Invisible Hands

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I work in Professor Gale’s lab. The Professor is a genius akin to Einstein, Newton, Aristotle, or even Doc Brown. When I started working for her I was totally attracted to her, she is in her late forties, but still holding it together. I tried hard to flirt with her whenever the opportunity presented itself, but I think she regarded me (and still does) as nothing more than a cute simpleton; which may be the case.

The professor and I worked alone in her lab, which was an old and quiet beach house along the shore. She gave me a key and I basically kept the place up, moved heavy equipment and acted as her test subject on many occasions. She dabbled in many different experiments, but nothing too bizarre.

One day she hired another helper, Kate. The minute I saw Kate I fell in love with her. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I made my intentions clear, I even asked her out a few times, but to no avail. She liked to talk and joke around with me, but that was as far as it ever went. To my knowledge she had no boyfriend, husband or even a dog.

I think the Professor knew of my desire for Kate; every now and then I would catch the Professor watching us out of the corner of her eye and smiling to herself. I think that sometimes the Professor considered Kate and I an experiment in male/female relationships. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and Kate is all bottled up—the perfect subjects. Kate is nice and funny, but she is clearly afraid of getting too close.

One day the Professor called us both in and showed us her greatest accomplishment—and probably THE greatest scientific discovery known to man. She had unlocked the secret of invisibility! She explained how this elixir worked in terms I didn’t understand at all, but Kate seemed to follow, although I think even she was playing along at times. The professor then went into the other room, changed into a robe and told us to prepare ourselves. She drank from the bottle and right before our eyes disappeared.

Kate and I stood there staring at an empty robe, just like in the movies. The robe unfastened itself and dropped to the floor. The Professor laughed at our expressions and moved around the room asking us if we could figure out where she was. I, being a guy, then realized the obvious—Professor Gale was nude and standing in front of me. Okay, I couldn’t see her, but still . . .! This got me a little horny and I quickly thought what I think any guy in my position would think; this could be used for evil purposes!

The professor wrapped the robe around her body like a bath towel and drank the formula again. Just like that she reappeared! The sight of this woman standing in front of me looking a little mussed, with her bare shoulders and legs really got me going. She asked if I was afraid; I suppose she was wondering why I had that look on my face and I tried to snap out of it. Kate made the comment that I was more interested in the Professor standing there nearly nude, than the miracle of science I had just witnessed.

Kate was right!

The Professor dressed and told us that there were no side effects, no danger and it was very liberating. She told us we should give it a try, but we were both too chicken to do it.

The following day Professor Gale told me she was going to the city with her new experiment. She said she wouldn’t return for three days and asked that I clear out one of the rooms of the beach house to make way for some invisibility liseli porno experiments she would be trying out when she returned.

I moved some of the equipment then took a break. When I was standing in the main room, I noticed a beaker with the invisibility formula lying on the table. The Professor was a genius, but was very absent minded like so many others. I thought it over for a minute then decided to try it.

I took a drink and stood in front of the mirror. As I watched my reflection I saw my own face disappear, my arms, hands, and legs gone. Only the clothes I was wearing remained. I didn’t strip down at all, I just walked around that way feeling totally normal, until I looked down at my shorts and saw them moving with no legs in them and only a pair of sneakers on the ground moving with my feet. That is a very disorienting thing to witness, but if you didn’t look at it you wouldn’t even know you were invisible.

The only other odd thing I noticed was that my nose was gone. I guess we don’t really take note of it, but you can at anytime see a blurred object in front of you—your nose. When that has turned invisible it is a very strange feeling.

As I was walking around I heard a car pull up. I looked out the window and saw Kate get out. She had her backpack and beach towel. Apparently she was going to use the beach, which we sometimes do. I don’t know why, but I suddenly panicked. I shouldn’t have because the Professor told us to give invisibility a try, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but still I felt weird about it.

Kate came through the door and I stood motionless against the far wall. She called my name having seen my car in the driveway, but I didn’t answer—why I do not know. If she had turned her head she would have seen a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers standing by themselves against the wall and I’d have to come clean, but she didn’t.

Kate went into the kitchen to get a drink and I quickly and quietly took my clothes off. I ran over to the table and wrote a note saying: Went for a walk, be back soon.

Kate came back into the main room and saw the note, she glanced at it, and went into one of the bedrooms. I followed her. I tried to keep my breathing as quiet as possible and I tried to walk in step with her. I could hear the difference in her sneakers hitting the floor and my bare feet, but she didn’t seem to notice.

She went into a bedroom and closed the door. I barely made it around her without bumping into her before she got the door closed. I stood against the wall and watched as she pulled her top off. I was dismayed to see that she already had her bikini on underneath and saw that I wasn’t going to get the show I had hoped for. She dropped her shorts and her bikini bottoms came down a little exposing some butt crack—which was the loveliest butt-crack I had ever seen. She adjusted her bikini top and I caught a glimpse of side boob, but that was it.

I knew what I was doing was bad and wrong and horrible and mean and evil, etc. But man was it thrilling! I wanted her so much there aren’t words to describe it. She motioned back for the door and I turned to give her plenty of room and I unknowingly turned too fast and my penis hit the office chair next to me. It made a THWACK sound and Kate stopped. She looked around then walked out of the room.

Kate knew something was up, she looked around the main room and saw my clothes on the floor behind the couch. She thought meet suck and fuck porno to herself, looked back at the bedroom and I’ll swear a little smile formed on her face, then she went outside to the beach.

