How It Started

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A story made for, and inspired by, a friend of mine whose companionship I dearly miss. It meant more to me than I was able to express.

All characters are legal age and all scenarios are purely fictional.


It was nearly 1:00 am when I found myself stood alone on the platform. I took a deep inhale of my cigarette, holding it for a moment before exhaling slowly into the cold air. The smoke floated out above the tracks and was blown away as the train came screeching into the station. I staggered and stepped back. In my half drunk state, I hadn’t noticed the trains approach. I took another quick pull of my cigarette before flicking the rest off the platform. There was a soft ring as the doors opened.

Despite it being New Year’s Eve there were surprisingly few people taking the train tonight. Most people had likely made plans to stay the night or found other means to get home. That had been my plan originally. I had arrived in the city much earlier today expecting to head home the next morning, but circumstances often change when it’s most inconvenient. At least the trains were free tonight.

I stepped off the frozen platform and into the delightfully warm train car. To my surprise, the train was even emptier than the platform. There were only 2 or 3 other people now occupying the cart with me. All of us sat apart in our own corners for a quiet ride home. It would be a long one for me as I live in the next city. I would be lucky to get in my front door before 2:00. I leaned back in my seat bringing a foot to rest on the one in front of me. The train seats were arranged in booths, two seats side by side with another two across facing them.

I checked my phone to see a number of “happy new year” texts from friends, family, and some people I haven’t spoken to a single time that year. I began going through my phone deleting all the numbers that applied.

It was about fifteen minutes after departing the station that we arrived at another. The train came to a gentle halt before the doors slid open. This time a decent amount of people stepped on, but not enough to fill any of the three seats around me. Instead, there was a group of four people in the seats across the aisle.

Two men and two women who looked to be leaving a party of their own. The men were smartly dressed and the women followed suit. Much fancier than the bash I’d left. They all appeared to be deep in conversation when one of the women glanced across the aisle to catch me staring. We locked gazed for what seemed like minutes before I realized I was probably coming across as creepy.

My eyes darted away to the window to my left. Luckily I was just drunk enough to skip the awkwardness I would have felt otherwise. It was the soft giggle that brought my eyes back again, this time carefully and consciously, to see the woman smile before turning back to rejoin her friend’s conversation. Thinking nothing of it I returned to my phone screen.

I had already finished deleting numbers at this point and was only using my phone as a scapegoat for taking periodic glances at the group. Specifically the short, curvy woman in her dark purple dress and black stilettos. She sat with one leg draped elegantly over the other, one hand on her knee and the other on the leg of the woman sitting next to her as the talked and laughed. The straps came up around her neck in such a way that left a window to her cleavage, the train rocking causing her large breasts to jump with each one. I found myself tracing her smooth dark legs with my eyes, trailing over each curve that I could see.

Trying not to get caught I would only observe a second or two at a time and let my imagination fill in the gaps. A part of me wondered where she was going but more of me was wondering what she was wearing underneath that low-cut party dress. I gave my head a quick shake and focused on my phone screen again.

“Happy new year” a voice broke the silence of the train car. It took me a second to register what had been said and that it was being said to me. I looked up and scanned the train slowly. There was one person sat in the next section in front of me with their back to me. I continued along until my eyes once again met with hers. Other than the person sat ahead of me we were the only two people in the train car. How had I not noticed everyone leaving? She stared at me, raising her eyebrows in amusement at my confusion.

“Oh…” I muttered and coughed. “Happy new year” I replied awkwardly. The alcohol had worn off a bit and this time I felt discomfort creeping over me. “Where did your friends go?” I asked in an effort to get as far away from my own awkwardness as possible.

“They got off at the last station. I’m a bit further out,” she replied. I couldn’t be certain but I swear her eyes had gone up and down a few times. She glanced to the other person on the train and stared at the back of their head for a moment. I slowly looked to see where she was looking and altyaz─▒l─▒ porno once I had turned my head away I felt her move out of her seat and into the one across from me obstructing my view. She smiled warmly and settled into the seat, again I saw her scanning me.

