I Go Hiking with Doreen

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Sometimes on warm summer days I like to get out and hike in the sunshine and fresh air. One of my lady friends, Doreen, is an avid hiker and often joins me. We both love hiking in the hills outside of town where we can get our exercise but still enjoy privacy. A few days ago I picked her up at her apartment and drove to a remote hiking trail. We followed the trail for a while then left it and headed for a spot where nobody else ever goes. We were both wearing hiking boots and shorts and shirts. Doreen was carrying a knapsack with sandwiches and a thermos of lemonade. I was carrying a blanket and inflatable pillows and some other supplies in my knapsack because hiking isn’t the only thing we love to do together.

We returned to the spot we had found before, soft grass and flowers, and concealed from easy view by bushes. I spread the blanket and inflated the pillows and we lay down, took off our boots and socks and relaxed. After eating our lunch we started to cuddle. We kissed, briefly touching our tongues together. Doreen kissed my eyes and neck and then started to go down on me. She unbuttoned my shirt and reached in and pinched my nipples lightly. Then her mouth got busy on my nipples and my chest, while her hands were unfastening my pants. She licked and kissed her way down my body and when her mouth reached my beltline she took hold of my pants and underwear and pulled them off. My cock had stiffened from her attentions and, with my pants off, it sprang to attention.

Doreen knelt between my outspread thighs and licked my balls and my crotch, my hard cock bumping against her face. She took one of my balls gently into her mouth and licked it through my scrotum. Then she took the other and repeated the mouthing. Doreen’s clever tongue moved up and started licking the base of my cock. I was glad I had shaved that area in the morning because my skin was more sensitive, giving me more pleasure from her ministrations. Her tongue also derived more pleasure from licking my smooth skin and not needing to plow through pubic hair.

With her thumb and forefinger Doreen held on to the base of my cock and licked the entire length of the underside of it. She moved her face around and licked my cock all over, then, like a child with an ice cream cone, she held on to my cock and licked the head with broad, smooth strokes of her tongue. After a minute of this, Doreen leaned back and removed her shirt, treating my eyes to her large, firm breasts. She held my cock with one hand and held a beautiful pleasure globe with the other and rubbed her erect nipple against my cock head. She changed hands and rubbed the other nipple. Then she held one of her twin treasures in either hand and imprisoned my cock between them. Doreen leaned forward and began slowly fucking me with her gorgeous titties.

This very flattering attention went on for a few minutes until Doreen moved back and resumed pleasuring me with her talented mouth. She took the head of my cock between her lips and swirled her tongue around the tip. Slowly she lowered her head, taking more of me into her warm, wet mouth, her tongue caressing my cock as she enveloped it, until her lower lip was pressed tightly against my balls and her upper lip was at the base of my cock. She stayed there for a minute, her face stationary, while inside her mouth, her tongue was pleasuring the entire length of my cock. Then Doreen began backing her mouth slowly away. As she did this her lips pumped my cock and her tongue continued to caress whatever was still inside her mouth. When she stopped backing away, the tip of my cock was just barely within her lips like she was kissing it, then she began slowly enveloping my cock again.

This time as Doreen lowered her mouth her tongue stayed on the underside of my cock and the tip curled up and tickled that very sensitive area. Her lips formed a seal around my shaft and she gently but firmly sucked my cock into her mouth by small degrees. What she was doing with her mouth was so pleasurable I wanted it to continue forever but so erotic that I was afraid I would cum at any moment. I wanted to cum eventually, but I wanted this intense pleasure to last for a long time. This time as Doreen lifted her head, she released a small fraction of my cock at a time, then her lips sucked most of that fraction back into the warm, wet wonder of her mouth. Whatever part of me that remained in Doreen’s mouth was being thoroughly caressed by her extremely bahis firmalar─▒ talented and agile tongue. When only the tip of my cock was within her lips, she could tell that I was starting to get close to cumming. Doreen was enjoying sucking my cock and she didn’t want me to cum too soon, so she contented herself with licking my balls and crotch for a few minutes. When she resumed sucking my cock, Doreen continued with the long, slow strokes, and her tongue still caressed the shaft inside her mouth but she eliminated most of the additional sucking while she backed her mouth out. We would be able to go a long time and that was what we both wanted.

I lay back and relaxed and let Doreen pleasure us both. With my shirt off, I let the warm sun shine on my chest, and watched the top of Doreen’s head while it bobbed slowly up and down on my cock. Without taking my cock out of her mouth, or even interrupting her rhythm, she removed her shorts and panties so we were both naked under the sun. Doreen increased the speed of her sucking and started applying more suction with her lips. She enjoys sucking my cock, just the feel of my cock going in and out of her mouth, but her favorite part is when I ejaculate onto her tongue and she swallows it. She sped up her strokes again and her tongue got even more active in caressing my cock.

