I Inherited My Aunt, My Slave Pt. 02

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This is chapter two of a multi-part series. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, I would recommend doing so. As always, all characters in my stories are eighteen or older.

I hope you enjoy it!


Part two

Waking up the next morning wasn’t easy. My brain was a bit fuzzy. Maybe it was from all the alcohol we drank, or from whatever. The room looked vaguely familiar, yet not a room I have been in recently. The wind howling outside let me know I am still in Chicago and not back home in Las Vegas.

Looking down under the covers, I see the top of a naked woman with her mouth on my cock. Looks like, yup! It’s my aunt. She is my slave! It wasn’t a dream or a nightmare. Ok, now it’s all starting to come back to me!

Last night, after the funeral for my uncle, right after I was told that I just inherited my uncle’s business assets and that his business assets included my very own slave. That slave happens to be my aunt! We got a call from Joey’s Pub and pizza, the local family-owned eatery down the block. All the neighborhood was having a night of remembrance and they wanted us down there ASAP!

So, I guess maybe in all the celebrations, getting to see all my old friends and family, I drank a little too much! And we never got to have that conversation we needed. The one about our family secrets! Oops!

Looking back under the sheets, my slave (I love saying that!) takes my hard cock out of her mouth to say “Good Morning Master” with a smile. Yes, she called me Master as she took my cock back into her mouth and shifted herself over top of me.

Just when it started to get good, my body had other ideas. The morning ritual. “Ok, slave, I have a problem. My bladder is telling me it’s time to get up.”

“Yes, Master” She smiles as she pulls back the sheets and begins to get out of the bed. “Please Master, let me do it.” As she pulls my legs over the edge of the bed and pulls them apart, kneeling between my legs. “Master, may I have your drink?”

Apparently, I had that confused look on my face. She smiles up at me and tells me “Um, Master, … My … former Master would tell me “Slave, drink” when he wanted me to um… drink his pee”

Got it. I smiled. We have a new understanding. I am starting to love being king! “Yes, slave you may drink.” She puts my cock in her mouth and holds it with her fingertips. I just laid back on the bed, put my hands behind my head, and watched her work as I felt my bladder begin to empty into her warm mouth. I can feel her swallowing and occasionally pinching it to slow the stream. But she is drinking every ounce of my morning nectar.

As she is finishing me off, I start to feel my cock grow in her warm mouth. Yes, I am now horny and starting to get a hard-on from her actions. Without missing a moment, she starts to bob her head as she sucks my cock.

The one thing I always loved about The Company trained slaves, the art of the perfect blow job is the first thing they are taught. I mean, this is their expertise. No hands, always able to take my entire 7 inches in without gaging and they swallow it all without spilling a drop! Not that I think I am hung like a horse or anything. But I never had a vanilla woman be able to do that!

As I drift back to relax as she sucks and licks, I hear the bedroom door open. Almost as if on cue, It’s my mother. Dressed in only matching green panties and bra and a satin robe not hiding anything. I had to say, her leprechaun-colored socks were a cute mix to the match.

Then I realize my predicament. O’god. I had no time to cover up and if I tried, I was laying on all the blankets anyway. I just smiled, I could blush (yes, men can blush) and I closed my eyes. But when I did that, I imagined mom was now between my legs, and I was playing with her tits as she sucked my cock. I was doomed. I just needed to let it all ride…

When I did that, I imagined what it would be like if mom was now between my legs, and I was playing with her tits as she sucked my cock. I was doomed. I just needed to let it all ride…

She is two years younger, a little skinnier, and shorter than my slave. Her boobs are also a cup smaller with smaller nipples. As my cock was trying to get even harder as I thought about it, my brain just came out with what I was thinking “ok Mother, Dear. Since you are in on all this, may I say you are looking dam hot for an older woman and especially hot being my mother? There, I said it”

She smiled as she placed the tray she was holding on the nightstand. “Well thank you kind Sir, but it’s your slave that’s looking hot sucking your cock.” Great, sex talk from my mother about her sister. Can this morning get any hotter and stranger?

As I tried to not think of my sexy mother naked and sucking my cock I heard my slave moan a little more. I guess that image in my head made my cock do a little dance in her mouth!

