Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 16

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For a moment the two mothers just stood watching, mesermized, as Kelly sucked on Kat’s nipples. Then Kelly saw them out of the corner of her eye. She released Kat’s breast from her mouth and whispered, “Oh… good… God.”

Hearing the urgency in Kelly’s voice, Kat looked up. Upon seeing her mother standing there, she had the urge to flee — to run out to the pool, jump the fence, and just keep running, naked or not. But there was no point; they were busted, plain and simple. Kelly Ann, for her part, had no choice since she was still tied up.

It was very, very quiet for a moment as everyone calculated what was going to happen here. It was Samantha Bowman, Kat’s mother, who finally broke the silence. “Don’t let us interrupt you, girls. That pot smells delicious. Is there any for us?”

* * *

It would be a while before Kelly got to talk to her mother alone, but when she did, this is what Betty Ann told her: “Sam and I have been lovers for a long time, since you girls were little. Both of our husbands work a lot, and small-town life can be boring, you know… once you guys were old enough to go to school, we started having a little girl time during the day now and then.”

Kelly blinked, trying to process what she was being told. She realized now that somewhere in the back of her mind, she’d known there was something unusual — a special kind of intimacy — about the friendship between Betty and Samantha. But Kelly had never known what to make of it.

“A few years ago we met Jessica,” Betty continued, “and we all like to hang out together once in a while. It’s not some huge shame, you know. Your dad knows and has no problem with it… as long as I tell him the stories.”

“You’re not going to tell him about me, are you?” asked Kelly.

“I think I’ll leave that up to you, sweetheart. But as far as I’m concerned you’re old enough to do as you please. All I want is for you to be happy and safe, and at least this way I know you won’t get pregnant.”

* * *

“So what did my Kelly do wrong?” Betty asked Jessica.

“Oh, nothing major. I think she’s been punished enough if you want to untie her.”

Betty did so and Kelly, mortified, now had a red face to match her red ass. But Betty very maternally took Kelly in her arms and held her while smoothing her hair with one hand. “My poor little girl.”

Kat, meanwhile, was carefully avoiding her mother’s eyes; she had never felt more naked than she did at this very moment. Samantha, as the mother of a teenager, knew when to leave well enough alone. ka├žak iddaa Instead she chatted up Olivia, who gamely tried to carry on a civil conversation despite the dominatrix outfit Marie had put her in. Samantha did, however, cast a few sidelong glances at Kat; she hadn’t seen her daughter naked for a while, and couldn’t help but feel proud about what her genes had created.

Jessica asked Marie to put on some music to dispel the tension that had crept into the room. Marie chose an album by the French band Air, which was both soothing and funky. This immediately got some of the ladies dancing, the wine started flowing, and soon the party atmosphere was back. In truth neither Betty nor Sam had any problem with their daughters indulging in a little adult all-girl recreation. The only complicating factor was the presence of Jackie, who technically was violating about a thousand school rules by being here. But soon it became clear that no one was going to make any unnecessary trouble.

Jessica was still worried, though. Putting the mothers and daughters together like this had been a risk; it might have been a mistake. But something about the idea of it excited her so much that she couldn’t resist. Not that she wanted to encourage incest; that was not her idea here. She did have some limits. There was something about just seeing them together, the two generations of women separated by twenty years and not much else, that touched Jessica in a very deep way. Her relationship with her own mother had been tempestuous at best… but she never liked to get into psychological explanations of the things that turned her on. It was enough that they did.

* * *

The last to arrive was Adriana, a good hour and a quarter late and dressed for action in tall boots, thigh-high stockings, a micromini skirt that showed off her wonderful rear end, and a lace top that was more or less a bra. A big part of the reason she was late was that she had spent an hour and a half trying on different outfits before settling on this one; but she would not be wearing it for long.

Jessica looked her up and down, and in a matter-of-fact voice said, “You must be Adriana.”

“And you’re Jessica, right?”

“The girls told you about me, I assume.”

“That’s right.”

“Did they mention how I feel about punctuality? About how disrespectful it is to waste other people’s time?”

Adriana was nonplussed. This was not the welcome she had expected; it was a party after all, who showed up on time? She didn’t know what to say, and it wouldn’t have mattered ka├žak bahis anyway; Jessica had already made up her mind what was going to happen here.

