Hosting a Toy Party Ch. 01

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The invitation read:

You are cordially invited

To attend a Martini and Adult Toy Party!!!

The party date is Friday, September 26, from 7-10pm

The location is Susan’s house — you all know where she lives —

same address as the Tupperware Party!!

R.S.V.P. to my Email


I checked the final count in my email and sent it to Ruth’s email so she would know how many people to plan for this evening. I then ran around straightening up the house, lighting the candles, putting out the crackers, chips and dip and setting up the martini bar.

Soon the house smelled of Lavender and I smelled of Heavenly Dream Angels. I had soft music playing in the background as I dressed in a black skirt and white collared shirt, black nylons and my new black ankle boots. I was feeling sexy and relaxed and then the doorbell rang – it was a six thirty.

Ruth breezed in and hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“Hi doll, where would you like me to get set up?” Ruth asked.

“I think we can set up in the living room that way everyone will be able to sit.” I turned and Ruth followed me into the living room.

“I put the coffee table in the middle so the chairs and sofa are all circling it.” I had also draped the table with a pink satin sheet for Ruth to arrange her wares.

“This is perfect — do you have two baskets I can use for the games?” she asked.

I walked to the kitchen and selected two of my wicker baskets for the games. Since I had never hosted or attended one of these parties, I was curious as to what the games were.

As I walked back into the living room and set the baskets on the pink satin, the doorbell rang. Groups of two and three gals showed up shortly after the first ringing doorbell. Soon all seven ladies who were to attend were mingling and chatting around the dining room table. Slathering crackers with dip and dunking their chips. Everyone was dressed in skirts and short sleeves shirts — a must for an adult toy party, kurtk├Ây escort so we read on Ruth’s website.

Ruth had lowered the lights in the living room and walked up the Martini table and said, “Ladies, grab a Martini to sample and let’s get this party started!”

Everyone grabbed their drinks and plates and found a seat. Ruth passed out pencils and order forms. “Please fill-in your name and be sure to mark on the order sheet any items you like during the demonstration with a star. After the demonstration I will take each person in the kitchen to order in private.” Ruth instructed.

Everyone was looking at the table. Ruth had covered her wares with silk cloths so we couldn’t see what the bumps and lumps on the table were. Ruth redirected our eyes with her voice.

“We are starting with a game. I will hold up a flashcard with a letter on it and you have to yell out a word that has to do with sex. If you are the first to yell out the word, I will throw you a pink chip. At the end of the game, whoever has the most chips gets to pick a prize.” Ruth placed the chips in one of the baskets and held up the first card.




At first, the ladies were timid with their answers. After several more drinks, and several more letters, the more relaxed crew was shouting over each other and getting more and more creative with their words to win the chips. Faces flushed from the laughter and the game, Ruth asked everyone to count up their chips. She went from person to person writing down their tally.

“Teresa wins with a final count of eight chips.” Ruth stated. Teresa’s face flushed a deeper red.

“It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for!” Beth responded.

Ruth pulled out a bag which looked like the upper portion of a woman’s body. She undid the clasp and walked towards Teresa.

“Teresa gets to pick her prize.” Ruth said as she opened the bag and Teresa peered in.

All the rest of us were leaning ayd─▒ntepe escort in trying to get a look as Teresa pulled out a bottle of strawberry massage oil.

There were several twitters and laughs as Ruth replaced her bag and started passing out the product catalogues. After everyone had their book, she started by giving us an overview of the company, employment opportunities and how she started selling after going to a party like the one we were at.

“One of the advantages to this business is that I get to test every product I sell. When you order your kit for the shows the Company will send you two of everything — one to sell and one to try at home. They don’t want you selling something you know nothing about — so if you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask.” She said as she walked to the table.

She pulled the first scarf off and began passing around the products.

“I am starting with the lotions and potions and we will gradually work towards the good stuff!”

Ruth explained each item she passed out and we soon found out why we had to wear short sleeves.

“I am passing around lotions and edible powders. So please put a little on your arm and have the lady to your left taste it by licking it off your arm. Lotions on the left arm and powders on the right arm. Some of these are warming oils and will tingle your skin and some are just flavored. So have some fun and try something new!” Ruth exclaimed.

The room was soon filled with new smells, tingling tongues, sticky arms and the laughter of women enjoying each other’s company.

Ruth then moved onto the lingerie line but couldn’t get anyone who had had enough Martini’s to volunteer to try them on.

I refilled drinks throughout the night which made the mood lighter and lighter as the women loosened up even more. The women were starring items in each new category Ruth uncovered on the table.

Ruth then said, “Now the good stuff — the toys. I am going to pass tuzla i├žmeler escort the toys around, please feel free to turn them on and figure out how they work. Don’t forget to star your forms and ask if you need to know how something works.”

There was some nervous twittering around the room as Ruth pulled the largest scarf off the table and uncovered a rainbow of colored glass and rubber toys. There were all different sizes and some vibrated and some did things we weren’t sure about exactly. The volume in the room was raised as the comments and laughter got louder and louder. All the ladies were turning every toy on and there were squeals and giggles as some girls stuck the toys in their neighbor’s ear or ran it up someone’s leg.

Ruth got control of the room when she announced there was one more game to play and we were running out of time if we wanted to get it in. She said she would explain the game to each one of us in the kitchen as we were placing our order.

“The game is for 50% off your total order if you win. There can be more than one winner.” Ruth said as there were squeals of delight. “With that in mind, fill in your order forms and one at a time come see me in the kitchen. Susan is to go last as she is the hostess and gets a discount and a free item on her order — but I have to have a final total prior to her order.” Ruth picked up the last empty basket and walked into the kitchen.

One by one each lady went into the kitchen with their order form and credit card in hand.

One by one each lady returned, her face slightly more flushed then when she went in — carrying only a fresh Martini and returning to her seat. As I observed the women in the room there was a definite difference between the ones who had already ordered and ones who hadn’t. The ones who hadn’t ordered were discussing how they were going to win the 50% off and comparing orders. The girls who had ordered were squirming in their seats, picking at their skirts and nervously looking at the women leaving the kitchen.

I swallowed the last of my Martini as Linda walked out of the kitchen and motioned for me to go in. I walked to the kitchen carrying my order form. The room was hushed behind me as I pushed the door open and entered the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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