Mother had a tray with some supplements on it, a bottle of water, and a red Gatorade. She has a mischievous look on her face. Watching her tuzla eve gelen escort son try to hide his embarrassment as her sister is between his legs sucking his hard cock. She seems to be enjoying the view.

“You, my dear, you need nourishment. The water is for her, and the Gatorade is for you. After last night, I know you will need it and more.” Looking down at her sister deep throating her son, “And by looking at how your day is starting, you may need some more supplements as well!”.

I get just enough to raise my voice “Thanks, Mother!” As she turns to walk away. She stops at the door; I am looking at her well-toned ass and how the panties just barely cover it. Not to mention, the wet spot I noticed in her crack.

My slave stops long enough to take my cock out of her mouth to tell her sister “Thanks Sis!”. Mother dear smiles and notices what she was sucking on. With a little blushing, she comments: “Wow, like father, like son I see”.

My slave replies “Oh sister, you are so right! They are alike as well as” She pauses. I think she is thinking of her husband, former Master. I’m thinking “dam, I’m like Dad there too?” but I kept that to myself.

They start to talk like two old friends sharing notes over a cup of coffee as I see my mother kneeling beside her. “All the men in the family seem to be built like that!”

I need to break this love fest up. “Ah, slave? Suck. Mother, please, this is embarrassing enough without the commentary” I start to feel myself building up and I want to just do it and fill her mouth. The fact that Mother dear is standing there, my mind starts to think of telling her to drop and suck as well.

It didn’t help, or maybe it did, as she was walking out, she looks back at her sister stating tho get my cock back in her moth. she adds “Someday, I may want a taste of that!”

I breathe a sigh of relief once the door is closed. My slave has yet to get back to worshipping my cock. “Sir, You have a problem. I mean a BIG problem.”

“I have a problem? And what is that my cock sucking aunt?”

“Master, I have only seen that look in your mothers’ eyes when she wants sex with someone and I think she wants your cock, badly”

I grab my slave by the back of her hair and pull her up to me. I want her on my cock. I want to fuck her. Her hands instinctively reach under for my cock and guide it into her wet hole. Smiling as it fills her, she sits up, so she is all the way on me. “Thank You Master” and starts to ride my cock.

Pushing her hair out of the way, she now leans a little into me, her boobs now hanging in my face as I feel her rise so the tip of my cock is just at her folds. Then she slowly rides it down. A moan escapes her lips as I nibble on her nipples. Pulling them as she leans up. “Thank You, Master, that feels wonderful”

I decided to test her pain tolerance more by grabbing one nipple with my teeth as she pulls up on my cock. I am pulling her nipple down in rhythm to her fucking me. “You like that don’t you slave? She moans a “Yesssss Sirrr…..”

Her eyes were rolling, and her pussy was gushing the more she did this. But it was soon time for me to spurt. Filling her pussy with my load, she ground herself harder on my cock the more I pumped in her.

As I began to fill her pussy, “OOOh Master, may I cum? She ground herself harder on my cock the more I pumped. “Slave cum for your Master” and she did. Clamping down on my cock and milking it as she rotated her hips on my shaft.

I looked into her eyes, but they were locked shut as she rolled through her orgasm. “Oh, Thank You, Master” as I felt her stop moving and fell onto my chest. I was just as exhausted as she was!

As we lay there, breathing heavily, I looked around and realized I was in her bedroom. We were in the Master bedroom of her house. I guess it’s now my house. But this was “their” room. And I was fucking her in the bed they slept in and had sex in….

My slave told me not to worry, “This has always been the Master’s bedroom, it has never been our room or our bedroom. It,.like me, belonged to the Master. Now you are the Master of the house, so it’s your room, Sir. “

She pulled off of my deflated cock and proceeded to give it a gentle tongue bath, before asking if we should get up and see what Mother made for breakfast.

I allowed her to wear only a pair of socks to walk downstairs for breakfast. She stayed one step behind me and her hands in front of her as we entered the kitchen.

“There’s my son” Mother was talking to no one special. As we entered the room. She had two plates out and a soft rug on the floor between them. I guess she knew my preference to having the slave on the floor while I ate. Or maybe she was trained the same way.

My mind was starting to accept what my cock already had. These women were sexy ladies and I owned one of them, while not sure about the other one. Family or not, I was in fucking kink heaven!

