High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 18

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“Goodman!” A strong male voice exclaimed from behind my back. I swiveled my chair to find my boss standing just outside my cubicle.

With a tentative smile I replied. “Yes sir what can I do for you?”

“It’s the middle of November and you still have nine days of vacation to take. Remember you can’t roll them over to next year.” He reminded me.

My ex always planned our vacations and since our divorce I really hadn’t thought about taking any time off. “I’ll take a look at my calendar and see what I can do.” I replied.

“Just make sure we have coverage in the region while you’re gone Allen.” He stated.

“Will do.” I replied as I turned back to my desk.

Nine days of just hanging around my apartment didn’t sound very interesting so I started thinking about where I could go to get away.

I knew it would be almost impossible for Kay to get away from her shop for that long but I figured I’d talk to her later that evening and see if she could do a long weekend.

An early winter nip was in the air and the setting sun had the wispy clouds in the sky ablaze with colors as I pulled into the parking lot outside my building.

Kay’s apartment was still dark when I stepped out on the balcony after pouring myself a scotch and water. I’d wait until she got home to call her about joining me on a mini vacation.

I went inside and re-heated some Chinese take-out from two nights before in the microwave and refilled my drink. As I was about to sit down at the table to eat my cell rang. It was Kay calling.

“Hi Kay.” I said adding, “How was your day?”

“Oh Allen I had such a horrible day.” Kay said obviously still upset about something that had happened.

“Wanna talk about it?” I asked.

“Actually I really need a hug.” Kay replied. “Can you come over?” She asked.

Of course I jumped at the chance to rescue her from her horrible day. “Absolutely give me ten minutes.” I replied.

My Chinese left overs went back in the frig, and I took a healthy gulp of my scotch before grabbing a jacket and heading for the elevator.

I wondered what could have Kay so upset. She sounded like she was almost in tears. I had hoped to suggest we take a vacation together but I figured I’d have to put that off for now.

I dashed between traffic on the street and made my way into her building. The elevator guided to a stop at her floor and a moment later I knocked lightly on her door.

Kay opened the door and took a step back. She was wearing a lavender cowl neck sweater and black slacks. The slight flare at the bottom of her slacks rested perfectly on the tops of her black heels. She had her wavy red locks pulled back in a pony tail that was slightly offset to one side. Her eyes had the glisten of fresh tears in them.

“You okay?” I questioned as I stepped inside and closed the door.

As we moved closer together and she extended her arms I noticed her chin twitch ever so slightly. Kay melted into my arms and whispered. “Just hold me for a minute please.”

I pulled her close against me and slowly moved my open hands up and down her back trying to comfort her as she let the anguish of her day slowly ebb.

She smelled divine and felt even better pressed against my body.

I turned my head and kissed her ever so softly on the temple. “Do you want to sit down?” I suggested.

Kay slid her hands up my back and curled her fingers over my shoulders as she turned to look into my face. Her eyes sparkled with fresh tears and one tiny droplet escaped slowly rolling down her cheek.

I kissed the tear from her cheek bringing a half-hearted smile to her lips.

“Come with me.” I said taking her delicate hand in mine and leading her across the living room to the large overstuffed chair opposite the sofa.

I sat down and pulled her into my lap. Kay instantly curled up and cuddled against me her silky smooth cheek resting on my shoulder.

A relaxing sigh escaped her lungs as I gathered her hands in mine.

“Tell me what has you so upset?” I asked.

“Allen, I could lose the store.” She began quickly adding. “I don’t know where I’m going to get the extra money.”

Thoroughly confused I replied. “Lose the store, why Kay?”

Kay continued. “My landlord came in today and told me he’s raising the rent $500.00 a month. I’m barely making it now at $1,000.00 a month.

I knew how much her store meant to Kay and could understand why the idea of losing it would upset her so.

“Did he give you a reason?” I asked figuring he was just being greedy.

“He told me the taxes went up this year and he did some research on what other store fronts are bringing in the neighborhood.” Kay explained.

“That’s a pretty big jump when is the increase taking affect?” I asked.

“On the first of the year.” Kay answered.

I smiled and suggested. “Well we’ve got sixty days to figure out how to increase your monthly sales by five hundred dollars.”

“Good luck doing that.” Kay remarked. “The second hand furniture pendik escort business isn’t what it used to be Allen.” She added.

