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You get home and take your clothes off. After a stressful day you look forward to a nice relaxing bath.

You think about the ideas we shared and wish you could feel me and act out some of these fantasies. I won’t be coming home from work for a while longer and you just sink into your dream world. Something brings you back down to reality. It takes you a while to realize that it was a knock on the door. Very frustrated you open it as you were already naked and now have to find a robe.

This very sexy lady looks a little stressed out as her car broke down and she is from out of town. She asks if she could use our phone and you let her in. She is wearing a tight mini skirt and a blouse that is open way too much but must have popped open in all the excitement. Speaking of excitement your nipples are getting hard from rubbing on the soft terry cloth towel.

For no reason at all she tells you that she was here meeting with a “friend”, which is why she looks like this. You giggle and say you wish you had a friend too. She looks at your sexy body…and you get a little self conscious…you always wanted casino ┼čirketleri to be with another woman… could this be the opportunity?

She sits in front of you with legs opened obviously wide. You sneak a peek but get embarrassed and look away. She notices your embarrassment and opens a little wider…is that what you wanted to see? You see her exposed shaved pussy. You blush and look away. She then gets up and slowly opens your robe to expose your breasts and finds your nipples are hard.

You close your eyes to her soft touch. Part of you imagining it were me touching you, but then you desired to experience a woman’s touch. Then she begins to kiss your nipple with such softness as only a woman could. You begin to moan softly. She fumbles in her bag and gets out a nipple clamp and places it on your hard nipple. You feel the clap tightening on your hard nipple but the excitement overtakes any pain.

You wonder what other toys she has in there; out comes a vibrator. Her hands looking all over your body, caressing running over every goose bump on your skin. You just stand there letting her pleasure casino firmalar─▒ you. She licks and sucks your nipples like you never felt before and her hands finally find your wet pussy. She likes the fact that it is shaven and caresses your mound. You wish she would finally touch your clit as the expectations are turning into torture. Just as you can’t hold anymore she begins to caress your clit. She knew just how long to drive you crazy with anticipation ÔÇô only like a woman would know.

She gets down in front of you and you are a little shy seeing her down there but then begins to lick you. Electricity is flowing through your body and you almost cum right there. She prolongs the orgasm and stops licking your clit and slowly enters you with her vibrator. Rhythmically begins to fuck you. As if she is one with your body she knows just the right angle, speed.

She leaves the vibrator in you but then stops the stimulation and comes up to lick your nipples. The clamps are still there and she removes one of them. Blood rushing to you nipple and her licking it at the same time gives you an incredible sensation g├╝venilir casino and you let out another moan. Wanting to cum you reach for your puss and begin to rub it but she takes your hand and stops you. She kisses you ever so softly then kisses down your body back to your puss. There she licks around your lips poking the clit ever so often. Every time she hits your clit another wave hits you. You can’t handle it any longer and you cum like a tsunami that starts in your clit it spreads all over your body reeking havoc with your senses. Your legs give up from under you and collapse on the floor. You have never felt a full body orgasm like that you just lie in the floor almost unconscious as wave after wave hit you in mini orgasms ÔÇô too many to count.

Someone rings the doorbell and the lady has to leave as the auto club just arrived. She leaves without so much as saying a word you lie there all spent and wonder if this really happened or was it just your imagination. Then you notice the other nipple clamp still attached on your nipples and smile to yourself. Extremely satisfied you can’t wait to tell me about your little escapade and how you defiantly acquired a taste for women. Speaking of taste ÔÇô you now wish you could taste a puss. You reach down between your legs and bring a finger full of juice to your mouth. For now this will have to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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