How Could I Get a Raise?

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Starting a new job is always concerning. New assignments, new rules, new co-workers, new procedures and all that good stuff.

My girlfriend Joline made it somewhat easier, comforting me with the new and unusual and rejoicing with me on the successes. We’d been a couple for about 9 months when I’d started the new job, and she was oh so helpful with the transition from old job to new by listening and not preaching!

Joline was a sweet thing, 5-6, 125 pounds, a natural red head she says. Smart.

Whatever she was I enjoyed her company and we got along famously. Along the say she hoped the new position would allow me to get a place of my own and away from my roommate, Bill, who she detested. He was dirty, off color and knew every sexist joke there was. Joline didn’t like him.

In any regard my new job called for more hours as I learned the tricks of the new trade, an Analyst working directly for a VP at a mid-sized company on the fringe of the city. My immediate supervisor was Ms. Johnson, a nice lady in her late 40s who always spoke and dressed “the part”.

Smooth, confident and oh so smart, making my 26-year-old brain spin with her knowledgeable facts on the tip of her tongue.

We seemed to get along well, although I did make some mistakes. She was good enough to note them in private, admonishing me while adding to not make the same mistake twice. I learned the task, and made sure I didn’t make the same mistake twice.

One of my favorite thoughts of Ms. Johnson was how she dressed for success.

Smartly, professionally, and I have to admit I loved following behind her to lunch room where I could watch her hips sway. Lovely.

Bottom line it was hard work but I had the hang of it and it appeared I was successful. At least that’s what my three-month review said and I was buoyed by the nice note Ms. Johnson gave me after our conversation. In a nutshell it said keep on doing what I was doing and I’d learn and produce in this position.

At home Bill and I got along well, although I didn’t like it that he was a pig. Often, I had to do his dishes or worry they’d be in the sink for days. And on a few occasions, I added his on the floor laundry to mine. Look, roommates give and take, but I was somewhat miffed at having to do what he should have done on his own.

It didn’t help that Joline didn’t like being around Bill, so she wouldn’t come over when he was at home. That meant it was somewhat harder to fool around, but we made ankara escort do with the back seat of my car at the end of our street, away from prying eyes. Hey, it worked, not comfortable but workable.

On one such evening, after we’d had a quickie, we were back in the front seat arms around each other and talking. Sharing stories of the day, week, and thinking about the future. At one-point Joline said that if things were going well, I should ask for a raise. Maybe the extra cash would let me save and then get an apartment of my own. See, told you she was smart.

That got me thinking and wondering and coming up with ideas that might spark Ms. Johnson to give me a raise. Hemming and hawing it took a couple weeks, but I came up with the gumption to address the issue and merely was waiting for the right time to ask.

That time was the following Friday, a day where we have a couple of afternoon meetings that went very well. Ms. Johnson was pleased with my participation and work, and while we were both a bit tired from the client onslaught we did survive and sat in her office after closing time discussing the meetings and future needs.

The office had cleared out and we went from proposal to recommendations and upcoming steps before settling down to a couple minutes of talk about our upcoming meetings. Ms. Johnson wanted to know if I’d be seeing Joline and I asked what her special plans were. “Nothing special, just relaxation,” said my boss.

“I’ve had a difficult week and need to decompress.”

We spoke about how the pandemic had eliminated many of the fun things each of us did, about how we missed professional sports, and how the political environment was getting more toxic. We laughed at each other’s jokes and how sitting on the back porch reading a good book was relaxing. Just talking.

Getting up the nerve I said I was going to say something inappropriate. She flashed a quizzical look toward me. I wondered out loud if it was possible to get an off-cycle raise to help with my housing situation.

“I’ve worked hard. And you did say I was doing well. I want to get a raise to bank money in hopes of getting my own place rather than sharing with my goofball roommate.”

Ms. Johnson flashed a knowing smile.

“I bet you are just scheming to get more alone time with that Joline,” joked the boss. “I mean, hard to fool around when some goofy guy – besides you – are in the apartment.”

We each laughed at that and chit chatted escort ankara some more about my predicament.

She spoke about the loneliness of being “the boss” and that her social calendar was okay but not full.

