Hoppening at the Hoppity Sam

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story takes place in the past and is greatly inspired by Extra Sprinkles for Ms Lynch written by one of my favorite authors, Madabouthair. As always…THANK YOU for reading! Please enjoy!


No one in Thatcher Blake could deny that summer was the best season. The trees were festooned in shades of verdant green. The midday air was hot and the aroma of freshly cut grass mingled with smoke and grilling meat. The smell drew Eddie Neal to her kitchen window, and she stared outside at her back yard. A slight breeze tousled the light-colored curtains while she stood there listening to the distant sounds of kids laughing and playing in a neighbor’s unseen yard. Summer vacation had officially arrived.

School was out and the days stretched long and lazy from one to the next. It was a time most students and teachers looked forward to all year. Rules and routine were shunned in pursuit of play and self-indulgence. Eddie appreciated the free time and chance to relax, but the last couple of days left her feeling bored and restless. After her usual early morning bout of light stretching and calisthenics, she worked on weeding the flowerbeds in her back yard. While the veteran gym teacher stared at the recently mowed lawn, she felt lost. It was a beautiful day in spite of the oppressive heat, but it was a day without substance.

From Eddie’s perspective, a day without structure was a day without purpose. The slim, 47 year old gym teacher spent nearly all of June splitting her time between coaching a summer softball team and taking two professional development courses at Blake College. Her team,Blaketown Batitude, had an upcoming game next Friday against theHarmony Hitsquad. Her team of 11 showed a lot of promise. Practice was held three days a week since vacation started. And although she filled as much of her time with household chores and yardwork, Eddie missed the structure and rigor her classes provided.

Miss Edna Neal has been teaching PE classes at F.W. Harmony High School for nearly 25 years. Classes and after school sports gave her structure. The structure fueled her drive for athletic perfection. She’d had a hand in transforming a few young women in her classes into capable athletes. Others simply went through the motions, hoping to get by until the bell rang for the next class. Still, Eddie always hoped to set an example through her own discipline and athleticism. And when all else failed, intimidation usually did the trick.

Thinking a hot shower would take her mind off things, Eddie headed into the bathroom and undressed. She stood in front of the large mirror over the sink and faintly smiled, pleased with the reflection staring back at her. Decades of vigorous exercise and various sporting activities rewarded the middle aged woman with a slim and sturdy physique. Her extremely butch appearance and short dark hair gave many people the impression that Eddie was older. More often than not, her brush cut and athletic appearance caused most people to mistake her for a man. Although most women her age would understandably take offense, Eddie was, in fact, amused when it happened.

Eddie stepped into the bathtub and yanked the curtain shut. She turned the faucet knob and adjusted the temperature while the spray coursed, rain-like, over her face and head. She tilted her head back and reached for the soap while the water ran rivulets over her nude body. It rained pretty hard the other day, so Eddie went to the Emmerson Community Center to run the indoor track and use the pool. The community center was busy as it usually was during the summer, but Eddie felt lonely and bored–a feeling she tried, and failed, to outrun on the track.

When she got back to the locker room, it seemed nearly deserted in spite of the heavy traffic at the pool. There were two pools at Emmerson. Eddie used the second, an Olympic sized lap pool, to wear herself out after some light stretching and just over an hour of nonstop running on the track. She stripped off her one-piece suit and deposited it on a nearby hook before stepping into one of the many empty shower stalls.

About a minute or so later, Eddie caught sight of the only other occupant in the showers. A frumpy, middle aged woman with plain features and short hair, exited a stall on the far side near the locker room entrance. Eddie grimaced and her dark eyes followed the woman out and watched her disappear behind a bank of lockers. She looked a bit out of shape, though she wasn’t overweight. Her breasts sagged and her hips were a little wide. But when she glanced in Eddie’s direction, the disgusted look she gave the gym teacher was visible even through the clouds of rising steam and mist.

Gee, that’s funny! Eddie mused to herself as she stood under the spitting spray. The stalls were bare-bones tile; no curtains. She didn’t care, and she was unfazed by the other woman’s scowl.Happens all the time. Goes with the territory. Although the frumpy gal seemed clearly appalled with Eddie Neal’s bahis siteleri hard masculine presence, she probably had no idea that the butch gym teacher saw her stealing glances in her direction all the while she was in there. It was so obvious, it was comical! At one point, Eddie rinsed the soap off her face, and she turned, catching the other woman’s eye. And she just stared and said nothing.

