I Love the Sound of Your Voice

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I recently began looking at this website; trying to find that perfect story to turn me on. Well, just by looking for that ideal story, I was turned on. I wasn’t even really just trying to get turned on, rather, I was just trying to get off. Then I found your story – which luckily came with audio. That sure made the process a lot smoother. It was my first time streaming an erotic audio clip over the internet.

As soon as you spoke, I was instantly hard. My breathing started to pick up a little and I began to shake slightly. Your voice was perfect. So soft and tender, yet confident and sexy. I began to picture what you looked like. I chose a short brunette with light green eyes. Peaceful and surreal. Smooth skin – not too tan and not too white – perfect to the touch. I imagined that you were about 5 feet 5 inches, with perfect legs. I pictured you in a black summer dress, with no panties, making it a truly perfect summer. I imagined your soft pink lips (the ones on your face) and the red lip gloss that I bursa escort wanted you to place anywhere on my body. God, just thinking of you made me want to come. I listened to you describe what you would do to me if I was there (if only I could). Just to let you know, I enjoy this part greatly.

You told me to lose my shirt, which I did. I then began lightly touching my nipples (even without your approval or recommendation) which caused my dick to get even harder. You then told me to take my pants off. You guessed wrong, I was actually wearing shorts, but I took them off anyways. It was just me, naked, sitting on my chair in front of my computer: my dick was standing straight up. The tip was rock hard and felt a little cold as I touched it slowly with my fingers.

You told me to slowly move my fingers up and down the length of my dick. You then told me to use the tips of my fingers to slowly brush against the head. I did and it felt real good. I wanted to start rubbing it all out, but I also wanted bursa escort bayan to wait for you to tell me to.

I continued to move my hand slowly up and down my long cock until you told me to lightly brush against my inner thighs. I did and I wished you could have been there to help me. I wanted so badly for you to put your warm tongue on the tip of my dick – well I wouldn’t really have cared where you wanted to use that pink tongue of yours.

Your breathing picked up; so did mine. I could hear your moist lips telling me to stroke my shaft. I did so, not for your benefit, but because I wanted to cum so badly after hearing your sweet voice. Your voice was so sexy. I could tell that you were having fun and enjoying yourself – I was too.

It only took a few minutes for the pre-cum to start – which provided a helpful bit of lubricant for me to use. Your breathing picked up a little faster. I wanted to cum so badly. But you told me to wait. Why would I wait though? Who are you to tell me to escort bursa wait? So I fast-forwarded the audio clip until the very end.

Your moaning was so sexy; so perfect for what was about to happen. I could hear your fingers slipping into and out of your pussy. I could tell it was wet, not just from your description, but from the most beautiful noises on earth: your natural juices mixed with your moving fingers. This is the most beautiful thing ever – the fact that I can listen to a clip of you masturbating whenever I want.

As you began to get louder, I stroked my dick even faster. A few seconds later, I shot my white cum into a bit of toilet paper that I was holding in my left hand. My face tensed up as I felt one of the most wonderful sensations ever. I wished so badly you could have been there to clean up for me. Whether I came on your face, breasts, ass, or in your mouth – I wouldn’t’ have cared – as long as I was the one to decide.

Sadly, the audio stopped and I had only the vision of your smooth legs and tight ass in my head. I stroked my dick a few more times and then began cleaning up. It was my first time listening to your sexy voice, but I promise, it won’t be my last (and after a few weeks it definitely wasn’t).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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