“I’m ready to cum”, I panted. Doreen increased her speed some more. Every stroke encompassed my cock from the tip to my pubic hair and her head was bobbing up and down rapidly. “Oh, MiGod” I shouted as I thrust forward to meet a downstoke of her face, and shot a big load of cum into the back of her mouth. Doreen tightened her lips around my cock so nothing could dribble out, and proceeded to slowly milk my cock so none of my juice was wasted. My cock softened in her mouth and she rolled it around between her tongue and her cheeks. When she finally held my cock in her fingers and took it out of her mouth, she licked the underside of my cock head. Doreen really likes my cum and doesn’t want to waste any of it.

She crept up the blanket to lie down next to me. I rested for a few minutes, then it was my turn to go down on Doreen. We kissed passionately, entwining our tongues. The fact that she had just swallowed a mouthful of my cum didn’t bother me at all because she had swallowed it all, and it wouldn’t have bothered me anyhow. I kissed my way down her throat, paying special attention to the pulse spots. I stopped when I reached the base of her neck and cupped Doreen’s beautiful titties in my hands. While I was gently kneading one of the twin beauties in either hand, my tongue sought out one of her fully erect nipples. It felt as good to my tongue as it had to my cock earlier. Doreen murmured in pleasure as I switched from one nipple to the other and then back and forth again. Then I clamped my lips onto one luscious mound and began sucking on it. While I was sucking on it, my tongue was flicking the nipple and tracing her areola. I moved from one succulent globe to the other, and Doreen was now cooing in pleasure. Her pussy was writhing on the blanket and I could smell the delightful aroma of her pussy juices as they lubricated her love hole. I knew the time had come to leave her gorgeous titties and move lower on her body.

I knelt between Doreen’s legs and gazed at her delectable pussy, waiting to be eaten by me. She put a pillow under her ass to present herself even better to my eyes and mouth. I leaned forward, placed my shoulders against the undersides of her legs, wrapped my arms around her thighs and began the feast. I started by licking all the delicious juices out of her adorable love hole. There was a lot of nectar because Doreen lubricates copiously, but I didn’t want to waste a drop. Even after I had relished all her juices I kept licking her love hole because it tastes so good and feels so good to my tongue. Doreen liked it too and she was leaning back, totally relaxed and cooing contentedly.

When I eat a pussy, though, I eat the whole thing, and immensely enjoy eating the whole thing. I moved on to the outer pussy lip on one side and nibbled my way up it, avoiding her clit for now. On an outer lip, I like to nibble with my lips only, with a series of kisses light as those of a butterfly. When I reached the upper end of the first pussy lip I started on the second outer lip, nibbling with the same butterfly kisses. I avoided her clit again, wanting to save that sweet love ka├žak iddaa button for later. Doreen was still cooing contentedly and her thigh muscles were flexing slightly.

I started probing her more sensitive inner lip, enjoying the luxurious texture as well as the aroma and taste. When I reached the upper end of this lip, I flicked her clit three times with my tongue only. Doreen’s cooing became intermixed with sighing and the flexing of her thighs became more pronounced. She was getting closer to cumming but wasn’t ready yet. I licked all the delicious pussy juices out of her adorable love hole and probed her other inner pussy lip the same way. By the time I reached her clit, Doreen was panting, her thigh muscles had rotated outward, presenting her pussy fully to my mouth and she was humping it into my face.

I clamped my lips around her lovely clit and began sucking. “Ohhhh”, Doreen moaned, after a few minutes of this. “I’m going to cum.” I continued to suck on her delightful love button and caressed it with my tongue as well. “I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!! Doreen trilled. Her thighs clamped around my head and her pussy humped harder into my face. I could smell her fresh cum juices and I knew how delicious they would taste but I continued to stimulate her clit so she would get the maximum enjoyment out of cumming. And, produce more of those delicious cum juices as well. As Doreen continued cumming, she pushed my face tightly against her lovely pussy and thrashed her legs back and forth with my head still held tightly between them. I am too big for her to actually throw around, but my upper body got quite a ride. She took a long time cumming and when she climaxed, Doreen arched her back and lifted her ass all the way off the ground. Then she collapsed and her thighs released the grip they had on my head. I took advantage of the opportunity and licked up all her fresh pussy juices and then lay beside her on the blanket.

We lay together for a few minutes and then Doreen rolled over and told me to rub her back. I used baby oil and started on her shoulders and upper back. After cumming strongly a few minutes earlier, there was no tension there and my hands worked their way down her sides. After our hiking and our great love-making, Doreen’s body was pretty relaxed. I bypassed her shapely ass until later and rubbed her thighs. They were muscular as a result of her hiking and cycling. The redness and slight soreness of my ears were testimonies to how strong her thighs are. I finished rubbing her legs and turned my attention to her beautiful ass, which had been my intention all along. With one thumb under either asscheek and my hands and fingers spread out above, I began gently rubbing. Doreen moved the pillows under her hips and spread her legs to give me better access. I massaged her thoroughly, then spread her cheeks to look at her cleft. Her adorable rosebud was waiting for me. With baby wipes from my knapsack I washed her cleft, particularly the rosebud. Doreen murmured her pleasure at what I was doing. She likes to have her beautiful ass appreciated.

