‘Just’ Jane Ch. 14

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 14

“Jane! What the…” Maureen removed her robe and draped it over me as I got out of the car.

I was still dressed in sheer teddy I wore for Poole.

“I told him Maureen. Either he tells me that he loves me or…” I started to cry again.

“Good for you Jane.” Maureen consoled me.

Sadly hot cocoa only helps so much and Grandmothers can only do so much as well.

“Things will be better in the morning, you’ll see.” She said.

The door opened and little feet quickly made their way to my bed. I looked up to find Lela standing over me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I teased.

“I brought you some clothes to wear.” Lela smiled.

“Did you now?” I sat up exposing the sheer teddy I slept in.

“Or we could stay here and play hooky.” Lela reached out and caressed my breast.

“I would prefer that but I’m not going to make it that easy on Poole.” I replied.

“Ok, then I’ll go to work with you.” Lela said without a care.

It was a bit of a drive to the office. Lela talked and listened to every radio station Poole had stored in memory. No two stations were alike and I was surprised when she ended up with sports.

“Why did you take Poole’s car?” Lela asked looking around inside.

“The keys were on the counter so I decided to take this instead of my car.” I admitted.

“It’s so old.” Lela laughed.

“Yeah it is.” I agreed.

It was a 1987 Ford Taurus station wagon that Poole drives almost exclusively. Impeccably maintained and cared for it is none the less just a grocery getter. People tease him endlessly about it but I don’t think he’ll ever get rid of it.

Poole says it fits him, and in many ways it does.

“Jane.” Poole looked up at me as I stood in line for inspection.

“Timothy.” I replied coolly.

The gasp from the other girls were more notable than when I walked in wearing regular clothes. I was wearing shorts, a blouse, and insisted on wearing a bra. Even Lela thought that was a bit too much.

“Only got one name. Poole.” My uncle corrected me.

“Actually you don’t.” I reminded him sarcastically.

“So that’s the way it’s going to be?” Poole asked quietly.

“I just turned in my notice.” I looked back at Max. “I have some vacation time coming. Unless I hear differently, Friday will be my last day.”

Poole looked at Max. “Is that right?”

So as not to make a bigger scene Max just held up the paper.

“Lela invited me to lunch I may be late getting back. You can dock my pay as you see fit.” I lifted my eyes and looked forward standing at attention.

“Go ahead get it out of your system.” Poole leaned back and laughed.

So that’s how my week started.

“Maureen the food is great.” I said to her as we watched Lela frolic in the pool.

“It is, isn’t it?” My grandmother bragged.

“Mom says you really enjoy it here.” I suggested.

“She’s just happy I’m not living with her.” Maureen laughed. “Seriously I wished I would have come sooner.”

“So you do like it here?”

“Absolutely. The golf course is right here, the city is just a short shuttle away.” Maureen pointed out. “As you know the food is great, and I have friends to spend time with.”

“Well the pool and common areas are really impressive.” I offered. “I see they have activities you can sign up for.”

“Of course, movies, bingo, cards, poker, you name it, we even have a few entertainers stop in. Maureen boasted. “However I will admit we seem to miss Wilma.”

“Wilma?” I repeated.

“Oh goodness, yes. Never stopped talking that one. Although I didn’t care for her much, the others seemed to like her.” Maureen shook her head. “Gave them something to gossip about or complain or just well, someone to listen to.”

“Did she pass away?” I asked politely.

“Wilma? Nah some old fool stepped up and asked her to marry him. Guess he didn’t own a radio?”

Maureen and I laughed. Since they got married they no longer qualified to live at this center. I went and got Lela and after she hustled me for more time we left a half hour later.

Leaving Poole’s car at work Bobby drove me back to Maureen’s. She left a note letting me know she was at a play with some friends. I made myself some dinner and then called the girls.

Cassie admonished me for being so demanding. Cody supported me completely.

I illegal bahis looked down and a dark brown hand moved over my tit. I shifted back to find Lela completely naked.

“Does your mother know you’re in here?” I turned over to kiss Lela.

“Mom sent me in to wake you up.” Lela giggled. “She going to make breakfast in a little bit.”

“So why are you naked?” My hands caressed Lela’s body.

“I need to make sure you’re really awake.” Lela started removing my top. “Hurry we don’t have much time.”

