Jesse , Norma Ch. 01: College Love

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Jesse was fresh out of college, working at a small regional university as an Associate Registrar. Each Fall semester, he helped out the Admissions Office by spending a week on the road recruiting new students. It was fun to get out of the office, and the energy of hundreds of prospective students, combined with the competition for those students with colleagues from around the state made for an energetic week. Wednesday evening was the big student fair at El Paso Community College. This was Jesse’s first time in El Paso, and he enjoyed exploring new places. It was a typical fair, with students crowding the tables of the big schools, UT and Texas A&M. All dreamed of going to the flagship schools, but most ended up at our regional institutions, so Jesse was biding his time, waiting for the students to come to their senses.

He almost missed her. A cute, short girl approached his table pushing a stroller.

“Do you have a nursing program?” she asked, nervously.

“Of course! And we have one of the highest pass rates on the certification exam among graduates across the state.” Jesse was about to continue his sales pitch, when he noticed how scared she looked. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Y…yes.” She said, nervously. “I want to start over. My boyfriend just dumped me, and I’m not sure I’m smart enough to go to college. But I want something better for me and my baby.”

“Let me get some information from you, and we’ll go over all the details you need.” Jesse spent the next hour going over admission, course requirements, financial aid options, and housing possibilities with Norma. She was smart, but she had been told otherwise on far too many occasions. Norma needed someone to believe in her, to help her find her way. She wasn’t looking for a knight in shining armor. Just a good person to show her a path to a better future. As the possibilities looked more real, Norma got excited. Jesse had been very honest, sharing with her that she could go to EPCC for her nursing license, then come to his school for her bachelor’s degree. A plan was taking shape in her mind. And in her heart, she felt a connection to this man, the first Anglo she had met who did not look down his nose at her for being Hispanic or being a single mom. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to his school for him or for the nursing program.

Over the next two years, the two of them exchanged emails, Jesse encouraging Norma along the way, and Norma enjoying having someone interested in her future. The expectation was for her to get married and make more babies. But she wanted more. Norma wanted a man who would be her partner, more than her master or baby daddy. Jesse moved north when he was offered a promotion at another university. It was his alma mater, and he had dreamed of going home to work there. Norma was excited for him, but worried that the new school wouldn’t have what she needed. She was overjoyed when she found out that not only did the new school have a great nursing program, but it was part of the Health Sciences Center, which was separate from the university where Jesse worked. He could pursue her without any fear of a conflict of interest that would jeopardize his job. The two of them had started calling each other, and the conversations were no longer about school. They talked about the future, dreams, and family. Angel, Norma’s little boy, was now three years old, and he needed a father in his life. Norma knew that she wanted Jesse to be that man. She called him late one night, after Angel had gone to sleep.

“Hey handsome. How was your day?” Norma liked being playful with Jesse. She was in love with him, but she didn’t want to tell him yet. The idea that he didn’t love her back was crushing.

“It was good. Busy, but good. How was yours? Have you thought about the nursing program here yet?” Jesse was hoping she had. He wanted to invite her to stay at his place, a modest rent house in a working class neighborhood, to tour the school. And he wanted to show her that they could build a home together here. He loved her. He wanted to build a family with her. meet suck and fuck But he had been heart-broken before, and he was scared of getting hurt again.

“I have an appointment to talk to an advisor there on Friday, but I need to find someplace to stay. Hotels are expensive, so I may just sleep in my car.”

“Absolutely not!” Jesse realized he may have responded to quickly. “I have plenty of room. You can stay with me. I mean, at my place. I’ll sleep on the couch, and you can have my room.” Jesse was a good man, and he would never have presumed that Norma would give herself to him, but he knew that’s what he wanted. “Or you can stay at my place, and I’ll stay with a friend so you can have some privacy.”

Norma was smiling to herself. She knew what a good guy he was, and she knew she needed to stake her claim to him before some other woman figured out what a catch he was. “No, silly. I’ll sleep on your couch. I appreciate you offering.”

“Do I need to take the day off to watch Angel?” Jesse was fond of Norma’s little boy, and the two of them had a bond.

“No, my parents are going to keep him for the weekend. My father wants to teach him how to play baseball. Mom and Dad are scared that I’ll move far away and never come back, even though you’re, I mean, Tech, is only a six-hour drive away.” She had slipped. Norma quietly hoped he noticed.

“Got it. Then how about you let me take you to dinner Friday night to celebrate?”

“Celebrate what? I’m not admitted yet, silly.” Norma was being coy.

