His Ella Bella

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“You didn’t attend the funeral.” Albert said, leaning in the doorway.

“I didn’t need to.” Ella answered. She’d been invited to her late husband’s parent’s house as a sad celebration to mark the anniversary of Harrison’s death. Ella had accepted their invitation more out of a need to see these kind folk than for any want of remembrance of Harrison himself. This was the first she’d stepped back into this house, the first that she’d actually talked to any of his relatives in the long year since his death.

“I went looking for you, hired a private detective even. Sophia Watson wouldn’t tell me where you lived, but she seemed to think you were doing all right.” Albert studied Ella’s face. In the last year she’d lost an extraordinary amount of weight. She didn’t look like the same distressed house wren that she’d been in the hospital. But she had sadness about her face that marked her new status as widow. And the black dress she wore screamed it to the world.

“Sophia Watson writes occasionally. And if I’m in the mood I write back. There’s a bit of irony here. I have a better relationship with Harrison’s mistress than I ever had with Harrison.”

Albert crossed the room in quick strides. He didn’t want to think about his brother’s widow as she was now. If he did so he’d only be aware of how the dress she wore clung to her like a second skin. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes – or his mind – from her perfect collarbones, how the bracelet she wore was loose around her wrist, or the muscled calves that peeked at him from beneath her long demure skirt. Albert found he very much wanted to think of Harrison’s Widow as she had been. He stopped abruptly; close to her…towering over her…and found he enjoyed the sensation. He felt wildly in control.

“I am sorry, so very sorry. I can’t believe – none of us can believe – that Harrison would have ever cheated on you!” Albert began.

Ella lifted her chin. “Really, do you think he wanted to sleep with someone as large as I am – was – when he could have someone half my size?” Ella demanded, both amused and offended.

Shock rippled through Albert, loosening his tongue. “I admit you’ve lost weight. But you’re not too large now. You’re perfect.” Ella’s disbelieving snort propelled him into action. Grasping her wrist he pulled her into the bathroom. “Just stand here and see what I see.” He said. Albert was aware that some crazy spirit had a hold of him.

“What do you see?” Ella blinked at her reflection. Goodness! Was that low smoky voice coming from her throat? Before bursa escort she could quite get her mind around the thought Albert trailed his fingers over her collarbones.

“Beautiful.” He whispered. Then, when she would have turned away from the image. “No. Stand still and look.”

“Oh!” Ella exclaimed when Albert’s palm smoothed down the side of her breast to rest over her belly. It was a large hand, masculine. In the mirror she looked tiny against his spread blunt fingers…Her eyes snapped to his. Had he seen her reaction?

“What’s the matter, Bella?” Albert slid his hand up to tease one of the turgid points that made her awareness of him clear. His gaze met her wide-eyed look in the mirror. “You’re paying me the highest compliment.”

“I-I must go.” Ella barely got out. But she couldn’t move. Albert’s body seemed to block all venues of escape. She backed up the half step of space he’d allowed her — and found her back pressed against the hard muscles of Albert’s body. His thighs flexed against the back of her thighs, sending a rush of emotions through her.

Ella thought of the steamy romance books she read. The sex scenes often disturbed her. Ella followed them — to a point. It just seemed that the moment the leading man slid between his partner’s legs that all writings on the subject lost touch with reality. After all, she’d had a husband between her legs. It wasn’t sensuous at all.

But then Albert’s thighs flexed again. Ella gasped. At once she was aware of the heat pooling between her legs.

“Bella.” Albert whispered, his reflection in the mirror showing keen interest. “I wonder if you realize what you look like, what you’re doing.”

“W-what?” Ella asked. She forced herself to keep her eyes on him.

Albert’s gaze didn’t leave hers even as he lowered his mouth to the curve of her ear. Reaching over he closed the bathroom door and locked it. That he didn’t have to move away from Ella’s delectable and reactive body was a testimony to his size. “Turn around Bella.” He whispered.

“I can’t.” Ella answered even as she did. No longer did the thick muscles of Albert’s thighs press against the back of her legs. Now they pressed against the front of her legs. She inhaled sharply when Albert shifted, sliding his knee between her legs and bringing her skirt up with it.

“This is nice.” Albert skimmed his knuckles over the curve of her neck. “I like this look. Very school ma’am style. It’s one of my favorite fantasies.”

“Albert…we shouldn’t.” Ella fought to get the words out. bursa escort bayan How could she reasonably say they shouldn’t when she widened her stance? At once Albert took advantage of her compliance. His hand slid under the gathered folds of her skirt.