I showed my appreciation by licking her cleft, starting at the top and working my way down to and around her lovely puckered hole. Doreen reached back and spread her cheeks for me and I started my tongue at the bottom of her rosebud and painted the entire area with saliva. I made numerous broad strokes with my tongue and probed the puckered edges but made no attempt to penetrate. My cock would do a much better job of that. Doreen was cooing in pleasure and her lovely rosebud seemed to be winking at me in anticipation of what would happen next.

My cock was thoroughly stiff by now and I rolled on a condom and greased myself up. Doreen was still holding her cheeks open for me so I began spreading the KY Jelly where it belonged, even inserting my finger to lubricate inside. Then I pried open her sphincter with my fingers and slowly inserted the tip of my cock. Doreen expressed her pleasure at this first penetration. I shifted my weight backward and then slowly but firmly pushed forward again and more of my cock entered the tight and inviting hole. It took a dozen short, firm strokes like that, before my cock was fully imbedded in Doreen’s wonderful ass, and she was sighing in pleasure. I slowly drew my cock most of the way out, liberally applied KY Jelly again, and thrust all the way back in, and then repeated this slow stroke.

Except for the pillow under ka├žak bahis her hips, she had been lying face down, flat on her belly while I penetrated her ass. However, Doreen likes to fuck, not just passively be fucked. Carefully, so as not to dislodge my cock from its delightful place, we moved so she was on her knees and elbows and I was on my knees behind her. This way, I would be able to reach around and caress Doreen’s clit at the right time, and she could use her elbows to push her ass back to meet my forward strokes until that time came.

And that’s what she did. As I made slow but firm strokes of my cock she thrust back to meet me. I reached between us and spread her asscheeks to allow a fraction of an inch more penetration. Doreen expressed her appreciation of the improvement. She also told me how great my cock felt in her ass and urged me to keep fucking her there. I reciprocated by telling her what a wonderful ass she has and how much I enjoyed fucking it.

The mutual admiration Society continued in relative silence. The only sounds were her cooing and sighing in pleasure, my deep breathing and the slipping noise of my cock slowly plowing in and out of her well-lubricated ass. Then Doreen broke the silence. “I’m going to cum” she said. I used another baby wipe and cleaned the lubricant and everything else off my right hand and reached around and caressed her lovely clit. My fingers massaged her adorable clit for a few minutes while my cock continued to massage her ass. “Oh, I’m cumming!! I’m, cumming!!”, Doreen trilled. She fell slowly forward until she was once again prone on the blanket. Her legs splayed out to the sides and swung back and forth while her hands clenched the blanket. I continued to massage her clit for as long as Doreen continued cumming, but her muscles had tightened too much for me to continue fucking her. She climaxed with a sudden arch of her back and a spasm of her whole body, then lay under me with her muscles totally relaxed.

Although Doreen had expended a lot of energy in cumming twice, I knew she was not through. I pulled my cock almost out of her ass again and applied more KY Jelly then slowly thrust it back in and resumed fucking her; I expected her to cum one more time and I wanted both of us to cum at the same time. After a few minutes, Doreen got back up on her knees and elbows, with me on my knees behind her and we resumed fucking in unison.

I spread her asscheeks again for maximum penetration. Doreen moved her elbows back slightly to change the angle of entrance and allow even deeper penetration. She expressed delight at the increase and urged me to keep fucking her. The urging was not necessary because I was watching my cock sliding slowly in and out of Doreen’s superb ass that was greedy for even more, and I was glad I had taken my Viagra that morning. I had my hands on her hips and I began to rotate them slightly, coordinating the movements with my forward strokes and her backward thrusts. Doreen expressed delight at the different, even more wonderful sensation. She told me what a great cock I had and how much she loved it when I fucked her ass long and deep the way I was doing. I told Doreen what a beautiful ass she had and how good she was at fucking with it.

Even though we were moving slowly to prolong the pleasure, I could feel my climax building and I knew I was going to cum soon. I told Doreen and she said she was almost ready to cum again also, so I applied more KY Jelly on my cock and wiped my fingers off with another baby wipe. I increased the speed of my strokes. Doreen cooed with delight and thrust back harder and faster to meet me, and urged me to keep fucking her. Every inch of my cock was driving back and forth into her lovely ass. My pubic area was thudding against her asscheeks and my balls were slapping against her pussy. I reached around to fondle her clit and a minute later Doreen trilled “Oh, God, I’m cumming!!” I kept fingering her adorable love button and fucked even harder and faster into her ass while she was cumming, until I ejaculated into my condom. Doreen pitched forward again, and her arms and legs thrashed about until she climaxed with a great spasm of her body. We lay quietly then, and rested, me on top of her, with my cock still buried in her magnificent ass.

We lay quietly then, while my cock softened, and I pulled it out of her. “That was wonderful” Doreen told me. I rolled off, and lay beside her. We embraced and kissed one another deeply, an expression of affection now, not lust. Our sexual activities were over for the day, and we had a long walk back home. I was already looking forward to our next time we would go hiking together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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