Hot Sex Springs

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Over the internet I have told you about a favorite place I know of, a magical, romantic, special place. It’s about an hour drive from my place, and ten miles off the highway. Not too many people know of it’s whereabouts, mostly locals, so there’s a good chance of having the place to yourself. When others are there, most of the time they are naked, so it’s always an interesting time there.

We have planned to meet for some time now, and just before I picked you up I have bought some sub sandwiches and pop. I also have beer and wine and candles. We kiss and hug and get in my van and head out on the highway. As we drive we talk and get to know each other, although it seems like we’ve know each other for a long time from our chats on the internet. We are grinning and giggling most of the time like young teenagers! I ask you to show me the swimsuit you have brought, and you open your bag and pull out a few inches of black material that totally impresses me! I ask you to put it on as we drive, and with a giggle you go into the rear of the van and start taking off your clothes. I realize how dangerous it makes my driving as I’m spending more time looking in the rear view mirror than on the road. When you finish adjusting the tiny bikini you make your way back to the front of the van and as you bend over to get in the front I get a great view of your swaying breasts and wide hips. Your near naked body takes my breath away and produces a wide grin on my face, and a familiar stirring in my crotch. You get settled in the passenger seat and ask me if I like what I see. I nod my head repeatedly and shout “Yes!” and you laugh. We drive like that whenever there is traffic coming towards us, but when the road is clear you flash your breast and pussy at me driving me wild. I have my cock sticking out of my swimsuit and you occasionally reach over and give it a rub which really affects my driving.

Soon we are off the highway and on the final part of the trip, but as the road is pretty bumpy you have to hang onto the dash and door we behave decently. At the very last part, you put on shorts and a blouse in case there is a family at the hot springs. If there is, we only have to wait until they leave, then we’ll have the place to ourselves. When we get there, there are a few vehicles there, but that’s okay. We can pass the time eating our sandwiches.

We grab our bags and walk up the short trail toward some bushes. The trail goes through the bushes like a little tunnel and as I follow you I look at your bum and feel it. You like my hands there and giggle as I do so. On the other side of the tunnel it opens up and you let out a pleasant and surprised “OOOH!” It’s two pools surrounded by rocks next to a small creek.

Each pool is about thirty feet in diameter, one about three feet lower than the other. We drop our bags and take off our shoes and socks as we approach the edge. There is a family there, about six of them, with kids, so we keep our clothes on for now. I hold your hand as we approach the edge and you dip your foot in the water and you exclaim “OOoooo, that’s nice!” I follow you into the water and lead you to one side where we can sit on a flat rock and the water is up to our necks. We feel like we are floating here and the water is exactly body temperature and the feeling is like you are floating. This hot spring is totally bursa escort odorless, unlike a lot of other springs. I can see that you are already in love with this place and are getting quite comfortable already.

The young kids are laughing and splashing and keeping us on good behavior, so I take the opportunity to get the sandwiches out. We need to eat them now as I think the family will be leaving soon, and we won’t have time to eat then. It’s approaching suppertime, and although the sun will be up for a few more hours, it’s behind a mountain, so it’s still light but not bright sunshine where we are.

We are in the upper pool, and after we eat our sandwiches we get a little braver and dress down to our swimsuits. You are a little nervous at first but realize than while in the water, you’re mostly safe from leering eyes. I produce a cool beer for us and I also have a bottle of wine if you’d prefer it, but you’ll have some of that later you say.

Luckily, the family prepares to leave and we are glad. As soon as they are out of sight and hear their voices going down the trail I whip my swimsuit off and am tugging at yours! You giggle and laugh and express concern about getting caught by newcomers. I take your hand and lead you to the lower pool. From the lower edge we can see the parked cars and anyone coming our way. I also move our bags closer so we can easily reach drinks and cigarettes.

I sit on another flat rock and pull you towards me. You’re floating; just your neck and head above water and you open your legs and effortlessly wrap them around my waist as you guide your pussy towards my rigid cock. My hands are on your waist and you glide onto my hard shaft, slowly but fully until I am completely inside you. My hands reach around to your back and pull you towards me and I feel your breasts on my chest and notice your nipples are hard and erect. I grab your hips and begin to slide you back and forth creating a mutual rhythm that creates waves that splash and gurgle all around the pool. I kiss and nibble your neck and earlobe and lips, amidst pants and moans. We are both so excited that it doesn’t take long before we approach orgasm together, you are surprised how easy it is to fuck like this, and it’s almost like being in outer space. As we start to cum I grunt and groan out loud and you are nearly shrieking! I feel your pussy clamp around my cock as you shudder and tremble on my pole. I pump and pump into you, it seems eternal, but does eventually ease up and slow down. Your arms are around my neck and now your forehead is resting on mine as our movements slow down to a pleasant stop.