“My gods!” He gasped into her ear. “You’re so damn wet! How can I back away from this?” He slid his fingers under the band of her panties, searching through the moist folds for the tiny pearl of pleasure. He knew the moment he found it for Ella’s hands tightened on his arms even as her head fell back. The demure neckline of her dress revealed the curve of one breast. “What do you want me to do?” Albert asked, silently pleading for her to beg him to take her.

Ella lifted her head. Albert’s eyes had turned from light green to a deep stormy jungle color. He was controlled against her, supporting her against the basin even as he coaxed each sigh and gasp that flowed from her throat. “Tear them.” She commanded, too far caught up in the dance of his fingers around her nub to be shocked.

“Tear them? Are you sure?” But he was already moving, lifting her to set her on the edge of the bathroom counter. Her knees trembled on either side of his hips. Albert pushed her skirt up, revealing the lacy black panties shielding her heat from his gaze. “No more, understand?”

She nodded. What else could she do? On the verge of something she’d never experienced before Ella only nodded. “No more panties?” She asked.

“No more black. You’re not mourning him anymore. I want white or pink or — god help me — red. But no damn black.” At Ella’s wide-eyed agreement he hooked fingers on either side of the leg of her panties and yanked. The Panties weren’t destroyed — exactly. There was now a thoroughly accommodating gap right where he wanted to be. “My beautiful Ella Bella.” He whispered, leaning forward to kiss her even as his fingers invaded through that gap. “I can’t wait.”

Ella didn’t understand his last words until he’d yanked his zipper down. Blunt heat pressed against her wet center. “It won’t fit!” She gasped.

“We’ll go slow.” Albert promised, not certain he could. And by gods the wet heat between her legs was tight. He pressed forward, gritting his teeth together. And moved not even a damn full inch into her. “Sweetheart, Bella…” He whispered, realizing at once that he’d not gain entrance at this moment — nor would he be able to easily remove what little of himself he’d wedged within her.

“Albert?” She whispered shyly, daring to reach down between their escort bursa bodies. “Touch me here, I liked that.”

“Show me.” Albert leaned back to give her room. “Touch me.” His fingers twinned around hers and pulled her hand to his staff. But his Ella was full of surprises. Her fingers wrapped just beneath the crown of his member. And she flicked her thumb out to rub at the base of her nubbin.

Ella’s head fell back. Often, when Harrison had finished with her, she’d had to satisfy herself. Never before had she shown anyone her preference. She found it stimulating and — despite Albert’s harshly indrawn breath — pushed herself further onto the enormous blunt head. Theoretically she was wet enough he should have been able to slide right in…but realistically Harrison had been very small in length and girth and had never done more than cause a minute sensation down there.

“Bella — sweetheart — don’t move. You’ll break me.” Albert whispered, kissing her chin, her throat, and nuzzling the curves the top of her dress allowed him to reach. But Ella wasn’t done with him yet and wrapped her fingers just beneath his crown again. She wiggled about, lifting her hips. With the erotic slide of her fingers over his most sensitive parts he found himself straining towards climax.

Albert’s fingers sought and caught the slippery plump pearl between her legs. It was engorged now and so sensitive that Ella bucked at his touch, impaling herself just a little further onto him. Her fingers clutched around the base of his head, nails digging in and triggering a rush of heat from his belly. Albert sought Ella’s mouth, swallowing her cries as her snug wet body convulsed on the throbbing head of his prick. Her explosion triggered his and at once he felt the coiling heat shoot from his belly.

Their separation was gradual. Albert’s prick deflated enough to fall free from her. Ella clutched his hand, gently extracting his fingers from her nubbin. Albert stepped back, tucked himself inside his pants and zipped up while Ella dabbed a tissue through the gaping hole in her panties. The tissue landed in the trash, that most intimate of cleanup complete. Than she lowered her legs from the counter and stood up, unsteady in a freshly fucked way. Albert looked into the mirror, straightening his shirt where she’d grabbed him.

“No!” He said sharply and at once at the sight of Ella pulling the torn panties off. At her stunned look he caught her chin. “You’ll wear them tonight. I want to look at you over soup and potatoes or whatever we’re having and know that you’ve still got them on. Understand?”

Ella nodded. “Yes.” She whispered. Albert’s swift kiss was more commanding than Harrison’s had ever been.

“That’s my girl.” Albert said, a predatory gleam in his eyes.

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