Hometown Ch. 02

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Note: Wow. I received a lot of positive feedback concerning this story. Things have definitely changed for Ted in his old hometown. Now as he begins his bank manager job he will find out that not everything is so wonderful. Read Chapter one to get up to speed. All rights reserved.


Ted dropped Ellen off in front of her house so he wouldn’t face Dawn or even Jim if he were awake. It would be up to her to explain where she had been the past two hours. After leaving his car and walking towards his aunt’s house he heard laughter from the rear. He moved slowly and quietly by the holly bushes and peeked through the wood slat fence. In the hot tub were his aunt and the bank’s assistant manager.

“He can’t be that big,” Rebecca said to Ann who were both naked.

“It was so fulfilling,” Ann bragged. “I’ve never been fucked three times in one night.”

“We’ve did it more than three times,” Rebecca said moving closer.

Ted’s eyes opened wide when the younger woman’s lips found his aunt’s. When their bodies came together their upper bodies rose up from the steam and bubbles. “Shit,” he whispered when he saw Rebecca’s nearly perfect breasts and long hard nipples. He had never seen two women have sex so he moved silently into the back yard and moved up to the deck railing.

Ann’s mouth moved back when she felt the familiar fingers of her woman lover part her hot pussy lips. She had not fucked a man for years but had fulfilling sex with Rebecca most every week. “Ted will be home soon.”

“Good, maybe he will join us.”

As much as Ted wanted to rip off his clothes and jump into the hot water he also wanted to stay clear of a town whore who worked in the same bank. He moved back quietly and then around the house. After entering the front door he tiptoed upstairs and locked the bedroom door behind him. He was asleep when he heard tapping on the door. “Who is it?”

“It’s me,” Ann replied. “It’s safe. She’s gone.”

Ted walked to the door in his boxers and unlocked it. He turned and walked back to his bed and heard her footsteps behind him. “No men but it looks like Rebecca takes care of you.”

“She’s very talented,” Ann said standing in only a towel around her waist. “Evidently you don’t want to try her out.”

“Can’t mix work and pleasure,” he said turning and seeing her bare titties.

“So a threesome is not out of question.”

“Uh..sure..I mean it depends..you know on who. His cock was pressing outward.

“There is a new women who recently started at the newspaper. She’s cute and around your age.”

“And you have the hots for her.”

“Actually I prefer a man but a woman fills in nicely. She unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor. “Can I join you?”

“Yes…definitely,” Ted smiled lifting his hips and removing his underwear. “But take it easy.”

Ann giggled. “So your date with Ellen turned out to be more than planned.”

“Uh-huh. Jim let the cat out of the bag about fucking Rebecca and she overheard it. I guess I was just payback.”

“What’s your pleasure?” She asked moving up onto the bed and straddling his thighs. “Would you like me to fuck you tonight?”

“Sounds great.” He closed his eyes and felt her fingers guiding his cock to her very moist pussy.

“HOLD ON!” She laughed while rising and falling. The bed banged against the wall, which caused a small painting to fall on the bed next to them.

“FUCK!” He cried out while holding onto her ass. She was one horny bitch. Somehow he managed to hold out until she came.


“I’M CUMING!” He announced. “AHHHH!”


Ted somehow managed to get up at 5 AM the next morning and put on his jogging clothes. He ran for five blocks and found the old Plainville coffee shop open. He was breathing hard when he moved inside. He recognized the older woman behind the counter. “Mrs. Reavis?”

The woman looked up at him but didn’t recognize him. “Yes, can I help you?”

“It’s me Ted.”

“Ted…Ted..I uh…Oh my God… Ted Givens.” She reached across the counter and took his hands in hers. “I heard you were coming back.”

“Yes, I’m very happy to be back.” He felt her wrinkled fingers and weak grip. “How is uh…Bill doing?”

“He passed away last year. Heart attack. He worked at that damn factory for twenty-eight years and for what?”

“I’m sorry to hear it. I really liked Bill. So how are your kids doing?”

“Well Mark moved away to California but Kathy is still here.”

“Little Kathy,” he grinned. “She used to kick me in the shins every time I came around. What is she up to?”

“Never married but a lot of guys have tried. She works here part time and does part time work for Wright Construction.” She turned and faced the kitchen door. “HEY KATHY. COME HERE AND SEE WHO SHOWED UP!”

