Hot Time

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Entering the room he finds her lying naked on the bed and slowly climbs on top sixty-nine style.

All thumbs he gently spreads her moist lips and breathes in the soft fragrance of her sex.

Lowering his mouth, he savors her delicious taste.

Sucking that pink rosebud into his mouth he clenches it firmly between his teeth.

Her whole body vibrates as his rough tongue brushes back and forth pressing her against the inner surfaces of his teeth.

Lowering his hips, the tip of his cock contacts her mouth.

Opening her mouth, he slides in, balls bumping against her nostrils. Gasping for breath her nose sucks in his powerful man scent, her mouth a shock of his short hairs.

Lifting up to let her breathe she resists assuring him that she is okay. Wrapping her arms around his ass she clasps her hands and pulls him back down, his cock sliding deeper.

Relaxing, his cock swells and fills her mouth, the head bumping against the back of her throat.

His tongue wags feverishly, searching intently for her hot button as she continues gurgling and gagging on his manhood.

‘Found it!’ he thinks to himself as her volcanic eruption begins. Gallons and gallons of hot lady-lava gush forth from deep within her, coating his face and running down between her legs! The tremors continue as more and more, steamy, sticky, bursa escort sweet and salty lady-lava spews out from the depths!

‘Wow! Awesome! Gush away!’ he thinks to himself. His lady ALWAYS cums first!

Depleted her body goes limp. Releasing his jaw, he lifts his head and she pops out of his mouth and she jumps from discomfort as he looks down upon her. That beautiful, engorged, pink rosebud has blossomed into a beautiful flower!

A short rest and she returns from the land of ecstasy to the land of the living. Grabbing his hips she rocks him up and down. Up. Cock slipping out of her mouth and she kisses the head; down. Back in. Wet lips provide just the right amount of friction until the head bottoms out against the back of her throat. Swallowing repeatedly she massages and stimulates the head as moans escape from his mouth.

The swallow massage is just one of many techniques of hers which drive him wild making him cum in no time at all, his sticky essence shooting directly down her throat bypassing her tongue. Her gag reflex kicks in but somehow she manages to maintain control as the sticky cum coats the lower regions of her throat.

Raising up he pulls out, turns around and kisses her on the mouth.

Emptied, his erection begins to soften. But he is not yet finished. Before losing rigidity, he slips between bursa escort bayan her legs and with some difficulty pushes inside, her warmth and wetness revitalizing him.

“Oh my!” she cries out, feeling him grow inside of her.

“I think he is ready for round two,” he says, “I sure hope you are too.”

“I am,” she responds, “That protein snack you just fed me re-energized me!”

Rock hard again but his essence spent – for the time being at least – he still desires to take her over the top again. Thrusting in and out he seals his mouth over hers. Opening his mouth wider he seals off her nostrils – with his mouth this time!

Unable to breathe her eyes grow wide as she pushes her tongue into his mouth. Sucking her tongue in further he grabs it between his teeth, his upper lip reflexively breaking its seal over her nose. She gasps for air as her eyes burn into this man who she loves and trusts completely. Not in terror but with extreme arousal as her body begins convulsing in ecstasy. She is cumming a second time!

When her body finally relaxes his teeth let her tongue go. Kissing his way to her more sensitive ear, the left one, his tongue gently caresses it as he whispers into it, “Would you like another?”

“No, no, no! she replies, out of breath, “do you want me to have a heart attack?”

“At least you escort bursa would die happy,” he jokingly replies, still buried hard and deep inside her.

‘Slurp, slurp, slurp,’ he begins thrusting inside her. . .

“No!” she cries out. “It’s too sensitive!”

Resting on top of her he lies perfectly still his manhood buried deep inside her. Looking into her eyes intently he mouths, “I love you,” before his lips meet hers for a long kiss as she drifts off to sleep exhausted.

Pulling out he rolls off and leaves her sleeping while he showers.

Returning from his shower he finds her still in bed. She hasn’t moved a muscle but is wearing a contented smile as she stares up at the ceiling.

Noticing him her eyes follow his squeaky-clean body as he walks over and stands next to her.

“You are one AMAZING lover,” she announces, her smile growing even bigger.

“You definitely deserve it,” he responds.

“I feel like I didn’t do enough for you,” she says.

“You were wonderful,” he adds.

“Cum closer,” she says and she sucks his limp cock into her mouth.

He begins growing as she rolls him around in her mouth but he pulls out saying, “Enough for today. You don’t have to do that. I’m quite happy already,” and picks up his clothes and begins dressing.

Fully dressed he leans over her naked body, kissing from her ticklish toes up to her lips, lingering briefly at her lower pair before continuing up to her upper ones.

Wrapping her arms around him she gives him a big hug along with a sloppy wet kiss and whimpers, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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