“Have a good night?” she asked. It was at this point I could smell her perfume. I wasn’t keen on brand names but whatever it was made something within me begin to stir.

“Didn’t end as well as I hoped, but overall it was alright I guess” I stumbled through the sentence hoping she wouldn’t notice how off she was putting me in this situation. I wasn’t one to shy away from women, but with how spontaneous she was being to accompany a complete stranger on the train ride at this hour was curious to me.

I often fantasized about meeting women in these kinds of situations but never thought it would ever happen. I did my best to push those thoughts aside. It would only serve as source material when I was back in my apartment with nothing to do but masturbate and sleep off the alcohol.

“Man, that sucks. I know what you mean. One of those guys I was with was supposed to come home with me but changed his mind when his friend mentioned another party” She huffed, her chest rising and falling as one of her legs slid out to graze against mine. She had looked off to the side as I did as if to pretend it hadn’t happened. She was certainly much shorter than me by how far her leg had to stretch to reach me. Far enough that the act almost seemed intentional.

I decided not to draw attention to it and instead enjoyed the closeness to such a beautiful woman, not to mention that the moving of her leg offered a glance up her dress to the black lace panties she wore underneath. I couldn’t fight the swelling in my pants as my eyes looked within. I quickly looked up as her head turned back to me. She looked down once, staring for a moment before a sly smirk pulled at her lips. She met my gaze and said “So what about you? Not meeting up with anyone?” I simply shook my head and shrugged.

“Nope. Just an empty apartment in my future” I half chuckled.

“Except my cat I mean” I added. What happened next made me question whether I was truly sat on the train or already home in bed sleeping. It began with the feeling of a hand brushing across my thigh and over my zipper. It moved back and forth a few times before my button snapped open and my zipper drew downwards.

“Oh, you have a cat! I love cats. What’s its name?” she said. I gasped under my breath and watched as she pulled my pants open and reached her hand into my boxers. Her soft touch around my cock made my hips lift from the seat. I said nothing, staring down at her in a state of lust and confusion. She stared up at me pulling my boxers down and letting my cock spring free. Her eyes glazed over as she stared at it, then looked back up at me with a look that said ‘Play it cool, keep talking.’

“Her name is…Piper…” I said trying not to moan as her tongue began sliding up from the base of my shaft to the head of my cock. It massaged the tip in slow circles before her hot, wet mouth took hold of me. It welcomed every inch of me, her tongue rolling over me as her nose pressed into my pelvis.

I couldn’t believe this. No warning, no obvious signals, just a few short exchanges and I was being deep throated on the train by a stunning brown beauty in a sexy purple dress. The dress, by the way, had been lifted up to her waist giving me a perfect view of her round ass. I could just manage to see her hand pushed between her thighs massaging her pussy as she bobbed her head on my cock.

“Mmm…” she moaned before pulling her head back. “That’s a cute name. What kind of cat is she?” she said before sinking back down to work my cock again. Her mouth seemed to be getting wetter and hotter every time she pushed herself down on me. My hand found its way to the back of her head. I rested it there feeling her motions. She was sucking my cock like a pro. I wasn’t sure how much of this I would be able to endure.

“Shit…she’s a umm” my thoughts were interrupted by a voice over the train’s intercom. My stop was next. “Fuck” I silently cursed as I looked out the window then back down at her. “This is my stop.,” I said.

“Our stop you mean?” she asked as she quickly pushed my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. “I want to meet Piper” she added before grabbing her purse from the seat behind her and standing up.

How could I say no at this point? I followed towards the opening doors feeling her arms wrap around mine as we departed the train and stepped onto the platform. The cold night air instantly eased the swelling erection that only seconds ago was being swallowed whole by my new companion.

My apartment wasn’t far from the station. Ten or fifteen minutes on foot if you didn’t cut through any alleyways. Not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable I stuck to the dimly lit streets. amat├Âr porno The two of us walked in silence, arms locked together as the clicking of her heels echoed down the empty sidewalk. I could feel her hand on my arm shivering, clenching my coat tightly to stay warm. It hadn’t even occurred to me that she didn’t have a jacket. I stopped us and began unbuttoning my coat.

