Julie’s New Beginning

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Julie looked into the mirror, “God, I look awful,” she said aloud to her reflection. Her blond hair was tousled from tossing and turning in bed, her eyes were red from alternate bouts of sleep and crying. She heard footsteps outside the door and turned to see three letters appear under it, all had the distinctive red writing on the front. More bills I can’t pay, she thought, and moved to the table and sat down. She didn’t bother picking up the letters just let them lie. She sat for a few moments then there came a soft tap at the door. Rising from her chair she crossed the room and opened the door.

“Sorry to disturb you this early but could you lend me a small amount of milk?” he said.

She barely saw him standing there at first as she rubbed her eyes. He was dressed as she was, in a towelling robe, a broad grin on his face. His hair was messed up from sleep but his brown eyes strangely wide awake, his smouldering good looks almost making her forget her troubles, but not quite.

“Hi, my name’s Peter, from across the hall, I’m sorry to disturb you at this time of the morning but could you lend me a small amount of milk, I’ve run out?”

Julie just stared at him.

“Why do people say ‘lend’, you won’t get it back, it’s going in my coffee. I’ll buy you a bottle to replace it.” His smile grew broader at his own joke but she did not react.

“Sorry, again, to have disturbed you,” he said and turned to leave.

“No, no it’s ok,” Julie said and turned moving towards her fridge. He entered the room and closing the door behind him, stepped on the letters. Bending to pick them up he noticed the red writing.

“Oh, bad time?” he said putting the letters on the table.

“Always is,” Julie said with a slight shrug. She opened the fridge door, the inside was bare except for a small carton of milk. He noticed.

“Look, why don’t you join me for breakfast, you can supply the milk, how about it?”

She turned away from him as a tear formed at the corner of her eye, which she quickly wiped away.

“I couldn’t, I’m not hungry; really.”

“OK, coffee then, you don’t need to be hungry for coffee, it’s a necessity.”

She hesitated, he sensed it, “Come on, I’ll put the kettle on,” he added.

“I’ll get dressed and be over in a minute, thanks.”

“No need,” Peter said looking down at his own dressing gown, “I’m not, come as you are, make a dash across the landing, no one will see, we’ll dash together,” he laughed, and for the first time in many days so did Julie.

They entered his apartment and Julie looked around in awe. Even though it was just across the hallway it was a world apart from her own. It was spacious, clean and modern. Hers was cramped, dirty and old looking.

“Come on through,” he called out from the kitchen .”We’ll have it through here, it’s cosier.”

She entered the kitchen, like the lounge everything looked new and was equipped with all the latest appliances.

“Bacon and eggs do?” he said as she entered.

“Great, if it’s not too much trouble.” Julie replied.

“None at all, sit down,” he said pouring oil into a pan.

Soon they both sat back bahis firmalar─▒ into their chairs and tucked in to a large breakfast. He looked at Julie as she ate ravenously.

“When did you last eat, if you don’t mind me asking?” Peter enquired.

“A couple of days ago, no money,” she replied. “Don’t feel sorry for me, keeps me slim”, she laughed again. Twice in one morning, a record for recent times.

“Bring your coffee into the lounge,” he suggested, “and we can talk, if you want?”

She picked up her cup and followed him, settling down into a large comfortable couch.

“What’s your plan now?” Peter asked sipping the hot bitter coffee.

“Don’t know,” she replied. “I have to get money somehow, bills to pay. I thought I’d go down to North Street, flash my tits and see if I could make some that way.”

He looked horrified until he saw her smile.

“Just joking,” she said through a large grin.

“Pity, I would have gone down to see,” he laughed.

Julie thought for a moment, then said, “You don’t have to go there to see.” Standing, she eased the top half of her dressing gown from her shoulders and allowed it to drop to her waist.

His mouth opened wide, and he looked down from her face to her full breasts. Releasing the belt she allowed the rest of the robe to fall to the floor and stood naked before him.

His eyes were drawn inexorably down to the junction of her thighs. She had removed most of the hair leaving a thin line pointing upwards towards her naval. Her cunt lips were plump and moist and her clit was just peeping out from the protection of its hood.

He dragged his eyes back to her face, not a face from a fashion magazine but more like the girl next door. What imperfections there were seemed to make her even more attractive. Her upturned nose was perhaps a little small, but her mouth was full and luscious, and her unbelievable blue eyes, sparkling and full of sexual energy.

He undid the cord and allowed his own robe to fall to the floor. Julie looked down to see his cock rising before her into full erection.

He obviously likes what he sees, and so do I, she thought. No ‘six pack’ or barrel chest, just a nice body and a perfect cock. Long and fat, lightly veined, already seeping precum, showing his arousal, showing at least somebody wanted her.

She moved towards him and ran her hands over his chest before bending and licking his hard nipple, then sucking it gently and nibbling it with her teeth, erected it, bringing a low groan to his lips. Moving to his other nipple she continued her actions, feeling him again responding to her.

She reached out and gently ran her fingers up and down his cock; his knees buckled slightly, then placing his hand on the crown of her head pushed her downwards, towards his throbbing organ. She knew what he wanted and ran her tongue down from his sternum until his erection touched the underside of her chin.