“I know you’ll get in. Besides, I talked to the Admissions Director over there, and he said they’re impressed with you. He says you have nothing to worry about. And you can stay with me as long as you need to until you find a place of your own.” Jesse hoped that would end up being forever.

“Thank you, Jesse. You’re always so good to me. You’re a good man.” Norma also wanted to add ‘and MY man.’

“You’re a good woman, Norma. You’re strong, beautiful, kind, and smart. I’m proud of you.” And he wanted to add ‘I’m going to make you my wife.’

After a few seconds talking logistics, they closed the phone call, both wanting to end with “I love you.” Both knowing they needed to say it in person.

Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. Norma drove to Tech, anxious to see her man. When she arrived, she saw him helping a lost freshman outside his office. He loved helping students, and his giving nature was what attracted her to him. She crossed the lawn behind him and stood between him and the building entrance. When he finished helping the student, he turned around to go inside and was met with “Excuse me, sir, I’m lost.” Norma was radiant, her long black hair flowing down her smooth caramel-colored skin, her curves accentuated by her jeans in a way that was sensuous without being sluttly.

Jesse embraced her, whispering into her ear, “God, I missed you.” He wanted to tell her, but he knew she didn’t need any additional stress heading into tomorrow’s interview/advising session. After a short conversation, Jesse gave her the extra key to his house, along with directions, and closed with “I’m going to leave work as early as I can, then I’ll make us some dinner at home.” They hugged, and Jesse kissed her on the cheek. It was the first time he had kissed her. He didn’t want to let go, but in front of his building was not the place to show his passion for her.

Norma headed to Jesse’s place and collapsed on the couch for a nap. She could smell him on the couch pillow, and she dreamed of him. She dreamed of marrying him, being swept away, taking his name, and having his children.

Jesse rushed through the administrative tasks on his desk and was relieved when an email chimed, indicating that his 3 p.m. meeting had been cancelled. It was a slow Friday, and Jesse’s boss knew he had been working very hard lately. Jesse answered the call quickly, seeing it was his boss, and hoping another meeting hadn’t come up. “Jesse, you do good work. Go home early today. It’s not busy, and you deserve mobil porno it.”

“Thanks, boss. I appreciate it.” Jesse already had his computer in shutdown mode when the call ended. He left the office, paying careful attention to drive slowly through campus toward the exit. The campus cops who could not leave early on Friday were known for ticketing even the slightest infractions on Friday afternoon. He headed west on 19th and caught Brownfield Highway to Slide Rd. His place was a 15-minute drive in good conditions. As he turned right on 47th Street and headed west again, he was pleased to see Norma’s blue car in his driveway. He parked in the street. When they became a family, he would give her the one-car garage and park here. He had played it out in his mind a million times.

The evening was simple. Jesse made dinner and took care of Norma. He wanted her rested and ready for the next day. They had a faux tiff over who would sleep on the couch, which ended with Jesse putting his foot down. “It’s my house, you’re the guest, and you need a good night’s rest. So I will sleep on the couch.” Norma acquiesced, knowing she had a plan. Norma excused herself to shower. Jesse did the dishes and was about to turn on the TV, when he heard Norma calling for him.

“Jesse, I need a favor!”

Jesse rushed in and spoke through the door, “What do you need?”

“I left my shampoo in my bag. And I need a towel. Would you bring them to me?” Norma wanted to invite him in to shower with her, but it was too soon.

Jesse brought the shampoo and towel and announced through the door, “I’m going to reach in and hand them to you.”

“You won’t be able to reach all the way, and I’m not getting out of the shower. Close your eyes and bring them in.” Jesse did as he was instructed, but he misjudged the distance to the tub. He stubbed his toe on the side of the tub. “Ouch!” Jesse opened his eyes to inspect the damage as Norma peaked out.

“Are you okay, Honey?”

Jesse looked up. Her skin glistened as water dripped down her cheeks. He wanted to kiss her, open the shower curtain, and see all of her. It took all of his strength not to act. “I am. It’s just a toe. I have nine more.”

Norma smiled at his joke as she reached out for the shampoo. She knew she was teasing him, but she also knew that Jesse was not the kind of guy to get the hint. Subtlety was not on the menu. She knew she had to make it crystal clear that she wanted him.

After her shower, Norma sat next to Jesse on the couch, and they watched a sit-com that neither of them remembered later. Each was enjoying the warm of their touch. Friday morning, after Norma had slept fitfully and Jesse had tossed and turned with the realization that the girl of his dreams was sleeping in his home, in his bed, and he was not telling her how much she meant to him. Being turned on by being so close to seeing her naked also kept him from getting any sleep. He had to make sure she didn’t get away.

