned and sat before him. They chatted and she crossed her plump thighs. His eyes locked on them until they decided to go walk a local park. By the end of their walk, they were holding hands. After the walk, they had dinner at a small cafe and returned to her house. They chatted a while and everything had been good. Gloria saw him watching her knees, she said “you’re Polly’s friend. You know my secret, why are you peeping”? Porter giggled, “you know it’s a male thing”! She laughed, “yes”. She got up saying she would be back. A she did, he caught a small gap and saw “milk white” silk panties with hair outside her leg opening. She came back in a mid thigh, light blue, thin, silk house robe. It clung to her body revealing that she was bra less and he didn’t see any pantie lines. She sat and as she did, he glimpsed red lace panties. Gloria said “comfortable”, he quickly replied “I was”! She laughed telling him that she was talking about herself.

“I’m your first “special girl” date”, she asked? Remembering Polly had told him to be a “take control” guy, he said, “no. You’re my last special girl date”! She giggled, “you sound confident”. They chatted with him making stronger, bolder statements impressing her. Gloria saw him checking her knees again she said “there you go again” grinning. Porter replied, “if you would open them, you wouldn’t catch me staring, I’d just look”! Gloria giggled as she spread her legs saying “hairy panties”. Porter saw her panties, hair appearing through them and outside surrounding her leg openings. Gloria said “even if I took them off you wouldn’t see anything”. Porter reached over to her sliding his hands under her gown, she said “take them off”. He drew them off as she sat giggling “told you”! She was right, all he saw appeared to be a girl with a hairy cunt! Gloria closed her legs telling him that “it” was there, very small about the size of his thumb. Porter looked at his thumb, 2 inches long an inch wide. She saw him and grinned “yes, about that size”. She told him that she grew the hair to hide everything down there. Since her testicles never descended, they remained inside her and she didn’t have a hanging sack. She giggled again, sat back, placed her feet on her seat and spread her legs wide saying “look, it’s just not there”.

Porter snickered as he dipped his face into her hairy crotch. His tongue probed into it until he felt her cock stub. He pressed his face firmly against her pubic mound and softly suckled her cock inside his mouth, Gloria moaned! He gently sucked it. It was barely an inch past his lips, it’s small glans felt like a small meatball. He lifted it with his tongue tip and she groaned. He swirled it, she whispered “Porterrrrr”. He swabbed it, she shook saying “I’m close, I may be small but….I make a lot!…I’m warning you that you might want to stop”! He grew aggressive sucking her, she said “just let it go, I won’t be offended”. Porter felt her legs wrap his back, her hips lifted, she said “I hope I don’t run you off, most guys jut can’t take what I’ll give you”. She bucked twice, her cum literally sprayed into the empty space in Porter’s mouth! She dumped a full warm, thick ounce before he swallowed, she said “I’m sorry” and fired another mouth filling scum wad! He swallowed again, Gloria started humping into his mouth saying “ it’s been so long and I’m so full! I need this” and globed spurt after spurt of more cum into his mouth. Porter swallowed until she had spent completely out. Her legs dropped from him, he released her cock. Gloria rolled on her side softly whimpering, “I’m so ashamed. I abused you but I was so in need”. He moved over, kissed her with his mouth still holding her last spent cum. Their tongues swapped it back and forth until it disappeared. Gloria said, “oh my god! Where have you been”!

Gloria jumped up dragging Porter to he bed room. She fell into her bed folding her legs back saying, “take me! I’m dry but I want to feel you! It’s going to hurt and burn but I want it! Make me hurt like a virgin! Don’t hold back, fuck me hard”! Porter slammed into her dry hole. It burned his cock like the skin was tearing! They both screamed! He thrust into her with force, she said, “god that hurts but I want to remember this! Fuck the Hell out of me”! Porter was thrusting deep and stroking rapid, she said “beautiful pain”. Her word had him fired! He slowed his stroke saying, “Ms Gloria, will you be mine”? She replied, “Porter, you don’t really know me. I can be a Bitch”. He smiled replying “my Bitch. I can know you in time”. She giggled, “I’ve been sort of a whore in my past, finding myself”. He fucked her replying “Be my whore”, she smiled. “I need firm control, you have to take me, make me, punish me to keep me in my place”. Porter stroked rapid saying “I’ll own you”! He jumped clear of her, rolled her over and rammed into her saying “take this”! He shot her full of cum! Gloria replied,”yes Sir”. A half hour later they were up, dressed and sitting. Gloria stood, laid across his lamp saying “spank me”. He asked why, she told him that she needed to cry and couldn’t. Porter spanked her bare ass, she said “harder! Spank my ass until it flames red and don’t stop! Make me cry hard even if I ask you to stop, don’t”! He spanked, she sobbed. Harder and faster, she wailed. Slapping her ass with both hands until it was glaring red and she softly screaming she mumbled “fist me”! Porter made a fist and punched into her her ass cunt, she hissed loudly! Punch after punch he rammed her until she said “thank you Porter” as he felt his legs being soaked in her piss. He lifted her onto his lap, kissed her tears away as she pissed again. She whispered, “I’m kind of a nasty girl too”. Porter grinned, “my Nasty girl”.

