Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 06

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The next day after cheerleading practice, Ms. London, the coach of the squad, called Kelly Ann into her office. Everyone else had left and Ms. London asked Kelly to have a seat on the other side of her desk.

“Kelly, I see that you brought in a couple of checks from a….” She rummaged around on her desk for a few seconds. “Jessica Braden. Very generous checks, I might add.”

“That’s right,” answered Kelly Ann, flushing at the thought of Jessica and all that had transpired over the last few days. “She was, um, very eager to help.”

“Well, this is excellent,” responded Ms. London. “This goes a long way toward making up our budget shortfall. I’d really like to thank her in person. Do you think you could arrange that?”

“Um… sure, I guess so,” Kelly answered somewhat hesitantly, her mind racing to try and calculate the complexities of this situation. Was there a risk of Ms. London finding out about the cheerleaders’ sexual escapades? What would happen if she did?

“Good, good,” said Ms. London. “Let me know. Good night, Kelly.”

“Good night.”

* * *

Kelly Ann had just left Ms. London’s office when her cell phone rang — it was Katrina.

“Hey,” said Kelly.

“Hi. You want to come over?” asked Katrina. “Nobody’s home but me.”


* * *

Kelly let herself in through the screen door in back of Katrina’s house, as she usually did when she visited. She called her friend’s name as she walked through the kitchen, but there was no answer until she stood at the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor, where the bedrooms were. Then she looked up to see Katrina standing with her escort kocaeli hands on the railing, stark naked except for her socks.

Kelly got a lump in her throat. Katrina looked amazing; the sunlight was hitting her from one side, illuminating her perfect skin and filtering through her soft blond pubic hair. Katrina smiled down at her. “Come on up,” she said.

The previous day had been something of a revelation for Katrina. Although boys had always gone crazy over her, she had been somewhat indifferent to them, which of course only made them want her more. She was sometimes cruel to them, and had never really felt bad about it. She had slept with a few of them and been rather underwhelmed by the experience, though she occasionally enjoyed the feeling of a penis inside her. Somehow, though, something was lacking. She worried that if this was all there was to sex, she was never going to understand what the big deal was.

Her experience with Kelly, Jessica, and Marie had been different, though. Katrina had never been so aroused as she was during the tryst, and never so satisfied as she was after. This was a whole new avenue of pleasure that she had never even thought about before, and it excited her to discover that she could feel this way. The whole day all she’d been able to think about was pussy, and she couldn’t wait for her next chance to fuck a girl.

Katrina looked down at her friend; she’d always known that Kelly was beautiful, but never realized that she could feel the kind of desire she was feeling now. She was seeing the world through a whole new set of eyes.

Kelly Ann climbed the stairs and when she reached the gölcük escort top, Katrina was waiting for her with both hands held out. She led Kelly to her bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Immediately Katrina was all over Kelly, pressing her up against the door, kissing her forcefully on the mouth, practically tearing her clothes off. The sheer passion of it took Kelly by surprise, and she kissed her friend back as best she could, feeling her nipples stiffen and her juices begin to flow. Katrina licked down Kelly’s neck and began to suckle her breasts with an eager sloppiness that took Kelly’s breath away. Soon Katrina was on her knees, pulling Kelly’s panties off and lifting one of Kelly’s legs onto her shoulder.

Katrina inhaled deeply the scent of arousal pouring from between her friend’s legs; it was the greatest smell in the world, as far as she could tell. Kelly closed her eyes and leaned back against the door, emitting a primitive, uninhibited moan as Katrina’s tongue invaded her. She put her hands on Katrina’s shoulders to steady herself, already about to come; no one had ever attacked her pussy this way. When Katrina sucked on her clit she came like a freight train, her legs quivering and a thin stream of drool running down her chin.

Soon the girls were on the bed, rolling over and over, practically wrestling with each other as they writhed and kissed and licked and sucked. Finally, when they had driven each other over the brink four or five times, they lay side by side staring at the ceiling, Katrina cupping her friend’s crotch with one hand. Suddenly they heard a noise coming from downstairs, izmit sınırsız escort then a voice.

“Katrina? Honey?” It was Katrina’s mom, home a little earlier than expected.

“Hi, mom,” Katrina shouted down. “Be down in a minute.” As quietly as possible the girls scrambled to get dressed. Fortunately it would not be too unusual to see Kelly emerging from Katrina’s bedroom; they often hung out together at this time of day. Kelly just hoped the smell of sex would not be too obvious on them. She found some of Katrina’s perfume and sprayed a little on both of them.

Downstairs they found Katrina’s mother unpacking bags of groceries. There was no question about where Katrina had gotten her beauty from; she and her mom were practically twins. “What have you girls been up to?” she asked.

This made Kelly Ann cough so hard she practically doubled over, but Katrina was cool. “Just hanging. You want some help?”

“That’s OK, I’m almost done. Hi there, Kelly. Are you alright?”

Kelly had caught her breath now. “I’m fine, Mrs. Bowman. How are you?”

“I’m just dandy, thanks for asking.” Mrs. Bowman sniffed the air curiously. “Something smells delicious!”

Katrina grinned. “We were just trying out some perfumes. Regular girl stuff.”

There was a hint of irony in Katrina’s voice that Kelly caught, and she wondered if Mrs. Bowman would too. But she seemed oblivious. “Can I make you girls something to eat?” she asked.

Kelly Ann coughed again. If Mrs. Bowman knew that she’d been eating pussy all afternoon…. “I’d better get going,” she answered, just a little too quickly. “It’s later than I thought.” She hugged Katrina goodbye, and up close the smell of girl juice on her was unmistakable. It sent a shiver through Kelly, and not an unpleasant one. She waved goodbye to Mrs. Bowman and made her escape hastily, wondering what the hell was happening to her life.

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