I bet if I came onto that old frump, she’d probably go home with me, Eddie thought. If I straightened her out, it’d be all she wrote. Probably forget about whatever fat sonofabitch she calls her husband…

Back in the present, Eddie finished washing her hair. Bar of soap in hand, she quickly scrubbed her body, and stared down at her legs and feet. Eddie Neal admired fitness and natural beauty. She believed in setting an example, both in and out, of the classroom. To that end, she shunned razors. Her legs, slim and solid, were covered in a down of dark hair. Her pubic mound was a thicket of dense, dark forest she rarely trimmed. Generous sprays of dark hair peaked from the hollows of her underarms. She gave extra attention here with her soap and a washcloth. When she was finished, she grabbed a towel, dried off, and got dressed.

While tying her shoes, Eddie debated about whether she should just stay home and sulk in front of the television, or drive over to that church a few of her colleagues gathered at for bible study. She tried to remember the name of it, but couldn’t. A friend of hers, Kris Bennett, was a colleague at F.W. Harmony and visited the church occasionally. Tonight there was supposed to be some kind of monthly get-together for the members and their guests. Eddie heard, on more than one occasion, that the church, and the bible study group, was little more than a clandestine dyke bar frequented by many of the district’s teachers and students from Blake College.

She didn’t know about all that. And she wasn’t really interested in hanging around some church basement with the likes of CJ Treadway, Jude Horst, or the Reverend Nellie Kling. She saw them often enough during the school year. There might be a few young ladies at the party from Blake, but Eddie figured they’re sure to be wallflowers, or taken already. Besides, Eddie wanted someone young and beautiful and innocent; someone looking for experience and guidance. Competition was the last thing she needed, and there’d be plenty at that church if she went. After some more internal deliberation, Eddie Neal grabbed her keys and headed out to get something to eat.

Eddie Neal pulled up to the Hoppity Sam, a greasy little burger joint downtown, popular with the rowdy teen crowd. The sun had already dipped behind the horizon, turning the mostly clear skies overhead, several shades of orange, pinks, and purple. There was a lone scud of clouds, and Eddie saw a star twinkling near the monstrous neon sign. The thing sneered noisily in the hot summer air, oblivious to the constant come-and-go traffic.

A blue cartoon rabbit dressed as a bellhop with a jaunty cap was followed by a trio of comical neon arches that lit up one by one, indicating continuous movement. A word bubble emanated from the rabbit’s mouth, telling customers toHop on Over! The Buddy Bellhop Cheeseburger deluxe was only 75 cents; fries, probably another 60 cents. Eddie went inside and stared up at the menu.Decisions, decisions…

The dining room inside thankfully, was air-conditioned. There was a family of four sitting in a booth near the back. A few teens stood by the counter waiting on their food, while the parking lot maintained its hive of continuous activity. A cute young redhead dressed in the typical loud polyester uniform, dashed out the door with a tray holding several bags. Eddie watched while the girl snaked through the rows of parked cars, checking tickets and passing out bags to the waiting customers. One boy sat there behind the wheel of his red Buick GS convertible. The redhead stopped, leaned in, and the two exchanged an affectionate peck.Oh, brother! Eddie rolled her eyes and turned away. She barely noticed the girl greeting her from behind the counter.

“Hey there, Miss Neal, what’s hoppenin’?” The girl teased. “What can I get you tonight?”

Eddie ignored the girl’s quip and stared at the menu in grim silence. A burger and fries sounded good. She usually avoided shakes and other fat-laden treats. But she was really in the mood for something sweet, something…decadent. “Been awfully hot today.” Eddie said. “But I’m not big on shakes or ice cream cones.”

The girl laughed and chirped without missing a beat. “You ought to try the Serendipity Sundae, Miss Neal!”

Eddie’s eyes narrowed almost to slits as she scanned the menu over the counter. “The Serendipity Sundae? Haven’t heard of that.”

“It’s kinda new.” The girl said. She glanced up for a second. Eddie knew she couldn’t see the menu from behind the counter. “Guess they haven’t added it to the menu yet.” A young man Eddie recognized appeared from the back. He played canl─▒ bahis siteleri running back on the Varsity football team at Harmony, though she didn’t know him personally.What’s his name again…Jimmy–Jimmy Rosene! Jimmy balanced a fancy looking sundae and a milkshake on a tray. The girl motioned as he placed the tray on the counter. “There’s one, Miss Neal.” She said. A young mother with two children came forward and took the tray before finding an empty booth. “It’s two large scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, fresh bananas and strawberries, hot fudge, chopped walnuts, whipped cream–“

“You’ve convinced me.” Eddie said. The girl’s eyes widened a little. Maybe she was surprised that her salesmanship payed off. Maybe she didn’t care at all. And maybe she was surprised that a gym teacher would order an ice cream sundae at all, let alone walk into such an eyesore of a burger joint. “You want a cherry on top of that, Miss Neal?” The girl asked. “Or sprinkles?”