Two weeks later, Porter and Gloria were at Polly’s. They had shared a long day together. As Polly and Dave did the dishes, Porter was being heavily petted by Gloria. Just before the dishes were done, she laid her head in his lap and lovingly sucked his cock. Polly nearly walked in on them and stopped Dave. They stood quietly and watched her making love to Porter’s cock. Her head bobbed slowly, swerved gently as she coaxed his cum upward. Polly dropped to her knees and sucked Dave’s cock as he watched them. Dave lowered his stance, grabbed her head and fucked into her mouth. Porter grunted long and slow, 4 times. Gloria whispered, “yes Porter, Thank you, I needed your cum”. They were done and watching Dave face fuck Polly. Polly rose to squat, her cock hung down seeping cum. Gloria quickly crawled behind, tongued her ass then pulled her cock behind her and suckled it. Dave’s cock spurted and Polly streamed cum into Gloria’s mouth. In a minute, Gloria walked back to Porter, kissed him swapping Polly’s cum. Porter d**g her down, laid her back and raised her dress. His face dove into her hairy crotch. In a minute she was hissing, then moaning. She raised her thighs, rested them on her chest, Polly said “she’s waiting for his fist”. Second later they saw Porter’s arm slam forward! Gloria groaned “yes, oh yes”. Porter’s throat pulsed followed by gulping sounds, Polly said, “she’s throwing it”. In a minute, Gloria giggled as Porter removed his hand from her clenching ass. As they sat later, Polly told Gloria “thanks” because if she had taken her, she would be cleaning the floor. Gloria replied, “waste not, want not”. Gloria leaned over, wiped Porter’s chin saying “a little of my cum on your face. I didn’t give you too much did I”? He laughed “I want more”. She grinned, “when we get home”. Dave said, “Polly, I think we did something good with these two”.

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Group fun

Finally, I’ve been dreaming of this for years, bottom for a group! After chatting, meeting and fucking around with a couple of fellow CD’s for weeks we arranged a group session with me being the bottom for 6

it was set for a hotel in London just a few days ago, I had my sexiest lingerie, my chastity on and my toys in my case. I arrived and was greated by the couple I knew, they pointed me to the bedroom so I could dress, I felt nervous but excited, the day had finally arrived, I’d convinced myself I wasn’t going to refuse any cock, no matter how big it was and I would swallow any cum I could get. My cock was already hard and straining in my chastity but there wasn’t anything I could do since I don’t hold the key. I was dressed and ready to go…

I walked out and the others had arrived, 7 of us all fully dressed, it was like heaven. After a couple of drinks and chatting I was looking at Sam and she knew I was I looking, I could see her cock bulging in her panties, she walked over and didn’t say a word, I just dropped to my knees and started sucking her cock, Annie came over too, now I’ve got 2 cocks to suck!

Before i I knew it I was being led to the bedroom and was placed on my back, all 7 of us on the bed, nylons rubbing against each other and our heels clashing, I’d never seen so much cock at the same time. Suddenly I am flipped over on my stomach, my thong moved to one side and a cock forced in my ass, oh fuck it was big, it went straight to my second hole, thrusting hard, I couldn’t scream because I was gagging on the cocks in my mouth, I felt her pushing harder and deeper for what seemed like eternity then from nowhere she came, hard and deep in my ass, she pulled out but before I knew it another cock was inside me, I was still face down and my legs being pulled towards my head and being held round the ankles, suddenly my ankles where being cuffed, I thought to tie me down or put a spreader on but no, my wrists were being cuffed too, I’m being hogtied, now I’m completely helpless and at their disposal!