The afterglow for us both is wonderful and the warm water seems to make it last even longer. Still on my cock, you hold my hands and lean back, your head going back to get your hair wet. I raise you up a little so that your breasts are above water and I can lick and suck them, running my tongue around your hard nipples! I slide you off my horny cock and as you raise your head upright I ask you to stand. My eyes are glued on your wet naked body as you stand up, the water running off you, dripping off your breasts and nipples as you pull your hair back and down your back. I turn you around, facing the lower edge of the pool and bend you over. In this position your head is over the edge so that you can see the cars bursa escort bayan below. I am a little higher and can also see them. It’s quite a turn on, like semi public sex. I approach you from the rear and push my throbbing cock into your cunt again. I hear you gasp, but not loud enough for the people below to hear. I’m sure they heard us earlier and that they are fully aware of what we are doing. I slam into you all the way and love the feeling of my pubic hairs when they press hard against your wet, naked bum! I alternate between running my hands over your ass, bare back and around to grope your delicious boobs. We both tell each other that we are going to cum again and I speed up the stroking and my cock gushes gobs of cum deep into your steaming hot cunt again! We watch as the cars start moving out of the parking place, and when we think they can’t see us to well, we both stand up and wave goodbye. We are both laughing; this is such a great place!

I produce another beer for us both and we sip on them while we relax a bit. We’ll be doing a lot of this, so little rests will be helpful. We take turns with different sitting position, she on me, me on her. Weight is not a problem here so there are many positions possible that would be difficult on a bed. I also show her little things about the pools. Where the deepest places are, the pipe that someone has stuck in the bank to make a kind of shower, where the hot water comes into the pool and the small cold creek at one side.

I tell her to be totally quiet for a while and listen. There is no sound except for birds chirping and water bubbling. It’s so peaceful and pleasant here, you never want to leave. And I tell you to lie back and float in the water, your ears underwater. I put my hands under your bum and with the slightest effort take your weight so that you don’t have to kick your legs or move your arms. This is so totally relaxing it’s easy to fall asleep. If you don’t, it’s very invigorating. And if it’s raining, with your ears underwater, there’s and amazing song of the raindrops on the water as they plinck , plonck into the water, each with a slightly different sound!

We screw like young teenagers several more times and the sun finally sets. Darkness is approaching now, and I notice you feel a bit nervous. I surprise you by producing a candle from my bag, and jamming it into a beer can half full of water. I light it and set it adrift in the pool. A couple others I melt the bottom and stick them to the surrounding rocks. This produces a soft romantic glow all around and is truly delightful! I see your wide smile of approval, and it’s all we need to continue our sensual erotic games! After placing the candles, I walk back towards you, my cock and balls out of the water. You take the opportunity to suck my cock into your wanting mouth. I gasp with surprise as I’m not expecting it but welcome it wholeheartedly! I see you looking into my eyes as you bob your head on my cock, and know that you love doing that and if your lips weren’t around my cock you would be smiling with pleasure! You alternate sucking with running your tongue up and down the seam and sucking my balls into your mouth, one at a time and both, running your tongue around them, then back up the seam, tickling the underside of the tip, into the slit, around the head and back to fucking my escort bursa cock with your mouth. You do this so exquisitely that I’m ready to blow a load of cum into your mouth and tell you so. I hear, or feel you moan in approval, and I shoot loads of cum into your milking mouth. My legs are weak after such a strong orgasm and settle back into the warm waters. You hold me close and cuddle me as I gradually float back to earth. When I regain my composure, I tell her that now it’s her turn. She giggles and releases me to float on my back. She gets a kick out of how my cock points straight up like a mast!

I float over to the flat rock, she guides me into place by grabbing my cock and pulling me into position! As I reach it, I sit and she stands up in front of me, legs apart. The sight of her tits, nipples, shave pussy and lips are fantastic, and my hands reach behind her and grab her cheeks, pulling her pussy towards my face. She steps closer to me, legs straddling mine and places her hands on the sides of my head, guiding me to where she wants attention the most. I flatten out my tongue and lick the length of her slit and feel her shudder. I suck her pussy lips roughly into my mouth and flick them around. Making my tongue into a hard shaft I search for her clit. I lick up and down and around. I love the feeling of her clit getting hard from the attention! I here her gasp and moan as my slimy tongue finds its target. She starts to tell me how good it feels, to lick that clit, suck that cunt, and that she’s going to cum all over my face. I massage her bum, tickle her butt hole with a finger and urge her to blow off on my face! Her hands go to the back of my head and push my face hard into her as she screams out loud and I taste her juices flooding out of her very core! We both relax in each others arms again, the warm waters covering us like a warm eiderdown quilt.

As we drink another beer, we hear a vehicle driving up the mountain road. We are so disappointed and even angry that soon we won’t be alone anymore. We know it will be about five minutes before they’re in the pool with us, so we decide to have one more fuck before we’re done. I lean back as if to float, she stands and straddles me, impaling herself on my throbbing cock. She slowly lies on top of me and starts fucking me while on top. I see her ass bobbing in the water and feel her tits on my chest. I love the feeling of her velvet cunt surrounding and squeezing my cock as she has her way with me. We hear car doors slamming, and we hurry our movements to cum quicker. She tries to stifle her screams this time and I try to quieten my moans as we cum one last time in this wonderful place. We both quiver in each others arms as we cum together and kiss each other, hands roaming all over each other.

Now we have to quickly find our clothes and get dressed. Just as we manage this, people are coming through the bush, laughing, talking and carrying lots of beer. All young guys. I know this is a dangerous situation for her and need to get her out of there before they get drunk, so we are putting on our shoes an packing our bags as they are getting undressed. They take delight in showing off their cocks to her and asking her to stay, and she looks embarrassed and is as anxious as I to leave. We reluctantly leave our special place and head down the trail to the van. At least we know that we can stop at any convenient place and screw again, but feel very sad because we have to leave. We realize that if we were with another couple, or group that we all knew that we would not have left and fucked all night long!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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