Then she hit me with her best shot.

“So, uh, JR, what are you willing to do for a raise?” asked my boss with a sly smile.

Taking the bait, I replied, “just about anything.”

The room became oh so quiet after that interchange, as each of us stared at each other, minds wandering.

Finally, Ms. Johnson broke the silence. “I have a friend who isn’t getting much attention. I know for sure that with the right attention I’d be more than willing to, uh, give you a raise. Why don’t you close the door and let’s talk about the possibility?”

Standing, then walking to the office door, I quietly closed and locked it and meekly moved back to the front of her desk. “What friend? What would help.”

“Well, I could ask Joline, but I don’t think she’d appreciate the question,” said the woman, standing a looking me directly in the eyes. Her hands, which were at her sides, moved forward and clasp themselves right over the front of her dress. “Right under my dress if an itch which needs scratching. If you get my drift.”

Indeed, I got the message. Looking her up and down, I merely asked “Seriously?”

She nodded. “It would be very appreciated if you were to, uh, use your oral talents in return for a small raise. And as a down payment for a bigger one down the road.”

My face blushed and i know i was shaking. Darm.

The deal was on the table. It was serious. I could not believe it. My mind wandered all over the place, but it didn’t take long to issue my decision. I closed the three steps between us and dropped to my knees, holding her hips to steady my decent but to also test if she was serious or if I was reading anything wrong.

Not a murmur from my boss. I took that to mean I was to perform some mouth magic, so I slid down my hands and grasp the hem of her dress, slowly lifting it up. Soon reveled were stocking tops and then a pink thong.

Ms. Johnson, totally in charge, directed me to lick her panties, and damn if I didn’t It stuck me that her panties were damp, and worked my head against the fabric using my nose to push against her mound. My boss moaned as I performed my oral actions and that spurred me on to lick and suck the fabric more.

My head encased in her hands; I continued my actions for a ankara escort bayan couple minute before she instructed me to “take them down.” I did, unveiling a dark and heavy neatly trimmed bush above her pussy. I admired the view before plunging forward and slowly licked her slit.

Looking back, I might not have had a lot of experience but what I lacked in that department I more than made up with enthusiasm I worked my tongue all over her pussy, working all around before concentrating on her clit. That drew a lot of response from my boss.

“Lick it you bastard, earn that raise,” said my boss as I merrily licked away at her twat.

Getting the hang of things, I reached around and caressed her ass, something Joline liked when I was sucking her off. I used those hands to pull and release her pussy against by tongue, lapping away to the moans and groans from above.

Telling from her murmurs that she was escalating the enjoyment factor; I move my nose against and into her pussy while alternating with licks and nibbles. With the open invitation to experiment, I listened as she made sounds above. I knew when she strengthened the tightness of her hands holding my head that she was getting close, so I concentrated on the clitoris. Damn, this was hot.

“Oh, my JR, you are sending me there, you are going to make me cum,” exclaimed by boss. “Keep doing what you are doing, oh yes. YES!”

I didn’t know the precise second, she had her orgasm, but I could tell. Of course, she groaned that she was having one, and then a second, and I kept licking away.

Hell, her hands told the story as well, as then held my head tight against her womanhood. It was oh so sexy.

Ms. Johnson came down from her high without letting my head go. She sorts of manipulated it up, down and around her slit and I did as direct. After a bit she pushed back on my head and I looked up into her eyes.

“That was awesome, JR, simply awesome, the absolute best and our little secret,” said the woman. “Oh, and you got a small raise.”

Rising to my feet, I held her and whispered into her ear. “I want a bigger raise.”

Without missing a beat, she quickly replied, “We can talk about it next week.”

Smiling, we each drew from that what we wanted.

On a side note, I did get an immediate raise.

On a sexual note, well, I continued to go the extra mile to earn a bonus.

The only thing bad about things was that whenever Joline and I crossed paths with Ms. Johnson at the grocery store or a company function, I’d walk around with a suspicious smile that made me look guilty about something. But hey, Joline hasn’t caught on. But I do admit every time I went down on her I thought of my boss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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