Tammi slid underneath me on the bed and tried to push her cock inside me but it wouldn’t go as I was still being fucked by someone else, it didn’t stop her trying and she was determined that I have her cock inside me too, I’d never had 2 at the same time. Tammi wasn’t giving up, she got out from under me and grabbed a plug, she pushed it hard inside me while I was being fucked and said…see bitch it will go and your having 2 cocks inside you! By now I’d had a second load dumped in me and one on my face. Tammi wasn’t giving up and she slid her cock inside me from behind, Jax was now under me and trying what Tammi had tried before, I could feel her hard cock pushing at my hole, suddenly it went in, OMFG I screamed, I was still hogtied so I couldn’t do anything, to stop me screaming I was face fucked, hard, I had 2 in my ass and 1 down my throat, it felt so good!

Tammi and Jax continued to fuck me hard, my hole now stretched to the max, Jax picked up the pace, fucking me harder, I knew she was cumming and with a hard push she came, I could feel her cum running down my leg, she slid out from under me and I thought that’s it but now another did the same, she came inside me too while Tammi continued to fuck me using the others cum as lube, by now Tammi was ready to cum but not in my ass, she wanted me to swallow, she came from behind and pushed her cock deep down my throat, all I could taste was cum from the others and my own ass, she pushed hard, grabbed the back of my head and made me gag, after a few minutes I knew she was about to cum, I was helpless, still hogtied and being held by the others because I was wriggling around and struggling to breath, with one final thrust Tammi came, her cock was so far down my throat I had no choice but to swallow, Tammi pulled out from my throat and said…you took it well sissy bitch, next time there will be more of us

After 3 hours I was untied, I’d been leaking cum from my chastity for ages, my legs were shaking, my hole gaped and dripping with cum, I’d got cum on my face which I was told to wipe off and eat, but hmmm what a night, which I would love to repeat, hope Tammi keeps her word

Sweet dreams xxx

Strange encounter

It was the weekend and I was bored so I started to look around online for a bit of fun in a chat room when I came across an older guy that was in to CD’s and liked to spank them, we started chatting and we shared likes and fantasies, we got on pretty well so we arranged to meet. He wanted me to dress for him so a few days later we met, I was wearing my fav red dress with black and silver basque, black panties, stockings and silver heels. We chatted for a while downstairs then we headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms, I walked in and on the bed was an array of sex toys, gags and hoods. He asked me to wear a leather hood that had zipper eyes and mouth, I let him put it on me and he unzipped the eyes and mouth so I could see and breath

He had a workbench in the room and said would I mind being tied to it so he could spank me better, I felt I could trust him so I agreed. He tied my legs and wrists tight to the bench, my ass now sticking in the air for him to spank me.

He started to rub my stocking legs, sliding his hands up them, he put his hands in my panties and started to play with my balls and cock, I was already hard and didn’t need any encouragement, I was finding the experience daring and new, quite erousing. He went to the bed and grabbed a huge dildo, must have been 10 inches, he also grabbed a gag and walked over, zipped the eyes on the leather hood, put the gag on my mouth and whispered…your mine now bitch!

I was petrified and thinking how can I get out of this, I felt something cold on my ass and then inside of my leg, it was scissors, he was cutting my panties off. My basque was sliding down and partially covering my ass so he lifted it exposing me, he started to spank me lightly, then each time a little harder, I was starting to feel the heat in my ass cheeks. He was rubbing my nylon legs and getting very aroused, he unzipped one eye, took off the gag and instead of asking him to stop I sucked his hard and thick cock. Fuck it, I was actually enjoying this!

The zip was closed and gag back on. I then heard a swishing sound, I didn’t know what it was but I soon found out, he caned me 5 times, it was pain like I’d never felt before, my screams were muffled because of the gag. He gave me 5 more, I could feel the tears running down my cheeks inside the hood. But then he pushed the 10 inch dildo inside me and for some reason the pain went and I felt relieved, he left the dildo inside me and left the room. After about 10 minutes he came back and said…right you sissy bitch time for more! I was trying to shout no but the gag was still on and I don’t think he would have stopped anyway. He grabbed my balls and pulled backwards through my legs, he put a humbler on and tightened it, now my balls were in place and I couldnt move much.