Bending her head she took the swollen, purple knob into her mouth, sucking gently before slowly feeding its length into her warm chasm. She felt him tense as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft, licking the precum ka├žak iddaa from the end then sliding it into the back of her throat. Reaching down she caressed his balls, squeezing and rolling them, feeling them tighten into two hard stones in her hand as they pulled upward, almost protecting themselves from her ministrations. Julie felt his cock pulse then spurt, hot cum flooding her mouth and trickling down her throat. She continued to suck, swallowing the salty ejaculate, feeling him pushing ever deeper into her, then relaxing as his organ began to soften.

Peter pulled back from her and bending, kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her mouth. Tasting his own cum on her lips sent his cock back to its former hardness. Pushing her gently down onto her back he leaned forward and lowered his head to her pussy, her musky fragrance intoxicating him. He swirled his tongue around the hood of her clit before drawing it into his mouth, sucking gently. Peter felt the hard nub erecting onto his tongue as she bucked under him. Lifting his head he slowly inserted two fingers into her, moving them back and forward, finger fucking her, feeling her responding, moving her hips higher and thrusting herself onto his fingers. He moved his head back to her clit sucking on the hard nub, feeling it erecting even more into his mouth like a miniature prick.

Lifting his head he aimed his hard cock at her gaping cunt.

“No, sorry Peter I’m not on the pill,” she said covering her groin with her hands. “Do you have a condom?” she asked hopefully.

“Shit, no,” he replied, the disappointment apparent in his voice.

“It’s ok,” she smiled, “there’s another place”, flipping onto her stomach, “but you’ll need some lube”.

His mind raced. What can I use for lube, the kitchen, their must be something there, he thought.

Rushing into the kitchen he looked around desperately. Suddenly he had an inspiration, ‘last tango in Paris’, Marlon Brando used butter. He opened the fridge, no butter, but there was some kind of spread. He read the label, ‘can’t tell the difference between this and butter’, it read, well we’ll soon fuckin’ find out, Peter thought as he went back into the lounge.

Julie was still as he left her, on all fours looking at him over her shoulder. He placed a large dollop of spread onto his finger and running it down her cleft inserted it slowly into her anus. She flinched slightly.

“Sorry,” Peter said, concern in his voice.

“It’s ok, carry on,” Julie replied pushing her hips back against his finger. He pushed on until the rest of his finger disappeared inside her, then removing it coated two fingers liberally with the soft spread. Inserting them, she again flinched but this time he pushed on until they were buried deep into her arse. As her fucked her with his fingers the way became increasingly easier with the lubricant and the sweat caused by her arousal. He removed his fingers, hearing her sigh as he withdrew, an empty feeling overwhelming her. Coating his cock with the buttery spread he caressed her cheeks, rubbing them, watching a ruddy glow spread across her creamy orbs. Then, pointing his cock at her tight opening he ka├žak bahis eased himself forward allowing the head to slowly penetrate her.

She gasped as her anus widened to accommodate the invader; he started to fuck her with short, slow movements. As he found the way easing, his penetration became deeper until at last he was fully inside her. Resting he allowed the tight sensation to pass, knowing that if he carried on his orgasm would come almost immediately. He withdrew until only the head of his cock was in her, and again stopped allowing her to determine the speed of his thrusts. She pushed herself back against him, driving his cock hard into her arse, her cheeks slapping against his groin. She moaned, then moved forward until she had almost lost him before again driving back, his cock forcing its way into her very depths. Again and again she impaled herself onto him, until unable to hold back, he shot load after load of hot cum deep into her arse. She orgasmed with him, dropping her head onto the soft carpet as she shuddered and convulsed under him.

Her orgasm pushed his now softening cock out of her, followed by a stream of cum running down the inside of her thighs.

“I’ll get a tissue,” he said rising from the floor.

“No need,” Julie smiled as she reached down gathering his cum onto her finger and lifting it to her mouth.

“Fuck me!” Peter said incredulously.

“Maybe next time,” Julie laughed, wiping the salty cum from her mouth.

“There’s gonna be a next time then?” Peter said hopefully.

“If I don’t loose my apartment,” Julie replied, her own thoughts bringing her back to reality. “If I can get a job I’ll be ok,” she added.

“I know of one, want me to enquire?” Peter said, waiting for her answer.

“Great, but with my luck it’ll have gone,” she said, “nothing goes right for me.”

“Thanks,” he replied, his disappointment apparent in his voice.

“Oh God, not you, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in… I don’t know how long. It’s just, I don’t want to get my hopes up, that’s all.” “Wait there, I’ll ring and see if the job’s still going,” Peter said rising and leaving the lounge.

Julie crossed her fingers, she watched him leave, “Oh God give me a break, just for once give me a fuckin’ break,” she muttered aloud.

Peter lifted the handset and pushed the numbers, “Hi, it’s me,” he said as the call was answered.

“What now?” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“You have a job going for a waitress, I have one for you.”

“There is no job,” the voice said, and then paused, “ah, another one of your lame ducks.”

“Not this time, I’ll pay her wages but she mustn’t know, she starts this evening at eight, ok?”

“Well, you’re the boss, you own the place you can do what you want,” the disembodied voice said, “but don’t do anything silly, you’re always getting hurt, you wear your heart on your sleeve and the chicks know it.”

“It’s the real thing this time, believe me,” Peter laughed, “see you tonight.”

“The job’s yours,” Peter said entering the room.

“That’s fantastic,” Julie yelled, “I’ll get dressed,” running to him and hugging him tightly.

Pulling away she moved to the door and opened it.

“Forgetting something,” Peter smiled, holding up her dressing gown.

“No,” Julie laughed, “I’ll make a dash for it, coming?”

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