It Was an Ordinary Thursday afterno

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It was an ordinary Thursday afternoon. I had just finished my classes and I was on the way to the university post office. It was apart of my daily ritual, to check for a letter from my man. I missed him so much, with him being so far away. I knew it was only for a couple of months, but it really hurt inside being so far from his touch.

When I got inside and unlocked my box, I saw a large envelope from Airborne Express. A large smile spread across my face when I saw whom it was from. It had been several days since I had received a letter from my most gentle love. With excitement I ripped open the envelope and pulled out a plane ticket, a hotel brochure and a letter. I glanced at the tickets and noticed the departure date was for tomorrow morning. My stomach filled with butterflies. I opened the letter portion at once and my face turned a blushed pink.

Inside the letter said, “Love, you are to follow these instructions to a T or there will be consequences.” By consequences I know it meant a stern lecture and a harsh punishment. “1. You will inform work that you have an emergency and you have to leave right away. 2. You will pack a suitcase. In this suitcase you will pack these specific articles of clothing. Four pairs of underwear. They will be thongs, or you will wear no underwear at all. Don’t even think of packing anything else or you will be punished. Four Bras. Do not bring white, because only good girls wear white, and you my dear are a very naughty girl. Four pairs of socks. You will also bring your white stockings and a pair of panty hose. You will pack your green plaid skirt, black tank top and black mary jane shoes. You will pack a pair of tight blue jeans and your white top with the missing fasten so your breast will be exposed to me. With these also your brown saddle shoes. You will pack your tan pants and a shirt with your sneakers. You will also pack a tight black dress that shows all your curves and a pair of heals. You will pack fine jewelry, toiletries, beauty tools (including the blue hair brush with the broad head), and a variety of lotion. Also pack your sleeping mask. You may also pack the cute pink lace nighty, but nothing else. 3. You may dress in what you please for the plane ride. You may not wear underwear. I will check the clothes you wear to see if you have or not.”

I was very excited after reading this. I love it when you give me instruction. I felt myself grow wet as I read on.

“4. Ask a friend to take you to the airport. Tell them it’s a family emergency, but nothing more. 5. When you arrive to your destination you will take a cab to the hotel on the included brochure. At the hotel you will give the desk attendant my name and he will give you a key. 6. Go to the room. I will have already been there. There will be several things of mine already in there. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. If they are so much a fraction of an inch out of place I will take it out on your behind. 7. You are to unpack everything and place them on the floor so I can inspect everything. If one thing is missing you will feel much regret. 8. After you have finished you will strip out of the outfit you are wearing. You will pick up the skirt, the tank top, the stocking and the mary janes. I will have already left you a pair of special panties to put on. 9. Before you dress as my slutty schoolgirl you will go into the bathroom. In there you will find a razor. Shave your pussy clean. I don’t want to feel so much as a stubble when I get to you. 10. Put on the panties. Then finish getting dressed. 11. Pick up the sleeping mask then go to a corner in the room. Put on the mask and wait for me. DON’T MOVE from that spot. I have placed a camera somewhere in the room and will be able to see your every movement.

I will see you soon love.



My pussy was wet after reading such a delightful letter. I was very excited once I reached my room and wanted to touch myself, but did not because I knew you would want me to be full of juices for my trip.

I packed all the times as called for. My bag was ready to go for my flight in the morning within minutes. I e-mailed all of my professors and told them that I had an emergency and would be back the following Monday. When my roommate came in, I begged her to take me to the airport. I told her that I had a family emergency and a plane ticket for the morning. She was completely understanding and told me that she hopped things were o.k. and that she would pray for me.

It was hard to keep from laughing after she said that. I knew I would need someone to pray for my bottom is I had forgotten anything. My flight was to leave at five in the morning so my roommate and I went to the airport at 3:30. I was to take a short flight from the local airport to a larger one, then to the destination where the hotel was.

I had pulled on my favorite jean skirt without any panties with a tight blue top with a v-neck line that showed my full bust quite well. If a tall person looked the right way they street blowjobs porno could see a nice view of my black and purple bra. My tits fell slightly out of that one and I had a feeling you would like it.