Ted moved back remembering the pain she used to give him. He watched the door and saw a gorgeous woman with short dark hair walk out. “No way.”

Kathy was about pendik escort nine years younger than Ted and really didn’t remember him. “Hi.” She looked at her mother.

“It’s Ted Givens. Remember you used to kick him.”

“I didn’t do that. Did I?” She asked as she took off her apron and walked around to shake his hand.

“Uh…yeah…I’m not sure why but I had bruises on my shins.”

“I’m sorry,” she said seriously. “I’m not sure why I did it either.”

“You were jealous,” Mary Reavis said. “You said you loved him and didn’t like Ellen James holding his hand.”

Kathy blushed. “I guess I owe you some free coffee or something.”

“Good because I didn’t bring my wallet. Will you have a cup with me?”

She turned and looked at her mother.

“Go ahead. We are not busy.”

Ted sat down while Kathy got two cups of coffee. “Cream and two sugars,” he said.

“So tell me where you’ve been all these years,” she said sitting down across from him.

Ted wasn’t sure why but talking to her was very easy. Her blue eyes and rosy lips were warm and friendly. After he told her the short story about his divorce she told him about going to DePaul and majoring in business. “So how is George Wright Sr. doing?”

“He’s in semi-retirement. George Jr. is slowly taking over.”

“Is Junior still married to Babs?”

She rolled her eyes. “I guess you can call it that.” After saying it she got worried. “Please don’t say anything. Jobs are hard to come by in this town.”

“I won’t say anything. Since I’m managing the bank I need to find out as much as I can about the main people in the town.”

“Kathy. I need you back in the kitchen,” Mrs. Reavis said.

Kathy stood and smiled. “I enjoyed talking to you.” She held out her hand. “I promise I won’t kick you again.”

He laughed and felt the warm fingers. “Say, uh..maybe we can continue our conversation over dinner?”

She was about to say no until her mother moved next to her. “Yes, dinner is fine. She’s a great cook which is why I need her in the kitchen now.”

Ted laughed as the mother pulled her away. “When?”

“Tomorrow night,” Kathy laughed as her mother pushed her into the back room.

Ted ran back home thinking about the few days he had been home. He had fucked his aunt, watched her naked in a hot tub with another woman and received a blowjob from his old girlfriend. Now he had a date with a woman who used to kick him when they were young.

When he entered the house his aunt was sitting at the kitchen table in a tight white tee shirt and beige panties. “Whew, I’m out of shape,” he grinned.

“From running or other activities?”

“Running. Say what can you tell me about Kathy Reavis?”

“Damn boy you do get around don’t you? Well Kathy went away to college and about five years ago came back. We are not sure why but I think it was because her father was ill. Looks like she wants to stay now. I don’t know much about her love life.”

“I have dinner with her tomorrow night. We had a cup of coffee at her mother’s shop. We seemed to really hit it off.”

“Shucks, I finally get me a warm body and it goes and finds somebody else.”

He laughed. So I’m only a warm body now.”

“With a big appendage,” she chuckled.


The bank opened at 9:00AM but Ted had arranged for the Corporate HR district rep to meet him at 8:00AM. He got a quick breakdown of the benefits and was given access to the employee files. He was glancing through Rebecca’s file when she knocked on his doorframe.

“Good morning,” she said moving like a snake into his office. “Is that my file?”

“Yes. I’m going through all of them. Maybe you can give me your take on the other employees.” He watched as she moved to the chair in front of his desk and make no attempt to push her short dress down her tanned thighs.

“OK, we have a total of six employees. Besides me we have Jean and Betty on the drive up window. Jack and Laura work the inside teller slots and Connie handles the office duties and the deposit boxes. Oh and Tom is our security guard. So that makes seven or eight counting you.”

“I remember Connie. She was always my father’s favorite.”

“So you heard those rumors too,” she grinned.

“Rumors?” Ted asked sitting upright. “Surely you are not suggesting that…” Before he could finish a cute young blonde moved into his office.

“Excuse me sir but Mr. Wright is here to speak with you.”

“See you later,” Rebecca said moving out of her seat and out the door.

“What is your name?” Ted asked the young woman.

“Laura,” she answered. “Glad to meet you sir.” She moved over to shake his hand.

“Call me Ted. Sir belonged to my father.”

“I’m sorry sir,” she said before giggling.

“Please send Mr. Wright in.”

