House Perks Ch. 01

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Asa Akira

Congressman Philip Sundermann, a Republican from Pennsylvania, had just finished moving into his office and apartment in Washington, DC. This was his freshman year in the U.S. House of Representatives, having easily beaten a social conservative in the primary and trounced a left-wing Democrat in the general election who had proved too radical for traditional blue-collar workers. Sundermann was 30 years old, a former Army veteran of the Afghan War, and a moderate on social issues, all of which appealed to key swing voters. He had taken an impressive 58% of the district’s vote: not a landslide, but a sizable victory nonetheless.

He was not looking forward to dealing with his party’s leadership on his most important committee assignment: the House Commerce Committee. The amount of pork and pet projects involved in this particular committee on both sides of the aisle would have surprised him, had he not researched and made a point of it during his election campaign. This was another reason that he dreaded facing the Chairman: James D. Fuller of Michigan, a man extremely comfortable with the very religious right that Sundermann blamed for costing the GOP its commitment to personal freedom and the Constitution.

Fuller was a little too fond of bragging about his concern over “family values” and “public morality”. To Sundermann, these were euphemisms for imposing religious teachings on the people through legislation, thus abusing the democratic process. The Chairman was 56 years old and lived up to his name, being “fuller” of bullshit and rhetoric than even most of his colleagues on Capitol Hill. He made a major point of being happily married, with children and grandchildren. This didn’t mean squat to Sundermann. He was more concerned with the man’s career in public office, after 12 years of wasting taxpayer dollars. The man was no more interested in “smaller government” than the liberal Democrat he had replaced.

Sundermann also knew that he would have to meet with the Ranking Minority Member, a sanctimonious lefty named Rep. Hamilton Bryce of Maine. Bryce was a true “limousine liberal”, down to his Dartmouth degree, suffix, and trust fund. He had never done anything in his life but work for campaigns and hold office, sailing into the House after just 4 years in the state legislature. Of course, Bryce was not QUITE as corrupt as Fuller, due to his lack of interest in money (after all, he had his own). However, he was very much an “insider”.

As the Congressman walked out of his personal office for the day, he saw another member of his committee, of whom he was aware despite not having met her in person yet. It was Congresswoman Angelica Vasquez, a member of the same class of the House and a typical New Mexico Democrat: liberal, passionate, and independent. New Mexicans were not given to blindly following party discipline if they saw a need for bipartisanship and reform. Conservative, moderate, or liberal, they were perfectly capable of breaking ranks for the common good.

Vasquez, 38, was a single mother of two who ran for Congress out of anger at some of the bankruptcy and banking laws that had been passed under the previous Republican administration. She had no doubt strongly backed the new President and the return of the Democrats to the White House. She had been lucky enough to run against an incumbent with a history of kickbacks and the wrong voting record to refute her charges of corruption and callousness toward the common people. She had also benefited from the few coattails that the President had in his slim victory.

Sundermann had mixed feelings: he wanted a Republican President, but one of the fiscally conservative/socially progressive wing of the party, not a friend of the Christian Coalition. There had not been a true member of that element in the Oval Office since the elder President Bush. He was glad to be rid of the extremist influence on the Presidency, but he didn’t like seeing the radical liberals try to pressure the new Chief Executive to move to the far left. He also knew that there would be some infighting in his own party, as many centrists like himself would blame the religious right for defeat and semi-fascists like Fuller would respond with outrage at the notion.

“Representative Vasquez, I presume?” he greeted her.

“That’s right. You are?” she inquired, not having done as much research as Sundermann.

“Representative Philip Sundermann of Pennsylvania. I’m a freshman too. I think we were too far apart at the swearing-in ceremony to meet each other. We’re both on the Commerce Committee,” the Congressman introduced himself.

“Angelica Vasquez from Las Cruces, New Mexico, but I guess you already did your homework there. What part of Pennsylvania do you call home?” she asked her colleague, somewhat fascinated and curious about him now.

“Harrisburg, the state capital. That’s in Central Pennsylvania. I went to Penn State, where I took ROTC and majored in economics. So, tell me, are you ready to tuzla escort handle the leadership? They’re probably going to try to ‘put you in your place’, as they see it,” Philip responded.

