In the Rain

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Constructive criticism is always welcome; however, telling me I’m stupid is not constructive, unless you tell me WHY I’m stupid…

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“Looks like we’ll be here for awhile, Jess,” he said, as he watched the rain pour down. He turned to look at Jess and she looked up at him, shivering and frightened as the thunder made another loud crash. Jess whimpered and tried to find a place to hide, but found nothing other than benches like the one under which she was curled. He smiled and reached down to pat her head. She looked up at him and wagged her tail slightly, then curled under the bench again, shivering.

He stood up, watching the rain pour down and was glad he had grabbed his windbreaker before they left for their walk. Not much protection, but kept the whipping wind off him. He turned slightly, seeing the sudden motion with his peripheral vision, and watched another dog walker running to the pavilion.

She entered the small kiosk at a run, almost tripping over one of the benches lining the wall. She didn’t notice him, but turned to her dog.

“Guess we picked a bad time for a walk, huh, Sweets?” she said, as the dog shook and sprayed her. “Oh, yuch, Sweets, that’s nasty.”

Sweets noticed Jess, and Jess noticed Sweets. They both moved to the other and did the patented dog sniffing. She looked up and noticed she was not alone.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” she said.

He smiled. “It’s ok, not offended. I’m Rick.” He offered his hand.

Smiling, she took it. “Karen. Nice to meet you.” They both glanced at the dogs, who seemed to like each other, if the wagging tails meant anything.

“Seems Jess likes your dog,” Rick said.

“Well, Sweets is a pretty even tempered girl,” said Karen, patting Sweets on the head.

“Like her owner?” asked Rick, realizing as he said it how stupid it sounded.

She smiled, and tried to wrap her arms around herself. “Should have grabbed a jacket before we left, but who knew it would rain like this?”

“Summer storms happen in a hurry around here. Here,” he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, trying not to look at her hard nipples.

She pulled his jacket tightly around her, murmuring “Thanks” and trying not to look at how his wet shorts molded so nicely to his crotch.

Another bolt of lightening lit the sky and thunder boomed. She jerked slightly, and he, still behind her, put his hands on her shoulders.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, just startled me. And it appears it scared them, too,” she said, nodding to the two dogs, now both huddled together under a bench.

They laughed together, and she turned to him. Their eyes locked and she lifted her chin, as he lowered his face to hers. Catching themselves quickly, they parted. He sat on a bench, as she walked to the opposite wall. She looked out, watching the rain, as he admired her from behind. Somewhat short, about 5′ 3″ or 4″, with long dark hair, currently very wet, and green eyes, she wore a short skirt and a tee, both soaked. Her drenched tee revealed a lacy bra underneath, reality kings porno holding very large breasts for someone of her height. He was gazing at her sexy behind, when she turned to him.

She smiled as he quickly lifted his eyes, sweeping them over her very nice body.

“So, Rick, what do you do?” she asked, as her own eyes swept over him.

“I’m a computer programmer,” he said. She nodded, as her eyes took in his nice legs, slim hips, that promising bulge, his narrow waist and broad shoulders. His hair was dark, of medium length, with light blues eyes. His lips were warm and inviting and she dearly wanted to have them on hers. “I work from home, mostly freelance, but there are a couple of companies that keep me close. How ’bout you?” He had noticed her eyes roaming, too, and smiled.

“Hm? Oh, I’m a writer, freelance, also work from home.” They both looked at the other’s left hand and saw no ring. Their eyes locked, and she slid down the wall, squatting across from him. As soon as she had, the cool air blew up her skirt and she realized what she did. She had opted for no panties that morning, and he now had a clear view of her shaved pussy.

His eyes slid from her lovely face to her exposed pussy, and he grinned. Realizing her error, she tried to move, to hide her moistening slit from him and fell over sideways. He jumped up and went to help her up. Lying on the cold concrete, she looked up and saw his slightly stiff cock, as he had not worn undergarments, either.

Lightening flashed.

Thunder boomed.

He bent down, offering his hand, and she stood. Her hand still in his, she stepped closer to him, again lifting her chin, as he lowered his face. This time, they kissed, lips just meeting lightly. They stepped closer together, arms round the other, and kissed harder. Her lips parted, and the tip of her tongue slipped out, touching lightly against his lips. His lips parted as well, and invited her tongue in. He pulled her closer to him, kissing her deeply, with more and more warmth. She shrugged his jacket off, her hands roaming over his strong back, cupping his sexy ass and pulling him closer to her. She felt his stiffness against her leg and sighed happily. She started pushing her hips against him, humping his leg.

He dropped a hand down, caressing the side of her breast. He returned her hump, his rising cock pushing her leg.

She pulled back from him, pulling her tee up and over her head. He bent down and kissed the soft skin at the top of her breasts. She held the back of his head, caressing him there, as he kissed her soft sensual flesh. He reached back and undid her bra. He stood again, their mouths meeting again, deeply passionate, as they both got her bra off. He moved back, pulling his shirt over his head, and they met again, kissing, her large tits mashing the hard nipples into his chest.

He moaned at the touch of her nipples pushing into him. His hand ran up and down her naked back, traveling lower, cupping her sweet ass. She pushed her hand down the back of his short, feeling his skin, his hard muscles, sexmex porno pulling that nice hard dick harder onto her.