I pushed my panties down as Lela moved in for a passionate kiss. Kicking the panties off, I moved to my side facing Lela. Knowing time was against us I still wanted to enjoy the moment.

I pulled up from the kiss and grazed Lela’s dark brown nipple with my pink one. Lela smiled happily. I caressed her stomach as I moved my hand lower to between her legs. Pulling me down to kiss her again Lela spread her legs thrusting her pelvis up to greet my probing fingers.

“Please Jane.” Lela moaned before our lips met.

Lela spread her legs wide so I slipped two fingers in her juicy snatch. Lela’s pussy thrusted up, she moaned, and then her whole body gave a quick shudder.

“Shhh, my darling, we’re not in that big of a hurry.” I teased Lela.

My fingers pulled out slightly and Lela settled back in the bed. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips then slipped my fingers back in her pussy.

“You’re so wet Princess.” I taunted her.

Lela glowed in happiness as my fingers worked deeper. When her back arched I leaned down and sucked on her nipple. Lela ccaressed my back and offered me all of her tit. I raked my teeth over her soft flesh and nibbled her stiff nub.

It didn’t take long for Lela’s breath to become rapid and shallow. I enjoyed watching her brown body writhe as my fingers continued to work their magic. Lela gripped my arm hard trying not to announce her excitement. Only the softest of squeaks and moans, told of her impending climax.

“Jane!” Lela gasped as her body contorted against the brunt of her orgasm.

Lela pulled me tight her lips desperate to find my tongue as her legs clamped shut. Lela held me not wanting to let go. I pulled up from her lips and looked into her eyes.

“Are you awake yet?” I teased her

I moved over Lela, my tit’s dangling just before her mouth. Placing one leg between hers and one over her thigh. Lela looked at my glistening cunt and then smiled at me. She shifted as I brushed my juicy pussy over her extended clit and her body quivered in response.

“Jane.” Lela whimpered.

The dark brown lips of her pussy mashed against the pink folds of mine. We had done this many times before and we soon found ourselves in a familiar position. Lela early on learned a special move. Shifting slightly Lela tugged her lips open letting my clit settle within the pink insides of her greasy pussy.

“Cum for me Jane.” Lela demanded. “Let me feel you cum in my pussy.”

“Oh Princess here it comes!” I started to moan.

As usual we shared a sloppy orgasm together that morning. Hugging and kissing Lela, she begged me to stay home again. In the shower I made Lela mind her manners, at least most of the time.

“Jane you can’t stay here much longer.” Maureen mentioned at breakfast.

I’m not sure she approved of Lela and I making love under her roof. Unlike my mother my grandmother was a bit old fashion. I know she had an affair with a black man at a time when that was strictly taboo, and she had his child, but it was all done with discretion.

Fucking your step aunt, her daughter, in her spare bedroom when she is cooking your breakfast just might not be what she would consider discrete. Fucking your uncle, her son, at his house, is completely acceptable. Go figure.

“How long?” I asked picking up my coffee.

“You can stay tonight but after that you can only visit. Just because my family owns this place doesn’t mean I can ignore the rules.” Maureen explained.

“I’ll call Donald and tell him I’ll be coming home Wednesday then.” I replied.

“No Jane!” Lela objected. “You can’t go back there.”

“Where else would I go?” I asked.

“You can come and live with me and Max.” Lela protested.

“Thanks Princess, but that isn’t an option. Max deserves his privacy. If Poole and I can’t work things out then I belong with Donald, at least for now.” I explained.

“But what about me?” Lela argued.

“You can come stay at the house. Donald won’t mind.”

“NO!” Lela folded her arms. “No boys.”

“But Poole’s a boy.” I reminded her.

“He’s my brother.” Lela explained pursing her lips.

“Then I’ll rent an apartment.” I suggested. “Just for you and me.”

“And Tina?” Lela asked unfolding her arms.

“If she wants. Remember Princess, Tina is Poole’s wife. She might not be able to come?” I explained.

“She will come, you love each other. She has to come.” Lela folded her arms again.

Maureen and I looked at each other and knew there was no sense continuing illegal bahis siteleri the discussion with Lela any further.

“See what you started?” Poole waved his arm past the girls in the office.

They were all wearing regular clothes instead of swim suits. I can’t say I was happy but then again I can’t say I was unhappy either. I did feel honored.