“Well, they have misread this Latina if they think I will be intimidated. I don’t care about committee assignments, campaign donors, or re-election. I am here to do some good for the people of my district for 2 years and let them judge my performance at that point. If the leadership has good ideas, I will support them. If not, that’s their problem, not mine,” the Congresswoman declared.

“What about Caucus? Will you vote for a new Whip, for instance? I hear there is a challenger to Representative Murphy. What is his name? Lance Panitski, the former high school coach from Springfield, Illinois, I believe,” Sundermann wondered.

“I AM planning to back Panitski, yes, whatever the consequences to my political career. He’s dedicated to good education reform, which would be great for my kids. Unlike you, I never went to college. I barely got a diploma. I want my son and daughter to have more hope than I had as a teenage girl. I don’t regret having them, but I aim to make their lives better than mine,” Angelica stated.

“Well, that’s a good sign. I may not agree with Panitski on every issue, but he is interested in more than power and fundraising. He’d make a better whip than Murphy, who is probably one bad check away from another House Bank scandal. The current Whip owes too much to the Minority Leader and special interests who have bailed him out so frequently. Of course, those interests want to keep Murphy right there so they can exert influence on the Democratic leadership,” Philip pointed out.

“You have clearly researched the political establishment, haven’t you? I see that I can ask you for necessary information in the future. I should have done more study, but it’s hard to do while raising a pair of teens. I gather that you’re not a dad,” Vasquez reacted.

“I’m a widower. My marriage was falling apart at the time she overdosed on speed. She was a junkie and I am a lecher. It made for a bad combination, since she neglected me to pop her pills and I constantly slept around on her. We both ruined it, but her lifestyle ended up killing her before we could admit that it was over. Things were so bad that there was no danger of idealizing the dead, as some bereaved spouses do with their deceased mates. We were both very flawed people at that point in our lives,” Sundermann admitted.

“Damn, that IS a sad story! Not many men would be honest about what kind of husbands they were during their marriages. A lot of them would have ended that statement with the mention of their marital status. Others would stop with the overdose. I suppose that you were young and rash at the time?” she replied.

“I was 21 when we wed and 23 when she died, so yes. That would be a fair description of both of us. What about you? I take it that you broke up with your boyfriend long ago,” he probed.

“Yes, we went together for 15 years, but he decided to dump me for an 18 year old who had just graduated from his Math class. How typical is that? A 35 year old high school teacher falling for one of his students! I wouldn’t be surprised if they started screwing earlier than he told me. He was probably more afraid of losing his job, pension, and tenure than of angering me with the truth,” Angelica explained.

“How long was that?” Philip asked.

“3 years ago. We were the same age and I thought that was fine with him. Apparently, it wasn’t once he found a girl young enough to be his daughter,” she snorted.

“It looks like he made a mistake, didn’t he? Sad for him, but we have other things to consider. We were both about to head home, weren’t we? There’s no reason to stick around in the Capitol chewing the flab when we could do that elsewhere. Would you be interested in an early dinner or a late lunch? If you have other plans, I’ll understand,” Sundermann proposed.

“Who says that those plans have to conflict? Why don’t you eat dinner with me and the kids, then wait until they go to bed for us to do the same? That IS what you were after, right? A skirt-chaser doesn’t usually change his ways, not that I mind in this case,” Vasquez winked at him.

“So you prefer the direct approach?” he commented.

“Sure. At my age, I don’t have time to beat around the bush. If I did, I might never get anything done,” she noted.

“I don’t always go about my desires the right way, but I don’t apologize for my interest in women. I suppose that I’m just not cut out for monogamy. If others have a problem with that, that’s their business, not mine. I found you attractive, so I flirted with you. I don’t deny that. Call it whatever you wish,” Philip answered her.

“Sundermann, is that German?” Angelica asked him as they arrived at her place.

“Yes, it is. I’m descended from German immigrants, as are quite a few Pennsylvanians. It may have been founded by Quakers, but tuzla escort bayan my family was among many that were Lutheran. The Revolution turned brother against brother, as several believed that any resistance to a king was sinful. Others went Deist or simply disagreed with Martin Luther on that point, joining the Patriots and sometimes the Continental Army itself. What about you? It’s pretty clear that you’re Hispanic, but how many generations has your family been in New Mexico?” Sundermann wondered.

