Juice on the Dance Floor

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I’ve been in the club for an hour or so. It’s pretty dark. The body heat and heavy beats are making the atmosphere intense. I arrived with friends that I haven’t known for very long. We’ve been out for dinner and then kicked on.

The music is good. Thumping hip hop breaks. Just my kind, and I’ve spent most of the time dancing. But it’s time for a rest. Maybe another beer. I’m moving across the dancefloor towards the bar and then I notice you. It’s almost like you have a spotlight shining on you because I can’t really see anyone else in the room. Other guys are noticing you too. There’s a kind of aura around you.

Maybe I’m not quite ready for that rest after all. I start dancing again, near you now. Finally you notice I’m there. I’m working my moves, getting into the rhythm, making sure you notice, but playing it cool. I close my eyes and try to just get into the music. When I open them I notice that you’re looking at me. You quickly look away. I smile to myself. Here we go.

I work my way a little closer to you, both of us moving in time. I smile at you and you look away, amatör porno pretending you didn’t see. This makes me laugh. Then you look back at me, see me cracking up and you laugh too. We spend the next couple of tracks circling each other. You shaking your ass, me strutting around. It’s like a mating ritual in the forest. Pretty hilarious really.

As we dance I steal glances at you. The short skirt, low-cut singlet… I’m liking what I see, ripe body moving beneath clothes. I’m just about to break the silence with some wise crack but suddenly you’re pulled off the floor by your girlfriend, towards the bar. Ah well. This shit happens all the time in clubs. Time for that rest.

I head off looking for my friends, but they seem to have all disappeared. In need of a rest, I find a dim alcove with a comfortable seat. I lean back with my head on the wall, closing my eyes again, music thumping through me. The whole place is throbbing and me with it.

I’m jolted back to reality when someone flops into the seat right beside me, literally knocking into me. anal porno “Hey!” I say, about to get annoyed, but it’s you. You’re smiling at me, drink in hand, eyes holding mine steady. I’m taken by surprise. Don’t know what to say, but then again, I don’t feel compelled to say anything at all. I feel like you can see into my mind. You have a knowing look on your face.

You put down your drink and without shifting your gaze place your hand on my leg, just above the knee. Immediately I’m alive to your touch, yet strangely speechless. Completely in your thrall. You pull yourself closer eyes locked on mine, reaching up to put your hand behind my neck, pulling yourself in, and then we are joined, lips and tongues moving with hunger, devouring. My hand snakes around to your lower back, reaching beneath your singlet, touching your skin, moving upwards. Your hand on my leg. This is so hot. It may be dim, but, jesus, I can’t hide how I’m feeling,

You break off the kiss and look down at my lap. There’s an undeniable ridge across the front of my trousers. No point trying ana breakers porno to hide it. Your skirt is riding up slightly, revealing a lot of thigh. I put my hand on your leg and your hand moves towards my stiffness, stroking me as I caress your thigh, my hand working gradually higher. You part your legs enough for me to move my hand between your thighs and suddenly I’m touching your delicate wetness. No panties at all. With a swift hand movement you unzip my jeans and reach into my trunks to grasp the hot shaft, pulling my cock into view.

My fingers inside you, your hand gripping my erection. We are caught in that moment for the briefest instant before you make your move, lifting yourself onto my lap, hand behind your back, still holding my cock. You lift yourself up. One hand behind your back, you lift your leather skirt and with the other hand at the front you guide my cock to your exquisitely wet cunt. Swallowing me inside your tight hole, you grind your ass on me in time with the thumping beats, arching your back, rolling our hips. It feels like you’re eating me with your pussy, and I grip your breasts, thrust myself into you. Together we beat out the dancefloor rhythm until we cum together, my hot jets shooting into your infinite depth. When I am spent, you stand, turn, wink at me and walk away, dripping my juice onto the dancefloor as you go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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