He he took out the dildo, unclasped my stockings and he started to rub my ass, I felt his cock just above my hole, I thought, right he’s going to fuck me now and then it’s over but he didn’t, he caned me, giving me 10 more strokes, each more painful than the last, I tried to suck up the pain, after the tenth he forced his huge cock inside me, fucking me hard for a few minutes, again the pain subsided. He kept giving 10 strokes and fucking me until I had 100 strokes, my ass was on fire now and my hole stretched.

I didn’t feel the pain anymore, my ass was numb, I only felt heat, my cheeks were burning. He started fucking me, thrusting harder and deeper each time, holding my hips and pulling hard, I could feel him stopping deep inside me, I guess he was feeling the heat from the caning on his body. Then the gag came off, but hang on, he’s inside me, there was someone else in the room and had been since he came back in the room after leaving the dildo in me. The second guy forced his cock in my mouth and started fucking my face. Here I was dressed in a sexy red dress, basque and stockings half way down my legs tied to a work bench being spit roasted, hmmm. They both continued to fuck my holes then they switched, he’d gone straight from ass to mouth.

The second guy was a little bigger than the first and it was tight for a while but he soon loosened me up. They both started to pick up the pace, it was like they were both wanting to cum at the same time, I’m guessing this isn’t their fist time at doing this! They became quicker and pushed deeper in my ass and throat, I could hear them kissing each other then the guy in my ass started cumming, all of a sudden the guy in my mouth started cumming, I could feel cum in my ass and sliding down my throat, it was the best feeling I’d had in years and a first for me, no two guys have cum at the same time like this before. They both pulled out and untied me, cum running down my leg, a salty taste in my mouth and my hole stretched. We talked briefly before I left, turns out it was a fantasy which they wanted to act out. Looking back it was a strange encounter, but a good one

Sweat dreams xxx

Chase and Sharon

Chase and Sharon

Chase and Sharon were stuck in grid lock. He fidgeted as his bladder hurt needing to take a piss. Sharon rubbed his shoulder as he suffered saying, “My Baby, I can’t let you suffer like this”. Her hand fished his cock from his pants, she kissed his cheek before her face swooped into his lap saying, “give it to me, Chase”. Her lips locked on him as his piss exploded. Sharon sank alighting her throat as his fluids shot directly into her stomach. She held her breath a full minute letting him jet, then clamped her hand around his shaft while she breathed, then let him spray again. Chase uttered a long “ahhhhhhh” until he was empty. Sharon sat back, covered her mouth and released a loud burp! Uncovering her mouth, Chase grabbed her, kissing her saying, “Precious. How can I not love you”? Sharon smiled saying, “technically, you’re mine, you made that, therefore it’s mine too”. She snuggled under his arm.

At home, Sharon walked through the door amazing Chase as she removed her bra without taking her blouse off. She also stepped forward reaching under and removing her panties to step out of them just before she sat down. She always sat and “blew off” the work day before she did anything. Chase usually rested his head in her lap as they chatted about their day. He had laid 15 minutes when he pulled her skirt back and sucked her cock inside his mouth. Sharon said “Gosh Honey, that’s early. I wasn’t expecting it”. She caressed his face “but it’s yours and you have it when you want. Do you want it quick or do you just want to suckle me a while”? “Quick”, he mumbled. She looked into his eyes, grunted saying, “here, My Dear”. Sharon pulsed 6 cum wads into his mouth, then rolled his head over and leaned down kissing him. Chase said, “more, please”? Sharon giggled, “really
my Darling, more? You know how much I love to give it to you. You’re spoiling me”.