“Just a couple of them. I’ll admit that my grandparents were illegal, but times in OLD Mexico were pretty bad in those days. The PRI was still in charge and they were corrupt and unconcerned with the fate of the people. All of their vaunted principles were ignored. Alvaro Obregon must have turned over in his grave. When my mother was born in Las Cruces, they got a virtual guarantee of staying, since she was automatically an American. I can remember her telling me not to put this country down, as it was what kept my grandparents and herself from starvation. So I’m proud of my Mexican origins, but I’m also very patriotic about the USA. I just want to keep the Federal Government from becoming the ‘government of SOME people, by SOME people, and for SOME people’,” Vasquez explained.

“You mean a government controlled by a wealthy, moralistic elite? That’s EXACTLY what I’m fighting too, in my own way. Despite our politics, we have the same basic goals. The Founders intended a republic, which would have both aristocratic and democratic parts, not a sanctimonious oligarchy run by bureaucrats, clergymen, and CEOs. If they WANTED a theocracy or police state, they would have created one.

“I just hope that we get some judges soon with a respect for civil liberties, not ones that think politicians have an automatic right to pass any law that might improve their chances of re-election. The Constitution is the SUPREME law, which means that it supersedes any federal, state, or local statutes that contradict it. ANY bills that conflict with it are invalid, hence they are not laws at all. Even treaties are subject to the Constitution, contrary to what some diplomats think.

“The 9th Amendment clearly states that just because a right isn’t stated explicitly, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The right to privacy falls into that category, despite the views of fake strict constructionists who think otherwise. The 14th Amendment expands the protection of civil liberties to keep the states from violating them too. You would think that this would drummed into children’s heads in civics courses, but it is not. They are taught how the system works, but not how it SHOULD work. BOTH are important, if they are to learn that the Constitution is being disregarded by extremists,” Philip ranted.

“Interesting points, but do you want a drink?” Angelica teased him.

Right about then, the Congresswoman’s teenage son and daughter arrived, the former having driven the latter there in his new Lexus. Evidently, Jose Vasquez was counting on his mom’s new $200,000 Congressional salary to improve HIS standard of living personally. That was typical for adolescents, Sundermann smirked, even though he had never fathered any children from his short-lived marriage. The 18 year old high school senior was only slightly more responsible than his 16 year old sister Felicia, who was busy chatting on a cell phone with a girlfriend of hers. Her conversation sound like normal teenage gossip, nothing more.

“Philip, this is my son, Jose, and my daughter, Felicia. They ARE why I’m in Congress. Now, if I can just get my firstborn here to graduate! He says that he wants to get into Georgetown, but his grades make me doubt him. My dears, this is Rep. Philip Sundermann of Pennsylvania, who is on the Commerce Committee with me,” Vasquez introduced them.

“Is he a Republican or a Democrat?” Jose suddenly inquired.

“Republican, but not the same kind as the former President,” she told her son.

“In other words, he’s a CUTE Republican,” Felicia needled her mother.

Philip didn’t blush at sexual innuendo, but being called “cute” was a bit much for him. He really didn’t think of himself as that, in spite of his ability to bed a lot of women. He regarded that as a matter of brains and skill, not of simple beauty.

“Did she embarrass you?” Angelica asked him, when she saw his face turn red.

“Well, I’m not used to compliments on my looks. It’s okay, though,” Sundermann said, recomposing himself.

While somewhat surprised at seeing family members actually sitting together at a table (a “family value” that DID make sense to Sundermann), Philip got over it and enjoyed the food. Vasquez made fajitas, rice, and beans. Of course, with her schedule being so involved, it wasn’t made from scratch. The Pennsylvania Congressman didn’t care. It was delicious anyway.

After a long dinner, followed by TV and some homework (with which the Congresswoman helped her children), escort tuzla Sundermann and his lovely hostess drank some beer and retired to the master bedroom. He noticed that Angelica didn’t keep her clothes on any longer than necessary. Her blouse and skirt were off rapidly, allowing him to see that she wore no panties.

