In The Name of Art Pt. 04

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This story involves male anal penetration, please consider this as a very polite warning.

All the best,

The Travelling Man


The sounds of cutlery against crockery and the woosh of the coffee machine added to the hubbub of the busy caf├ę. Choosing to stay in bed rather than his usual run along the promenade, he waited patiently for their coffees. Harry needed this one, he still felt somewhat underpowered. To salve his conscience, it was not a case of being physical inactive, he was just getting a lot of exercise in a different way.

He looked over at Penny at their table and they exchanged a smile. She was went back to pouring over her tablet, her black rimmed glasses revealed her studious, intelligent side. They were also the glasses she liked to wear as the ‘naughty secretary’ or the ‘dominating boss’. He felt that tingle of heat inside him as he indulged himself. He would describe her as insatiable and even after a long night of fucking her, she would still want him. There would there be the crafty blowjob in the shower or a hand-job as he stirred semi-awake sporting his morning glory. Even if she were sore, she would stiffen him up and demand her arse had his attention instead.

The barista completing their order prompted his train of thought onto more pressing matters.

“Oh you’re a star.”

Harry gently placed her cappuccino onto the table along with four rounds of toast. His macchiato looked very appealing as he took his seat. She flipped the cover over her tablet and looked at him directly.

“So, I have some news for you,” offered Penny.

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Well, Lisa says Hi,” interspersing that statement with a beaming smile. “Also, I have a commission for us, you and me.”

Harry didn’t know whether to smile, blush or do both – he did both.

Watching his predicament, Penny giggled.

“Harry, I thought I could wear you down quite well enough on my own. You were an animal that night.”

That statement was not doing much to ease his flushed skin.

“Pen, you’re all I want, more than enough.”

There was that smile from her, that kind of contented smile from her that he wanted to see every day.

“Harry, there are defining moments in everyone’s life. Everybody has them and everyone can relate that those moments shaped the rest of their lives. Do you feel that?”

Delivered in quieter, more hushed tones than her ebullient self, it set the seriousness of this particular discourse. She was hoping for more than a shrug and he looked up from his coffee to see that her expression politely requested a considered answer. He paused for a moment, she deserved nothing except the best from him, and nothing else was acceptable.

“I feel something too, y’know after that night.”

He needed to play for time a little and took a sip from his coffee.

She was instinctively right with her statement, that night at the Berlin Cabaret had changed everything. it was a life-defining moment on which everything now balanced. Penny was always insatiable yet such was the power of that experience, they had fucked almost non-stop ever since. It wasn’t just that, there was something more.

It wasn’t just that as good as it was, there was the time out from between the sheets. He felt at ease with her, they shared a mutual love of the artistic, they could spend hours together and yet they would be gone like the blink of an eye. Harry struggled to put his finger on it but there was something beyond the physical.

He knew he had to start at the beginning with this one.

“Pen, let me put it this way, until a couple of months ago, I was a regular Joe. There I am doing my Masters and struggling to make ends meet. I like to keep fit…”

“… and be a nude model and a naturist at the beach…” interjected Penny with a giggle.

Her levity moderated the need for seriousness.

“Well, there is that yes.”

He paused.

“Pen, it’s just, well, it’s tough to put into words, y’know?”

“Try Harry, I won’t take offence. I think it’s actually impossible you could offend me.”

That was the essence of her right there and it gave respite to his gummed up mind. With a deep sigh, he felt her reassurance. His sense of relief was palpable as he smiled. In his quest to provide clarity, his words would not be analysed syllable-by-syllable and weighed by the intonation of their delivery.

“I guess that I’ve been holding out for a girl like you. I mean, erm, I’m twenty three. It’s always constant source of comment from my folks that I’ve never had a ‘serious’ girlfriend.”

His discombobulated brain forgot that framing words with his fingers was somewhat vapid; the importance of getting his point across superseded that. He knew he was way outside any semblance of his regular sense of self.

“So I’m the kind of wholesome girl you would take to meet your parents? I’m flattered.”

Penny looked half-delighted, half-impassive; her expression of openness offered all the encouragement he needed.

“So you are holding out for a girl like me, huh?”

He mofos porno paused again to finish his coffee.

“Well Pen, I’m a bit of a bloke when it comes to … y’know?”