Sharon caressed his face telling him that she was totally ruined by him. That she couldn’t get enough of him. Couldn’t believe that he wanted her for everything about her. That he was a handsome, young, full stud that made her a woman in every way! She paused then gave him a squirt of cum and continued. “You suck my cock with “want and need” to have my cum and I love that”, she moaned and fired another slug into his mouth. She told him that she made it, always in hope that he wanted it and groaned another thin wad into his mouth. She laid back as her cock drooled inside his mouth saying, “Chase, you’re wonderful”. He was softly suckling her 5 minutes later when she said, “Chase, I want you to help me hurt. I’m empty but I want to cum again so keep sucking. I’m going to make it and spill it instantly. It’s going to hurt with delicious pain. I may cry out but keep sucking until I take it away. I may say anything but don’t stop! I’ll stop you”. Chase suckled as she moaned. “Yes my Baby, it hurts but I’m making….Ohhhh Darling, that hurts….. Oh my god, my gurl balls hurt so much, but don’t stop my love! Make them know that they are owned by you!…….Sharon started crying, “that’s it Chase, train them to give you cum on your demand”! Sharon was sobbing loudly “They’re hurting me chase. They’re fighting me! I want to cum but they won’t release!…… They’re full!…Squeeze them, make them give it to you”! Chase grabbed them, squeezed and Sharon groaned as her cock streamed a thin rope of cum inside his mouth. As the stream stopped, she lifted his face off her cock. He kissed her tear stained face then thrust his tongue inside her mouth. A minute later he sat hugging her.

Minutes later, he was nuzzling her, kissing her, groping her. She caught his face asking, “are you making out with me”? Chase smiled. Sharon laughed, “you are”! The next thing she knew, he was unbuttoning her blouse and feasting on her tits, she said “Baby, I’m salty, let me shower”? He kept on as she giggled. His hand went under her skirt, cupped her soft cock, then drove under her to finger her ass hole. One finger to start then 3 in all thrusting into her ass hole as she giggled. After a minute, she reached down, grabbed his hand, squeezed all his fingers together then pressed them toward her ass hole. Chase said, “are you sure Babe”? She nodded “yes”. In a slow solid push, his hand slid into her. Sharon leaned forward kissing him with a grin. “that will teach you to finger fuck my pussy, you wild boy”, she said. Sharon squeezed his wrist trapped in the grip of her ass hole. She giggled as she clamped it and released it. She grinned saying, “push! You can go deeper. You won’t hurt me”. Chase pushed until his forearm was inside her almost to his elbow, he asked “you OK”? Sharon smiled replying “I will be when I feel your elbow”. Chase pushed until her ass hole slid over his elbow. He laid on her 15 minutes, elbow deep flexing his arm muscles and slightly bending his elbow. “Oh Baby, you’re stretching me and it feels wonderful. Do you like it”, she asked? “Sweet Heart, I couldn’t imagine this! You’re such a toy, a gift! Yes, I love it”, He replied! Sharon giggled saying, “one day when I’m on my knees, I’ll take your whole arm up to your shoulder”.

The next afternoon Sharon was at home getting “cute”. Rodney an old boyfriend/work mate was supposedly stopping by after being away 4 years. She knew his real intention and had made a plan of revenge, shared it with Chase. Rodney came earlier than expected but she had anticipated it. He came in looking old, complimenting her, jealous of her home. He said something about it’s worth around 1.3 million, she laughed telling him that it wasn’t “her” place. It belonged to her boyfriend, she still had her home and together they had a Beach home on the coast. She flashed a large false diamond on her finger. Although she knew, she asked about the genetic girl that he married? She had come home unexpectedly finding them fucking in her house. She waited for him to tell her, they divorced and he remarried and divorced another girl. He asked about her boyfriend and was told that he would arrive soon. Chase came in a baggy work uniform, was introduced and chatted until he told them he was going to change and work out. Sharon replied that they were going in her office to review Rodney’s offer. Before they left, Chase came back through in gym shorts. His young muscular frame, thick legs, broad chest and full ripped arms made Rodney instantly jealous. He stopped, kissed Sharon on the forehead saying, “think about where you want to go for dinner later”.

Rodney said, “robbing the cradle”? She laughed saying, “no! He chased me for a year and wouldn’t take no”! She got up popping a gap and swayed her ass taking Rodney to her office. In the office, Rodney laid some papers on her desk explaining things as he looked down her blouse. She had on a designer lace bra which accented her full breast. His voice trembled and his breathing was fast as she said, “you may as well knock this off. You came in hope of getting in my panties”. Sharon got up, then bent over the desk telling him that he had at least 10 minutes left while Chase worked out. She raised her dress, pulled her leg opening to the side, fingered her ass hole and waited. Rodney was thrusting into her in seconds. “Damn Sharon, it’s better than ever”, he said. “Really? It was never good enough before. Those girls stole you every time”, she replied. “Damn it! I’m going to cum” as Rodney’s cock gushed cum into her! Sharon twisted her hips making him throw his cum out and on the last spurt, she stepped away saying “remember that! My man is the only one that gets it now”!