I was terrified. I felt like a little kid again who was found out doing something I shouldn’t have done. I quickly ran out to my car and grabbed a change of clothes I always keep in there and put those on. I went back inside, drank the formula, reappeared, then ran outside. I walked a mile down the road, then cut across the dunes onto the beach and walked back making sure to run into Kate on the beach to reinforce my cover story. We exchanged a few words and she asked me why my clothes were in the living room. I told her I stayed the night and forgot to clean up after myself. I said I would probably spend the night again if I didn’t get my work done so I better get back to it. She agreed, but I could tell by the way that she looked at me that she knew something didn’t add up.

I went about my business and began moving the rest of the equipment into the room the Professor instructed. By the end of the day I was finished and exhausted. I went into the main room and drank some water. I was looking out at the beach in front of the air conditioner vent trying to cool off. I looked over at the bottle of formula and saw that most of it was gone. I didn’t think I drank that much, but apparently I had.

I began stretching my arms and legs trying to recover. I grabbed one of the overhead pipes on the ceiling and hung from it trying to stretch out my back and arms. What I didn’t notice at the time was a floating pair of handcuffs hovering in the middle of the room. Before I knew what was happening both of my wrists were cuffed to the pipe on the ceiling. That scared the crap out of me at first and I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.

It was very surreal.

Then I heard an unmistakable giggle. I looked around quickly realizing my predicament. I was handcuffed with my arms in the air and an invisible woman with a grudge was standing in front of me.

I didn’t say anything; I simply listened. I could hear her breathing rapidly. I laughed at this ridiculous situation and I heard her laugh too.

“Okay, you caught me! I was in the room earlier. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

There was no response.

“It’s just that . . . “

My T-shirt was pulled and literally torn off of my body. The T-shirt hung in mid-air, then was tossed aside. I watched as my sneakers were removed followed by my socks. Now only my shorts remained.

I waited.

This was the most exhilarating experience of my entire life. I felt hands touch my chest and I could see the few chest hairs I have compress themselves against my skin. This hair-ripple effect went down my chest and onto my stomach. Then the hands let go again.

Next she touched my chin and gently lifted it up, exposing my neck. The tips of invisible fingers slid down my neck and onto my nipple. I could feel breath on my neck—she was very close. Then the fingers slid across my lower stomach under my bellybutton. This tickled and my stomach convulsed a little.

My shorts were unbuttoned. My zipper pulled itself down. My breathing became erratic. Butterflies filled my stomach. My forehead began to sweat. My shorts dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. They lifted themselves mobil porno off the ground and were thrown across the room.

Boxer-briefs and a hard-on throbbing under them were all that was left. The hands returned; they rubbed my legs, over my calves and up my thighs. The fingers found their way under my boxers and just barely brushed against my balls, which receded slightly.

Then the hands stopped again.

I was standing there with my arms trapped above my head in my black boxer-briefs with my hard dick throbbing, waiting. The waiting seemed like forever, and then I felt hands on my shoulders. She was behind he now; her breath filled my ear. She massaged my shoulders then her hands lowered down my back and onto my underwear. She pulled my underwear down exposing my naked ass. My boxers stopped below my butt cheeks keeping my butt out, but my erection concealed on the other side. Both butt cheeks were grabbed and caressed teasingly.

Then she let go.

I looked down and saw the rug being imprinted now by invisible feet. She was standing in front of me. I looked out into the room guessing where her eyes were. Imagining the look on her face, one of sheer joy, hungry lust, and a new found confidence.

I was about to say something cool when I underwear was torn from my body.

I was now completely nude.

My penis was screaming to be touched. My balls hung low again. Then my testicles were suddenly lifted up as her fingers touched them. She gently tickled up the shaft of my dick and it convulsed harder than it ever has before. I watched as unseen hands manipulated my penis. She touched it with only very careful gentle touches, just enough to drive me insane.

Then again, more waiting.

I was in ecstasy/agony.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore a hard grip finally fastened on my dick! I gasped in surprise and an invisible tongue shoved into my mouth. She stroked me harder and faster as I sucked on her tongue. I felt bare nipples touch my chest and this sent me into a new dimension of pleasure.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. She climbed onto me and allowed my penis to enter her. She rode me hard; my penis warm and wet with the gripping muscles only a woman possesses and I almost passed out from the out-of-this-world feeling of having sex with a woman I loved but couldn’t see. It was like 3D surround sound masturbation!

I felt her about to climax and I released myself.

We came together.

My heart was pounding, I was sweating profusely and my head was reeling. Kate climbed down and walked away. I saw a robe lift itself up and wrap itself around a female form. I was still cuffed to the overhead pipe. My penis began to soften.

“How was that Professor?” Kate asked.

I looked up and saw the bookshelf revolve to reveal Professor Gale.

“Beautiful.” I think we are done for today’s experiment, though. He looks tired.

I was shocked. The Professor smiled and looked right at my dick! It began to harden immediately.

“Or perhaps we can continue” she said.

Kate drank from the bottle and reappeared wearing her bathrobe. The Professor was carrying a new elixir.

“Now let’s see how the subject reacts when he knows he is being watched” the Professor said as she began to drink. Kate went in the other room and came back with a video camera. The Professor started to strip even before she was totally invisible and I saw a pair of beautiful bare breasts disappeared into thin air.

Kate looked at me and smiled. I was hard as a rock! She trained the camera on my penis as it was engulfed in an invisible mouth. As the Professor began to suck I looked into Kate’s glowing eyes.

I have never been more in love!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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