My mother put a towel down on her chair, then sat down. I sat on the tuzla otele gelen escort side next to her, “Slave, you can finish the cooking, I want to spend time with my son.” She was talking as if she owned her sister! That was hot. Almost as hot as that wet spot I saw growing on her panties.

Sitting down, mother made sure I saw her boobs, even under the lace bra, I could see they were perky with the least amount of sag. From what I remember, they were 36c’s. She was beautiful, and I kept noticing every time she moved her wet spot.

We talked about the snowstorm from last night. She tried to tell me how we all stumbled home, but I was not remembering too much of it..

Once my slave served us the meal, she knelt on her blanket and waited as Mother and I ate. Both of us were handing her scraps from our plates. As we were finishing up our meals, Mother just looked at me as she passed the orange juice “so son, when are you going to fuck me?” I almost spitted out my juice. “Mother, can I just get used to what I am fucking now? Please? ” She sighed as she agreed. It didn’t help my embarrassment when my slave looked up at me and mouthed “I told you so!”

At one point they both stopped eating, looked at me, and asked what they had been wanting to know since yesterday at the funeral.

Mom said the best. “Out with-it son. Give us the details. You tell us your story and we will tell you ours.” My slave reminded us “we have two hours before the limo to the airport will be here, so we have plenty of time to hear a good story, Sir.” She smiled looking up at me.

My Story

Well, six years ago, after graduation and my internship at a Big Named consulting firm, I was tired of Chicago winters and needed to make my own path. I wanted to make my father and now my uncle proud. They nurtured me all they could and now I needed to show the world, I needed to forge my own path. I needed to be successful like they were.

For some reason. Las Vegas was just calling my name. It was really booming and from what I saw on the online forums as well as the business pages, the entrepreneurial community out there sounded like something I needed to be a part of.

Yes, I knew it would break my wonderful mother’s heart that I did not stay close to home. Had I known the family secret, who knows if I would have stayed? But I digress.

I know that my mother was deeply disappointed to find out her college-educated son left town to take a job driving limo. Being a chauffeur. But I have to say that it was the best move of my life. Even not knowing all the slave stuff. Chauffeuring in Las Vegas was like printing money for me and making some awesome connections for my future.

The money was unbelievable, the people I met and the contacts I made are mind-boggling. As well, I learned about the city and how it worked while getting laid frequently by drunk sexy female tourists.

Then after about six months, I started to get private assignments. And most of them involved one man. His name was Alex. I picked him up at his condominium that was deep in some ritzy gated community with a private golf course and all that stuff you see on TV.

When I met him at the door, he looked a little older than me, not by much. Nice looking, maybe handsome to the ladies. Casually dressed like he was going to get his haircut or something. He didn’t look like any pimp or drug dealer, so I wasn’t sure how he paid for all this.

I was to take him to the airport, wait for him, then drive him and his passenger back to the house or “as directed”. The work order was pretty clear. Shut up, do my job, drive, don’t ask any questions unless needed and If he wanted to talk, he would speak first.

Surprising, He was friendly and chatty, mostly about the weather and a little bit about business. As we came into the airport “I need to remind you before we get busy here, I booked you for 10 am tomorrow, all day. Just so you can prepare.”

I was unaware that he had me booked for a morning run. He laughed. “It’s all last-minute shit, trust me, you will get used to it.” He was talking to me as if this was going to be a regular deal. “I will need you most of the day and probably into the early evening, wrapping up about 8 or 9, if that’s ok” No problem, I had nothing planned.

“Oh yea, one more thing, can I ask you to pick up some condoms while you are out. Have them in the car for me?” Now I’m being his sex toy supplier? Ok, whatever!

That first night, he picked up an older lady, maybe 50. Nice looking. But she looked her age. At this time, I’m 23. I have no need to notice older women yet!

“Jake, this is Melanie. She will be staying with me awhile. Melanie, say hello to our driver, Jake” She took my hand, smiled, and said “Thank You Sir”, as she got into the car.

She was a tall lady, greyish silvery hair, ordinary-sized boobs that were visible through her dress. The thin fabric didn’t hide much, you could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, which probably meant no panties either. tuzla sınırsız escort Her legs were long, bare, toned, and she was wearing flats. She made sure I saw as much as I could.

