His Imaginings Ch. 01

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He awoke as he did on many occasions in the dead of night, for what reason he couldn’t say. He never could. The house as expected at that time was quiet and dark. It creaked and groaned as an old house did, as if talking to him, but all appeared well. Without moving, he cast his eyes upon the glowing red diodes of the clock on his bed-side chest of drawers, they smirked the time of 01:30 at him, God he’d only been asleep for two hours, what the hell…? Why he couldn’t just sleep right through to the morning like normal people do was completely beyond him.

His eyes began to drift closed again as he tried to settle back into his, what must be said, erotic dream. He always seemed to leave his dreams just as they were getting to the good part. He tried to recall exactly where he was as he willed his unconscious state back to that place. His wife, Natasha, stirred in her sleep and he felt her knee nestle against the small of his back. At least she appeared to be having little problems sleeping! He concentrated again, ‘now where was I?’

What seemed like only seconds later, and he was awake again. Or had he even been asleep? He wasn’t sure. Glancing at the clock confirmed that only 15 minutes had elapsed, so perhaps he had drifted off, but why the hell was he awake again? Not only that, he felt more awake now than last time. ‘Oh come on!’ he screamed in silent frustration, ‘fifteen minutes, FIFTEEN MINUTES!’ He rolled onto his back wondering whether he should get up and walk around for a bit, that usually worked? But Natasha’s knee was across his hip now and the last thing he wanted to do was wake her as well.

From out of the gloomy darkness his wife murmured. Perhaps he had already disturbed her? He pondered on his next attempt to sleep when she murmured again. She quite often did this, it wasn’t talking in her sleep, though she often did that too, and it wasn’t snoring, but it was a half-way house between the two. Despite his annoyance at himself, he smiled at her, envious at how easy she made sleep look. He closed his eyes again and waited for Morpheus.

A minute passed in silence and then he suddenly became aware of a rhythmic movement. He thought at first that it was his heart beating, but the movement was not in time with that and concentrating he was able to separate out the two distinct movements. He listened but heard nothing, ‘Perhaps it was his wife’s heart beat, if it was it was a bit erratic?’ He dismissed the thought and put it to one side to be considered no more that night…Natasha quietly whimpered.

Sean’s ears pricked up instantly. It was a sound that any red blooded male would know instantly. And yes he knew it was made whilst she was asleep, but did it mean that she too was having an erotic dream? For the sound was dripping in sexual overtones. It sounded like she was a little turned on and was moaning in her excitement. The rhythmic movement continued and his level of arousal started to rise.

‘Perhaps the unexplained movement was his wife simulating copulation?’ He listened further, realising that he hadn’t taken a breath for a while. As he waited he noticed that his cock was already at full attention, and were he able to see in the darkness, he was in no doubt that it was making a pretty good facsimile of a tent out of the bed clothes. Natasha moaned again, long, soft and low. That moan too was undoubtedly a moan of arousal or even lust. Sean’s cock pulsed.

‘She’s having one hell of an erotic bedava bahis dream’ he thought. ‘I wonder if I’m in it or is she with someone else?’ he felt a tinge of jealousy at that thought and considered it best to believe it was him that was arousing his wife in her dreams and maybe even at this moment entering her moist cavern.

It appeared suddenly that the movement within the bed had taken on a new force, greater urgency and was now more noticeable. He smiled thinking that his dream self was probably forcing his attentions upon his wife, harder and faster and that is what explained it. He could definitely feel her thigh rocking upon his hip as her dream fucking took over. But in the next moment his breath was taken from him, his mouth became as dry as a long distance runner’s; he thought he heard a wet sucking sound, it was a sound he knew and one that nearly had him coming.

A new thought had popped into his head along with that sound, if it was what he thought it was? He immediately dismissed it though, it can’t have been that? The thought was pure fantasy, his personal fantasy, so it was more likely that he was hearing things or even convincing himself of something that hadn’t happened.

Maybe he was still dreaming? Unconsciously both of his hands were on his large cock, gripping it fiercely as he thought about the times that he had come close to fulfilling that fantasy, although he had not explained it to his wife in any detail, she was aware of the nature of what he wanted. However it was something that he knew she would never be comfortable with. That fantasy was of his wife playing with herself whilst he watched. She was just not that kind of woman.

She, up until him, had never sampled the delights of sex in any way, and that included masturbation. She always considered sex to be something that should be shared, rather than the selfish gratification that was the net result of masturbating. She loved sex, but it was always on her terms. Sean had often attempted to get Natasha to play with herself whilst he watched, and on a few occasions she had begrudgingly agreed, but it was obvious that she was not truly enjoying the experience and this would dampen her ardour and his too, thus defeating the whole object.

Natasha always said “she preferred his hands and fingers to her own,” something that left him disappointed but pleased at the same time.

The only time that he had been successful and to this day Natasha was not fully aware of the extent that he had gone to, to get that success, was on his Birthday a year ago.

They had both decided that it was time for a treat; they would go out for a meal. He had said that it was quite a posh restaurant so they should both dress up a bit. This was more of a ploy to get her into his favourite lingerie than anything else really and he knew that his wife would not disappoint, she never did. Furthermore being the kind of guy that he was, one that liked erotic pictures and video of his wife, something she was equally uncomfortable with; he felt that it was time to do something for himself. It was his Birthday after all, ‘why shouldn’t I treat myself?’ he voiced.