“Here, I’ve got layers,” I said before sliding my coat off my body and onto hers. Her height became even more obvious wearing the clearly oversized coat. She smiled up at me and pulled it around herself.

“Aw thank you. You’re sweet,” she said looking around us then down one of the alleyways. “Is this a short cut?” she asked taking a few steps in.

She wasn’t wrong. “Yeah actually. We’ll be there in a few minutes” I replied following behind her. With my coat wrapped around her, I was denied the chance to admire her small, curvy frame. I doubted I could maintain an erection in this cold either way. Suddenly she picked up her pace, clicking rapidly across the pavement and around the corner. A puzzled look inhabited me as I moved to match her pace.

I didn’t think I could maintain an erection in this cold. As I rounded the corner I was greeted by the sight of my coat slung up onto a concrete block. It acted as a barrier between the cold snow-covered cement and the exposed, plump brown flesh of her ass. The straps of her dress dangled beneath her large breasts. Her nipples stood rock hard from the cold, but the same couldn’t be said for the warming sight of her spread legs and fingers diving in and out of her soaked pussy.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation. Like I’d been hypnotized, I stepped over and dropped to my knees. The smell of her perfume inhabited me once more as my tongue slid up her slit. My hands pressed up under her smooth thighs as I began to lap greedily at her soft, hairless pussy. My eyes narrowed as I looked up at her. She head was thrown back, her back arched pushing her breasts outward. A pillar of vapor poured out of her mouth with every moan she made.

I ground my tongue up and down, circling her clit and sucking on it gently. Every movement seemed to make her wetter. Her juices dripped from my chin as I tended to her needs. One of her hands began rubbing and pulling her nipples while the other laced its fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes, I felt her hand on my head grip and pull. I rose to my feet as both of her small delicate hands grabbed aggressively at my belt and zipper. My cock sprang free from the folds of my pants once more, this time greeted by soft, cold hands that stroked it up and down. Despite the temperature, I was rock hard in seconds. I pressed my lips into hers, letting her taste herself off my tongue. She gasped and grabbed onto my shoulders as my cock entered her. Her tightness alone nearly sent me into an orgasm. No resistance was met as every inch of me filled her. Her short legs wrapped as best they could around my waist, pulling me back against her with each thrust.

This wasn’t gentle, cautious sex between two lovers. This was hard, aggressive, primal fucking. She panted over and over, my hips moving back and forth rapidly as I pushed her legs out to each side. My hands grabbed her thighs and forced them as far apart as I could without causing discomfort. Her arms wrapped around my neck to brace herself against the bombardment taking place between her legs.

My mouth wrapped around her hard nipple, my tongue doing laps around it before switching and sucking on the other. She made no effort to hide her desire. With no one around to bother us, the alley was flooded with sounds of moans and grunts and the slapping of flesh.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck that tight little pussy” she managed to mutter between breaths. Daddy. I almost lost my mind. Without missing a beat I lifted her off the concrete block. She hung from my neck, my hands planted firmly under her ass lifting her up and down on my cock.

“Oh my god this is so hot. I can’t take it” she moaned. She wasn’t lying. Seconds later I could feel her pussy constrict around my swollen member. Her body shook and convulsed in my arms, I stopped to give her a moment but was met by her fingernails digging into the back of my neck.

“Don’t stop. Cum inside me Daddy. Fill my pussy with your hot cum!” she screamed. I groaned, squeezing her ass cheeks hard as I pounded away at her. She leaned back hanging at arm’s length from my neck. Everything was beginning to feel like a blur. Had the alcohol come back for another round? Or was the ecstasy of this moment so intense my mind was becoming numb? It didn’t matter when my cock began throbbing violently inside her. Each load came rocketing up my shaft like a bullet from a chamber.

“FUCK!” she screamed pulling herself against me, shaking as my balls emptied inside her. I could feel her legs quivering in my hands in response to my unannounced orgasm. arap porno I breathed heavily as I slowly lowered her back onto my coat. She pulled me back on top of her, my face resting between her soft breasts as the two of us fought to catch our breaths.

