Hmmm…A Trip Away

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This is latest story in the tales of two people who meet every couple of months in an on-going affair to make up for what they are missing out on in their own individual married relationships. Please enjoy, vote and leave feedback.


She was looking in the opposite direction when I walked up to her, placing my hand on her hip and pulling her in close. I resisted the temptation of placing my hand directly on her delicious behind as it wasn’t the type of behaviour that some would find acceptable on the concourse of Waverley Station.

“Good morning,” I said, cheerily “you really don’t know how excited I am to be doing this. This is so illicit.”

“It is!” Ali replied. “I’ve been shaking since I got up!”

Her smile told me she was fine with our plan though. I gave her a gentle hug. I could feel the top of her stockings through her skirt, the tingle of excitement rushing through me. She noticed I had realised what she was wearing, a raised eyebrow signalling her naughtiness. She could read me like a book!

We had planned this for weeks – a proper trip away. Just us, together for more than one night. Our meetings were mostly about two months apart and that was enough for us to work through our frustrations with our respective relationships. However, it was now nearly four months since our last encounter, and we both really needed this. It was a sort of Christmas present between us, our families taking up all our time during the Christmas period and then, of course, her forty-fifth birthday following along in January. A few lies to conceal our true intentions, based on elements of truth, had raised no suspicions in our other halves.

The train from London arrived a little early, so we boarded to wait the departure to Inverness. I had booked seats in the First Class coach, my previous experience of this journey being one surrounded by screaming children. No, that wouldn’t be a good start to our little tryst.

The carriage was near empty, a few older couples sitting further down. Peace, I thought. Time to talk. Time to plan. Perhaps sexy talk, seductive whispers. Oh, and lunch. As normal, I took that in hand and had prepared a small spread of everything I knew she liked. Terribly thoughtful of me, I mused.

We sat opposite each other. I studied her face, her eyes and hair, taking her all in. We knew each other well now but I could never stop enjoying all the little things that you see when closely intimate with another. The shape of her ears, her mannerisms, body language, the way she tilted her head to one side as she listened to me. All those details seeping into my mind to be rekindled by my imagination when we were not together.

My eyes were drawn downwards. She had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse as we were readying ourselves to sit. She gave me a wicked smile as she caught me looking at her lacy underwear, shaking her shoulders a little so I got a good view of her boobs.

“Ooo, you tease, Alison!” She knew me well.

“Well I thought it may help pass the time on the journey, you imagining me later when we arrive, so yes, a little tease to help you get in the mood.”

“No help needed!” I replied, my cock already stiffening.

She undid another button, titling her shoulders giving me a side on view.

“Stop it! You’ll give that old guy a heart attack!” looking back towards the couple in front of us.

“Ah, I would soon sort him out.” she laughed in reference to her job as a nurse. “It gives you something to look at until we get into the nicer scenery.”

I shook my head.

“Sometimes, Ali, you can be, well….we’ve not even left Edinburgh!”

She redid her button and sat back.

“Sorry. I’ll be on my best behaviour from now on!” She gave another wicked smile.

This being the fast train, we were quickly across the bridge heading through Fife and up to Perth.

“Better keep your head down, you might be spotted around here!” A reference to where I live.

“No worries, we’ll be through my village in seconds.” I replied.

Beyond Perth, the landscape widened out, the hills and mountains of the Highlands appearing.

“Remember our little walk? That wasn’t far from here.” I asked.

“Remember it? It was incredible!”

” ‘Wow! That was amazing’ is the expression that I believe you used!”

“Hmmm…thinking about that,” I spotted a glint in her eyes. “It is quiet in this coach.”

I looked around. Indeed it was. Only one other couple now ahead of us at the far end. No-one behind.

“Well?” she asked, raising up a stockinged foot and placing it on my crotch, rubbing gently.

“Ali, we can’t! Someone will come.”

“That’s the intention, so to speak! Well, I’ll keep a look out. No-one can come in the other direction as we’re the last carriage.”

I looked around again, pushing her foot away. I signalled for her to lean forward, leaning in myself as if to whisper something to her. She shuffled forward in her seat. I passed my hand onto her knee and slowly, bursa escort gently felt my way upwards inside her skirt.