Ted cleaned away the personnel files and looked up to see George Wright. The problem was he wasn’t sure if he was the senior or the junior. “Mr. Wright. It’s been a while.”

“Jesus Ted. What the fuck escort pendik are you doing calling me Mr. Wright.”

Ted was ready for the hard hand squeeze. He realized that junior had gained weight and looked like hell. “Business formalities. How are you doing George?”

“Well other that the fact that the housing business sucks pretty well. When you get a chance we need to sit down and discuss my loans.”

“I haven’t gotten into any loans yet but I hear you are still pretty big around here. I should be ready in a few days.”

“OK but my loans come due in a few weeks so I would like to get it resolved.”

“We should be able to work something out,” Ted grinned.

“Say, I’m having a 40th birthday party for Babs on Saturday night. You’re invited and if you can’t find a date I’ll set you up with some nice friendly girls.”

“Uh…yeah maybe I can make it. But I’ll bring someone if that is OK.”

“Sure…after all we were great pals in high school.” They shook hands and Ted chuckled after he left. “Pals? All he did was push me around and make fun of me.”

Ted spent the rest of the morning going through the bank procedures. He had a chance to meet with everyone before the end of the day. At ten minutes until closing Rebecca walked into his office and closed the door. “Well you made it through the first day.” She pulled the chair closer to his desk and put her two feet up on the edge. When she did her dress tumbled down enough for him to see her black panties.

Ted sat back and put his hands behind his head. “There is one rule that I always follow. Employees are not to be involved with other employees.”

Her look showed that she was surprised. “What do you mean by involved?” Her feet separated almost a foot giving him direct viewing of her thong disappearing into her shaved pussy.

“No hanky-panky, messing around, sleeping together etc. etc.”

She had never really been turned down before. “Are you sure?”

“Rebecca you are a beautiful woman. I saw you with my aunt last night and also found out that you had sex with my friend Jim Farmer. I have no interest in having sex with you and would appreciate it if you stay away from Jim and my aunt at least until I find my own place.”

Her surprise turned to anger. “You shouldn’t talk to me that way.” She pulled her feet down and sat back. “What I do off the job is my business and not yours.”

“Unless it influences what goes on at this bank. I’m not sure what policies or practices existed in the past but there’s a new sheriff in town.”

“Yes sir,” she said standing and putting her flat hand over her eye to salute.”

Ted took a deep breath and then called Connie in. “I promise not to keep you long.”

The older women smiled and sat down. Unlike Rebecca she kept her knees together and her dress down. “I wanted to say that everyone here is glad that you took the job. Since Mr. Parker left it’s been kind of loose around here.”

“I’m getting that picture,” Ted said seriously. “I’m glad that you are still here Connie. From what everyone is telling me you are the glue that holds it all together.”

“Thank you. I’m sure you will be a great manager like your father was.”

“My father was a special man,” Ted said nervously. “Connie I’ve heard some things about him and you.”

She sat up looking upset. “I don’t know who started that but it’s taken me a long time to try and clear his name and mine. I loved your dad very much but not in the way those rumors are saying.”

He saw a tear falling from her left eye and grabbed some tissues. “Here. I didn’t believe them then and don’t believe them now. I had to ask.”

Both eyes were full of tears. “Your father told me everything. We were best friends and I probably knew more things about him than your mother. Except for maybe one time he was a perfect husband.”

“One time?”

“It’s best we leave it at that. Let sleeping dogs lie.”

“I guess you’re right. No use digging up dirt. Anyway I’ll need your help to get up to speed. Do you think you can put in some extra time before or after work?”

“Definitely but we better be careful of those rumor mongers.” Her tears turned to laughter.

Ted laughed too and was walking her out when he saw Dawn at the locked bank door. “You can let her in Tom.”

Tom opened the door and gave Ted the key. “I’ll see you in the morning Mr. Givens.”

“So Dawn what are you doing here?” He did his best not to peek down at her tight pink sweater and even tighter jeans.

“Can we talk?”

Ted knew that he would be alone with her. “Uh sure go into my office and I’ll be there shortly.” He glanced at her cute butt in the jeans before walking to Connie’s office to ask her to be close by.

Dawn stood nervously by his desk when he walked in. “Thank you for seeing me.”

“Anytime,” Ted said. “Sit down and tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s my parents. Are you going to split them up?”