Rodney was sitting looking dejected when Chase came back through without a shirt, chest rippling and sweaty. He walked past them and Sharon crossed her arms as if she was waiting. Chase suddenly stopped, spun around, walked back and kissed her forehead. She unfolded her arms as he walked away. She winked at Rodney saying, “Do you think you can compete with that? He adores me”. As she escorted Rodney out, Chase came up lifting her dress and fingering her dripping ass cunt. Sharon said, “I got him! I paid that bastard back! All he can think of is that pussy you’re fingering and wishing it was his”! Chase slid his finger out and his cock in. He stroked her standing saying, “yes Baby, he wanted you! He left quite a load inside you. It’s old, thick like he’s not had any in weeks! Feels like I’m fucking with a condom”! Sharon clenched her ass hole tight making more friction for him saying, “knock his cum out of me! Give me some of your love”! Chase pounded into her until his cum jetted into her. He pulled free and she turned to kiss him. As they kissed, she flexed her anal muscles expelling their cum until it flowed down her legs.

Chase had anticipated this day for weeks. They were on the way to the “AGP”, the All Gurl Party. It was all couples, all gurls, and no genetic females allowed. All gurls had to spend at least one time, 10-15 minutes long in the “barrel”. There would be “NPZ”, No Pantie Zone’s and limits were personal choices. It was a casual wear event but required all gurls in skirts or dresses only. Sharon had chosen a Lavender strapless tube dress, dark garter style hose and shimmering white panties. They arrived to a nearly full parking lot and inside over 200 people. They mingled and drank an hour before Sharon went to affirm her time in the barrel. Finding that she had 20 minutes of wait time, she went back to sit in Chase’s lap. He would give her a short, quick spurt of cum as pre-lube. While on his lap, another couple came to sit with them. Noticing that the gurl had a wrist band that indicated she had already been in the barrel, she told them about it. She said it was the ultimate “cum dump” experience! They all came in different size’s, harder than steel and ready to blow! She added that she only stayed 15 minutes because she couldn’t hold any more cum. Hearing that, chase shot 2 thick wads in Sharon and remained with the couple while Sharon went to serve.

The gurl moved to sit on Chase telling him that she may as well keep his cock warm and not to cum as he had all night to cum. Tonight was for enjoying the “spice” of varied ass pussy. His cock slid into her with a loud squish. Her hole was wet with cum, loose, hot and seemed endless. “Ain’t it good! My Lady can break the balls of any cock she takes”, the man said. She rode him a few more minutes then got up saying, “hope to see you later” and they left. Sharon came back with a swagger and a smile. Chase asked “how was it”? She told him invigorating and it was true that so many came and went, dumping almost instantly. She laughed that it felt as if she had a pint of cum when her time was up. She added that she she sat and drained for more then 5 minutes after. They mingled again before going into the “NPZ”.

There were about 50 couples inside sitting at tables and booths. Each had a pair of panties as a center piece, if they indulged. They grabbed a table and Sharon set her panties on their table. Showing, viewing and public oral sex was expected in this area. Direct eye contact and mingling were the starting points. A young man immediately came to their table introduced himself and looked at Sharon. He pointed out his gurl who opened her thighs to flash her cock to them and wave. He told Sharon that he noticed her wrist band and perhaps he could clean her up a bit? Sharon spread her legs as he slid between them. He lifted her knees and drove his tongue into her slack ass hole. He probed, sc****d, licked and lapped her ass cleft as Sharon was kissed by Chase. He saw her cock dribble saying, “you haven’t cum yet? I’ll take a little if you want to share it”. Chase broke their kiss saying, “give him a taste, Sweet Heart”. The mans lips captured her cock and Sharon moaned saying “just 2 shots”. She kissed Chase and dropped a small wad on the man’s tongue. He smacked his lips, lapped her nut sack, then went back to her cock. “Oh god Chase, he’s good! He’s loving my cumming cock! Don’t kiss me or I’ll give him too much”. She spurted another wad into his mouth and pushed his head away. The man’s gurl came to their table saying, “Thanks! He’s always wanting to suck and I’m bone dry”. Many single gurls and couples came by to view Sharon. Several sucked her cock, ate her ass pussy and fondled her but she held her cum. They too mingled, viewed and both had sucked many gurl cocks before they moved on.