“Oh I know, I can still feel your blokeishness right between my legs. I’m sure Lisa did for a few days too.”

They both eased out a happy smile, a moment of serendipity that emboldened Harry..

“Well, the reason I was holding out for the right woman was that I knew my, erm, tastes were a little different. I guess that they not vanilla are they?”

Penny nodded, “No, they are certainly not that.”

If it wasn’t Penny’s collection of fetish wear that revved Harry’s motor, it was the places. In her studio, probably every square foot had graced their cavorting bodies in flagrante. Then there was the Director’s office, outside the nightclub, even in the bookshop’s disabled loo. The idea of someone in greater need while he urgently fucked her still left her with a slight pang of guilt.

“No, I guess I am not vanilla Pen. How do I feel since that weekend? Amazing, alive, I feel, erm, oddly calm and composed.”

“What you are trying to say Harry is you feel gratified, satisfied, content?”

“Is this a multiple-choice question?”

Penny laughed, “Your call.”

“Well, I would opt for all of the above as my answer. It’s like before I met you, there was this thing gnawing at me. It was something I couldn’t put my finger on but something was missing.”

“And now Harry?”


The caffeine was kicking in; he felt a flash of inspiration as words began to form in his mind. They moved him and it surprised him by just now much. He paused again and looked at Penny; his eyes carried with them a brittleness that she had not seen before. On his face was an expression of earnestness that she had seldom seen in others.

“It feels like, it feels like… Like I’m on the right path, like a journey that I can’t wait to set out on and I have the best travelling companion in the world right here in front of me.”

He could get on his knees at that point and genuflect to the God of Arabica Beans.

“Oh Harry, that’s beautiful.”

“Is it? I’m not great at this, it feels so new and I know I’ve been holding out for someone like you. Now I’ve found you, it’s more than I could ever wish for and words fail me. Typical.”

Penny giggled, “Well, you are doing great. If it helps, I feel the same way too; you must think I’m a terrific slut though.”

That look of earnestness was still there in Harry’s face.

“No, I don’t, you have confidence; I wish I had some of that right now I can tell you.”

Penny put her piece of toast down.

“And there was you saying you can’t find the right words.”

He felt serenity, a reassurance that no matter what, he was always on the right wavelength with her and she was with him. He always knew that the right relationship would be the one that felt the easiest to maintain.

“Serenity, Pen, that’s the word I feel.”

He looked at her and she reached out to caress his face, there was tenderness there, a moment of undiluted emotion.

“I’m falling for you Harry, try those words on for size.”

He took her hand and solemnly kissed it, a moment of instinctive affirmation.

“Oh thank fuck for that Pen, I’m falling for you too. I’ve been dying to tell you.”

They both laughed, a belly laugh, a mix of relief and youthful exuberance.

“Our parents were right all along, we think we know the answers and yet we know fuck all.”

“And that means?”

“Harry, I’ve never fallen for anyone in life. Oh, I am very confident and it’s a means to an end. Sex is like breathing for me, now I have someone that means something and I don’t want it to end.”

Harry sat back in his chair, if he wasn’t sitting in it, he’d be sat on the floor.

“Pen! You mean you put me through all that and, and…”

She giggled, “Pretty good huh?”

Harry’s faux exasperation made her break out into more laughter.

“Oh come on Harry, I had to know. I’m bloody glad I did.”

He soon broke from it, “Pretty crap though aren’t I? All the books I’ve read, all that art and appreciation and I can’t tell the girl I love that I…”

Penny’s face whooped with surprise, “OH…”

His skin erupted in riot of crimson and she roared with laughter.

“Fuck,” whispered Harry under his breath.

Penny’s eyes were full of tears as her body shook, he did not feel she was admonishing him; there was a scintilla of joy in her laughter. She had drawn him in, crafting a bubble of honesty that had suckered him royally into revealing his deepest thoughts. There was a lesson there to be learned here – there was no point trying to hide his feelings from her.

He threw his hands up, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, I surrender.”

Easing out a snort as she watched his embarrassment, her amusement ebbed away. She saw the man before her, he looked calm but she knew that he would be feeling vulnerable right now. She also knew something he did not. Whilst she could naughty america porno playfully pontificate that having feelings was all part of being human, he had shown a bravery she had not.

She looked at him quietly; only the tears were not of laughter any longer, a solitary tear ran down her face.