The only doubt in his mind was that it might be overstepping personal boundaries, but he liked to think that married people shouldn’t have any personal boundaries as long as no harm was intended by either party.

Sean set up a video camera in their bedroom. He wanted to bedava bonus film his wife as she got herself ready for the evening. She preferred not to be overtly naked in front of him so their lovemaking would often be done under the cover of darkness as well as under the covers! Of course they had made love elsewhere but that had usually been as the mood took them and there was not always the opportunity to remove all clothing when that mood struck.

Natasha was not happy/confident with her body shape and that was why she preferred him not to see her completely exposed. “What woman is ever happy with their shape or size or weight?” he had said to her on one occasion where he was trying to take some video of them making love and she was having none of it. “The important thing surely is that I am happy? More than happy if the truth be known. I think you have a cracking figure, the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen with lovely large nipples, I love your hips, your tiny flat waist, your long legs and your face; what is not to like there?

I’m telling you there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. And if we cannot show our true selves to each other, then there is truly something missing in this relationship.” He did not want to upset her, and he did not want to make her think he was saying these things just so that he would get her commitment to making the erotic video. Truth told, he was not quite sure where his motive was coming from himself? But ultimately he had said the right thing on that occasion as she smiled more and more as she listened to him; he was obviously saying just what she wanted to hear.

However the video was still unsuccessful as it appeared forced rather than natural, like a very bad porno and his wife had not been as excited as she usually was. He just had to find a way of ridding her of those inhibitions, or as he was thinking now, do something that she was not aware of. ‘Covert ops’ he called it, ways to video Natasha and take her picture without her knowing. This he already knew would heighten his level of arousal as he always had had voyeuristic tendencies anyway. And if Natasha didn’t know then she couldn’t get upset or tense about it and the whole thing would look more natural, which is what he was after. Of course there was still the obstacle of getting her to play with herself, but he would think on that one later.

He waited until she was taking a bath before doing the set-up. He placed the camera in the corner of their bedroom and made sure that it was zoomed into the corner that Natasha was most likely to dress in, that with the full length mirror. He checked that the camera was level and that the picture was artistically framed. He also checked that her lingerie draw was in shot as it was the thought of her dressing up for him that really got him going. The sound on the microphone was turned right up to pick up every noise.

If she dressed anywhere else then this would be a waste of time as the camera would not pick it up, but he wanted a close up so took the gamble. With the whole thought of what he was doing running through his head he realised he was fully aroused by this. It was sexy, erotic, naughty and non-consensual all at the same time. This made his loins react all the more. He couldn’t wait to watch the video at a later stage and knew that he would probably use it as an aid to masturbation; as he did with all of the videos he had taken to deneme bonusu date.

He had been married for five years now and he could number on two hands the number of times that Natasha had dressed in front of him, and even then would unconsciously turn her back whilst loading her breasts into her bra or slipping on her panties.

Happy that the camera angle was right and as bright sunlight still piled into the room making it bright, warm and inviting he knew there would be more than sufficient light for making good picture quality on his high definition, semi-professional device. He set the motion sensor to on so that it would activate as soon as she passed within range, carefully disguised it so that it would not be apparent unless you were really looking for it; then he slipped away to the shower room to take his shower.

As he washed thoughts of the night ran through his head, to the extent that he had an erection throughout the entire wash. Of course he was taking some things for granted here. His hope was that right now Natasha was finishing drying herself in full view of the camera and would then be dressing in some very sexy lingerie. The reality could of course be that she was dressing in practical but smart trousers, and her lingerie in that case would be panties that were equally practical and didn’t provide a visible panty line. Either way both would be a turn off for him.

He liked it when his wife dressed specifically for him; he liked women to look feminine and didn’t like them wearing trousers and formless tops. Ok if sexy wasn’t practical, but being a man he had to admit he couldn’t think when sexy wasn’t ever the most practical way for a woman to dress! Yes, he’d go with sexy every time… But he had to put those thoughts to one side and think of the other steps to his planned evening, but even so, looking down at himself it was evident that those recent thoughts had diminished his ardour to the extent that it had almost disappeared.

How would he control the situation so that it went the way her wanted. Natasha had this knack for disrupting his plans, it always appeared that it was unintentional, but he was beginning to think that she read his mind and knew exactly what he was planning and if she didn’t agree with it, well she would thwart it somehow. How was he going to do the intimate type of filming he wanted without her being aware and clamming up? Should he go for something outside, or more controlled like in the bedroom?

He knew from experience that Natasha liked nothing better than being taken from behind whilst spread-eagled across a warm car bonnet. That sort of thing made her orgasms quick, intense and very often loud. For a girl that appeared as inhibited in front of him as Natasha did, he often found this to be a contradiction. Tonight however, he wanted to go for the more controlled environment of the bedroom. But he had to make sure that she had no idea, he didn’t want her excitement to decrease because of his sexual leanings. How would he get those detailed shots, how would he stop the camera from being intrusive? As he towelled himself down he pondered.

Of course he could always get her drunk so that she wouldn’t care, but he wanted her to enjoy the process and to look like she was enjoying the process. It was important to the whole impact of the video. It must appear that they were both enjoying what they were doing; this is where he had failed to date. He settled on a plan that made him feel happy that he was not overstepping things too much and got himself ready. He looked a little like a mafia boss when he was done but knew that his wife would appreciate the tight trousers that went with the suit and went to see where his wife was at.

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