“You look tired. Are you okay?” Norma was concerned.

“I am. Just didn’t get any sleep. I may just call in sick today. There’s nothing happening that can’t wait until Monday.” He started the coffee and made Norma some breakfast. She was gorgeous. Her smile lit up the room, and the good-morning peck on the cheek from her gave Jesse a distraction that would keep him thinking all day. “Want me to drive you to your appointment?”

“No, you stay here and rest. I need to learn my way around. And I have to know my way home.” Norma wanted to stay with Jesse. She wanted to make this their home. The room across the hall was the perfect size for a nursery, and the third bedroom would be perfect for Angel. And she wanted her man sleeping next to her. As she went to the door to leave, Jesse kissed her. It was a small kiss on the lips, but it meant so much more.

“I know you’re going to do great. You’re brilliant, strong, and beautiful. I believe in you.” She left before either of them said anything more. Her smile said all that was needed. Norma wanted a man to believe in her, encourage mofos porno her to achieve more, and Jesse was that man. And he meant it, from the core of his being; he believed in his woman, his partner, his love.

Three hours later, Norma arrived back at the house. Jesse was finishing up mowing the yard. She made a glass of iced tea for him and took it out back. Jesse turned off the mower when he saw her. “How did it go?”

“I got in! AND…they registered me for classes! Thank you, Jesse. I made it this far because you took the time to help me and believe in me.” They hugged. It was a long, deep hug. Norma didn’t care that he was sweaty and dirty. She loved him, and it was time to let him know. She was about to speak, when she heard Jesse whisper in her ear.

“I love you. I have since I met you. I want you to stay here with me. You can go to school full-time, and I’ll work and take care of you and Angel.” Jesse was nervous at her pause, but relieved when she let go and looked him in the eye.

“I love you, too. And I want you to be my man. I want to be your woman. I want us to be a family.”

Jesse kissed her deeply and held her tight for what seemed like an eternity. He didn’t want this to end. And he had to know, “What time do you need to head back home?”

Norma whispered into his ear “I’m yours all weekend. And I can move up any time this summer.”

Jesse had so much he wanted to say. But that could all wait. Right now he wanted his woman. He wanted to lay claim to her womanhood, make her his own, to consummate their new bond. He picked her up, leaving the mower in the back yard, and carried her inside. He set her down in the tub/shower, stood in the shower next to her, and turned on the water, drenching both of them. The cold water felt good on his back, but he was more focused on kissing his love. As they kissed, Norma began to pull up his t-shirt, and Jesse began unbuttoning her dress. Norma’s dress fell to her feet, a soaking wet heap around her feet, and Jesse stood in stunned silence, taking in the beauty of her curves, her long black hair flowing down her perfect C-cup breasts, her womanhood freshly shaved and noticeable under a pair of sheer white panties. Norma removed Jesse’s t-shirt, then began removing his shorts. Jesse’s cock sprang to life as she undressed him. Norma took him into her mouth and sucked hard while she gently played with his balls. She was intent on having his baby. She wanted him inside her. Norma extricated herself from his cock and stood. She kissed him, as Jesse pushed her against the wall of the shower and pulled up her left leg. His cock rubbed against her clit, and Norma knew she was about to be owned.

“Take me to bed, my love.” Norma begged.

Jesse could barely form words. He washed as quickly as he could. As he stepped out of the shower, he saw his woman toweling off, and her shape was perfect. She had a beautifully rounded ass, curvy hips that he knew would allow her to give him many children, and her breasts were firm and perky. Norma left the bathroom and went into what would be “their” room. Jesse followed her. As Norma turned, he launched into her, kissing her and pushing her down onto the bed. Jesse forced her legs open, encouraged by her whispers of “yes, my love, take me!” Jesse thrust his cock into her pussy, both of them moaning with pleasure as they became one. Norma wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. There was nothing between them.

“I’m yours, Corazon. I love you. And I will give myself to you whenever you want me or need me!” In a matter of moments, Jesse exploded into her, pumping his seed deep into her womb. He wanted to get her pregnant. He wanted to stake his claim. And he had. They lay in bed together the rest of the afternoon in silence, holding each other. Both had wanted this for years. And now they had what they wanted.

“My love, I want you to live here, with me. I want you, Angel, and I to be a family.” He announced.

“Corazon, I want that, too. And the other bedroom will make a nice nursery. I know you and I are going to make lots of beautiful babies together.” Norma smiled. She had a plan for the rest of the weekend. A plan that she knew her man would enjoy. What she did not know was what Jesse had in store for her. And it would make her dreams of a family with him come true.

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