“It’s time you give this up and come home tonight. Tina is expecting you.” Poole growled.

“I will be happy to come if you have something you would like to say. But I warn you, saying it at work would seem a little insincere, don’t you think?” I smiled back. “I will personally call her and explain why I can’t attend.”

“HHrmmmmmph.” Poole grunted.

“By the way, Lela and I will be joining your mother for lunch again. She sends her love.” I smirked. “Should I tell her you send your love?”

“Maybe I’ll come for lunch and tell her myself?” Poole taunted me.

“I’m sure she would ‘love’ that. I know Lela and I would ‘love’ that as well.” I turned and went to my desk.

I was truly disappointed when Poole didn’t join us for lunch. I miss him. Not just the sex, well that too, but just being with him. Poole and Tina both were a joy to be around. Tina because we’re so much alike and yet so different.

Poole, well, Poole and I could talk for hours. If I didn’t know something he took the time to explain it to me in a way I could understand. If I thought something was unimportant Poole had a way of explaining it so you understood why it was important.

Not just business, but also in life. Poole was a great listener as well. I soon learned that if he was getting bored by a subject he would ask you questions to explain it in more depth. If it was really bad he had a way of leading you someplace that was more interesting.

“Maureen, Poole sends his love?” I said as we watched Lela swimming in the pool.

“Thank you Jane, but I know better than that.” My grandmother replied solemnly.

From her body language I knew I had hit a nerve. We had a pleasant lunch but it ended much sooner than the day before.

“Jane I’m so glad you called.” Tina said sounding less than happy.

“I’m sure Poole told you I won’t be back.” I said solemnly.

“Jane you must come back. Poole really does love you.” Tina said.

“Then I need to hear it from Poole himself.” I explained.

“What will you do? Where will you live? Don’t tell me you’re going back to Donald?” Tina sighed.

“If I can’t get transferred to another department I’ll find something. For now I have no choice but to move back in with Donald. I can only stay here at Maureen’s one more night.” I informed Tina. “Lela said I can stay with her and Max but we both know that won’t be fair to Max.”

“Jane, please come home we can work this out.” Tina started to cry. “You can come work for me.”

“Thank you Tina, I knew you would say that, but I’m still your slut, and I love you too much too work with you.” I reassured her. “I tried that once before and I can’t afford to lose you too.”

“But Jane when will I see you?” Tina continued to weep.

“I told Lela I might rent an apartment so she could visit. She insists you come visit too.” I started to get emotional as well. “Please don’t say anything to Poole, I want this to be his decision.”

Maureen was downright testy Tuesday night. I guess like old fish after a couple of days it’s time to throw it out. Lela didn’t wake me Wednesday morning. Bobby however was waiting for me just the same.

“Could we stop by the house and drop my suitcase off?” I asked Bobby.

He readily agreed and headed across town. When I realized he was heading to Poole’s I stopped him.

“I’m sorry Miss Jane, I thought you lived at that address.” Bobby said embarrassed.

“I did Bobby but not right now.” I explained. “It was my mistake not yours.”

I walked in the house and sat my suitcase down. It had been months since I had stayed here. Except for the girls there weren’t many pleasant memories. Not wanting to hold up Bobby any longer I left my luggage and had him take me to work.

I stood in line waiting to be inspected with the rest of the office. Poole wasn’t at his desk so the line wasn’t moving. After about fifteen minutes Max handed out our tablets and sent us to our desks.

Poole eventually showed up but didn’t even look my way. After lunch Max approached and said Poole wanted to see me in his office. This was highly unusual but I agreed to just the same. Before I went up front I stopped to see Claudia.

“If I’m not back in five minutes will you come check on me?”

“Sure thing.” Claudia agreed.

Approaching Poole’s office I was surprisingly calm. Max and Poole had taught me well these past few years and I was planning on using everything I learned.

“Jane!” Poole greeted me happily.

Walking around his desk he took my hand. A flood of emotions surged through me like a bolt of lightning. I still loved him, maybe now more than ever. In almost a daze canl─▒ bahis siteleri he led me the few steps around his desk and sat down.

“Here sit on my knee.” Poole said softly.

As much as I wanted to I knew it was wrong. Shaking my head I pulled my hand free and walked back around the desk.