“Is that a habit with you?” Philip joked with her.

“Actually, yes,” Vasquez shocked him with her admission.

“That’s not info likely to give any mixed signals, I’ll give you that,” he grinned.

“I don’t want to give mixed signals. When I want a man to fuck me, I make it plain and obvious. Why delay what you desire?” she commented.

“Well put, baby,” Sundermann said as he completely undressed.

“No, IT will be ‘well put’ when it is IN me,” Angelica invited him, lying backward on her bed.

Philip responded to that statement by moving his tongue between her legs, sampling the sensual womanhood of this gorgeous colleague. Her shaved pussy was steadily affected, dampening with each lick and kiss of his mouth on it. When he lowered it to her pucker, she gasped and sighed from the stimulus that he applied to her.

“Madre de Dios! That is wonderful! I’m going to fucking shiver!” the Congresswoman screamed, as his lips and tongue excited her.

Sundermann smiled over that, as he continued to manipulate her cunt with his mouth and now his fingers. He ate and rimmed Ms. Vasquez ravenously, clearly enjoying the flavor of her holes. He could see the goose bumps on his new partner, indicating her imminent climax. She jerked and squirmed, trying to prolong her orgasm and the pleasure from it. It was in vain, as she could only wait another minute before cumming at last.

“Thank you SO much, Philip! That was very nice and I didn’t have to ask for it. Just for that, we’ll do WHATEVER you want next. Hell, I’d probably have done that anyway. I wasn’t sure what position to use, so I would have gone along with anything,” she declared.

The Congressman saw his chance, grabbing the sweet Latina in front of him and putting her on all fours for the “doggie” position. She was a little tighter than he had anticipated, but then he reminded himself that a single mom entering politics as a newcomer would have little time for sex during a campaign. As he plundered her cunt, he noted her relaxation from the accelerating ecstasy of getting fucked so deep inside her sex. The Pennsylvanian’s length was perfectly effective at pleasing her, as her moaning proved.

Philip was already turned on by slamming his cock into Angelica’s cunt, so her response to his entry made matters “worse” for him. His erection swelled to its complete length and width, pounding her ruthlessly. Her groans demonstrated her total gratitude and enthusiasm, while the Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania invaded the Honorable Representative from New Mexico.

The sex was rougher than what Sundermann had known in his marriage, but it was also more exhilarating. He didn’t know if that indicated love, but he wouldn’t rule it out for the future. Even as a fling, this would be one of the best liaisons of his life. His late wife, strung out on drugs and rather vanilla in her sexual tastes, lacked the vigor and energy required for this kind of lust on her best days. His extramarital trysts had been quickies most of the time and even the ones that weren’t lacked the wild, animalistic intensity of this encounter.

Then again, he had been with younger, less experienced, and mostly conventional ladies who tired of him when he didn’t wish to change their relationship into something romantic. He had wised up already, not wasting his time with the “no sex on the first date” crowd, and the sudden end of his miserable marriage coincided with his further enlightenment. Only girls with no urgency for a more permanent deal need apply with him. That led to plenty of uncomplicated and drama-free fun, but even those women were inferior to this 38 year old. He regretted none of his post-marital pleasure, but he would remember this night much more happily.

Vasquez, meanwhile, had been with far fewer sex partners than this man who fucked her at the moment. Nevertheless, her ex-boyfriend and the handful of other men with whom she had copulated were less impressive than him. She didn’t want to make plans for something understood as a casual situation, but she wouldn’t exactly mind if it became more serious. True, he was not being very tender right then, but she liked it rough at times and her other partners had not been too gentle either. In any case, she reveled in the dick ravishing her at the present, as it was being used to its full potential.

Knowing that he would cum VERY soon, Philip pulled his cock out of Angelica’s pussy and lubed her asshole quickly, before easing his meat into her backdoor. He almost exploded as soon as he entered her butt, since it was a virgin hole. He had taken her anal cherry without realizing it until after the fact. That she didn’t resist or protest his penetration of her sphincter puzzled him briefly, until her invitation to use her body as he pleased came back to his mind. Apparently, she meant PRECISELY what she said about that.

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