“Kay my job is marketing. Whether its women’s sports apparel or used furniture marketing is marketing I’d be happy to try and help you increase sales.” I offered.

“You would do that for me?” Kay asked looking up into my eyes and smiling a little more widely.

With a devilish grin on my lips I replied. “I’d be happy to, but I would expect some compensation.”

Kay smiled widely and wiggled her hips a little. “Well money’s tight so I wouldn’t be able to compensate you in cash.”

“I didn’t have a monetary compensation in mind.” I replied as she ground her ass firmly against my groin.

Kay continued massaging my growing erection with her soft ass as she whispered. “I suppose you’ll want to fuck me anytime you like as compensation for your help?”

My wide smile acknowledged that she was on the right trail but I added. “Yep with an occasional blow job thrown in as a bonus.”

My hard cock was now pressing up against her ass and she continued grinding on it as she remarked. “Well considering I’d suck and fuck you anytime you wanted anyway I suppose that arrangement would be a win /win for both of us.”

“I like win wins.” I quickly replied.

I could tell from her eyes that she was also becoming aroused and wanted me as much as I needed her.

Kay slowly slid off my lap and stood between my spread thighs.

“How about a little retainer?” Kay asked.

I smiled and replied. “Just to seal the deal.”

She licked her lips sensuously as her hands slowly moved up and pulled the end of the ribbon holding her hair in that sexy pony tail. With a flip of her head those wavy red tresses cascaded around her face and over her shoulders.

“How sexy is that!” I exclaimed bringing a smile to her lips.

“Almost as sexy as this.” Kay replied as she drew the lavender cowl neck up over her head and tossed it aside.

Her soft tits were held firmly in black satin with lace trim and a tiny red bow where the cups clasped together the deep v of her bra exposing nearly the entire length of her cleavage.

I gasped at the vision of sensuality standing before me and shifted my hips trying to give my growing hard on more room to expand.

“You like looking at my tits don’t you?” Kay asked.

I smiled and replied. “No I LOVE looking at your tits.”

Kay returned my smile and shook her shoulders causing the soft flesh oozing above the lacy trim to jiggle sexily.

“Want to see more?” She asked.

“Absolutely!” I instantly replied.

Kay pirouetted on her heels and faced away from my vantage point slowly swaying her hips from side to side as she settled in giving me a look at her ass.

Her hair flipped aside as she turned her head looking over her shoulder at me. She whispered. “Do you wanna see my ass?”

“Oh yes please.” I nearly shouted.

Her long sexy fingers tipped with bright red nails slowly moved up over that sexy ass finally reaching the top of her slacks.

“And after you’ve see my ass do you wanna fuck it?” She toyed.

Kay knows how much I love anal sex and didn’t wait for a reply before asking. “You wanna slam that big hard cock of yours in this tight sexy ass?”

My cock lurched in my pants and Kay grinned as I grabbed it with my hand to keep it from tearing the fabric it was hidden beneath.

She turned her head away and tilted it back slightly letting her long wavy hair hang down her back as two thumbs hooked the fabric of her slacks and slowly began peeling it over her milky white flesh.

A subtle moan escaped my lungs as the milky flesh was interrupted by thin lines of black silk riding up over her hips. Her thong rode deep between her soft ass cheeks and as the fabric of her slacks slid lower and lower the triangle of silk covering her pussy came into view.

“You have a great ass!” I exclaimed.

Kay replied. “A perfect ass for fucking.”

I watched intently as Kay slowly slid her slacks down her long slender legs until they pooled around her sexy near stiletto height heels.

Bent completely over at the waist Kay slipped her hands up the back of her legs until they reached her ass. She pulled the creamy flesh apart showing me the length of silk material trying to hide the puckered entrance to her tight ass.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed.

Kay began straightening up and carefully stepped out of the puddles of fabric around her heels then turned to face me again. Her eyes were filled with sexual lust. Her flowing red hair surrounded her beautiful mature face and dazzling moist lips through which a tiny tip of pink tongue protruded.

My throbbing hard on tented the material still imprisoning it.

As she moved closer Kay whispered. “I’m gonna make your cock nice and wet with my mouth and then I want you to fuck my tight ass.”

I could only shake my head in agreement.