“Pen? Pen? You ok?”

“Harry, do you mean that?”

“Yes, yes I do, it is too much? Oh fuck.”

She shook her head and looked down at the table, “No, no, not at all.”

The screech of a chair forced her to look up – Harry was gone.

In the blink of an eye, he pulled her up from hers with all that tender strength she adored. With his arms on her hips, her head instinctively leant to one side and she felt his lips against hers. Melting into his kiss, she responded instantly.

Holding her chin, she looked into her eyes.

“I love you Penny Nicholson.”

Brushing away a tear from her cheek, she felt it too. They had both learned an important lesson.

“I love you Harry Stedman.”

“Pen, I’ve never been in love before, be gentle huh?”

“I will because I’ve never been in love either.”

“Feels great doesn’t it?”

Penny nodded, “It does, and it feels really good.”

“Can’t you two get a room?”

The caf├ę had gone quiet, the patrons had stopped what they were doing and were looking directly at them.

“Erm, sorry,” offered Harry flustered and looking around him at the scene he had caused.

The middle-aged woman wearing an apron had a kindly face and smiled to them both.

“Not a problem,” she leant in a bit closer, “happens all the time. It’s something we put in the water here.”

They all laughed.

The clatter of cutlery and crockery and swoosh of the coffee machine seemed to return the caf├ę back to its normality and the hubbub of conversation started up once more.

Still a little flustered, Harry put a tenner down on the table.

“Keep the change.”

The woman smiled, “Thank you.”

She looked at Penny, “Good luck with this one. Looks like he’s got a bit of fire in his belly.”

Penny giggled and giving Harry’s hand a squeeze, “Oh, I’m not letting this one go.”


It was a short walk back from the caf├ę and the early-morning mist was giving over to another balmy summer’s day.

“Perhaps, we might want to give it a week before we go back in there?” offered Harry.

Penny squeezed his hand, “Maybe a month.”

He sniggered, “So what about this commission?”

“Well, let’s just say it’s unusual but I know you are going to like it.”

His mind piqued, it begged further questioning.

“Oh really? How so?”

“Well let’s just say it’s unconventional, I’ve never done one of these before and let’s just say we’re being well paid for it.”

“How well paid?”

“Let me strike you a deal, you know my art, you know how different it is. If you model for me, I’ll split it fifty-fifty.”

Harry nodded, “Very fair.”

“It’s two hundred smackeroos plus costs.”

“That should tide us over. So are you actually going to tell me what it is?”

There was a giggle, that knowing laugh, “Not yet, I can say I had to borrow something from the University chemistry labs.


He was achingly hard, prone on the bed before her naked body. His legs were apart and spread wide holding his knees as she flicked her tongue against the knot of his sphincter. Pushing at it, the velvet softness of her tongue shot fireworks against his closed eyelids. She had a firm hold of his cock, stroking it with the sureness that if she persisted, he would shoot his load.

“Yes, yes, Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Circling it, flicking it, Penny taunted and teased according to his helpless response. It was beyond the incredible, a seething rolling mass of pressure was building inside him. All Harry could do was moan and moan loudly.

She placed his legs down, looking straight in his eyes, he watched as she took his cock deep into her mouth.

“Jesus Pen, I’m going to go bang soon.”

Bobbing up and down on his shaft, she held his girth in her hand. Her fingers caressed his perineum, each time with the most delicate of pressure they travelled closer to that deviant place.

“Oh fuck, Pen, please, please do it.”

Enjoying his sense of frustration, she sat up, slowly stroking him. Looking him dead in the eyes, she pressed her lubed finger to defeat that tight knot of muscle. He flinched with his hips, an act of compliance as she looked at his distressed state. Once inside him and pressing on, he arched his back and groaned loudly clasping at the sheets on the bed.


He groaned at the heavy heat in his balls and blood-swollen muscle tightened the skin around his cock to its full elastic limit. Fully engorged, every single nerve ending jangled with the deep pleasure of his arousal.

Watching over him, she felt that delicious ache inside her own body. Seeing him so aroused and helpless like this always churned her insides. With the public agent porno faintest pressure, that dull thud of her finger hit his prostate. His back arched taller from the bed and a louder low groan filled the air. Falling back onto the bed, she examined her handiwork; his cock was at its zenith.

