Her Shave

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One of your most endearing features, my love, has always been the fact that you keep you pussy shaven completely clean and we have shared many an erotic moment shaving each other. We both love the clean and sexy feeling of our naked pubes rubbing together as we make love. And then there is the wonderful sensation of tasting you and feeling your warm bare skin against my tongue and lips as I drink my fill of your cum! It seems that it is almost that time again.

You have been waiting for me to assist you in your regular shaving of your pussy; in fact, you have skipped a couple of times to leave me something to do!

I follow your beautiful swaying naked bum into the bathroom – I am wearing my robe only and you, my sweet sexy love, are buck naked. I help you up to sit on the cool wide vanity with your legs straddling the sink. As you lower your naked bum to the tiles, you squeak in shock at the coolness so I slide one of our big fluffy bath sheets under you so you can lie back on the escort ataşehir long vanity.

You spread your legs wide at my urging and I lean down to run my tongue along the length of your pussy until it teases your clit. Then, running hot water in the sink between your legs, I soak a hand towel, wring it out and lay it gently to cover your pussy to your asshole to soften the hair. The heat is relaxing and your legs ease further apart. While you lie there, I roll up another towel tightly and have you lift your hips so I can slide it under you to lift your full pussy and rear open to my task.

After the towel has cooled and the downy hair has softened, I take a camel hair shaving bush and some gentle shaving cream and later you up well from your naval to the back of your anal opening. Your bush is still very short so doesn’t need a trim first.

Taking a safety razor in hand and using my other hand to stretch your skin taut, I start at the base of your belly and kadıköy escort work slowly down and around your slit and then around your pucker, constantly rinsing off the blade as I go. Then, very, very carefully opening the folds of your pussy, I slowly run the blade along the walls of your inner lips. The heat of the foam and the touch of my fingers has my baby flowing as she moans in a mini orgasm! I then move to the other side and completely clear any hair remaining – the blade glides smoothly on the juices of your excitement!

Finally, I have you pull your legs as far apart as possible and lift them high so I can more fully access your sphincter. Gently and spread the pucker and ensure that every hair is removed. I then take a clean warm and wet cloth and completely wash off all the foam and loose hair. My god, baby! Your pussy is shining and so sexy as it glistens with your cum.

The final step is the application of a gentle and tasty lotion to relieve any razor maltepe escort bayan burn and I take great pleasure in applying this liberally everywhere as your body writhes under my touch.

Just the scent of your arousal has me rock hard and I shuck off my robe letting it fall to the bathroom floor. I reach under you and pick you up in my arms – I will clean up later – and take you into our bedroom where we fall together onto the big bed. I immediately dive between your already wet, hot pussy and plunge my tongue all the way into your welcoming tunnel. As you gush out into my open mouth, you drag me around into a classic 69 and take my cock in one stroke deep into your throat. As your continue to draw me in and out of your mouth and throat, I am shoving three fingers up to your g-spot and sucking furiously on your large engorged clit!

It seems like almost immediately – but we manage to prolong the ecstasy for a half hour – when we finally simultaneously explode together. You swallow down every ropey stream of my multiple cum while my mouth is wide around your pussy as it sprays out burst after burst of cum into my hungering mouth.

We collapse and turn into each other’s arms as we exchange deep passionate kisses and share our wonderful tastes!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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