As she got into the car, she sat on the rear hump facing towards the back seat, and without anyone saying anything, she just started to unbutton her dress and let it fall open as Alex got in. Smiling at me as I shut the door. I’m pretty sure my mouth was open as well.

As we drove, they didn’t say too much. Just started to talk about a contract and a couple of years, a new owner or something, then she leaned forward and started to suck his cock. He smiled as he looked at me in the rearview mirror.

I had been a chauffeur in Las Vegas for a short amount of time, yet I have seen plenty of action in the back seat. But nothing this simple, straightforward. She got naked without a word, and she started to suck His cock without a word, no “I love you’s” she just did it. My kind of a woman!

When we got to his place, he stepped out first “like what you saw?” Oh hell yes!! As she stepped out, she was still naked, holding her dress so I could see her tits. “Thank you, Sir, for that nice ride” was all she said as she stepped next to him. Another smile at me, maybe a little blush. Alex handed me a crisp $100 bill and told me to be there at 10 am…

I immediately went to an empty parking lot so I could masturbate thanking about having her suck my cock with those boobs to play with!. That whole scene was just too hot.

The following day, I picked them up. She came out of the house first, the same thin dress. As she entered the car, she smiled at me. “Thank You, kind Sir” as I held the door open for her. She sat on the hump again and got naked. She never asked for the door to close or anything. Alex came up behind me “You really do enjoy looking at naked women, don’t you” Hell yes, I do!!

We went to some office building in some office park close to the strip. They went in and I was told to wait. After a couple of hours, a well-dressed office lady came out to take my lunch order. “I’m ordering for everyone” as she handed me the menu. That’s when I noticed she too was wearing a thin blouse, no bra. Small breasts with pointing nipples. Not that I noticed or anything!

I called another chauffeuring buddy of mine to let him know about my clients. He loved to hear the story of boobs and blowjobs… “She just got naked and sucked his cock. He was acting like this is normal!”

Late afternoon, they finally came out and I drove them to a hot dinner place. One of those places you need a reservation booked last year, to get into. They just casually walked in, spoke to the lady at the front and they were seated immediately. “Hot dam,” I thought. That’s having Vegas juice!

After dinner, it was a repeat of every other time they got in the car. She got naked, he watched me watch her get naked, then he gave me directions to the next stop. His place.

On the ride home, he talked, she gave him a blowjob, I tried to watch as I drove. Thankfully Las Vegas has long red lights! I had to admire not only his ability to get her to suck his cock so often without any words or conversation but the fact that she was an expert at it. From what I heard and saw, she was my dream girl.

At his place, he made a kind of a joke about it. “Best blowjob you will ever have” he informed me. As he handed me another $100 bill for my tip, “Come on in the house. After all this work, I owe you a little relief. Have a drink and let her take care of that tent you have growing in your pants. Like I said, The Best Blowjob Ever.”

I was amazed how casually he said that with her standing next to him, holding her dress to her chest with one hand and the other was holding his hand. My midwestern morals were on high alert.

She just smiled at me as I continued to stare at her tits. Like an idiot, I said no, and I left. I went home and masturbated several times, something I haven’t done since high school. And for those nights in school, I masturbated to the dreams of me shooting my cum all over those magnificent tits of my aunt!

A couple of days later I was back to take them to the office. I waited for them, then after a couple of hours, he came out, he was with a friend of his, Josh. The three of them had me drive out to some park out in an undeveloped area that was looking like it was about to be developed. But the park was already there.

At the park, they got out, she was naked. The men sat at a table and talked, she played on the swings and slides. My cock was now killing me watching this “old lady” play like she was 12. Naked, her boobs were bouncing when she was running. On the swings, she would spread her legs, letting me see her shaved pussy.

Then they called her to the table. She stood next to the two of them, her legs shoulder-width apart, hands behind her back. She never lost that smile. They just started to feel her up, talking to each other, not to her.

From what I watched; it was like they were checking her out like they were buying a piece of meat. Having her move this way or that way. Pose one way, spread her legs, hold her tits up, bend over and pull her ass cheeks apart. She never once stopped, resisted, or hesitated. Then they put her on the table. Alex fucked her pussy, Josh fucked her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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