They walked arm in arm with Sharon giggling with excitement! She was taking him to the Gurl’s room. Inside was a single bed, which she had him lay on. In minutes another gurl came in climbed over him and sank her ass cunt down his shaft. He couldn’t assist them in any way, his job was to only provide them cock for their itching ass pussy. It was a reverse “barrel” room. Sharon sat in a nearby chair watching them ride him. “Don’t cum Baby unless you have to”, she said. When a dozen gurls had taken a ride on him, she locked the door and sucked his cock clean saying, “Don’t worry Baby! Our next stop is the Men’s room. You’re going to love it”!

Inside the Men’s room he found 12 gurls, shoulders down, ass up on loungers laid flat. Behind each one, a man or gurl thrusting into them. He could fuck as many as he chose, cum in any and keep moving down the line. Sharon would replace the first gurl in line and remain there as long as he was in the room. Chase fucked the first gurl but didn’t cum in her. As he stepped on, She got up and Sharon took her place. Chase moved down the line for an hour and came inside 4 of the gurls. Sharon had caught 11 cum loads in her ass and had been fucked by more than 26 different cocks. They left making their way to the Bar. It was considered a rest and flirt area.

As they entered the Bar, they were hailed by Ruth, the gurl from the couple they first met. They came to her table as she pointed down saying, “Burt’s under there”. She winked adding, “I needed to pee. If you got anything, I’m sure he wants it”. Sharon grinned, “Honey, I’m full! They had me in the Men’s room”. She was barely in her seat when she felt Burt nudging his face between her thighs. His mouth trapped her cock as his fingers trapped her bladder. Sharon looked at Chase smiling, he said “you’re pissing”? She giggled “yes”. Ruth told Chase that he had a really great gurl and asked if he needed to go also? She quickly added that she would love to sit on him and take it. He smiled as Ruth got up and slid into his lap. Seconds later he was filling her! Ruth said, “Mmmmmm, nice and hot! Just empty yourself, I can hold it. There’s plenty room in there”. Once both were done, the gurls went to the restroom so Ruth could empty herself. Inside, Ruth told her about a friend they had called “Black Samson”. He “stretched” gurls with his 6inch wide,17inch long cock and bull sized balls. She said that he literally gave back rubs from the inside out. Sharon grinned! Ruth told her if they were done here, they all could go visit him? Sharon agreed.

After a 30 minute drive following Burt, they drove on dirt farm road. As they pulled to a stop, they saw a Bald, stocky built black man in Bib-overalls watching them as they came in. He walked over to Burt’s car, opened Ruth’s door, lifted her as she wrapped her legs around him. They talked for seconds, then he slid her around on his hip holding her with one arm and walked toward Sharon who stood outside their car. Chase laughed “Damn”! Samson scooped Sharon up, sat her on his other hip and walked away.

Inside his house there wasn’t any chatting. Samson placed the gurls side by side, ass up on his king size bed. He stood stripping to reveal his weight lifter like body. Standing nude, his cock hung down to his knees, stiff but not pointing out. It looked like a 3rd arm. He coated it in simple Vaseline and laid a glob in each gurls ass cleft. Standing 1ft away behind Ruth, he laid his cock in her ass cleft and slowly walked forward. Ruth gleefully moaned. He sank balls deep, then stepped back 6inches and rocked his strokes into her. Ruth screamed, “Oh Samson! I’ve missed this! Missed your fantastic cock”! He plowed into her, slow, deep and with perfect rhythm until Ruth groaned. The men saw her cock spitting cum as he continued to stroke her. When she fell forward on the bed, her ass hole was red, swollen, gaped and turned inside out. It hung at least 3inches outside her anal cleft.

