Helpful Policeman

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Karen got out of bed angry due to the noise of the fight that lasted most of the night from somewhere in her neighbourhood. Deciding that she would take the day of work, as she just couldn’t be bothered rushing around to get dressed and fed before trying to beat the rush hour traffic into the city.

After having something to eat she went back to her room to try and decide what she would wear and then eventually stuck with what she already had on, which was a white silk camisole top and a pair of white silk French knickers.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror, still only 22 and with a fabulous figure with a chest that was easily straining her top, she started to feel a tingly sensation in her stomach.

It had been so long since she had been with a man and even longer since she had took it upon her self to relief some tension. Deciding that today she wanted some release and with no one around to disturb her she was going to take it upon herself for pleasure.

Not being a regular masturbator she didn’t have any toy’s to use so it was just down to her own fingers. She lay back on the bed staring at the ceiling with her hands placed on her stomach, just wishing she was with a man so she wouldn’t have to resort to this.

The more she thought about it the more excited she got, her nipples became harder poking through her silk top and feeling herself starting to get wet. She moved her left hand up and over her right breast and started to pull at her erect nipple.

The more she pulled and pinched at her nipple to more excited she became and slowly started to move her right hand down to her pussy, were her lips were swollen and wet. Slowly moving her hand up and down rubbing her pussy through her knickers, creating a nice wet patch she started to work her way to an orgasm.

Pulling her knickers to one side she ran her fingers along her slit while she closed her eyes and imagine the tip of a nice hard cock stretching her wide open as it made its way into her wetness.

Slowly she started to insert a finger into her wet hot pussy while her thumb started to go to work on her clit. Just as she was inserting a second finger the doorbell rang.

She couldn’t believe her luck, just as she was about to cum for the first time in weeks some idiot had to come to her door. Fixing herself as best she could, and forgotten about her flushed face, erect nipples and the visible wet spot on her knickers she went to answer the door.

Upon opening the door she was amazed and even ataşehir escort bayan more excited to see a police officer standing there. “Hi Miss am doing a door to door to ask if u had heard anything last night”.

“Yes officer I did here something” she replied and invited him in out of the rain.

She sat down across from him and tucked her legs underneath her and told him about the shouting she had heard the night before. As he was listening to her he couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful young girl sitting across from him, he also noticed the wet patch still visible on her underwear and could only guess what her and her man had been up to just as he disturbed them.

“Did your husband or boyfriend hear anything at all?” he asked.

“No I life alone” she replied.

The Cops mind went into overdrive then thinking about the wet patch and her being in alone, she must really need some cock he thought, he also thought how much he would love to give her some.

She couldn’t help but notice how he kept looking at her and more specifically how he kept looking between her legs, god she thought I will be fingering myself thinking of you as soon as you’re gone. This thought started to make her feel flushed and her nipples erect.

“Miss is you ok?” he asked as he noticed her going all flushed.

“What oh yes I’m” fine she replied.

“Are you sure? Is there anything I can do”?

“Oh I’m sure there is but no you cant”

“Miss just let me help you it’s my job”

“What I need help with isn’t in you’re job description I’m sure” she replied.

“Let me be the judge of the miss, so tell me”.

She was getting more and more aroused the longer this went on but couldn’t say what she wanted, or could she, ” I just need something that is all” she said hoping he would drop it and go.

“Well that’s what I’m here for to help”

“Not with this”

“And what is this?” he asked.

“Ok you asked for it, I NEED A GOOD HARD FUCKING,” she shouted at him

Slightly taking aback by this he stood and stared at the beauty in front of him. Composing himself he stepped towards her and reached for her hands.

“Miss I would love to help you with that” he said as he moved his mouth towards hers.

She felt his mouth on hers and opened her mouth to invite his tongue in. He let go of her hands and moved his around to her back to pull her closer to him. With her hands she reached down and undone his utility belt and let it fall to escort kadıköy the floor. He moved his hands lower to her arse and started to lightly cup her arse through her underwear.