I stood there hunched over her as she clung to my torso. The cold air chilled my lungs with each breath I took. I ran my hands up her hip and I smirked feeling her body quiver at my touch. Our eyes remained locked for what seemed like hours. It was late but I knew we couldn’t stay there too long. As much as it turned me on, I wasn’t keen on someone discovering me with my cock still buried deep within the woman I’d only met less than an hour ago.

“Shall we?” I asked withdrawing myself from her. She moaned softly, her nails raking across my back as I stepped away.

“If I can walk, absolutely,” she said with a chuckle. I lifted her small frame off the block and onto the ground. She pulled the hem of her dress back down and retrieved my coat which now probably smelled of sex. She placed a hand on my chest and stood on her toes to place a kiss on my lips. I instinctively rested a hand on her hip, squeezing gently as she pulled away and continued down the alley the way we’d been going before our little pit stop.

The walk to my building was filled with laughter and stories of new years past. I found out her name was Jasmine. Her parents were paying for her studies here but live overseas. She enjoys school but finds herself unable to resist the nightlife. Turns out I wasn’t her first stranger she’d gone home with on new years eve, but reassured me I was way more fun. Whether or not that was true I’d never know, but I appreciated the sentiment. I opened the lobby door for her and the two of us proceeded into the elevator. It took only a moment after I hit the button for my floor and the doors closed for her to grab hold of my tenacious erection through my pants.

“At this rate, I don’t think I’ll have anything left in me by the time we reach my bedroom” I breathed quietly as she pulled my zipper open to release my cock. I watched as she smiled and lowered her head down and swallowed me whole in one motion. I tilted my head back to find a camera staring back at me.

The security that worked here was sub par so I wasn’t too worried about hearing about this from the landlord if anything they’d just copies the tape for their own viewing. I smirked and placed my hand on the back of her head, guiding her motions as she bobbed up and down. She gasped releasing me from her heavenly mouth and looked up at me.

“Why would you say that? I’m only coming over to meet your cat remember?” she teased before going back to work on me. I watched the number on the elevator display slowly tick away and froze when it stopped short of the 23rd floor where my apartment was. I quickly pulled Jasmine up to meet my lips, her body pressed closely against me trapping my visible erection between us.

We made out heavily as a young woman stepped onto the elevator. I recognized her immediately, as she did me. We’d run into each other often. A cute little brunette with perky tits and a small but firm ass in those patterned tights she seemed to own a dozen of. My eyes only watched her for the time it took her to step onto the elevator and stand to face the front next to us.

My attention returned to my companion only now noticing her hand had pushed between us and was now jerking my shaft vigorously. Of course, I looked to see my neighbor’s eyes locked on me, more specifically my throbbing member. Jasmine broke our kiss and glanced at her with a devilish smirk. To my surprise my neighbor said nothing. Instead, her legs squeezed together as she bit her lip.

This couldn’t be real. The hot girl from the 21st floor, the one I’d spent countless nights in bed masturbating to, was now stood in the elevator with me while I receive a wet handjob from a woman I’d just met. Not just that, but I swear I saw the same look in her eyes that Jasmine had back on the train before she swallowed my cock. The elevator dinged again and my neighbor quickly departed. She looked over and gave us one last look before disappearing down the hall. The doors closed and up we went.

“Which apartment is yours?” her words broke me from my train of thought. I looked down at her. Those beautiful brown eyes staring up at me alone made my cock harden. With her hand still firmly wrapped around me I cleared my throat and nodded my head to the left down the hall as the door opened.

“2307. Fourth door on the right” I explained.

“Great!” she said before letting go of me and scampering down the hall to my apartment. I raised an eyebrow, composed myself and stepped off the elevator. Panic struck me as I reached into my pocket for my keys and found it empty. The panic quickly passed when I saw Jasmine unlock my door and hurry inside. I shook my head with a smile and walked down the hall to my door.

As I entered my apartment I was greeted with the sight of Jasmine on all fours, her ass up high giving me a perfect view up her dress. My coat had been discarded next to the closet door. I walked closer and found Piper laying in front of her receiving a long awaited belly rub.

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