Samson moved over to Sharon saying, “ready”? She replied “yes”! He touched it against her ass hole and walked into her. Sharon grunted the whole time it sank into her. He asked “OK”? She moaned, “Hell yes”! Samson laughed and started his slow stroking into her. Ruth crawled next to her and took her hand saying, “isn’t it good being stretched”? Sharon smiled. Ruth said, “I told him to cum in you. You need to feel him splashing inside you! I swear it feels like a water hose spraying inside you”! The boys were watching as Sharon’s ass hole sank, then stretched back several inches as Samson’s wide black shaft contrasted against her reddening ass bud. After a few minutes, Chase asked her if she thought she could let Samson “unleash” his self and really throw a fuck into her. She asked him if he really wanted to see her do it”? He said, “yes”! Sharon reached both arms and Samson caught them, she said, “fuck me”! Samson pulled her back, circled his hips making certain she was bored open, then stepped back and slowly picked up his stroking pace.

Soon, he was pounding her! Shaking the bed with the power of his thrusts! He was literally knocking her away and pulling her back! Sharon screamed, “I’m cumming”! Ruth slid under her and locked her mouth on Sharon’s cock! Sharon fired cum wads until she was groaning. Just as Ruth let her cock free, Sharon started pissing! Ruth locked her cock again as Sharon hissed! The men watched as her bladder sprayed into Ruth’s mouth. Chase said, “He’s knocking the piss out of her”! Burt replied, “ain’t it beautiful”! Another 5 minutes passed then the room was filled with Samson humming. Burt said, “he’s going to cum! Watch his balls! They’re going to squirm upward and when they drop, she’s going to fucking scream”! They watched as his balls appeared to be fighting in his nut sack. Suddenly they slowly shook as they crawled upward. They stopped at the top and suddenly fell slack to the bottom. Sharon screamed loudly! Burt pushed Chase on the bed saying, “watch her belly bloat”! Chase gazed with his mouth opened wide as her stomach swelled bloating like a basketball. Sharon fell over with her back to Chase. He watched and heard her farting thick cum out of her prolapsed ass hole. He crawled over her kissing her as she said, “was I good? Did you enjoy me”? They kissed like lovers.

Samson was catching his breath as they viewed his white cum coated, black shaft hanging. Ruth was on her back as she said, “come wreck me Samson. Come fuck me like the Bitch I am. Don’t spare me! I’ve been such a whore today”! Samson crawled over, rolled her into a ball and slammed his cock into her! Burt said, “this is going to be good”! Samson raised his self above her to pull his cock completely out, then slam back into her saying, “how many did you fuck today? 10”? He pounded into her, she said, “more”! Samson rammed into her several times asking “20”? Ruth groaned, “more”! He was throttling into her, steady slamming his cock into her as he said, “you fucking slut”! Ruth said, “yes I am”! “30”, he asked? Ruth mumbled “more”. Samson started a “mean” stroke, throwing his body on her as his cock sank as deep as he could go saying, “whore”! Ruth replied, “yes”. Chase, Sharon and Burt were enthralled with their action. Samson fucked her unmercifully as she said, “that’s it, tear my ass cunt up! Throw a baby in this Bitch”! She knew she was priming him she said, “Yes, you Muthafucker! Plant a Baby in Burt’s Bitch! You know you want to”! Samson started humming with each stroke she said, “give me my damn baby”! Samson’s back whipped, then his body shook from head to toe! He came inside her throwing ropes of cum. H leaned back on his heels with his cock still in her as they watched it jerking with each spurt! One the last spasm, he slid his cock out and cum squirted out of the red mass extending from her ass hole. Ruth laid several minutes then held her arms up to Samson. He crawled over and they kissed like they were in love. Ruth said, “Thank you Samson”. Burt eased Chase and Sharon out of the room. As they waited 20 minutes, He told them that Ruth was making love to Samson because they were in love. He said that he didn’t mind at all because her happiness is the only thing he cared about because he is in love with her. Chase kissed Sharon saying that he understood completely.

Samson came out carrying Ruth in his arms. One arm under her knees, her dress hanging down showing her bare ass. Her legs together, soft ass cheeks jiggling and below them hanging a red, dripping mass of inner ass tube. From the mass dripped a stream of whitish cum. As Samson stopped, Burt dropped to his knees lapping her drooling ass, cleaning her and easing her prolapse back inside. Done, he moved away as Samson sat Ruth down and walked away without a word. The group sat, chatted and made future plans.

***** Burt and Ruth****** will follow this story