“Oh!” she whimpered. “I see, that’s good!”

I stretched my hand further up, across the top of her stocking, feeling the smooth soft flesh of her inner thighs. I brushed against her knickers, touching her pussy beneath.

She shuffled further forward on her seat, parting her legs slightly to help. I stroked downwards and upward feeling her knickers dampening.

She leaned in closer. “So, so good.”

She moved her hand down to join mine under her skirt.

“I’ll help a bit.” she whispered, hooking a finger around into her knickers pulling them to one side.

My fingers could now feel her exposed pussy. She relaxed her hips open further. My finger slid in easily, followed by another. I turned them gently upwards, my arm at full stretch under the table, and pressed in.

She tightened up as my fingers touched that very sensitive spot, the small spongy area to the top and front.

“Ah, you’re bang on mister, that’s really, really good.”

My arm was at full stretch and I moved as far forward as I could. She pressed herself forward, her stomach hard against the table.

“You’ll manage. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It won’t take long.” She was becoming breathless.

Her boobs were practically just under my face and I looked down her blouse.

“Ah, wait a minute. I’ve just remembered something you may like.”

She brought her free hand up and undid a button, fumbling around inside her blouse. The front of her bra popped open, her boobs falling forward.

“Front-fastening. I thought it may be easier for you! Now, continue with what you were doing!”

Well we now really did look in a compromising position – me leaning forward looking down her blouse at her delicious boobs exposed for me to enjoy, one arm stretched beneath the table, my hand up her skirt with my fingers inside of her. Her hand up her skirt holding her knickers to the side, her other gripping the table hard.

“You are keeping a look out, aren’t you Alison?”

“Oh, yes, of course.” she replied looking somewhat distracted from that particular task!

I moved my fingers gently, pressing them forward.

“Have you any idea how good that is?” she asked quietly. “Apart from myself, no-one has ever got that particular spot!”

She took a sharp breath in.

“Oh my God, I’m about to cum! So quickly! How are you doing that?”

I kept moving my fingers in a slow rhythm, my eyes gazing down at her breasts which were now gently swaying. Her nipples were brushing against the fabric of her blouse, which I saw was helping her overall arousal. Had we been anywhere else, that blouse would have been stripped off and my cock would be shooting my cum all over them by now!

She gazed directly into my eyes, her mouth open taking in air. I could feel her breathing deepen. Her eyes were silently saying to me ‘I’m cumming, please make me cum.’ She clenched her lips tightly.

I blew down her blouse onto one of her nipples. I had an inkling that just one more little sensation would be enough to move her one step upwards. I was right. She threw her head back in response, her hand between her legs letting go of her knickers and grabbing mine, holding me in. Her thighs closed in and I could feel her hips pulse forward in time with each wave of fire that was rushing upwards and downwards throughout her body.

The blast of oxygen, endorphins and goodness knows what other chemicals hit her brain. Her body took over from her mind for a few moments. I stifled a sound with my free hand over her mouth as I realised she had lost a bit of self control, aware that she may be drawing us some attention.

She fell back into the seat. I reached forward to close her blouse over, too much on show! She released the grip on my hand, relaxing her legs allowing me to withdraw. I watched in silence as her reddened face began to return to normal.

“Wow! That was so….”

“Shhh!” I replied, signalling to her to sort herself out.

Although she was a picture of pure erotica, sitting there with three buttons undone, a fair bit of flesh on show, her skirt pulled up showing her stockings and milky smooth thighs, it really didn’t seem appropriate to be seen like that.

She straightened up and smoothed her skirt down, fiddling inside her blouse to sort her bra in place.

She leaned forward stretching her arms under the table.

“And now for you!”

“No Ali, don’t. I really mean don’t! It’s not quite the same for me.”

She rubbed her hands over my crotch.

“Stop! Now! It’s too messy. I really can wait!”

She leant back, looking a bit disappointed.

“You’re such a killjoy.” she challenged.

“No, I’m a pragmatist. I’m thinking of myself here. I really don’t want to be sitting with a sticky mess in my pants for the next hour or so.”

“I suppose not.” She replied. “It would be such a terrible bursa escort bayan waste anyway!”

Her wicked smile returned. It was a good fifteen minutes before the stiffness in my cock subsided!