On the plane I couldn’t keep myself from squirming. My pussy was very wet and worried that my escaping juices would dampen my skirt. I tried crossing my legs one way, then another. I tried pushing my legs together tightly. I tried to tuck a leg under myself, but it didn’t seem to help. I was in anguish. The flight attendant had even asked if I was all right. I nodded that I was fine then asked for some water.

When I finally arrived to my final destination I collected my suitcase and waited for a cab. When one finally stopped I told him where to go and he frowned. He seemed quite upset the entire drive. I paid him with exact change.

When I walked inside a nice young man who helped me with my bag greeted me. The attended at the desk too was friendly when I asked for the key. When we arrived at the door the young man stopped. He informed me that you did not wish for anyone but myself to enter the room. Confused I nodded and carried my own bag in.

When I set down the bag and looked around, I knew why. There were a variety of sex toys laying on a near by desk, including several vibrators with various attachments, three differently sized butt plugs, oil, condoms, leather bondage cuffs, rope, a ball gag, and nipple clamps that had a cock ring attached to it. The wetness started to drip down my leg when I saw these.

Looking on the bed I saw a note and a pair of panties. I pick the panties up and noticed they were not really panties at all, but a sexy see through mesh and lace teddy, with no crotch. I picked up the notes and read it to myself.

“Darling, hurry up and lay your things out. Shave and dress then get your beautiful ass in the corner. Love, J.”

I did what was told. I neatly laid everything out on the floor near a wall, so they would be out of the way. I couldn’t wait to see you. I missed you so much. After laying everything out I striped from my skirt, top and bra then retreated into the bathroom. On the sink were an electric razor and an old fashion razor with women’s shaving gel. Under the gel was another note.

“You have fifteen minutes to shave and get in the corner. For every minute you are delayed you will be punished. You are being timed as of now.”

I set to work right away. I sat in the bathtub and used the electric razor to ride the majority of my curly dark bush. When it was nearly all gone I ran some water rinsing the tub of my hair then ran a small bath. I sat down in the water to soak my pussy. I then stood and sprayed gel into my small hands then rubbed it over my mound. I wanted to finger myself in the tub, but knew that I was being watched so I shouldn’t, because I wasn’t instructed to. After I shaved and towel dried I slipped on the crotch less teddy. It fit snug against my body and cupped my large tits well. I then slipped my white stockings on as well as my black tank and plaid skirt. I looked at my hair and then decided to make myself look more like a slutty girl for you. I quickly pulled it up into pigtails, even though I knew I went over my allotted fifteen minutes. I walked out of the bathroom then picked up my eye mask and shoes. I put the shoes on then walked over to a corner and placed the mask on. I felt as though I was waiting forever. I finally heard the door open. I moved my head to the side trying to see you even though I had the mask on. You walked over to me and slapped my skirted ass. “Don’t move.” Was all you said. I turned back to the corner and waited more. I heard you at the desk, examining the toys I assumed. I guess you would look at everything before you would say hello. After about 20 minutes of waiting I started to shift my weight from foot to foot. I was getting uncomfortable and antsy, knowing that you were staring at me. Finally you walked over to me. You kissed the back of my neck and told me how nice it was to see me again. Then you placed your hand under my skirt to feel my bare ass. The teddy exposed my checks quite well and I moaned in pleasure as your rubbed them. I felt your fingers rubbing over my pussy and you let out a satisfying sigh. “I see you shaved well my pet, but you took nearly twenty five minutes. For this you know you will have to be punished.” I nodded my head in response. You then grabbed one of my pigtails and yanked hard. “What was that I didn’t hear you?” I stammered out a yes sir. You then knelt down and started licking my checks, working your way down pulling my thighs apart and prying your tongue between my pussy lips. It felt wonderful having your mouth caress my body. As you furiously licked my lips I could feel your hand slip between my checks and a finger pressed against my tight hole. I pressed myself against the wall as you manipulated my lower half. You slowly stopped licking then rubbed my checks more, spreading them apart more and more as you did so. I soon felt student sex parties porno one hand spreading my ass apart and a sucking sound. It was quite curious until I felt a warm semi-thick rod slide into my hole. I figured you had been sucking on one of the butt plugs before you logged it in my ass. You then stood up and pressed your enlarged cock against the small of my back. You were still wearing cloths. You then slapped my ass several times before turning me around. I could feel the heat from your hand rising. You kissed my chest tugging on the top then pulling it over my head. You hadn’t said a word yet. Then you yanked my skirt down leaving me to be in the crotch less teddy with my stockings and shoes. You rubbed upward on my legs to my stomach and around my large tits. You bit into a nipple through the shear material. I squealed and you slapped my thigh telling me to shut up. Then you bit the other one.