Once his belt was out the way she began to unzip his stab vest so she could feel his muscles underneath, lifting his top up she played with his twisted his nipples in her fingers as he lowered his hands under her pants to get a better feel of her arse.

He moved his hands up to the bottom of her top and in one go lifted it straight up and over her head. He stared at the sight before him and then lowered his mouth to her tits and took each nipple in his mouth in turn before massaging her tits and pulling on her very small but erect nipples.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her and she knew she needed it. She pulled down his zip and undone the buttons on front of his boxers and out sprang a lovely hard 8″ cock. She started to wank his cock as he bite her nipples causing her pussy to tingle and her body shudder.

She pushed his mouth away from her tit and went down on her knees to suck this lovely cock. With her hand grasping his cock she opened her mouth and slowly started to insert his cock. Closing her mouth around his shaft she started to move him in and out of her mouth while licking at the head of his cock.

Running her tongue up and down his shaft she slowly started to suck on his hairy testicles while she continued to stroke him. She then moved her mouth back to his cock were she continued to suck him.

He reached down and placed his hands on the back of her head as she took his cock in her mouth once again and started to control the tempo. He watched his cock move in and out of her mouth as she lowered her hand to rub herself through her knickers.

Her hand was rubbing her furiously through her knickers as she bobbed up and down on this lovely cock. She then moved her hand into her knickers where she started to rub her clit before insert 2 fingers and finger fucking her self while sucking cock.

Deciding it was time to taste her he pulled his cock out of her mouth as she made a lunge to lick the pre cum from the tip of his cock. Lifting her up of the floor he motioned for her to sit on the couch with her legs spread, she did this quickly, still with 2 fingers moving in and out of her wet pussy. Wanting his touch and his cock deep inside of her she removed her fingers and suck them slowly to tease him while she spread her legs as wide as she could

With her maltepe escort legs spread he lowered himself in front of her. He ran his fingers along her pussy through her underwear to tease her before lowering his mouth and licking her pussy also through the material of her pants.

Reaching up with his hands he quickly pulled down her knickers to reveal a beautiful wet and completely bald. He lowered his mouth to it and slowly started to run his tongue along her swollen pussy lips before starting to tease her clit with small quick flicks of his tongue

Finally after teasing her clit he started sucking it while he slowly inserted 2 fingers knuckle deep into her wetness and starts to finger fuck her.

She bucks against his tongue and fingers knowing that before long her second orgasm will hit her. She lifted her breast up to her mouth and started to lick her nipple as his eyes looked up to watch her.

She reached down and grabbed his hair as she started to move in time with his fingers and tongue knowing that she is going to cum very shortly. She lifted her legs up onto his shoulders as his tongue started fucking her pussy.

As her orgasm hits her she tried to close her legs trapping his head between here legs where he continued to lick her sensitive clit.

As soon as her legs released him he quickly manoeuvred his cock to her opening and thrust his cock into her causing her to gasp with both plain and pleasure.

He quickly set a good steady pace for fucking her sweet wet cunt while he reached down and started to pull on her tits. He pulled his cock out till the tip was just inside her and slammed it back in doing this over and over again causing her moans to fill the room.

He withdrew his cock and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees on the floor. He moved behind her and placed the tip of his cock at her opening and starting to fuck her.

She moved her hand back to cup and pull on his testicles as he pounded away at her. He moved his right hand around and started to pull on her nipple as her hand moved from his testicles to her clit where she started to rub it.

He could feel his approaching orgasm as he fucked her cunt hard and fast. He quickly pulled his cock and spun her around so he could cum all over her lovely tits.

As soon as he had came all over her tits she lifted her tits up and started to lick the cum off them before taking his now limp cock in her mouth to make sure none of his cum went to waste.

As soon as they have caught there breath they stood up and she helped him to sort his uniform and lowered her head to give his cock a long tender kiss before she tucked it back in to his trousers

As soon as he was ready he handed her a bit of paper with his number and leaves to continue his enquiries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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