The gym teacher, looking a little sheepish, said: “Put sprinkles on that.” Then, as the girl turned, “Please.” Eddie struggled to place the girl, but she couldn’t.Funny…don’t think I’ve seen her before. Still… As a gym teacher and coach, Eddie was well known to many in Thatcher Blake and the surrounding communities.Perhaps she’s a student and I don’t remember…

Through the polyester, loud colors, and bellhop cap, the girl’s beauty radiated and seemed to flood the counter area with the light from her smile. She had a slender, diminutive build and large, doe-like eyes. The cascade of thick, light blond hair was restrained in a bun. By the size of it, Eddie guessed her hair was very long. Clearly she was a woman, but the delicate features of her face made her appear much younger.Was she in any of my senior classes? It was a mystery.

“Here you go, Miss Neal.” the blond pixie returned with the sundae, some napkins, and a sturdy plastic spoon. As Eddie paid, the girl cupped a hand around her mouth and loudly whispered: “I put extra sprinkles on it!”

“Ah, thank you uh…” Eddie’s voice trailed off. She squinted at the girl’s name tag which rested on the visible swell of her breast. Her gaze fixated a little longer than she meant to when the girl handed back her change. “Abby, is it?”

“Yes, that’s right!” the girl chirped, as if happy to be recognized. “Abby Mattson. I went to Harmony–graduated, actually. I was in your class, remember?”

“Hmmm,” Eddie said, racking her brains. “I’m awfully sorry, but…I don’t remember. We teachers get a lot of students each year. It’s kind of hard to keep track…”

“It was a few years ago.” Candy added. “That’s okay.”

Eddie sighed. She felt bad. “It’s nothing personal, kid.” She said, feeling worse by the second. “I’m an old woman. It’s really nothing personal. The ol’ memory isn’t what it used to be, that’s all.”

“I was in your sophomore and junior classes. Both were pretty big. I think the junior class had 43 of us.” Abby said. “You were pretty busy too, with so many of us.” Eddie nodded “It was nice talking to you, Abby.” She said. “Always nice to see a smiling young face.” She took her sundae and found an empty booth in the back of the dining room.

Eddie made short work of the generous heaping of whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles and fruit. As she scraped at the ice cream scoops underneath, thoughts of Abby Mattson flickered in her mind’s eye. The middle aged butch couldn’t deny the girl’s beauty. She wasn’t just pretty, she was a knockout! Those large blue eyes and the light smattering of freckles across her nose drew attention to the girl’s luscious, full lips. Abby’s lips glistened in the harsh light when she spoke to Eddie. They pursed when Eddie handed her the money at the cash register, and she wondered for a second or two if they were as sweet as the sundae she just paid for.

The dining room was empty now, except for Eddie. The world outside was steeped in deepening twilight and twinkling stars. The parking lot pavement reflected a multi-colored, bouncing glow while the neon sign buzzed and sneered to itself.That girl is half your age! She’s just being friendly. Finish your damn ice cream and go home, Ed! Another 20 minutes passed. The remaining ice cream was reduced to a swirled mass of chocolate and vanilla goo. A few sprinkles and walnut fragments stuck to the sides like reluctant swimmers. Eddie Neal sat there, alone and lonely, though she’d never admit it.


“Hey, Miss Neal, still here?” The counter girl, Abby Mattson stood there smiling at the butch gym teacher warming the booth in the back of the dining room. Eddie looked at her, eyes outlining every curve, while she struggled again to recall the former student.

Eddie Neal knew what she liked, and she liked what she saw. She guessed the girl must’ve clocked out for the night. The parking lot outside thinned out a little although customers were still coming and going. The girl, still wearing that ridiculous bellhop ensemble, looked for all intents canl─▒ bahis like she’d just strolled out of Toon Town. She’d taken her cap off, letting her hair flow freely past her small shoulders. The cartoonish uniform, and the sweetly innocent features of her face, made her look adorable. “Just enjoying my sprinkles.” Eddie said. “And taking in the sights. Honestly not much else to do on a night like this.”