“My slutty little girl looks wonderful in this.” You kissed me all over then took my hand. “Now you will be punished my pet, but first I think I need to take care of something.” You walked behind me and pulled the plug out of my ass. I felt a rush of relief then pain as you shoved a larger one up there. I yelled out loud then you reached up and grabbed my other pigtail. “You need to keep your mouth shut until you are asked to speak. One more out burst like that and you will get the punishment of a lifetime.” You took my hand and lead me to the bed. You sat down then pulled me down over your lap where you started at once to spank me. My bottom was sore from the plug and your hand against my ass made the plug move. “I love the way the end of the plug vibrates when I slap your ass.” With that you hit harder and I started to get turned on. Wetness was escaping from my pussy and I know you could feel it against your pants.

“My nasty little girl is leaking now isn’t she?”

“Yes sir.” I answered. You helped me up then laid me on the bed. You walked away but then came back. You pulled the teddy down off of my shoulders and breasts. Then I felt sudden pain on my right nipple then my left.

“This is your real punishment pet.” You took my mask off and I saw that you placed nipple clamps on my tits, which was attached to a chain and a cock ring. You quickly undressed and then placed the ring on your cock, moving it to the base of your member. You walked a step backwards, yanking on the chain, which pulled at my hard nipples. The agony was unbearable and I let out a muffled whimper. You walked back forward and kissed my forehead, telling me that I needed to be punished this way as to be taught to be a good girl.

You then shoved your large cock into my aching pussy. As you pulled out it yanked more on my nipples. My apparent agony was pleasure to your eyes as you continued faster. I quickly came all over your cock as you pulled more. You exited my wanting pussy and squeezed my legs together then reinserting your cock. Pulling my legs together tightened my ass, which then squeezed the plug tighter into my ass. You came inside of me soon after this act.

You then kissed me and told me what a good girl I had been so far and that we were going to stay in for the night. You ordered room service and a movie and you cuddled me for the rest of the night in the naughty teddy.

In the morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. You had it brought up the moment you got up. You had been watching me sleep, sporting a stiff morning erection. When I rolled over and looked at you, you smiled and started stroking your massive dick.

“Come here my pet. I have something for you.” I crawled out of the bed and walked over to you, kneeling in front of you. You guided my head toward your dick. I didn’t need you to tell me what you wanted. I immediately started to suck on it. I wanted to taste your come.

“Slow down pet, or you will choke.” I did what was commanded and slowed. Then you pushed me away and helped me up. You turned me around and asked me to turn over. The plug was still in my ass. You slid it out with a loud sucking sound following it. Then you kissed my bare ass, caressing it and soothing it.

“Just one more my love, then I promise no larger.” You sensed my fear because my ass tightened. You rubbed it, soothing it and relaxing it.

“Come my love, it won’t hurt much.” You then pulled my checks apart again, inspecting my little hole. I saw from the corner of my eye that your reached for the largest of the three plugs, heard a sucking sound, then felt the pressure of the black plastic against my hole. I took in a breath and felt you shove it in. It burned like hell, but surprisingly I was very turned on by it.

“Sir?” I asked. You looked at me as though asking what. “Will you make love to me?” You smiled at me and nodded your head. You slipped off my teddy and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. You straddled my hips then slowly inserted your massive member into my throbbing mound. You made such sweet love to me.

