Hidden Desires Ch. 2

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As I continue with this on going story of Hidden Desires I hope that A/all that have read the first one enjoys this one even more. The first part talked of using fruit, liquids, and even ice. This 2nd part of the story will go into a more Erotic Hidden Desire I have to explore and would like to explore. I hope you enjoy reading this and I hope this has helped you to look and search for your Hidden Desires that are in you.

I see you in the club dancing and smiling looking so radiant and beautiful. You are dressed in a short tight black mini skirt with a slit up the side. You also have on an almost transparent see through top that is showing off your black lace bra underneath. I slowly walk up to you and ask you to dance when a slow song starts to play, as we move out onto the dance floor we embrace and start to move as one. As we slow dance together on the dance floor I slowly caress your body and feel the contours of your soft features, and the your body yields to the touch. You caress the back of my neck and shoulders feeling the hardness of my body and as you caress my back I feel you grip my firm tight ass and squeeze.

I slowly move my hands down your back onto you’re tender but tight ass and pull you closer to me as we grind our hips into each other in rhythm with the music. We sway in each other’s arms and then look deep into each other’s eyes. We see the same desire to have each other and right then and there in the club. We slowly move to the music and then our lips touch in a passionate kiss. As we kiss we slowly dance our way off the floor and into a darkened corner of the club. As we kiss I let my hands explore your tenderness and slowly slide up under your skirt. Feeling the tenderness pendik escort but yet firmness of your legs and thighs till I reach your panty covered sex. I can feel the heat radiating from her even through your panties and it makes me smiles.

I feel you caressing my crotch and feeling my harden sex tool and slowly running your hand up and down the outside of my pants stroking him. I slowly undo your blouse and pull it open so I may undo your bra and caress your breast and nipples, making them harden to the touch of my hand. I feel you slowly undo my jeans and slide your hand into them to get at my hard cock, my sex tool of pleasure. I slide my hand up to the tops of your panties and slide them down off you and then drop to my knees and slide your mini skirt up around your waist. As I do I lean forward and inhale you sweet scent escaping from your sex and slowly slide my tongue out and let it run lightly along the outer side of your sex. Tasting your sweetness drives me to lick you and sliding my tongue in-between your lips I slide in deep tasting your sweet juices flowing out of you.

I drink in your sweetness and feel you body tremble from the excitement of what we are doing in a public place. I slowly slide my tongue over your clit and then take her into my mouth and suck on her making you moan loud, and seeing heads turn I continue with the pressure on your clit making you shake uncontrollably. I then start to stand up and kiss you deeply letting you taste your sweetness on my mouth and tongue. Making you moan from the passion that is building between us.

Then I slowly push you to your knees to take my hard sex into your mouth and suck on him lovingly. You take him deep into your maltepe escort mouth swirling your tongue around the head of my sex and making me moan with pleasure and I start to rock my hips forward and back slowly fucking your mouth. I glance up to see people watching us make love in the club and they are enjoying the show we are giving them. It brings a smile to my face as I feel you suck and lick on my tool of love. I slowly bring you to your feet and turn you around to face the wall and spread your legs.

Slowly I press the head of my tool into your sex and slide him in deep and slow. I slide him into your depths and feel you tighten your sex around him pulling him deeper into you and caressing him with your sex. I slowly start to thrust in and out of you as I reach around your body and find your hard clit and rub her between my fingers making you moan and cover my sex tool with your juices. As I continue to thrust in and out of you I reach for your nipples and pull and pinch them watching your body quiver in desire of release.

I slowly pull out of you and turn you around to face me and then lift you up so your back is against the wall and I slide you down onto my hard sex tool and guide him into you deep and slowly. Feeling your sex open to him and accept him into you and lovingly caress him in your sex. We slowly begin to move as one as I thrust into you deep and slow, I look into the mirror on the wall and see a few people watching us with pleasure on their faces. As we continue our lovemaking I bring you to yet another climax and continue to play our desire of being watched in public out a little bit longer. Making you bite my neck and shoulders in pleasure. I thrust up into kartal escort you deeper and harder and then surprise you by sliding into your rosebud and feeling your ass open up to the entrance of my sex tool. Sliding into you slowly and deep I lean down and bite your neck as your rosebud caresses me and grips me tight.

I look into your eyes and I see that you are almost there yet again reaching the highest point of our lovemaking. You are using your eyes to ask me for total release so you may explode and bring me to my explosion as well. I answer your question by thrusting into you deeper and faster nibbling on your nipples as I do. I feel your rosebud gripping me tighter and milking my explosion out of me as you explode in climax.

As you explode in the biggest climax I have felt come from you I explode deep into you and our lips meet in a deep wild passionate kiss as we bring our climaxes to the highest point and let them release. Pulsing deep into your rosebud I fill you and as I do I feel your sweetness running down out of you and onto my tool and down to my legs. As we both finish our climax I slowly lower you to your feet and slide out of you, as I do you drop to your knees and take my tool into your mouth once again and clean him before putting him away. As you stand back up I take you into my arms and look into your eyes and see the look of happiness that we have explored and acted upon our desire.

I kiss you deeply and passionately, tenderly and hold you close as we see the people that have been watching go back about their drinking and partying. We slowly make our way back to the bar and get ourselves a couple of drinks and then we go and sit and watch the fun of the club and listen to the music. As we are sitting there I am thinking of more desires I would love to explore with you and fulfill with you sometime soon. I lean over and whisper into you ear I love you and we shall explore more soon my love.

The End For Know…

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