We spent the remainder of our journey eating lunch, drinking gin and tonics and looking at the dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Well, Ali looked at the scenery whilst I couldn’t take my eyes of her boobs and thinking what I was going to do to them when we get into our hotel!


We arrived in Inverness just after lunchtime.

“You said the hotel is about a fifteen minutes walk away, didn’t you? That will be a nice walk on a day like this.”

She was right. It was a lovely late winter’s day, clear blue skies, cold but so fresh. It would have been a nice walk.

“No way! I’ve waited long enough! I need you naked, in front of me now! So it’s a taxi for us – can’t you see I’m getting pretty desperate?”

“Of course! You have been a very patient boy. And you’ll be greatly rewarded!” She giggled in response. “Taxi!!” She yelled as if to prove a point.

We arrived at the hotel about five minutes later. It was the quickest check-in I’ve ever experienced!

“Mr and Mrs Smith?” The receptionist asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yep, that’s us, can we have our key?” I wanted to add “now please, this is an emergency” but that would have sounded a bit rude.

“Enjoy you stay, oh, and have fun.” was the response delivered in a knowing way.

We rushed upstairs to our room, wasting no time waiting for the lift.

Ali rushed past me into the room, disappearing into the bathroom.

“I’ll just be a minute.”

Typical, it’s probably all the G&Ts we had on the train, I thought

She reappeared about thirty seconds later wearing only her underwear. She hadn’t wasted any time in undressing! She threw herself across the massive double king sized bed.

She looked stunning in her black sexy underwear against the crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets,

“Well, how do you want me?” she asked. “Like this, on my back? Or maybe you want these?” unclipping her bra allowing her boobs back out.”

I stood transfixed. I had barely taken my coat off.

She spun around onto her front.

“Or maybe like this?”

“Ye…yes like that.” I croaked.

She raised herself up on her knees, bending forward with her bottom in the air.

“Yes, like that, please, that’s just perfect!”

I began to strip off. She pulled off her knickers throwing them to the side. I’ve never felt so much excitement. Her stockings and suspenders framed her bottom perfectly. My cock was aching, my balls were already tingling. I approached, kneeling behind her.

“Ali, I really don’t think I’ll last long. There won’t be much in it for you. I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“Get on with it! Now! I don’t care. I want you inside me filling me up. Now!!!”

Her pussy was already parted and I could see if glistening with her own moisture. I guided my cock inside and the minute it hit the warmth within, I exploded into her, my legs buckling, the intense uncontrollable sensation emptying me into her.

“Oh God, Ali, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t hold….”

“No this is perfect you idiot, I love the fact I have that impact on you!”

The pulses continued until I could sense that I was indeed empty. My head was spinning. I fell down on the bed next to her; she turned to lie next to me.

“Feel better?”

“Oh yes. Boy did I need that. I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back.”

“Shh.” she whispered placing a finger on my lips. I’ll bet you’ll be back up and ready in less than five minutes.”

“Not bloody likely! I’m not a twenty one year old anymore. You may have to wait a bit longer than that!”

“We’ll see.” she giggled.

We lay looking at our room. It was enormous. This huge bed at one end, a settee with a coffee table, French doors opening inwards with a railing so you could sit in the room looking outside without having to endure the cold Scottish climate. Everything was perfect. The bathrooms fantastic, I was informed, although how she had managed to take in any detail in her rush to undress was beyond me. Yes, this will do us nicely!

I looked down as I felt Ali begin to stroke my cock, still glistening from being inside her.

“See, it’s only been a few minutes and it’s stiffening up nicely. And this time, I know you’ll last out!”

It was, much to my amazement. This woman can really turn me on! I looked across her body. Yep, these boobs do it for me every time. She continued to stroke, a look of determined concentration on her face. My cock was now fully erect – any teenager would have been proud of that recovery time!

She climbed over me, straddling across my waist. She held my cock up straight and lowered herself onto it, gently, all the way down. She smiled.

“Now watch closely.”

She pushed herself up, her pussy stretched over my cock, then lowered herself back down slowly. escort bursa She repeated this taking herself right up to the tip, holding herself for a moment then back down. All my cum that I had emptied into her came flowing out, covering me. She pushed down hard, my cum now all over the outside of her pussy.

