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I came home from a short day at work and was a little bored…but I had an idea on my mind…to watch some porn. I really enjoy a couple different dimensions of porn…like watching a girl getting oral from a guy, watching a guy and girl screw each other, and sometimes, just sometimes, I enjoyed watching two hot girls doing a little nipple licking action.

I made sure the blinds were closed and thought to myself, “What to watch, what to watch.” I skimmed through different areas of my favorite porn site and finally decided on watching a girl undress and then get ready to fuck a guy good and hard. I began to watch the girl, “Melody”, start to take off her shirt. Wearing no bra, I got to see Melody’s firm, taut breasts, and a minute later, saw how hard her nipples had gotten. My own breasts were beginning to swell and her nipples were becoming quite erect. Melody started taking off her short, short skirt to reveal a hot black thong. She began to touch herself a little on the outside of her panties. I began to feel my pussy pulsating. I was starting to want to touch my own pussy, while watching Melody touch hers. But I held off for a second, I really wanted to be really ready to go before touching myself. But then I thought, “What about my toy??” So I decided to change into something sexy, I put on a lacy red thong and a tight black tank top that showed off my hard nipples. I knew no one would see me, but I liked to think I looked hot anyways. Wink wink.

I watched Melody keep touching herself. It was turning me on so much. Now see, I’m not like, into women, you know? But for some reason watching a woman undress really gets to me…anyways…so I finally decided to stroke myself on the outside of my panties, to get a little more excited. It definitely worked…then I watched Melody get up on my computer screen and go into another room. There a very attractive bursa escort male was waiting, with a shirt and shorts on. I was so relieved to see a good looking guy on the porn site, usually the men are older and creepy looking. This guy was named Brian. Melody walked over to Brian and immediately pulled his shirt off and got to work straight away on his pants. They were undone and on the ground in seconds. There, sticking out strong and hard was Brian’s dick. I became even more turned on by this sight and wished I could be sucking on a guy’s dick at that moment. Brian’s dick looked so good. Melody took his dick into her mouth and sucked gently, then harder and he was definitely enjoying it. So was I. I began to touch myself more, now I was on the inside of my panties, it felt so good. After Melody was done with Brian’s dick in her mouth, he lay down on the bed in the room and Melody straddled him. Brian held his strong, hard dick while Melody sunk on to it. Melody began to moan and Brian began to pump…I got my toy out and began to use it on myself, particularly on my clit. I began to moan a little. I watched Melody and Brian go at it a little more and then finally went to my bedroom where I could be on my knees and really go at my clit with my vibrator. It felt amazing! But what I really longed for was my own boyfriend, named Brian, to be screwing hard.

Which brings me to later that night, when I was with my own Brian. Pretty funny huh? Anyways, we had begun a very wonderful sex life a year into our relationship…but there was one time that I want to share with you…

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Brian said to me one afternoon on the phone

“Hey sweetie, nothin’, just bored. What about you?”

“I’m bored too, wanna have a little sexy fun tonight?” Brian said.

“Oooh, yes!” I said enthusiastically. I had been feeling horny all day for some bursa escort bayan reason and really wanted Brian’s hard cock inside of me, thrusting in and out.

I could hear Brian laugh gently and then he said, “Okay baby, I’ll see you at 9?”


I spent the rest of the night getting myself ready for my hot night with my man. I put on a sexy thong and a tank top…my favorite outfit if you couldn’t guess.

At 9 o’clock, Brian arrived at my door. I decided to leave it open and he could walk right in. I was waiting on my bed with the lights dimmed. He came into the room and his eyes opened wide.

“Wow Anna! WOW! You look HOT baby!” Brian exclaimed. He had a huge smile on his face. I bet he had a huge hard on too!

“Thanks…but what are you waiting for? I’m ready.”

Brian got a curious look on his face. He told me, “Wait now babe, first, why don’t you tell me what you want to do tonight? Give me details.”

I was slightly frustrated but decided to humor him… “I want you inside of me.” I figured that was enough to say, but not for Brian, he wanted me to get really detailed.

“I want you to take your shirt off.” He took his shirt off. “I want you to take your shorts off.” He took his shorts off. I could see his hard dick sticking out under his boxer shorts. I was getting eager. But I continued. “I want you to take your boxers off.” Brian did so, and there he stood, his awesome body with his rock hard dick sticking out. I wanted it so bad.

“What now?” I asked.

“Tell me what you want to do to me.”

“Mmm!! I want to take your hard cock and put it in my mouth! I want to taste you! Mmm, I love your dick so much…you turn me on so much…I would flick my tongue over your dick, and then take you fully into my mouth and suck you hard. Moving my hand up and down, up and down, you getting escort bursa closer and closer to coming…Oh! I am so hot now Brian! Please let me have your dick!”

Brian smiled and told me I could finally have it. I knew he liked these little games. I had him lay down on the bed and I crawled next to him and bent over his dick. I took him into my mouth and sucked him good. Mmm, he tasted so good. He got closer and closer to coming, and he finally said, “Okay, I’m gonna come!” And he did, he spurted out into my mouth like a volcano, and I swallowed every bit of him. I thought Brian might be worn out, but no, he had the stamina and he told me to get on top of him. I took his dick into my hand and played with it on my pussy for a couple minutes and then finally, he was in me. Mmm, he was so good in me. I rode on him for awhile, it felt so great, so sensuous, so wet! We then switched positions, and he was on top and he rammed his dick into me and I groaned loudly. It was amazing the way it all felt! He kept ramming his dick into me, harder and harder.

“Yes! Oh yes! Just like that baby!” I screamed. I thought I would lose my mind I was being fucked so hard. “Fuck me baby, fuck me!”

“You like that don’t you, Anna, you like me fucking your tight little pussy? My hard dick inside of you, mmm, your tight little pussy.” Brian’s voice really got me going.

“Oh Brian! Fuck me hard! Fuck my pussy! Mmmm, you feel so good! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!” My mind was spinning with pleasure and electricity.

“I love fucking you, Anna, I love your pussy, I love your sexy breasts.” Brian grabbed at my breasts and it felt so good. I was getting close to coming, and that was a rare event in my sex life.

“Oh Brian! Harder! Harder! I’m going to come!!” I screamed. I felt the waves rush over me, my body retracted, my toes curled, and my body arched. I felt the liquid gush from my nicely fucked pussy all over Brian’s amazing dick. It was some of the greatest pleasure I’ve ever had.

Brian collapsed next to me and we were both breathing hard. “Baby,” Brian said to me, “You are awesome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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