“I think I’ll sit here.” I explained gathering my wits.

“Jane this has gone on long enough. Please come home. Tina is upset, Lela won’t talk to me, my own mother now hates me.” Poole explained.

“Are we going to talk about work, I’m on the clock.” I reminded my boss. “And your mother doesn’t hate you. She’s just concerned, and needs to get her life back.”

I stood up and headed to the door.

“Just so you know I won’t be staying there again. I have imposed on her long enough. This is my problem not hers.” I then turned and went back to my desk.

Claudia winked as I walked past letting me know she was prepared to come in at any minute.

Poole didn’t return to the office after that. I turned in my tablet and let Max know I would be back in a few minutes. I went and saw Morgan at the credit union to go over my finances.

So far I had played this out fair and square with Poole. But like in business sometimes you need to stack the deck just a bit in your favor. I didn’t ask Claudia to come in because I didn’t trust Poole, it was because I didn’t trust myself.

Since then I trust myself even less.

“Morgan if I remember right you owe me a favor.” I grinned at the nervous bank manager.

“Yes Jane, but I won’t do anything illegal or unethical.” Morgan fidgeted.

“Well it’s definitely not illegal and I doubt it’s unethical but you decide, how’s that?”

“Ok.” Morgan replied skeptically.

“I want you to call Poole about some small matter that only concerns him, and when you do just mention I have been in to see you.” I suggested.

“And what should I tell him I saw you about?” Morgan asked anxiously.

“Nothing in particular, only that we talked about my finances.” I explained. “It isn’t important he knows what we discussed, just that I was here.”

“Oh, I see, well yes I can do that.” Morgan sighed in relief. “Jane? When should I do that?”

“Tonight would be best. In the morning if that’s not possible.” I replied.

“Of course, I’ll get on that right away.” Morgan assured me as I left.

I was walking down the hall when I ran into Max. With a concerned look in his eyes he stopped me as I was about to leave.

“Jane, Lela and I talked. I want you to know you can always come stay with us. I owe you that much.” Max said.

I moved to Max and gave him a big hug. “You wonderful, wonderful man.” I held him tight. “If it gets that bad I may take you up on that. But for now I have imposed on too many people already.”

“I understand but the offer is still there if you need it. Can I give you a ride home?” Max asked.

“Thanks but Cassie is picking me up.” I replied.

You haven’t read much about Cassie and Cody for quite some time. There is a reason, this is my story not theirs. As you can guess there hasn’t been much to write about concerning the three of us together.

“So what happens after Friday?” Cassie asked after I updated her with the latest.

“I’m not sure. I guess if he can’t make up his mind in a week he never will.” I sighed. “How’s your father?”

“Not doing much better than you I’m afraid to report. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s out of a job again soon.” Cassie looked over from the wheel.

“Belligerent, blaming others? Drinking?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, and I think so.” Cassie replied looking back at the road.

“It won’t be long then. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m coming back?”

“No mom, it’s not.” Cassie said sadly. “He’ll just blame it on you again.”

When we pulled up to the house there were two extra cars.

“I asked TJ and Fred to be here just in case.” Cassie explained. “Do you need anything before we go in?”

“Maybe a kiss?” I joked.

Cassie leaned over and pulled me into an emotional embrace. Her kiss reminded me she always knew how to make me feel better.

“Need another?” Cassie teased me.

“Maybe from your sister?” I teased back.

“Boring!” Cassie joked.

We walked in the house and it instantly grew quiet. Donald was in the kitchen with a beer in his hand. Cody was sitting next to Fred, TJ stood and greeted Cassie with a kiss.

“Hello Donald.” I said softly.

“So he kicked your whore ass out did he?” Donald swung the beer in his hand.

“Something like that.” I replied not wanting to argue.

“Well if you’re crawling back on your hands and knees it won’t work. You’re his slut now let him deal with it.”

“I am his slut, and I’m not crawling back. I’m staying here until we get a few things settled.” I replied firmly.

“What makes you think you can just walk in here like you own the place?” Donald sneered.

“You know why.”

“Well if I forgot why don’t you remind me?” Donald slammed his bottle down.

I looked at the girls then TJ and Fred.

“Because I still make the payments for this house.” I snapped back.

“Dad! You told us you needed help with the payment. Where did our money go?” Cassie screamed.

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