Ideal First Time Pt 1

We talk online for long enough to build trust. He is aggressively letting me know how much he wants to fuck me. He is physically larger than me and slightly older. After cumming to and on my pics and videos several times over the course of weeks or months, we finally decide to meet. He may or may not live in the area. One of us might travel. I have teased him with the notion of a good blow job for cumming to my pics. It turns me on.
We meet at a public place and I am discretely dressed in regular clothes but dressed as a CD underneath. We have talked online about all the hot sexual things we will do. I told him I would let him fuck me. He knows I have been sexually active in the past but not in awhile. He knows I have been a slut online to other men but he is the first to meet me. I am acting like a tease. We have a few drinks and he hands me a bag of attire he wants me to wear including sexy wig, heels, dress. He tells me he wants to fuck me.
I prepare myself for the week or weeks prior by Yoga and stretching exercise so I know I am flexible enough to get fucked real good. When the day arrives I have blocked off the weekend. The room is booked and I arrived early in the morning. I take some time to get myself into the sugar role and physical prep for my legs and body.
After our drinks he hands me the bag of hot attire to change into, I hand him the room key with the room number written on it. I head to my room and he waits for me to finish preparing. The attire he has prepared for me is very little, like a very short tight dress, slut heels, and maybe an anklet or something and a wig of his fantasy type.
I completely change into a hot woman and wait nervously.
He gets to the room opens the door. He may greet me with wine or other drinks and a hug. It can go in many directions at this point depending on the chemistry. We can drink and talk with me occasionally posing for him or not. He tries different things to get closer to me leading to an eventual hot make out session. This will need to be coaxed like that of a first date. I am total woman at this point. He needs to do what it takes to get to first base. It can depend on how much I drink and his energy.
Or, when he walks in he gives me no times whatsoever and starts to grab and forcefully kiss me right away. I cannot really stop it from happening. Either of these scenarios will work under differing circumstances. There is no time wasted before him going to the next base.
Once we are kissing, we could be standing and facing each other or he could be caressing me from behind or I could be slightly sitting on his lap on the chair. Either way, I am not letting him get to second base yet. Just kissing. This could last awhile or he could lose control and go beyond what I am signaling him to do. In my mind, I am thinking he will forget about all the nasty emails and my tease of a blow job and just kiss. If anything, I will break down and give him a well deserved blow job if things get too hot. That is all I am prepared to do and may not even put out with that. But he has other ideas. I am being a tease and that makes him more aggressive.
As I get more comfortable with the kissing, he moves me to his lap if I am not there already on the chair. He is now kissing me from behind with my head turned. I start to feel uncomfortable and resist a little. The resisting causes him to become more aggressive and kisses more intensely and with force. I start to try and push away but he is pulling me down onto him. I feel his hardness through his jeans and think maybe there is time to stop. He has my head turned and his tongue deep in my mouth fucking it.
My dress is now shoved up by his passion and he has pulled one leg apart from the other so it is dangling over his lap. I feel helpless like I cannot stop it. I removed my mouth from his long enough to say “can’t I just suck you real good instead?” He says that will be later and first he needs to get some of what he has wanted for so long. He tells me he wants a piece of my ass. He tells me he is going to fuck me. As he says this he bites my neck and nibbles on my ear long enough to distract me from his jeans being removed. My legs are still pulled apart and I am held on him. I know my ass is very tight and it will hurt taking him. I try to resist. He knows of my play **** fantasy.
If I am wearing a gstring it is either pushed to the side or ripped by now. My ass has been pre-lubed with just a little bit of olive oil in case this were to happen. I try and start to push his hands away even though I am still kissing back. He is just too fast and strong for that. He has a hold on me and is already starting to try enter me with his huge cock. Everything is happening so fast I do not know what to do. He had mentioned earlier not cumming for a week just to have a build up for me. I relax for maybe a second or two and he takes his opportunity fast, as his head rubs and enters me, I still try to stop but that just seems to make it worse because I loose my balance and end up completely supported by him. I try to close my legs but that also make it worse because he enters smoothly at that point. It feels good and it hurts just a little because a real cock is not like a toy.
I let out a moan of slight pain and pleasure and relax again out of being tired and he immediately pulls my legs apart hard. He goes in deeper and pulls me down hard. I say please stop but he turns my head again and force kisses me. He knows I like it. I am moaning in pleasure which he reads and is thrusting me from under me. He is now pulling my hips down hard in between keeping my legs open and on him and his strong upward thrusts. He moves his hands up and pinches my nipples and then to my shoulders to pull me down hard again.
This seems to last about two minutes I am alternating resisting and relaxing the whole time. The naive me continues to kiss back. One heel is falling off. He suddenly pushes me forward so I land on the floor with one heel on and another i am balancing on and bends me over far. I have both feet on the ground and forward bent as far as I can go, so far it hurts and he starts to thrust and **** me really hard like that. This lasts for another minute before he does one fucking thrust really hard and deep and starts to cum. I can feel the juices going deep in me. I have never had anything in me this deep before or in either of these positions. I moan in pleasure as he cums. I can actually feel the hot fluid in me. He pulls out as soon as he is done and i collapse to the floor. He came so fast out of passion and desire. That flatters me.
All his seed is in me and even though he did not have my permission, I still kind of like it. I choose to keep it in me as he gets dressed. I lay there on my side resting. Now that he has made me his own slut, I feel hot and am OK with it. I kind of want more but don’t say until he mentions leaving for a few minutes and when he gets back wants that blow job I have promised him.

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