Afterwards we showered together and you instructed submissive cuckolds porno me to dress in my jeans and white blouse. I did what you asked. You had picked up a black bra and told me to wear it since You had picked out my tiny black string thong. I felt pretty in my outfit and you agreed, but told me I was missing something. You picked up a small vibrator and told me to drop my pants and panties. I did was I was asked and you fit it in my pussy. You put it on a low setting and helped me put my panties and jeans back on. It was hard to hold still since both my ass and pussy were now invaded. You told me I was to be as still as possible during the day and I should be rewarded, but if not I would be punished. Then you took my hand and told me we were going to see the town.

You made me feel very special out in public. You kissed me every opportunity you got, and kept your hand either in my hand or on the lowest part of my back. Holding my hand was something I was use to, but kissing me, long and passionate, was a pretty rare thing because you had always said you didn’t care much for public displays of affection.

We went into various shops just browsing around. I really enjoyed the older ones with lots of antiques and of course the jewelry stores. You let me be a silly little girl and try on different rings, bracelets, and a few necklaces. We would walk into the store with your hand nearly cupping my ass. You had already given two firm slaps for squirming too much. Once after we first got out of the car for moving too much while driving into town and again shortly after parking the car. You whispered into my ear and reminded me of what would happen if I didn’t behave.

In the stores I would stare hungrily at the different pieces that I really liked. We walked into an antique jewelry store and I was looking at diamond rings. They were located at the back of the display case so I was leaning over the glass, with my bottom in the air. You were looking around yourself, but rushed over to me immediately when you noticed the young male sale’s clerk looking down my very open blouse and at the soft curves of my breasts as well at the smooth material of my black bra. The clerk had just slipped a beautiful diamond ring on my finger when you peered over my shoulder. The man had just asked what you had thought of it, even though he was still looking at my budging chest. You pulled me off of the counter and turned me around, taking my hand in yours.

“Not quite my style, but thanks.” You took the ring off and handed it back to the clerk. “Come love, lets go, I’m hungry now.” I followed you out the door, with you practically dragging me out. “I don’t like it when men oogle you like that.” You pulled me in front of you then placed your hand on my lower back. “I know you are beautiful love, but you are mine, and no body else is allow to touch you, hell I don’t even want people to stare at you.” You lovingly rubbed my lower back as you continued. “When that boy touched your hand like that and slid that ring on, I just wanted to scream. Hell that man looked as though he was going to grab your tit and start sucking on it.” I turned around and looked at you with an innocent smile then put my arms around your neck and kissed your lips. “Darling, no one else will ever have me the way you have me.” You returned my kissed, patted my ass, and continued walking keeping your hand very close to my ass.

As we walked further down the strip you whispered in my ear that I was being so very good, and that a reward would be in order. “First lets get a bite to eat, last night worked my appetite up.” You slapped my ass again then directed me into a lively restaurant. The hostess showed us to a cozy, but very busy corner of the restaurant. The waiter was very attentive to us, well at least me. His eyes were also on my swelling chest, which I saw wasn’t making you very happy. I humored the guy though and rested my chest on the table as I started at the drink menu in the middle of the table. Annoyed you picked it up and handed it to me. I took it in my hand and leaned over towards the waiter and pointed at a drink and asked if it came non alcoholic then batted my eyes at him. He told me yes and then while staring at me asked what you would like. You ordered a Fat Tire and then meals for the two of us and asked him to hurry with it. After he left you told me you were becoming very displeased with me. I frowned then excused myself to go to the bathroom. Just as I was trying to squeeze between a chair and a booth I saw the waiter with our drinks. I walked slowly wanting to bump into him. As he passed me I rubbed my chest against his arm. A smile formed on his as a frown did on yours. When I returned our meals were already there. You hardly spoke as I ate my Cobb salad.

As we finished you signed the check without leaving a tip. When I asked you to leave a few bucks you replied in a harsh tone, “He got his tip while looking at you and rubbing against you, and let me tell you, you are in more trouble than I care to discuss right now.” You lead me out with a firm grip around my arm and a stern look. You walked me like to the car and helped me get in then slammed the door. You didn’t say a word to the hotel, nor did you say anything when we got in. You barked at the desk clerk that we were not to be disturbed and then marched me to the room. You opened the door and shoved me in. I didn’t like the way you looked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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