Keeping her spine as straight as an maltepe escort arrow she slowly grouched between my spread thighs. Her hands moved up and came to rest on the tops of my legs.

Her eyes moved from mine as she softly said. “It looks so big.”

I moved one hand to grasp the pulsing cock in my pants and answered. “And very hard.”

Kay smiled sexily as she moved one hand to cover mine then asked. “Let me feel.”

I slid my hand from under hers and my throbbing cock nearly leaped up into her palm.

“Hmmmmmm…..” Kay cooed. “It is very hard.”

Her hand moved down the shaft to gently massage my balls then up again to feel the surging cock head in her palm.

“Let’s get these pants off.” Kay said wanting to feel its heat along with its rock hard flesh.

Both sexy hands quickly undid my belt and the clasp of my pants then she said. “Lift up a little.”

I pressed my shoulders into the chair and lifted my hips so she could pull the fabric from beneath my butt. As she pulled them down my thighs she nearly lost her balance but used the fabric around my knees to keep from falling backwards.

I felt her shift her weight and she dropped to her knees. The satin fabric still covering her tits brushed against the exposed flesh of my inner thighs.

Kay kept her lustful gaze on my bulging cock while she quickly removed my pants pulling my loafers off at the same time.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Kay said as I lifted my feet and placed them outside her knees.

Her long sexy nails teased the flesh on my thighs causing the tiny hairs to rise along with the goose bumps on my legs.

I leaned forward and ripped my shirt off over my head then settled back into the comfortable overstuffed chair to watch her every move.

“Touch it.” I pleaded as she continued teasing the quivering flesh on my thighs slowly inching their way up toward the throbbing cock still covered with one final layer of fabric.

Her finger nails were driving me insane as they finally reached the material of my under shorts. One hand did a light dance on the bulge of my balls while the other moved up alongside the pulsing cock shaft.

“Please Kay!” I begged. Her sexy smile acknowledging that she loves teasing me.

As she reached the flaring cock head her deft fingers gathered it up holding it with fabric between the searing flesh and her soft hand.

“I can feel it throbbing.” Kay remarked her tongue licking her lips in anticipation after she spoke.

Kay’s other hand slipped off my balls and began slowly sliding along the length of my cock. Once that hand bumped into the other she moved both down stroking the rock hard head and massaging the throbbing shaft.

“It’s burning my skin through the fabric.” Kay remarked.

I smiled and suggested. “Take it out and cool it off with your wet mouth.”

She took my suggestion to heart and released the searing cock from her lustful grasp. Her fingers slid up to the waist band of my shorts and slowly began peeling the fabric prison off my hips.

I again lifted my hips so she could release the object of her desire.

The flaring deep purple head was first to come under her sexy stare followed shortly by the rock hard shaft covered with blood engorged veins and finally the sack holding twin cum filled balls.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…”Kay moaned as my shorts disappeared below my knees.

I reached forward and pushed the shoulder straps of her bra off letting them hang loosely on her upper arms. I expected her to remove the bra but she just smiled and said. “I want that hard cock between my tits too.”

I moved my hand to the big arm rests and let my eyes settle onto her face expecting to watch her skillful oral talents prepare my cock for her tight ass.

“I love how it looks before I first touch it.” Kay remarked adding. “It twitches and lurches on its own in anticipation.”

She moved her hand palm up toward the flaring head.

I smiled and flexed my muscles causing it to lift up then relaxed letting it drop into her waiting hand.

Kay licked her lips as she leaned forward just letting the pulsing head rest in her soft palm.

“I want it sloppy wet so you can fuck my ass good.” Kay whispered before she extended her tongue and began licking at my balls.

“Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaa…” I moaned as she began giving me an oral cock bath with her sexy tongue and lips.

Her soft hand closed around the head and she began slowly stroking just the very top of my aching cock.

Her wet tongue worked its way up the shaft flicking at throbbing veins all along the way.

Once it reached her hand she lifted her mouth off and opened her hand. She smiled slightly just before she spat into her hand and onto my cock head.

“YES!” I exclaimed seeing her spit on my searing cock. I fully expected steam to rise from its pulsing flesh.

Her eyes were fixed on mine as she closed her soft hand around the head and skillfully smeared the saliva all over the flaring kartal escort head.

I tiny droplet of pre-cum appeared at the very tip which Kay collected with one finger nail and then spread across her extended tongue.