Jessica nodded to Marie, who knew instinctively what her mistress wanted. Together they quickly stripped Adriana to nothing but her stockings, showing absolutely no concern for her clearly expensive clothes, and put the ball gag in her mouth. Then they bent her over a small table, positioning her on her stomach with her breasts hanging over one side. Marie lashed Ana’s wrists to the legs of the table with silk cords; Jessica wrapped lengths of rope around each of her ankles and tied them off to anchors on opposite sides of the room, so that her legs were slightly raised, suspended in the air, and spread apart absolutely as far as they would go.

Adriana’s pussy, as everyone in the room could now clearly see, was shaved completely bare. This was not a widespread (so to speak) fashion in this somewhat backward little town, and struck some of the women present as exotic. More than one of them looked forward to finding out what it felt like on their tongue.

As she had with Kat previously, Adriana found herself simply submitting to Jessica without really knowing why. Something hypnotic in the older woman’s eyes had sapped her will to resist, and now here she was — bound, helpless, and totally exposed to a room full of people, some of whom she didn’t even know. Marie clipped a pair of nipple clamps to Ana’s hardening nubs; they had a weight in the middle that pulled them down toward the floor, distending Ana’s nipples and causing her already ample breasts to hang down even further.

Jessica picked up the tawse and stood for a moment savoring the feeling of its weight in her hands. Then she began to wave it in the air for Ana’s benefit; the whooshing sounded very loud in the quiet room and Ana’s eyes widened in apprehension. Jessica hadn’t yet gotten to use the new toy herself, and she was going to take her time and enjoy it.

No one moved a muscle as Jessica began to punish Adriana. It was almost like a dance the way she did it; Jessica was an artist with instruments of discipline. A carefully calculated slap of the tawse on Adriana’s naked flesh, then a pause that lasted just long enough for her to start to think the punishment might be over. Then another, maybe in the same place, maybe somewhere different; Ana was continually guessing where the next sting was going to come.

Jessica spanked the girl’s ass, her breasts, her tummy, and her calves, then started working illegal bahis up her thighs — slowly, slowly, listening to Ana exhale after each blow. Then five quick taps directly on her pussy, a mixture of pain and pleasure that made Ana’s eyes roll back in her head. Now it was over for real — and though Ana was relieved, she was also a little disappointed. But Jessica had more in store for her.

There was another new toy that Jessica had just acquired and hadn’t gotten to test out yet: A special strap-on that was actually a kind of adapter. It came with a selection of different-sized dildos that you could attach to it. Making sure to stand in Ana’s line of sight, Jessica pulled on the adapter part and adjusted it a bit so that it fit her body. Then she opened the case that contained the dildos and began to try them on, starting with the smallest. One by one she slipped on and then discarded six increasingly large plastic cocks until she got to the biggest one, a true monster at least a foot long and proportionately thick with an even thicker head. She watched Ana’s expression change with each one, until now it was just this side of panic.

“Janice, would you warm it up for her?” Jessica asked. Happy to get involved, Janice knelt in front of Jessica and started running her tongue up and down the massive shaft, now just inches from Ana’s face. Opening her mouth as wide as it would go, she engulfed the head and tried to suck down as much of it as she could. Janice was a talented deep-throater, but she was no match for this giant’s girth. She got maybe half of it down before she started to gag. Then she stepped back into the crowd to watch, hoping the poor girl wouldn’t get torn apart.

Moving back behind Ana, Jessica reached down and ran a finger between Ana’s juice-slick pussy lips. She was nice and wet, and that would definitely help. Jessica pried Ana’s labia apart and eased just the very tip of the dildo inside. There are no words for the sound that came out of Adriana at that moment, but it resonated deep within the hearts and privates of every woman in the room.

Jessica gently slid in a little more, pulled out a little, went in a little deeper. She had done this maybe a dozen times when she felt Ana’s body spasm with a mighty orgasm. A deeply annoyed look crossed Jessica’s face. She pulled out and walked around to lift Adriana’s chin with her hand. “Did I give you permission to come?” No response from Ana. Jessica slapped her across the cheek, not too hard, but enough to send a message. “Did I?” Ana shook her head no.

“No one touches her till I say the word,” said Jessica, looking around the room to make sure she was understood. Then her stern look changed to a happy one. “OK, then. Let’s get this party started.”

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