The wind whipped harder, drawing rain into the open pavilion.

With one hand, he pushed his shorts down, kicking them off, his cock springing up. She grabbed him, pulling the skin up and over the swollen cockhead, feeling the first drop of his man juice. She pulled back from him, pushing her skirt down and pushed him down on a bench. He sat with a thud and she dropped to her knees before him, stroking his prick with one hand, fondling his balls with the other. She lowered her head and took his head between her lips, swirling her tongue over the crown. He sighed, as he watched this beautiful stranger take his dick into her hot wet mouth.

The bench on which he sat was suddenly drenched by a wind shift. The rainwater poured over him, running down his stomach. She lifted her head, stroking him, and looked him in the eyes.

“I love rainstorms,” she whispered, as the thunder erupted again.

She took his cock into her mouth, swallowing him entirely. He moaned, his head flopping backward, as she expertly sucked his dick. Using her hand as an extension of her very talented mouth, she took him deep, swirling her tongue over his shaft and head, slowly bobbing up and down on him. She stroked him with her mouth and hands several times, then pulled him out, licking down his cock and licking his very hard, tight balls. He gasped as she sucked one hard nut into her mouth, using a finger to push on that sensitive spot between his sac and his ass, stroking his prick the whole time. She licked and sucked his balls for several moments, stroking him, tickling his spot. She licked back up his throbbing prick, taking him back into her wet mouth.

“I think you better stop, Karen,” he moaned. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and kept stroking.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I don’t want to cum yet, and I want to return the favor,” he said, standing. His cock, very hard and pulsing, slapped against her cheek. She moaned.

He helped her up, kissing her hard and deep, then sat her down on the same bench.

The rain continued, pouring through the same opening, drenching them both, neither caring. She spread her legs for him, using her hands and opening her pussy lips wide for him. He wiped his lips as he kneeled before her, almost salivating at the sight of her wet slit, her hard pink clit.

“Like what you see?” she said huskily.

In response, he licked her. He licked her from the bottom of her wet pussy, slowly upwards, over her lips, landing on her clitty. She shivered, moaning lightly, as he took his tongue downward again, sliding it into her hole. He tongue fucked her, his nose bumping against her hard clit.

“Oh my god what are you doing to me?” she gasped, the feeling intense and indescribable.

He continued to tongue her open slit, keeping his nose active on her clitty, for several long moments. She grabbed her big tits, twisting her nipples, pinching and pulling them, adding to her great sexual pleasure. He left sindrive porno her slit, and concentrated his tongue on her hard clit, flicking his tongue over her, occasionally making it flat and lapping her, taking the tip and circling around her, then licking frantically. He slid a finger, then two, inside her wet cunt, running his tongue all over her button.

“Oh god, Rick, I want you in me,” she panted. “Please, fuck me now, please.”

He stood, helping her up. He took her hand and moved to the outside of the kiosk. The rain enveloped them, as he turned her around, bending her over the stair railing. She pushed her hips back toward him, reaching behind to grab his cock. They both guided his fat dick to her wet pussy, teasing the entrance with his head.

As the thunder pealed again, he entered her. She lowered her head and moaned loudly, the sound mingling with the end of the lasted cannonade. He stayed deep inside her, spreading her ass with one hand and tickling the entrance to her ass. She pushed back against him, trying to force him deeper inside her. He pulled back, to the tip of his dick, and made circles at the entrance with the head.

They started to fuck, slowly at first, then faster. He kept playing with her asshole, occasionally slapping her nice ass cheek, making moan, making her push back against him.

The lightening flashed, bathing them both in an eerie glow. The thunder crashed, making the ground shake. The rain kept pouring, adding to her wetness, allowing him to slip his finger in her tight ass.

“I want to see your face when I cum, Karen,” Rick hissed, pulling out of her. She quickly turned around, sitting down on the top step. He crawled on top of her, the two of them kissing madly, as he shoved his cock back inside her.

She lifted her hips, pushing against him. She dropped one hand to her clit, flicking over her hard button, one hand lifting her nipple to her mouth, licking and sucking it. He fucked her hard, slamming his dick deep in her tight pussy.

His prick became a blurring piston, plowing deep inside her, pulling out to the very tip and burying deep again. She moaned, her fingers frantically working her clitty, letting her tit fall and grabbing his ass. She wanted more of him inside her, deeper, faster, harder.

“Oh, Rick, god, that’s nice, I’m gonna cum soon, don’t stop,” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his hips and driving him deeper inside her wanting slit.

He pushed harder, feeling his balls tighten, knowing his orgasm was close.

The lightening flashed nearby, striking a tree close to the pavilion. The tree and the thunder exploded at the same time, shaking the ground and the kiosk. She came, hard, shouting loudly with the thunder, her pussy palpitating on his cock.

He grunted and filled her nice cunt with his load, his hot juice leaking out of her spasming pussy. He didn’t slow, but kept fucking her hard and deep, pushing more of his cum inside her.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her, both of them drenched by the rain. She smiled up at him, almost shyly, and reached for his face. He lowered his face to hers, kissing her, as he slowed his hips.

As they kissed, the rain began to slow down. The storm moved off, leaving them both naked and wet, holding each other close, kissing.

The dogs padded over, standing over them, waiting to return home…

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