“Hmmmmm…. You taste so good!” Kay remarked.

Kay stroked down the shaft with one hand as she rose slightly on her haunches. Leaning a little forward she place the glistening cock head just below the tiny red bow on the clasp of her bra the dropped forcing my cock under the fabric and into the warm soft confines of her cleavage.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as she dropped enough for the flaring head to pop out above.

“I love how it feels there.” Kay said as she began slowly tit fucking my cock.

I now understood why she had kept the bra on. She could just move her body up and down and didn’t need to press her tits together to pleasure my aching cock. Instead her hands and nails were free to explore my thighs and abdomen teasing the flesh and again raising goose bumps on my body.

As the moisture she had so skillfully smeared on my cock was transferred to the creamy white flesh of her tits her cleavage glistened like my cock had earlier.

After several minutes of lustful tit fucking I began to thrust up off the chair causing my cock to pop out even further from her soft cleavage. Kay tucked her chin against her neck and again spat on the head making it even more slippery.

“I want it in my mouth.” Kay finally said knowing that if I continued fucking her cleavage I’d be depositing a load of thick cum between her tits.

She rose up and let my cock slide out from under her satin bra, and quickly unclasped it letting it fall behind her.

“Suck it!” I demanded.

Kay leaned forward and grasped the shaft with both hands right above the base intertwining her fingers around the pulsing cock meat.

Her lips parted then slowly approached the flaring purple head.

I moaned as Kay exhaled deeply over the head just as she lowered her mouth on it. Her lips were wide open and the tip didn’t touch wet flesh until it bumped against the back of her throat.

I wanted to grab her head and thrust my cock down her throat but resisted the urge when she closed her lips half way down the shaft encapsulating the head and shaft in her warm wet sexy oral cavity.

Holding the base firmly in both hands Kay began slowly moving her mouth up and down never letting the head or its flaring corona escape the confines of her hot mouth.

Ever so slowly saliva began escaping over her lips running down the remaining length of cock shaft until it reached her hands at the bottom.

She lifted up and let the head slip out. Several strings of hot salvia stretched from her lips down to the head. She stroked the entire length with her soft wet hands coating it evenly with her moisture.

“God that feels so good! You mouth is so fucking wet!” I exclaimed.

Kay straightened up and turned crawling on hands and knees a few feet away from me.

She reached around and pulled the tiny black strap of her thong aside then said. “Fuck my tight ass now.”

I moved behind her and grasped her soft creamy white ass cheeks spreading them wide open. My index finger captured the silk strap and Kay instantly reached between her legs dipping several sexy fingers into her sopping wet pussy to collect juices. Those fingers moved up and coated the puckered flesh of her sphincter then pierced the hole lubricating the tight flesh inside.

“Don’t go slow baby. Kay pleaded. “Give it to me fast and hard!” She added.

I pressed my hands harder against her ass spreading her open as far as possible then moved to position my glistening fuck tool at the entrance to her puckered sphincter.

The wet tip touched her flesh and it instantly flared ready to accept my invasion. I dug my fingers into the soft flesh and with one mighty thrust entered her hot tight ass.

She screamed in sheer delight as the cock head spread her open then stretched her as the corona slipped through the tight opening.

I continued thrusting hard into her tight ass as Kay pushed back to meet my invading cock.

“Give it to me!” Kay screamed as I neared full penetration. Then “YES!” as my balls slapped against her dripping pussy.

I had impaled her with throbbing cock in one swift hard stroke and I held her there filling her ass with pulsing cock.

It’s so fucking hot!” I exclaimed as I began withdrawing for the first time.

I only pulled back far enough until the wide corona began stretching her again then thrust in again.

Kay cooed in absolute pleasure as I began fucking her faster and harder with each passing moment.

My fingers dug into her soft flesh leaving marks where they touched. Kay dropped to her elbows giving me an even better angle to invade her steaming ass.

“Fuck me, Fuck me FUCK ME!” Kay moaned as I pounded hard cock into her ass.

Kay moved one hand between her legs and began fingering her wet pussy feverishly raising her to untold heights of sexual fulfillment.

I could feel the tingling in my loins that announced my approaching orgasm but I wanted this ass fucking to last so I pulled back and let my cock slip from the steamy depths of her soul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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