“See, it was worthwhile me waiting! Now we both get what we want!”

An amazing turn on! She continued moving up and down, a little faster. Her hands dropped to her pussy, covering them in my cum. She spread it over her boobs, her head thrown back pushing them forward. I reached to help her, one hand on her boobs, working with hers, my other down on her clit, rubbing my cum around. Wow. I hadn’t done anything like this before.

She looked amazing. Lost in herself really, her hands moving all over her own body, guiding mine, her hips grating upon my own. My cum glistening all over her, drying now becoming sticky. The smell of sex filled the room. Our breathing was heavy.

She paused for a moment, leaning down to kiss me. A deep, powerful kiss that said ‘I need you, I want you’. I could feel her heart beat strongly against my chest. I could feel her excitement and intense arousal through the warmth of her skin, her boobs so hot against me, her pussy wet, my cock still deep inside her, moving gently as I pushed my hips in a slow movement.

“I need to cum now.” she whispered in my ear, straightforward talking.

She rose up, releasing herself off my cock and swung around, facing away from me, her bottom towards me. She passed a hand behind her grabbing my cock and expertly guided herself back on to it.

A bit of an unnatural position for me with my cock normally having an upright position when erect and a slight inwards curve, so in effect my cock was being pulled downwards. But the sensation was incredible. To see her bottom in front of me, see her pussy stretched over me, my cock wet with her lubrication, was amazing.

She built up a rhythm. I placed my hands on her bottom, pushing it wide. She rode me expertly, sliding up and down in perfect time. She was making noises of pleasure, which this time didn’t bother me at all – you hear all sorts coming from hotel rooms, I thought, so what the hell!

I moved my hips up and down to help her, missing a few beats until I got my timing correct, working together now I could feel her tighten inside, the core source of her orgasm beginning to build.

I watched her bottom rise and fall, my cum sticky over it. Such an incredibly sexy sight. I could feel my own orgasm forming, the tingling in the back of my legs, my body readying itself, looking for what I had left inside me. A warm feeling in my balls. I was holding back, enjoying the view so much. Her pussy stretched wide around me, her bottom pursed tightly above it. I wet my thumb with my mouth and pressed it gently against her asshole. She surged forward.

“Harder!” she shouted taking me a bit by surprise.

I pressed my thumb in, she tensed, lowering herself more slowly down onto me, leaning forward on my legs. She gyrated her hips around, my thumb just inserted inside her. I could see her grab onto the bedcovers. She was getting close, very close.

A sharp shudder told me she was cumming. I thrust upwards, my own body responding. A fire rushing up through me. She shuddered again as the waves of electricity began to flow through her body. She rose up, held for a moment then collapsed back down. She tensed against me as my cock throbbed inside her, emptying me again. She grabbed onto my legs, digging in deeply. I grabbed onto her bottom, pulling her checks wide then closing them in. I felt her collapse into me, shaking, her orgasm complete.

My cock relaxed out of her but she lay there, holding onto me, her bottom still facing me. Wow, was all I could think of yet again.


It was quite an exertion. Really, at my age I didn’t think I had it in me. We were making love like twenty year olds. Perhaps we were making up for all the things we had missed out on. Trying things we never had tried before. But so what? We both appeared to be happy with what we were doing. So as long as we were careful and kept away from too many emotions, I knew we would be alright.

We lay together for a while, a long while, holding each other under the covers. We didn’t really have any plans other than simply spending time with each other, as much sex as we could achieve over two days and eating some good food. Maybe take in some sightseeing tomorrow, but not today – today was about being close.

It was now late afternoon. Dinner was to be in the hotel tonight, so I suggested a trip down to the hotel spa. This was turning out to be a great choice for our break together. Our lovely room, a huge bed, a walk-in rain shower (‘we’ll try that out later’), luxurious bath. Everything that a couple having an illicit affair, of sorts, should have at their disposal.

We grabbed our things and set off downstairs, feeling quite the couple. We were welcomed with a cheerful

“Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Smith, I hope you have had an enjoyable time so far?”

Hmmm, what had that receptionist being saying to the other staff, I wondered? Ali looked a bit embarrassed. I just laughed.

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