Easing her finger over that spot, she kept him on that plateau of intense pleasure denying him the overwhelming sensations to deliver his release. His cock was vivid; deep crimson and hot to the touch. Its veins bulged and they looked impossibly full. She looked at the largest one, like a relief map of a river; it meandered along the full length of his fat cock.

“It’s so hard and angry looking. You want to cum don’t you?”

“Fuck yes, yes I do.”

Penny lingered, gently caressing that spongy lump inside him.

“And you know I could keep you like this for ages, just caressing you here.”

Softly grazing his prostate again, his frustrated moan punctured the febrile air.

“Oh fuck, it… it feels so good.”

She looked at him smiling wickedly, devouring the power she felt over him.

“Just sliding my finger so gently here, keeping you rock hard, so close to climax and yet so impossibly far.”

“Oh god, please don’t make me beg. I really need to cum.”

“I could massage this spot and keep you hard for ages, intensifying your climax into a sensation that you thought would be impossible to experience.”

It was already was a sensation impossible to experience, it was already beyond his level of comprehension. Every time she did this, she drew it out a little longer; she taunted him just that little bit more.

“Pen, Pen, ok, ok, I’m begging you.

Casting her eyes to the object covered in a tea towel, the timer next to it began beeping. She eased her finger from him and with a deep huff of frustration Harry looked to her.

“Saved by the bell, brilliant,” added Harry sardonically.

“Well, you wanted to know what the commission was.”

Removing the tea towel, it was a large glass beaker full of candy pink. It looked like modelling clay.

“What the fuck?”

Penny tipped it upside down and precariously she held it aloft.

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, massaging your prostate.”

He responded immediately crunching his muscles with a lurch from his abdomen.

“Holy fucking fuck! WOAH!”

“Ah, yes, there it is.”

His cock lurched hard; Harry’s body was back under her control. Slowly easing her finger back and forth, she watched his cock jerk and convulse. He was more than hard; it was as if she had ossified it and would stay like this forever. She wanted it; she craved to feel its heat inside her. She wanted him upon her, on her back and clinging to him. As he drove it into her, she would squeeze on its implacable strength at the point of her climax. She wanted to feel that phenomenal surge and throb as he came inside her.

Right now, she had work to do and began to lower the container down.

“Now, hold still Harry.”

Lowering the beaker, she pressed it down over his hard cock.

“Pen? What the fuck are you doing?”


Silencing him into helpless moans as she massaged his prostate, she slowly pushed the container all the way down his hard cock. It was incredibly cossetting and warm; it felt like an inanimate cunt gasping him. The difference was that as his cock displaced it there was no give, he was locked in tight.

As Penny slowly stimulated him, he leant up to watch the container slowly ease all the way down his cock, the glass resting cold against his loins.

“Holy shit is it wrong to say that this feels really good?”

“No, it does feel good doesn’t it? I took a cast of my hand yesterday just to see if I could get the mix right.”

Slowly caressing that spot inside him he let out an airy gasp of pleasure, keeping him hard was vital now.

She peered around it; all she could see was candy pink.

“Ah, good, I’m glad I got a container wide enough. Saying that, I’m glad I got a container long enough.”

Penny giggled at the sight of Harry’s incredulous face.

“Ah Harry, I guess you are entitled to an explanation.”

“You think? Nah, I’m ok.”

He looked both deeply aroused and a little peeved. She wiggled her finger inside him yielding a yelp and laughed playfully as the peevishness disappeared from his face.

“For this to work I needed two minutes of your hard, thick, delicious cock being all hard, thick and delicious. This is the commission. Lisa wants a copy of it.”

“What the?”

Penny nodded her head as Harry’s aroused mind took time to process the information.

“I’m making her a dildo of your cock. Maybe she wants it for herself. Maybe she wants to fuck someone else with it. I’m just the commissioned artist, you are my model.”

Harry took a moment to absorb the information. Slowly she massaged his prostate; his loud groans were his only reply. The intense pleasure was fusing his mind making words almost impossible to form. Such was the pleasure she bestowed on him, his body was beginning to tremble.

“You know, watching you fucking her was one of the most delicious experiences of my life. When you fucked me after you had her, I had the best orgasm of my life. Every time we’ve fucked since, they’ve been the best orgasms of my life.”

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