“What? No of course not,” he answered. “Your father is still my best friend pendik escort bayan and I don’t want to come between them.”

“So it is just sex.”

Again Ted was surprised. “Your mother and I just kissed. We had something really special in high school and I guess we were both curious about if there was anything still there.”

“Is there?”

“There will always be a spot in our hearts but things have changed. A lot of time has passed and it’s hard to put pieces back together again without hurting somebody.”

“You didn’t answer. Is it just sex?”

“Dawn. We shouldn’t talk about things like this.” He glanced over her shoulder and saw Connie’s head peeking around the door.

“My mom has been so sad since my father lost his job but since you’ve been back she’s different. If you want to… you know.. sleep with her it’s fine with me.”

Ted had to cough because he couldn’t talk. “No sex. We have and always will be best friends.”

“OK,” she said sitting up. “So if you want to date someone younger let me know.”

He was going to laugh but realized she was serious. “Maybe in about ten years.”

“Your loss.” She stood and wiggled her butt to the door.

After she left Connie walked in. “She’s just like her mother.”

“Definitely,” he grinned. “Say, I noticed that she was driving a car. Did she get a car loan here?”

“Uh…yes a few months ago. Why?”

“Nothing. But if you can get the file please get it for me tomorrow.” He was hoping that it had a copy of her birth certificate or driver’s license.


Ted ate at the restaurant and met some more town folks. He was ready to leave when his cell phone rang. It was Kathy.

“Hi,” she said. “I got your phone number from your aunt.”

“Good, I was going to call your mother to get your number. Are we still on for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Ted, I’m honored to have you ask me out. But, we don’t really know each other. I agreed because my mother has been pushing me to date.”

“So this sounds like I’m being dumped before the first date.”

“I’m sorry.”

“OK, thank you for letting me know. I’ll see you at the coffee shop.”

The first day on the job was eventful. When he got to his aunt’s house he found her sitting alone drinking a glass of wine. “I ate at the restaurant.”

“I know. Word gets around fast in a small town. I also heard that you told Rebecca that we can’t see each other anymore.”

“That’s not what I said. I told her to stay away from Jim Farmer and I asked her to not see you while I’m staying here.”

“This is my house Ted. You can’t tell others not to see me in my own home.”

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have said it but she basically flashed her pussy at me in my office today and I had to lay down some business rules. I got carried away. I’m sorry.”

“Well, she’s coming over in about ten minutes so if you don’t want to be here you should leave or go upstairs.”

“Will do,” he said not happy that she didn’t understand the position he was in with Rebecca. He also knew that Rebecca was the type that used other people to get what she wanted. “I’ve got some files to read so I’ll be in my room.”

He heard noises when Rebecca arrived and did his best to focus on the files. He was doing great until Ann and his assistant manager came up to her bedroom. For the next hour he listened to laughter, giggling, moaning and cries of pleasure.


The next morning at the job was uneventful. Rebecca was strictly professional and cold dealing with him and only talked to him if he had a question. Around 10:00AM he knocked on Connie’s door. “Say did you find that loan file on Dawn?”

“Uh..yes but it looks like there are some forms missing.” He took the file and quickly glanced through them. “Where is the application?”

“That is one of the forms missing and there is no copy of her driver’s license.”

“Shit…I mean…OK. Maybe you can get her to bring in her copies?”

“I’ll try.”

It was bothering Ted that Kathy had turned him down coldly. Something was up with her but he didn’t know what. At noon he called Alice Miller a real estate broker who he knew in high school. She picked him up and they drove around looking for him a place to live.

“What are you looking for?” She asked.

Ted was happy that she didn’t look like she was ready to jump his bones like the other women had done so far. “A quiet modern place with all the extras. A swimming pool or hot tub with a great view. Are any of the Wright homes on the lake available?”

“Yes, actually I spoke with George Jr. after you called this morning. Looks like he is willing to make you a fantastic deal.”

“I don’t want any favors. Let’s look at what he has and the listed price.”

“OK, it’s your money,” she frowned. She had promised George that she would get Ted to take a very low offer.

The first house was too close to George Jrs. House so he asked to see one on the other side of the lake. When he arrived he knew it was the one. “Nice and secluded. Two- car garage. Nice little beach behind the house.” She showed him the built in hot tub on the upper deck outside the enormous master bedroom. “I’ll take it.”

“I didn’t tell you the price.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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