“Tell me about it. I’m finally off work, but there’s nothing to do except head home for the night.” Abby said. “At least when it’s busy around here, the time passes quickly.”

Eddie was curious. “So, are you working here part time?”

“Yeah, at least for the summer.” Abby said. “I’ll be starting my junior year at Blake this fall. The uniform’s kinda goofy, but I work with a pretty good group and the job helps with expenses.”

“Good that you’re going for a degree!” Eddie encouraged. “What’s your major?”

“I’m double majoring in Elementary Education and English Lit. I love writing short stories and stuff. Not sure if I want to teach or write.” Abby replied with an adorably awkward little laugh.

“No reason you couldn’t do both.” Eddie said. And now her memory slowly started to return. “You know, I think I actually do remember having you in class. Cheerleader?”

“Yes, both J-V and Varsity!” Abby said. “I tried to make captain during senior year, but I didn’t get it.”

“Now that I’m starting to recall,” Eddie said. “I seem to remember you hanging around this other girl all the time, a tall brunette who played intramural volleyball…Laura Weiss?”

“Laurel, not Laura.” Abby said plaintively. Judging by her tone of voice, Eddie sensed she might have hit a sore spot. “She goes to Western Illinois. I’ve talked to her a few times since she’s left Thatcher Blake. We’re still friends. I think.”

“Well, we all need friends, I suppose.” Eddie mused. “But they come and go. Such is life…”

The girl brushed her gorgeous blond locks aside. She looked down at the floor, prodding at some imaginary object with the toe of her shoe. “I guess I better head home. It was really nice talking to you, Miss Neal.”

Eddie slid out of the booth and stuffed the remains of the Serendipity Sundae, along with her spoon and used napkins, in the nearest trash receptacle. “I, ah…take it you don’t have a car. You live close by?”

“Just about a half-mile from here.” Abby said. “I usually ride my bike over, but it was so nice today, I thought I’d walk.”

“I can give you a ride.” Eddie offered. “I’m in no hurry to get home.”

A faint smile stretched across Abby’s full lips. She had a coquettish kind of grin, drawing the butch woman’s attention to her eyes. “Same here.” She said.

“Hmmm…in that case, would you like to go out for a drink?” Eddie suggested.

“I’d love to, Miss Neal, but I’m only 20. My birthday was just last month. Only drinking I’ve ever done was on campus in the dorms. Some of the other girls sneak it in, but I think the house mothers know when they’re doing it.” Abby said.

“Well, school’s out for the summer. Can’t go sneaking around the buildings there, can we?” Eddie quipped. “I thought maybe we can have drinks at my place instead…if you don’t mind drinking with your old gym teacher.”

“Sounds like fun!” the bubbly blond said. When Eddy asked if she had to let anybody know where she was going, the girl shook her head no. “I may still look like a kid, but I’m not. I’ve lived on my own since graduation. Come on, let’s go!” The butch woman smiled and the two of them strolled out of the Hoppity Sam and into the humid night air.


“You mentioned the dorms at Blake, Abby, tell me…do you live on campus, or…”

“Not anymore. I used to.” the girl, sitting on the sofa in Eddie Neal’s living room, took a drink from her tumbler and made a face. Whether the scowl was provoked by the liquor or the question, was up for debate. “I’ve got a small apartment near the Comet.” She said, referring to the bowling alley that was popular with all the local teens. “Wow, that’s…really…”

“Not used to it, huh?” Eddie softly laughed. “Builds character. A bit more of that and you’re ready to handle anything!” The butch woman drained her glass and stood up. “Like those boys I saw pulled up in that blue Challenger earlier. Thought I’d go deaf when they started laying on that horn a little while ago!”

Abby laughed. “That’s Doug Hamer and Tom Harvey. They’re supposed to be seniors at North Haskell. Doug is dating Andrea Ginsberg. She’s the girl with the red hair taking orders at the counter with me. They come there all the time. I think it’s just so Doug can show the car off!” She giggled and watched her hostess intently.

Maybe she’d been reading more into things than she should tonight, but the slim butch gym teacher noticed that the girl seemed fascinated with her appearance. She felt Abby’s doe-eyed gaze fixated on her even when she dipped into the kitchen to pour their drinks. Although Eddie Neal was a well-respected teacher and coach, she was all too aware of the looks of shock, and sometimes outright disgust, from students and parents alike. As the years went by, she’d learned to ignore the looks and occasional whispers.

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